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Crystals and Lifestyle

Crystals and lifestyle is a good partnership you should do with in your spiritual journey. So, understanding how these nature stones work is everything! It may help you consciously utilize them in your life for your own good. If there is any doubt about this subject, this article is the right one for you, so dive straight into it!

For your knowledge, crystals carry the power of nature inside. Besides beauty and harmony, they emanate frequencies that vibrate higher. All of this combination is due to the sacred geometry found in nature. In possessing them, the first thing you must bear in mind is that they are not like any other object you own. These gems urge you to be vibrating in the same frequency as them in order to establish a nice symmetry, which means that both of you walk in the same direction.

Crystals and chakras healing as alternative lifestyle
Crystals for chakras healing

Crystals And Lifestyle Give You Better Experiences

In resonating with them you help reinforce your visualization process. What I have noticed is that the magic that inhabits them externalizes in your energy field. However, this happens on condition that your mind and feelings be aligned and clean. For this reason, the least you should do is work towards balancing your energy centers. Remember that this is also your responsibility, not only theirs. In this case, compatibility is necessary, otherwise the law of attraction will act like a repulsive force in your reality. Although, it’s hard to believe, the Universe has its own natural law. Inevitably, nature and and its creatures- including us human beings – are subject to it.

Crystals and lifestyle can be the dynamic duo on your daily program.

Before making use of them, remind yourself that you are not dealing with witchcraft. I would dare say, from my experience, that these rocks have to do with mindcraft. To put it another way, you can never disregard the need to rise your level of awareness. This relates to your inner state. Therefore, it’s not about having minerals just as decoration or accessories with symbolic power. Actually, it’s about embracing the power through discernment and good sense. In short, crystals are an extension of your connection with the prime source. So, you had better keep this link tight through consonance between your feelings, behavior and words. In other words, your conduct cannot run counter to the existing divine principle.

Crystals And Lifestyle Requires A Healthy Mindset

Unfortunately, most people hold onto paradigms which are self-defeating. In such case, they struggle to move to an evolved mindset state. In reality, this is the result of an ill-programmed mind predicated on survival in this runaway growth. Revolving around pretty basic concepts, this fatiguing and distressing way of living spreads the belief that we are not responsible for the world we create. In not so distant past, I would attach my life to this preposterous idea. In actuality, it represented nothing but a prescription for cycles of disruption into my reality. To my mind, crystals can help you a great deal if you use them with wisdom, discipline and respect.

I believe that ongoing and positive improvement in behavior makes way for the crystals energy to expand and merge with yours, this way acting synergetically in your field.

Concerning physical description and specific traits, there are many types of crystals varying in color and shape. Also, the chemical components of each one is their signature. All of this entire complex plays a central role in chromotherapy and chakra healing – which contributes for the integration of your psychological, emotional and spiritual faculties.  And I truly believe that once this threshold has been reached, the foundation is ready for the protection and synchronicities portal to open. Below you will find an overwiew of some crystals which provides you with key information for your choice.

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Crystals And Lifestyle: The Singularity Of Each Crystal

Crystals and lifestyle: Amethyst

amethyst crystal lifestyle
amethyst raw stone

This rock has a soothing effect on your mind, dispelling negative feelings. Not having disproportionate and burdensome efforts on your psyche allows the improvement of your mood, memory and attention. As it activates the sixth and the seventh chakras, this mineral gives you energetic balance. Such thing makes you open for downloads from the spiritual realm. As a result, you become more intuitive, wise and in harmony with your higher self.

Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli crystals and lifestyle
lapis lazuli stones

This ultramarine gemstone represents the connection with the great source. As it resembles the Universe, this crystal is the bridge between the spiritual and the material worlds. With lazurite, calcite, sodalite and pyrite in its composition, this stone has everything to do with the truth. It’s not surprising that it stimulates self-awareness and a deeper perception of reality through clarity – typical characteristics of the third eye chakra. In a similar way, it acts straight on the throat chakra by promoting a genuine expression of thoughts and emotions. This explains why this gem is transcendental.

