How to approach a healthy lifestyle through 7 minute meditation

7 Minute Meditation


Slow Aging and Enjoy Life More through 7 minute meditation
Smile more and learn more through 7 minute meditation

7 Minute Meditation Review is fundamental, because it gives direction to everyone towards a proper way of living life. In reality, it shows how simple life is by changing people’s perceptions, acting as a wake-up call.

7 Minute Meditation – Controll Your DNA, the Fountain of Youth

According to biologists, getting older begins at a cellular level – particularly in your chromosomes.

It´s scientifically proved that aging is caused by the lack of a certain enzyme in our DNA called telomerase.

Telomerase protects our cells when they divide.

It’s like of cap that covers the tips of the newly divided DNA strands as they split.

When this key process slows down or stops working altogether, the end of those DNA strands called telomeres get shorter and shorter. And this is where it all starts to unravel, causing the human body to slow down and start the aging process.

But there are a few things you can do today to keep your chromosomes healthy for years to come:

7 Minute Meditation – Good Food Represents Good Life

Healthy Food Healthy Life
Live foods for your life

Invest in a proper diet and start extending your life today.

Let’s start with the basics:

Cut out the “bad” stuff:

 Consuming too much sugar raises your blood sugar levels, which can lead to all sorts of life-shortening complications. It can also accelerate your skin aging through dehydration over time. The same goes for salt and gluten which can affect your blood pressure and your sugar levels respectively.

  • Hydrate!

Water isn’t technically food, but it is a vital substance you should be consuming more of. Your younger-looking skin will thank you for hydrating every day, not to mention your healthy digestive system and flexible joints.

  • Antioxidants are your friend: 

Be careful with a fast-paced lifestyle which takes an additional toll on your body, and you’ve got a recipe for free-radicals that accelerate the aging process. Make use of antioxidants instead to keep your cells from breaking down too early. Include antioxidant-rich foods like watermelon, grapes, blueberries, mushrooms, salmon, avocado and dark chocolate into your daily diet to enjoy their age-slowing benefits.

  • Go nuts:

Walnuts, chestnuts and pecans are great in preventing diabetes, cardiovascular problems and brain degeneration down the road.

  • Fiber up your diet:

Also called nature’s broom, this will help you flush out those nasty toxins in your body. Whole grains and fruits, along with certain veggies are rich in fiber which will help your heart and digestive system.

  • Live clean by eating greens:

You probably know this one, but try the less popular ones like spinach and kale. They’re also packed with antioxidants and give your immune system a serious boost.

7 Minute Meditation – Exercise regularly, live longer

7 minute meditation and Exercise to live longer
Daily workouts for a healthier lifestyle

Exercise is another obvious one, but there’s no way around it if you intend to slow aging and enjoy life more.

Like eating well, cardiovascular activity slows down aging as it keeps your DNA and telomeres healthy.

Researchers have found that regular exercise can make you younger by several years on a cellular scale.

In a study done at Brigham Young University, it showed that people with the habit of exercising have longer telomeres than those who don’t work out.

After going over the results of thousands of participants, it was clear that even half an hour of exercise a few times a week can make a serious dent in the aging process. So, you need to put this on your to-do list for staying young.

7 Minute Meditation – Love your goals and stay engaged

It’s not just your body that needs exercise. Your brain also has to stay in shape through mental activity.

This can be in the form of games, puzzles or other stimuli like reading. But one of the most effective ways to keep your mind sharp is expending your mental energy on creating solid, worthwhile goals.

No matter your age, everyone needs to be engaged in some kind of meaningful pursuit to keep their mental health and general morale high.

So craft your mission-vision statement (or revise your existing one).

If you haven’t had the chance to do this before, it’s basically a written declaration of what kind of person you’d like to be in the future, the kind of goals needed to make that happen.

Remember, giving your mind something productive to chew on is the best kind of workout.

7 Minute Meditation – Keep on Learning 

This is similar to the last one in the sense that it keeps the gears in your heard turning. However, learning new things is a different kind of mental workout.

As you acquire new knowledge and develop new skills, your brain undergoes a process called neuroplasticity. What happens is that your grey matter grows and your neural network gets an upgrade.

In other words, this is another awesome way to fight the risk of dementia and age related conditions.

So, get a new hobby or revisit and old one.

The more you open your mind to new things, the better you can keep it firing on all cylinders.

7 Minute Meditation – Go to different places

As the wise say, don’t buy things – buy experiences instead.

And it’s not just for the glamorous selfies for your social media feed, either.

It turns out that embracing the unfamiliar and uncomfortable is also great for your well-being.

Like learning and having goals, travel is also just as effective in strengthening those neurons in your brain.

And if you’re feeling bold enough, you can take up a new language to make things even more interesting.

7 Minute Meditation – Gratitude is everything

7 minute meditation uses mindfulness as an option to live longer
Live in peace with yourself and with nature

One of the toughest things about going through life is accepting its imperfections.

So, it doesn´t matter the situation you´re facing, make it a personal rule to not complain. Do it, UNLESS it serves you some constructive purpose.

Other than that, focus on all the wonderful things in the world you should be thankful for.

For every bad thing you could whine about, there are ten things that make life awesome. Do yourself a favor and notice them!

For people who are used to complaining instead of being grateful, this can be a challenge at first. But like a muscle, all you need is to keep using it to make it stronger.

By doing so, you can re-wire your brain to be more appreciative, reducing your daily stress in the process.

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7 Minute Meditation – Get into mindfulness

Similar to gratitude, don’t forget to give yourself space to breath and connect to the present moment.

It can be as simple as unpluggin your mind from your daily concerns.

By practicing mindfulness you can release stress, relax, get a greater perspective, unleash your creativity, and enjoy life more.

“Mindfulness” covers a broad range of techniques, including meditation, yoga, journaling, creative pursuits, or simply focusing in on your body and surroundings as you walk down the street.

Many studies have shown that mindfulness cuts down on stress levels, being vital to staying young. This eases the strain on your cells which gives you better leverage in the battle against aging.

If you’re interested in mindfulness but don´t know how, I have good news. Thanks to technology, you can activate your relaxation response and release stress, in as little as seven minutes. 

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