Football Betting Software Review

Football Betting is my life!

With so much time on my hands, I’ve been secretly creating, developing and tweaking a powerful football betting software . This product has a heart-stoppingly accurate 88% strike rate.

It means that for every 10 bets I place, I walk away with a whopping 8 that are WINNERS.

I’ve been always a math geek, and came up with different football systems that produced decent results.

I’d get a 60% or 70% winning rate, which is fine but…

For those who don´t know me my name is Cameron Beims and I’m a passionate football betting punter. After quitting my dreadful 9-5 job as a hedge fund analyst, I decided to do what I love best.

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I Wanted To Take My Football Betting To The NEXT Level And To Make A Living Out Of It!

I worked day and night calculating odds, chances and mathematical probabilities. Not long ago, I was able to literally “crack the betting code”. As a consequence, I could conjure up a deadly accurate football betting system that produces consistent profit!

And today I’m publishing THE VERY SAME powerful, DOMINATING football software that will allow you to win OVER and OVER again!

Daddy Bot: an incredible Software

Daddy Bot is a genius and profitable betting software that revolves around using sophisticated analysis. Furthermore, it has got a winning betting method that I personally created and which brings AWESOME results!
This is a newbie-friendly football betting software and it requires virtually NO work whatsoever. So go for it if you want to finally start to achieve incredibly profitable results and begin your winning streak!

Including a step-by-step 5-page manual where you’ll discover the exact settings I use. With them I win 8 out of 10 bets via this software. And that’s an impressive strike rate of 88% at 2.0-3.0 odds.

You’ll get access to incredibly useful online software that will give you the WINNING teams. Therefore you can start cashing in today (this software is SO powerful, you won’t believe its accuracy)

You’ll get access to a private members forum containing my personal tips. By accessing it you can take your football betting to the next level. Also, if you want you can collaborate with like-minded individuals and combine intelligent minds to make profit.

You can start using Daddy Bot right away and start increasing that bank balance super-fast (there’s no need to wait around for weeks or months to find the right bet… with Daddy Bot you’ll be able to get started TODAY.)

It’s a certified BETBOT, which means that it has already been tested (unlike other football betting systems that sound good on paper but then backfire miserably in practice, Daddy Bot will give you astonishing results)

Round-the-clock, friendly, 24/7 customer support –I’ll be there for you if you have any questions, concerns or need guidance to make the MOST out of the Daddy Bot system!

And much, MUCH more!

Go straight on the website and check for yourself!

Football Betting Software – “Daddy Bot” Reviews

“Robots are taking over the world. And I really don’t mind it”

Luke A. 47

I’m used to all sorts of betting products so I guess i’m fit to review your service from a real internet punter’s perspective. Look, the world is changing and most of the times I feel like betting is light years behind! We still rely on people to be the source of answers to complicated tasks.

I’ve secretly told a few of my friends about your service and all of them have stopped their tipster subscription within 3 months of trying your software. It really seems to do the job in terms of win rate and consistency. This just reminds me of a story i seen in the newspaper that robots are taking over the world. And I really don’t mind.

“Kept Me
On Track!”

Kimberly F. 33

Look, as young woman I’m not exactly your typical punter so it took me a few days to get going with your software. Nonetheless, I’m impressed with what you brought to my attention as I only discovered this through a Google Ad – looking for ways to save up for car.. So far I have done about 22 bets via Betfair and those have been exhilerating to say the least!

A few weeks ago, I didn’t know what an Over bet is at all or what the German Oberliga is but the fact that it has made me £200 of complete trustworthy bets, has convinced me that I should invest even more of my savings into this awesome bot. Thank you Daddy (bot). You have kept me on track!


Football betting has grown exponentially over recent years. It is now estimated that football betting has made up over 70% of the money which is gambled on sport. Besides that, you have the comfort of your home to use the software. No wonder that a large number of people work from home online. And this may range from formal jobs to investments and bettings. There are people who even receive money to play games online. What most people don´t know is that Internet has created a window of opportunities to make money. It´s just a question of making the right choice in life!

You can find football betting systems online, many of which are well known. It´s up to you to judge which one is best.

This software is wonderful and you can find all the information straight on the website . There you can check for yourself everything you need to know.

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