Crystals and lifestyle: Clear Quartz

Lifestyle with clear quartz crystal
Natural clear quartz crystal

If you need to strengthen your mental state, good stamina and immune system, this crystalline mineral is the right one. In addition, it will help you magnify your intentions while meditating and achieve vibration in all color frequencies – these qualities unquestionably attract people to use it. As it is related to the crown chakra, this crystal connects you to the spiritual realm. As a result, you receive spiritual guidance for your challenges and tasks on the physical realm. Therefore, in order to attract positivity, be clear with your intentions. Any trace of negativity will cause an opposite effect.

Gemstones And Lifestyle: Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline healing crystal as lifestyle aid
Natural black tourmaline stone

In keeping this protective stone with you, you protect your personal place and energy from invasive low frequencies. In order to avoid the syndrome of survival instinct – which affects the base chakra -, you can keep this crystal in your pocket all day long. Also, you can place it in different rooms of your house to ward off evil spirits. It will definitely empower you in your daily activities and challenges.


citrine crystal stone
Citrine calcite healing crystal

This bright stone has a strong connection with the element fire, the energy of the Sun. It is the crystal of joy, creativity and cheerfulness. Its results depends first on dealing with issues from the sacral and solar plexus chakras such as blocking energies and insecurity. In restoring back grounding and confidence in these energy centers, then you are ready to shine. This indicates that you can explore the power of creation through the awareness of your own role in life. Therefore, being in control opens space for energy to flow through the crown chakra. In your higher nature, you can replace the ego-thinking with infinite wisdom.


aquamarine crystal
Sky blue aquamarine crystal

Aquamarine represents the energy of the sea. It’s little wonder that it helps you move like water. This suggests that you live your inner truth in order to be entirely free. The key principle of this gemstone is that you heal the traumas and barriers of your mind. In reaching this stage, you become independent and self-empowered to handle life problems. Seeing that this stone helps you open your throat and heart chakras, communication, courage, empathy and peace of mind start to flow freely in your behavior.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz crystal
Raw rose quartz crystal

Rose quartz is the crystal of self-love. In repelling negative vibrations, this gem contributes for the alignment between your heart and mind. As a result, this healing energy goes straight to your heart chakra – which leads to an improvement in your relationship with the world around you. This crystal is even recommended if you have unresolved issues with your partner, as it brings a feeling of wellness and contentment with life.

Tiger Eye

tiger eye crystal
Tiger eye stone

As its name suggests, the tiger eye stone is a means of achieving all-powerful connectedness with grounding, bravery and strength of character. Crystals and lifestyle puts this gem on a pedestal because once the solar plexus chakra is unblocked, you start to explore you evolutionary path as a sovereign being. It gives you extra energy in your physical activities as well as it helps you transmute feelings that push you back into positive ones. For this reason, tiger eye is the crystal of success and self-achievement.

Crystals And Way Of Living: Moonstone

moonstone crystal
Moonstone gems

For having a strong similarity and connection with the moon, this crystal embodies the divine feminine energy. This implies that life is about sixth sense, insight, love and wealth. All of this is possible through the lunar cycle – the energy of infinite abundance that never ends. Thus, the different phases of the moon symbolize the renewal, the urge to make fresh starts.

Green Calcite

green calcite crystal
Green calcite healing crystal

For having a connection with nature, green calcite helps you move to your heart space. This crystal can bring an atmosphere of calmness and peace to your aura if your feelings run high. Then, all you have to do is hold it, take deep breaths and visualize your aura and vital organs absorbing the revitalization. In so doing, you will be able to restablish self-control and common sense in your decisions.

Pink Opal

pink opal crystal
Pink opal tower

Crystals and lifestyle wouldn’t ever let pink opal out of this list. In few words, this crystal has its focus on healing wounds. So, its purpose is to bring your emotional state back to balance. So, the first thing it does is help you let go of negative emotions and traumas stored in the subconscious mind. Once you get rid of the root cause of your problems, your mind connects better with the heart chakra. As a consequence, you start to appreciate life in a more light-hearted way. With nothing pushing you back, your peace of mind opens the portal for spiritual protection and wisdom.

