Hurricane Method Of Writing Review

Is Anyone Able To Finish A Novel In 14 Days?

A Brief Presentation Of The Hurricane Method

The Hurricane Method of writing, as it name suggests, is a designed program which helps you write a novel in less than 14 days, get it published and market it.

Its target is to open your natural skill to write. By making use of it, you have the necessary tools which will increase your abilities of editing a novel. This means that you will be as much capable as other skilful writers.

Analyzing the system resources, there is no doubt that they are incredible, as they assist you to develop exciting storylines. As a result, you will have an attractive story with unforgettable characters which will touch the reader’s feelings.

So, if you just feel like writing, but you don’t know how to start, this system is the right one. Its precision is also good for those who want to make their writings better.

Strange as it seems, if you want to embark on a writing career, this program will give you proper directions for it. And it doesn’t matter the genre, the system does wonders for you.

Lindsay Lake And The Hurricane Method

Considered a top-selling author at, Lindsay Lake has suffered a lot to achieve her goals. At first, she would sit on a chair, write, edit and rewrite romantic novels. It was always a terrible cycle of pain, boredom and lack of patience. In reality, she didn’t have self-confidence and felt completely lost in her words. And her huge problem was the kind of words the audience would want to read which she didn’t know.

Furthermore, to add more fuel to the fire, her spouse broke up with her. This contributed tremendously to her insecurity.

It´s true when they say you must reach rock bottom to search for alternatives in life.

Her desperate life episode gave her an insight. Instead of diving in sadness and depression, she decided to change her self-limiting beliefs. With this in mind, she went for the missing ingredient which she needed to boost her writing skills.

At this point, she did a great deal of research and absorbed as much content as she could until she eventually got the answer. And her novel which was stuck got the whole development in 14 days. Hence, she concluded that now she could write faster taking quality of her novels into consideration.

As time went by, after 10 weeks, her novel became successful. Following this, the readers sent her e-mails, asking for advice, useful tips and mentoring. So, she finished her researches and the Hurricane Method ended up being created.

Nowadays, Private Seduction is one of Lindsay Lake’s top sellers. And despite loving romance, she has written other genres. It’s also worth mentioning that she has ghostwritten more than 50 best-sellers under various pseudonyms.

The Hurricane Method and Its Resources

Addiction seed

This technique allows you to create an expectation in the reader´s mind.

Fruition tree

Fruition tree is an extremely good resource which prevents writers from making serious mistakes when planning their novels.

Character design pyramid

Character design pyramid is a brilliant method you will use to create vivid and memorable characters. This powerful resource is the bridge which links you and your audience. Thus, the characters will be so remarkable that the readers will feel completely attracted to keep on reading the novel.

Charity momentum formulary

If you have any mental block, this tactic will help you to get rid of it. The formulary clears your mind, allowing the ideas to flow quite easily. Hence, this resource brings the security and self-confidence you most need.

Page popper Technique

Page Popper Technique is a feature which supports you with words. And the amazing contribution it does is help you describe vivid scenarios and characters. This way, the reader will feel mesmerized by the unfolding of the novel.

Seesaw dialogue Technique

Basically, what this feature does is create a relation between the emotions, the story and the conflict. Consequently, the storyline will have a great message to transmit, as the characters will evolve through the novel. In essence, the technique will guide you to cause a deeper connection between the readers and the novel.

Universal Captivating Technique

This incredible resource allows you to translate your ideas into any language. And it’s worth highlighting that any genre can be quickly translated. For this reason, there is no doubt that your book can become a best-seller.

Publishing power back

This, surely, guarantees your career as a novelist.

Emotional craving trigger

Emotional Craving Trigger is a feature which acts directly in your reader’s brain. Describing it in detail, the technique triggers a hormone responsible for emotional reactions. As a consequence, it leads the readers to tension levels which are able to cause anxiety and passion. These feelings can even influence their behavior, making them send you e-mails congratulating you or asking you to write other novels.

