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InstaBuilder WordPress Plugin: Creating Sales Pages Quickly

InstaBuilder WordPress Plugin opens a window of opportunities for Internet Marketers. This resource is of great importance for properly arranging landing pages for a good sales funnel. These pages are the piggy bank for your blogs, because they help in building Email list, getting more followers and also increasing the sales of your product. Landing pages are the cornerstone for the increase in conversion of sales, downloads, Email opt ins. When you hire a 3rd party designed to create Landing pages, he will probably charge a great deal of money for that.

For those bloggers who offer something free such as e-books, report and PLR articles, a separate download page is  everything.  Instabuilder is the right choice as it increases the chance of conversion. What´s more, WordPress plugin is easy to use and complex in its activities at the same time.  In this article, I will share all about Instabuilder, and explain the achievement you may get by using this plugin.

Reasons why You Must Install InstaBuilder WordPress Plugin

1. “Easiest To Use” updated Interface, tight controls and easy navigation give you quick and easy access to everything you need to design and build high converting pages for your sales funnels.

2. Just select the elements you want to use by clicking on them. And afterwards, you can “drag and drop” your way to high converting landing pages, sales pages. Moreover, you  create stunning designs without having to know a single thing about coding. This means that  Online Entrepreneurs can customize their very own brand specific designs.

3. Generate instant mobile friendly pages automatically with the built in InstaBuilder responsive design engine. You create the page, Instabuilder will make it mobile ready. Another advantage is that it helps catch leads and make sales from the fastest growing segment of the web today.

4. You can find many more available templates in Instabuilder wordpress plugin than in other plugins. So you can choose from over 100 pre-built templates to quickly and easily create high converting, beautifully designed pages. This means that you can build Squeeze Pages, Mini-Squeeze Pages, Video Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Video Sales Pages, Launch Pages, Webinar Pages, Thank You Pages, Download Pages, Upsell Pages, Coming Soon Pages.

And it´s easily-customizable too which you can build your own variations. 

5. You Get To Control Text Formatting. This represents 100% control over font and topography selections, design, and placement. There is also no need for HTML or CSS coding knowledge.

6. You Get To Make It Just How You Want It. Access a wide range and variety of customizable design and function elements such as: Text, Images, Videos, Buttons, Boxes, Columns, Tabbed content, Navigation, Date Stamps, Facebook comments, Script editing, Pre-made backgrounds, And much more.

7. Gather your favorite elements into a single “combo” and mix and match “combos” to your heart’s content. This resource is perfect for sales funnel continuity and faster workflow. Furthermore, you can customize and edit “combos” for even deeper flexibility and design possibilities.

8. Access to The 7 Figure Marketer’s “Secret Sauce”. You have the option to boost conversions in just ONE-CLICK of your mouse. Also, you get more leads, faster, and easier by cashing in on the latest in list building trends and technology.

9. Instabuilder wordpress plugin is employed by some of the largest companies in the world to build mega-sized lists. Now yours you can create with just ONE-CLICK. Without doubt, it´s perfect for the serious marketer who wants bigger, better results. And this provides practicality without having to hire an entire tech team to make it happen.

10. You Can integrate lead generating surveys into your funnel with the InstaBuilder Question Opt-in feature. Another alternative is to ask up to 5 questions before offering your page visitors a high converting opt-in form. It´s great for Non-IM niches like Health, Dating, and more. With this feature you can also add elements like video, buttons, and more in the most customizable Question Opt-in feature to date!

11. Instabuilder wordpress plugin works if you want to lock Your Content and get More Leads. “Block” any and all content of your choosing with a landing page that “forces” visitors to opt-in before accessing your all important information which is great for building lists FAST. “Opt-in Firewalls” have been proven to convert time and time again. With InstaBuilder you can block one page or ALL of your pages with just the click of a button.

12. The first Built-In Image editor of its kind with access to a landing page creator. Thus, you can turn boring old images into professional brandable icons right within the visual editor. Therefore, you do everything you need to create high converting landing pages in one centralized editor.

13. Built-in Marketing Graphics Packs such as: Header images, Call To Action Buttons, Icons, Page separators, and much more.

14. There is a robust suite of analytics and statistics which allows you FULL access to the important information. With it, you can find out what is working and WHY. In addition, there is a must have feature for creating sales funnels and working landing pages.

15. With Instabuilder WordPress Plugin, the Greatest Page Builder On The Planet, you quickly create and manage multiple page variations for SUPER FAST split testing. This feature allows you to receive the results INSTANTLY. And  thanks to the solid Split Test reporting features in InstaBuilder, you make decisions with 100% confidence.

These are just some features of Instabuilder, but you can take a look at all of them. Go straight on the official website for further information. There you can find prices, reviews, frequently asked questions and videos.

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