Crystals And Daily Life: Kyanite

kyanite crystal
Natural blue kyanite

Instead of absorbing negative vibration, kyanite just provides the environment with its stimulating energy. Its healing properties create obstacles against evil influences on the individual’s field of energy. For having a connection with the throat chakra, this gemstone allows self-acceptance and a sense of integrity – which, then, leads you to a better relationship with others. This faceted crystal reminds us of the sea water waves. With its relaxing vibration, it promotes the balance between your body, mind and soul.


pyrite crystal
Pyrite crystal stone

Basically, this stone invokes protection, moving energy vampires out of the way. Equally, its brightness and beauty is related to self-confidence and encouragement. As it deals with the root and solar plexus chakras, this crystal emanates the power of strength and determination, key factors for self-growth and success in life.


selenite crystal
Natural raw selenite crystal

Selenite, the crystal of “liquid light”, is a stone you can use to repel negative energy. Like the movement of water, it removes heavy energies, replacing them with a cheerful atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a troubled mind or the place you are in feels intimidating. Whatever the case may be, this gemstone emanates the energy of peace and balance. Endowed with feminine energy, this crystal showers you with presence of mind and insights. Its bond with the third eye and crown chakras does a wonderful job in removing barriers from the subconscious mind. In feeling free, your mind and heart communicate in a more effective way. Along with it, you feel competent to use your inner potential to the best of your ability.

A man on top of the mountain with open arms being grateful for having life as an experiment

Life Is An Experiment

Life is an experiment we cannot run away from. Living in this gigantic lab called “Earth” demands attention and wisdom of us to navigate through the variants that it presents. Since childhood each one of us, according to the upbringing we had and to the subsequent beliefs generated in our minds, have shouldered a burden which has a bearing on the reality we project. With eyes wide open on this topic, I intend to share my views and opinions so that you can draw your own conclusions.

A man on top of the mountain with open arms being grateful for having life as an experiment
Living better, feeling free and grateful!

As soon as we basically understand the principles of life, the view of things becomes so frugal. What proves this is the conception of good and bad we internalize. It’s always laden with baseless misjudgements that more have to do with a parrot fashion way of living. The traditional view of reality is the result of a social conditioning based on self-interest. It’s scary as it puts in evidence ideas that decentralise the self-perception of the abilities we have. 

Compared to an inverted golden rule, its theory is extremely simplistic and cruel. It shows us in a rough way that life is a sequence of adverse disturbances. Problems never cease to exist and life is more like something tortuous and unpredictable. It might be due to the illusion of the self along with the limitations created by man. All of this builds a huge bubble of distrust and hesitation towards the unfolding of life.

Life Is An Experiment, So Do Your Own Laboratory Research

This is exactly what words and whole sentences full of alert and discouragement do. When we neglect to use the inner filter to administrate the course of our lives, the frame of mind we develop becomes an easy target, which is a magnet for trouble. Thus, our spiritual defense mechanism gets prone to attack. Horrendous stories and fallacious arguments take hostage of us without we even check the authenticity of them.

Shocking news, astounding images and manipulative narratives make inroads into our lives, leading us to obsessive behavior and shallowness.

Life is an experiment! If you take as an example the statement “Wear masks, otherwise you’re gonna get the flu! ” In taking these words seriously, this sentence will work like a jingle in your head. And literally, words will definitely hurt you. As it turns out, the quoted sentence above sounds like an absolute truth. Firstly, it contains an authoritative tone inside. Secondly, it intends to cause fear. Thirdly, it alters human behavior and metabolism.

In a deeper analysis, we can say that you can protect yourself with your own daily schedule. That involves a nutrient-rich diet, physical activities and self-empowering book readings. In having a relaxed mind and taking care of yourself through different approaches, life becomes easier. In this case, threatening news of disease is just a piece of information that won’t affect your peace of mind.

Life Is An Experiment, An Opportunity For Ascension!