Tidal Wave Technique

If you feel upset for not having ideas and cannot make progress, this is the tool which will leverage your brain. In practice, this resource provides you with a wave of ideas to move your story forward.

Blurb Generator

The blurb, for those who don’t know, is a short text at the back of the text. It’s a key resource which most books have to attract readers. Its main role is to preview the story in a way which holds the readers’ attention and sparks their curiosity. Given that it acts as a doorway, it tremendously influences the readers’ decisions towards reading your novel. Therefore, the Blurb Generator helps you create a fascinating text which will enormously intrigue the potential reader.

Fiction Frame Technique

This feature will convert your basic novel into a captivating one. Undoubtedly, this will result in a rise in the demand for your novel and boost your sales.

Easy refining technique

This feature makes things easier for you. With the free book management software, you can convert your text to and fro any format. In addition, the system gives you entire control over the conversion process. In this case, the feature shows you exactly how the readers will see your text.

Regarding amendments, there is no need to worry. You can easily make them in real time. Furthermore, the software allows you to review your text by stimulating particular devices.

Therefore, the software has all the tools inside which will help you edit your text. Certainly, there will be no pain to learn after following some compliance procedures. Tools like caliber, open office, style guide and many others will be all available for you.

Spider method

As it name suggests, this resource will help you weave a novel in a genuine way. And this will make a difference in your novel, as it will have quality enough to compete with other novels on sale.

Celebrity guest authors

With this section you will have an idea of some of the author’s guest writers. Regardless of the genres, the writers have shared their specific experience about them. Hence, all the genres are taking into account, giving you valuable information to write.                                 

What Benefits Can I Get From The Hurricane Method? 

The Hurricane Method will provide you with many benefits as follows:

  • You can make money as a published author.
  • It helps you to write in a refined way, guiding you from the brainstorming to the end.
  • The system gives you support by organizing your ideas and helping you convert your imagination into a profitable business.
  • As it uses PDF, the Hurricane Method is able to turn your writing into a source of income.
  • The PDF will show you instructions on how to create your own world and story with your own voice.
  • The system will reveal brand new methods of writing, making your writing easier.
  • This method will open opportunities for you and this will allow you an interaction with the kind of people you never imagined in your entire life.

Instead of suffering, boredom and no support, …

you will have a system which carefully guides you. This indicates that the method shows you how to write in a visionary way, leading you to success. And you can even have the opportunity to deliver a best-seller in a short time.

  • There will be an introduction to smash words style guide which will enable you to understand text formatting. It´s a section which clearly covers all the information you need in one convenient document.
  • You will learn some techniques which will make your work easier, faster and enjoyable. One of them is how to use automatic spacing for new paragraphs instead of tab indents. 

Do I Get Bonuses From The Hurricane Method Of Writing?

Yes. There are some bonuses which will increase your experience as a writer. By clicking here you will have access to the official website, so you can check for yourself.

The Hurricane Method Of Writing – Purchase Policy

  • Read the whole program and be sure you understood how it really works.
  • Practice the tips and ideas you have learned from the system within 60 days.
  • If you think that the system is not effective enough according to what you paid for it, you can ask for a refund without any questions or hassles.

Hurricane Method Of Writing – Pros & Cons


  • The program works for everyone, be it newbies or experienced writers
  • Even without previous experience as a writer, the system has the tools which transform you into one.
  • The Hurricane Method stimulates your writing potential and creativity.
  • With dedication you will have the feeling of achievement after producing and publishing your novel.
  • The program is user-friendly, which means that you can understand it and operate it quite easily.
  • The system is affordable for everyone.
  • A bestselling international author created the program, which makes it reliable.


  • The Hurricane Method is a digital system and requires stable Internet connection. Also, your skills in using computers is a contributing factor.
  • The system does not work by magic, it calls for your commitment and time.
  • At first, you will have to follow the program for some weeks before mastering it and putting it into practice.

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