Now, suppose that you hear the phrase “Life is pain”. Such statement has been passed from generation to generation more as a general belief. However, it’s your personal belief that counts. It dictates how you handle your feelings in the face of adversity. There is no denying the fact that we are not immune from life negative circumstances, but it’s up to us to learn, extract positive lessons and grow. So, you can see a breakdown as an opportunity to rebuild your life. With a different mindset, you will conclude that pain is not synonym of suffering. As a co-creator, you must understand that you are responsible for your inner dialog and that it influences the outer world.

To the best of my knowledge, life is not a bed of roses. In spite of that, one thing I’ve learnt in my journey is that we can plant a beautiful rose garden along the way.

The first image that comes to my mind right now is life as a movie set in which we, as authors, arrange the things around, the script and the characters to give it a better finishing. Therefore, things are not exactly what they first seem. Aiming at neutralising your skills, they introduce themselves to you as a teasing.

Behind a gaze, a reaction and even a specific decision there may be a meaning that can bring really serious consequences. Thoughts cannot be left behind from the examples above. When I was younger, I used to say that life would open itself up to me only and exclusively if I got a good job. The oportunity came to me and I would keep on being broke, miserable and unhappy with my life. The image of the world in my mind was packet full of injustice and unfair duality. Now my mindset is different. Every single day I tell myself “throw yourself in the game or else the game will throw you off from it “. What I mean is that life needs people with stamina and perseverance.

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Move Through Life Like Water!

Life is an experiment, so it’s never too late to go for your dreams by taking action even if things don’t work the way you expect. It’s you who walk towards your goals not the other way round. It’s your reality with passion, commitment and focus that transforms your life. Similarly, forget about expectations otherwise you take a chance of getting frustrated. Do it for the sake of the experience itself, leaving aside the results you aspire for. In doing so, you will experience life more, being more open for synchronicities. In addition, you won’t be objectifying yourself the same way as the system does with you, and then you will be desmistifying paradigms that no longer can control your reality under construction.

With all this energy floating around, you will have time to invest thoughts and feelings in things that matter to you, rather than savouring only the bitter side of life. In building this dynamic within, there will be more room for appreciation and gratitude. Thus, instead of being happy only when finishing unbearable daily tasks, you will have an ace in the sleeve, a reason to unconditionally smile and shine.

Human brain works like a computer projecting the reality that must be in place

Reality Must be In Place

Reality must be in place! Life deserves respect! Technology developers have been trying to trap us into a virtual insanity land! In mixing the real with the virtual worlds, experts have much more chance to enchant and manipulate us in many areas of our lives. Now a huge question may be coming up on your mind: “Why, if it makes us feel so good?”. Here lies the dichotomy that answers the question: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I bet you’ve ever heard this proverb and I dare say that it has so much to reveal. Just to prove its authenticity, I will unearth on this article the implied ideas behind virtual reality.

This ultimate concept of technology, however ingenuous and auspicious it may seem, in a silent way distorts our perception of reality. Like the nutrients that pump energy in the bloodstream so that we can survive, the fantasy world teleportation injects the illusion that cleverly awakens our senses through mind-programing. All those breathtaking 3D landscapes, real life images and videos, shapes and colors along with subliminals go straight to the subconscious mind, arousing and intensifying feelings and sensations in a roundabout fashion.

Human brain works like a computer projecting the reality that must be in place
Human consciousness creating reality

Reality Must Be In Place! Let’s Respect The Way We Live!

In projecting ourselves into a parallel universe, the brain effortlessly enters into another vibration. Not only does it acknowledge the events as real but it also reacts to them accordingly. Unarguably, the power of the brain chemistry in creating new connections through data input is precise and speedy. If the virtual reality activity happens routinely as a safety valve for entertainment, the brain processes the information like a maintenance software. This leads it to keep its waves on the same frequency just to nurture its function on the continuous practice.

Inescapably, the brain associates the experience with the nervous and sensory systems, releasing dopamine in the system, which works like a prize we receive for the fun time. In other words, the habit we acquire imprints a code on our systems which confines us to it. In this case, real life plays second fiddle and becomes futile, since the focus is on the unreal. Virtual reality definitely makes us lose direction, which is spiritually harmful.

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We Are Much More Than What Digital Life Offers!

There is no denying the fact that the Internet has already been intense with videos, images, likes and shares. And the introduction of digital versions – like metaverse and squid game – serve exactly as an extra dose of adrenaline. Both of them deal with real life situations in a pragmatic way. With headsets and glasses at our disposal, we can just magnify the negative impact of the so called “wonderful experience”. Things such as shopping, negotiating, solving daily issues, paying bills, betting, going on leisure trips, having fun and connecting with friends happen online.

All of these survival mode experiences help cortisol hormone reach higher levels which are toxic for our body and soul complexes. This form of escapism aims to present reality in its most convenient way. It works like comfort, but actually, it alienates us from lucid awakening and real consciousness of life. In addition, it robotizes us, leading us astray by behavior patterns which are addictive, distracting and repetitive.

Reality Must Be In Place! We Are Not Automatons, Just Humans!

In examining how cyborgs behave, there will be no doubt that they think and act the same way. Keep it real! What, at first, represents the idea of adventure through cyberspace may bury us into a deep hole. This is because the scenario, the characters and the interaction we come in contact with have the power to domesticate us. Thus, our priceless attention goes to waste on an augmented reality, which doesn’t create a positive stimulus in our brains.

Savouring a surreal experience through a virtual trip will always bring out the following constant: poor brain performance in real life. Even if we are intelligent, graduated and well-informed, all our skills will be jeopardized. Not only that, it can also cause anxiety, depression and fear-based attitudes. In a deeper level, it may cause diseases such as imnsonia, agitation and headache. These examples are not enough, as there are many more symptoms, diseases and behavior change it can promote.

Artificial intelligence does nothing but dumb us down. In ceasing to be the main character of our own real worlds, we put our God-given potentials on the shelf. Unnoticeably, we end up leaving our grey matter to foolishly attach to mainstream ideas, news and way of living. In short, we become shallow and totally deprived of inner freedom because we don’t formulate a philosophical thinking. Moreover, our existence in this world acquires a miserable and subservient role. Living in this state is the result of a narrow mind full of barriers which make us believe that we will never be able to excel ourselves. It’s abundantly clear that the virtual world has the intent to block the inner dynamic we have for life quality.

Interaction With The Real Makes Us More Independent!

Reality must be in place, so we are not to be held back, otherwise, our lives won’t have real interactions that matter anymore. Walking in nature, breathing the fresh air and meeting with people face to face cannot be objects of admiration. As far as I know, this is synonym of an unhealthy lifestyle. These things deserve real interactions in the open, which is unique. What the hostage system wants to do is physically disconnect us from other people and from ourselves. In a simulation, everything becomes quite natural and we don’t even have time to have intimacy with ourselves.

Hence, we only see the prospects of our talents and creativity unpromising. Unfortunately, virtual reality reinforces that. In blindly acquiring a taste for it, we go along with the masses’ preference for a modern, relaxing and cool lifestyle which leaves us prone to downfall. This is so because it replays possible circumstances of our lives in our subconscious. With a parallel world happening over and over again, the projected reality is 100% created and ready to manifest. 

We had better be in charge of the choices we make. In suffocating ourselves with such provisions, we put ourselves in quarantine, postponing true freedom in all aspects of our lives! The vital force each of us have is worthy of real life interactions and it’s up to us to take resposibility for it in the process of co-creating the reality we long for.

The true meaning of richness goes beyond the possession of money

The True Meaning Of Richness

The true meaning of richness is a subject that has been forgotten over time. Since the dawn of time, man has used his intellect to generate wealth and evolve. Employed only as a means of creating a comfortable life, the limited use of it has restrained man from tapping into his inner world. Despite being awesome and kind of necessary for humanity as a whole, the hot pursuit of worldly and material gains has created many gaps in human existence. With due consideration, this article raises the issue on how to recognize the real essence of richness, which is instrumental for man’s spiritual growth.

Before discussing this topic, I just want to make it clear that the true meaning of richness goes beyond amounts of cash, discoveries, inventions and practicalities of the artificial world. There is no denying the fact that things such as these are for the betterment of society. So, all that remains for us to do is to testify the phenomenal evolution of man as a species. It has gained notoriety in the various achievements that were projected from his mind. For this reason, original and practical ideas applied in the 3D world speak volumes about man as a dynamic co-creator of his own reality.

The true meaning of richness goes beyond the possession of money
True meaning of wealth

Are These The False Or The True Meaning of Richness?

Buildings, airplanes, cars, robots, machines and wi-fi communication in real time can clearly exemplify the solid foundation he has built. These resources accentuate man’s self-interest in designing a world accessible to everyone. At first glance, there is an impression that they are synonym of richness. Actually, they are nothing but products resulting from man’s visionary thinking. Honestly, their beauty and suitability hold our attention. Good-intentioned though these benefits are, they have a downside, for they induce ordinary people to become self-indulgent and passive to life.      

Acting like a gravitational pull these wonders have great power over the hearts and minds of people. Once they touch individuals in a deepest level, they unconsciously end up eyeballing only modern life comforts as a source of wealth. Far from their inner nature, humans become atrophied, spoiled and empty, not being able to access their authentic selves.

The Right Way To Approach The Meaning Of Richness

Although it seems irreversible, people still can change this thing around. To make it happen, one thing they should do is exercise a feeling of inquisitiveness and independent thinking. Using these two attributes as integral parts of their character opens the gateway to self-actualization and creative brilliance, thus unlocking a wide range of possibilities. This is because in being critical, people put their minds to work, which, in essence, is the manifestation of richness as a means, not an end.

After going through the front door and having reached the first stage, people have to use richness within reasonable limits. Personally, I believe that richness is a broad concept, so it cannot be reduced to a materialistic approach. What usually happens is that people associate money and luxury with it, taking this misconception to the extreme. I see richness more as something that brings wellness to fruition, taking into account a good communication between heart and mind, which is internal.

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Richness Is The Connectedness Between All Things

The true meaning of richness is about sustaining a lifestyle that promotes an alliance between individuals and the divine within. Thus, one’s self-fulfilment represents its connection with fellow beings and also with other creatures in mother nature, not violating the divine code. Richness cannot be arrogant, dominant and egotistic. Nor can there be separation or runaway forces in action. On the contrary, it must be inspiring, balanced and peaceful. Just like mother nature itself. No wonder the interaction between human beings and nature makes them lighter.

To my mind, in having a friendly relationship with nature we manifest the core of richness which transcendentally leads everything. With the hands of nature on our lives, richness effortlessly intensifies. Bright colors and living creatures naturally convert their refreshing energy into a soothing effect in our souls. From this arises all the joy, peace and inspiration for life. These feelings have the capability to elevate us to a spiritual realm of existence, which is the cornerstone of richness. From my experience, I can say that richness is sublime just because this energy bonds spiritual and physical worlds together. It comes from within and it can be much more fruitful when used with respect, reflective practice, discerning choices as well as moderate behavior.

Just to illustrate better, analyzing everyday situations is necessary.

To start with, consider the time people hang around with their loved ones. If they are supportive in sharing wise words with one another, their actions will bring richness to their mental faculties. As another example, artistic expressions such as painting, sculpting and drawing denote a visual imprint of individuals’ rich minds. Now, regarding writing and dancing, both of them represent richness in creating content for reading and in expressing body movements (according to the music rhythm) respectively.

Singing follows the same pattern, which requires musical notes to vocalize a song, but a personal touch has a potentializing effect on the interpretation. This line of reasoning applies for cooking, teaching, sewing and many other areas of knowledge. These are just a few examples on how richness can blosom from people’s minds. And one thing in common in all of these activities is the presence of love. Not only does this engine create happiness but it also improves humans’ experiences on Earth.

In a nutshell, love permeates the desire to engage with everything in the world around. Also, its creative nature is a step into the flourishing of richness. However, its success depends on the absence of selfishness as a way of reaching a permanent state of completeness.

My dear universe, I put my trust in you as my savior
Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs

My Dear Universe

My dear Universe, here goes my words in this letter to you. I put all my trust in you as my savior, provider and protector. Every single day, I wake up being sure that hurdles that come my way are just arrows which point me in the right direction for life. Dealing with the demands of the manipulative world pushes me to strengthen my inner self which, in turn, increase my vibration even higher.

My dear universe, I put my trust in you as my savior
My dear Universe, I live your magic!

Undeniably, my material life is surrounded by spiritual lessons which make me complete in the duality of this world. Such basis gives me support to accept myself wholeheartedly along with my flaws and shadows. Being aware of my imperfections just tempts me to tap into my own light to the best of my abilities. Darkness is not reprehensible, which makes me interested in exploring untouched areas of my soul. That is the reason why I stay strong in my mission, always working on myself and inspiring millions of people.

My Dear Universe, You Are My Master

What I lack in perfection, I make up for tasks that develop my own knowledge and wisdom. Confirmation of this can be found in subconscious activities that steadily gain consistency in my life. And I can say that educating myself with the Universe neurolinguistic pattern has brought me to a higher level. Therefore, the surplus of light within me overflows like a volcano and my energy reverberates millions of miles away, helping people understand that life has so much more to offer.

Dear Universe, saying “thank you” for all your blessings and positive changes in my life is not enough. You are miraculous and your eyes are all on me.

This means that your affection for me is limitless. With your fondness I feel as cool as a cucumber. And I’m living a very happy time of my life because it’s a matter of choice. As far as abundance is concerned, it manifests from my passion for life, from my inspiration, from my love, from my health and from the close connection I maintain with you. I always entrust things I cannot control to you and so my power never weakens. Financial abundance is just a mirror which reflects how I feel inside. It rains on me from different and honest sources as a form of appreciation you have for me.

I Surrender Myself To You, My Dear Universe

I don’t consider myself submissive and I don’t leave my life to chance anymore. With this in mind, I co-create with you and keep myself grounded. Having incredible opportunities and the right people into my life nourishes my soul. These synchronicities are signs that my life flows in a non-stressing way. Regarding my vital energy, I don’t allow it to drop down. The cells of my body are pure health, all of them are alive and make me entirely stronger. I’m nothing without the air that I breathe. When my feet touch the ground and I absorb the sunlight on my skin I feel the magic of life on my existence. Drinking water blesses me in every way because the energy of good intention is present.

My mental and emotional health are the fruit of this transaction.

So, my gratitude is expressed through words which are ready to knock on the doors of those in need. This way, they deliver a message which acts like a stamp in people’s subconscious minds and which resonates with their hearts.

I feel special because I’m intuitive in everything I do. Being chosen and knowing how to properly use this gift help me handle different circumstances coming up in my reality. My determination to go along with the universal law has changed me in such a way that I’m more aware and tactful of my interaction with the external world. Having a legion of angels, ascended masters and spirit guides on my guard reassures me. Not only do they protect me but they also communicate with me through signs and synchronicities.

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We Are Soul Mates, Universe!

Whenever I have doubts about something, answers naturally gravitate towards my energy field. Not only that, mind-boggling adversities never throw me off-balance given that alchemy is the nature of my spiritual character. Universe, you have taught me how to transmute energy that doesn’t serve me. In following your teachings I have been constantly renewing and recharging myself. Therefore, feeling abundant doesn’t repress my energy, it just incites me to share my wisdom with those who are eager to positively transform their lives.

My dear Universe, you are my diamond ring and I’m yours, as reciprocity exists in the fifth dimensional world I’m living in.

This explains why blessings never cease to amaze me. I’m divine by nature just like you. It’s not by chance that I feel happy and ecstatic about the joy which surrounds me. Birds, trees, flowers, butterflies, sunlight, moonlight, all of them give me a feeling of bliss in its true form. Different colors and shapes are everywhere, even inside of me. Life is geometrical, vibrant and sacred, and so am I.

This being so, all that I can say is that I’m glad and proud to be a force to be reckoned with. In healing myself my energy circulates allowing the collective healing. In the beginning was the word and the word was God. My words travel through different places and vibrate in the hearts and minds of people, acting like a spark, which contributes to their insights. With a new vision of life, they will be able to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on their journeys in a more positive way. Once they start walking with their own feet, they will never accept being passive of unreliable truths anymore, which will propel them to follow their intuition.