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Tarot reading made online in an easy way
Tarot cards have so much to say

Easy online tarot reading is a practical way of receiving messages which can be useful for your life. For those who don´t know Tarot is all about your intuition. It’s the inner voice of your higher self. Furthermore, Tarot cards can help you hear your inner voice and embrace its message. Having Tarot card meanings and interpretations at your fingertips, you can understand what your inner voice is telling YOU! Learn about the best cards for: love, money, healing, and reconciliation.

Easy Online Tarot Reading – Instant answers

We call these instant tarot readings because it only takes a few clicks to get an immediate answer to your burning questions: “Where is my relationship going?”, “Why is my family member behaving like this?”, “Why am I feeling anxious today?” and many more. When you take one of our readings you get the wisdom and insight of an experienced Tarot reader, thoughtfully leading you through each card in turn, with an explanation of its meaning and how it applies in your personal situation.

Easy Online Tarot Reading – Powerful insights

Online service: Easy and powerful insights through tarot reading
Tarot cards carry a lot of information

Instant Tarot Readings work by applying the ancient wisdom of Tarot to the everyday problems of modern life. We believe the universe wants to support and guide us and that the Tarot is uniquely blessed with the ability to unlock this guidance. The power of synchronicityinsures you always get the cards that are right for you, providing reliable and accurate results every time.

“What’s happened for my partner in the past that is affecting their behavior now?”

This card suggests your partner may have been the victim of an unjust situation in the past. It could be that they did not receive recompense for a wrong that was committed against them. However, it may be your partner who is being held to account for something they have done. The slate needs to be set clean before they can move on without guilt or recrimination. This can sometimes be hard to do – if for instance they or the other person finds it hard to apologize. However, the rewards far outweigh any temporary discomfort or bruised egos!

“What am I doing in this relationship that I should be aware of?”

Tarot can easily reveal the situations of your life through a specific online reading
The four of wands: how
it presents to you

The Four of Wands in this position suggests you may be allowing your excitement to take over at this time. You may therefore be drowning out the more cautionary voices inside you, which are warning you to take things a bit slower, or asking you to question whether you are on the right track. As a result you may be feeling a little out of balance in different aspects of your life, and thus will need to restore harmony between your inner child and adult voices.

“How should I approach my love life this week?”

Tarot cards and how to interpret them according to their specific postion
How to cope with life

This card suggests you are facing tough but important lessons at this time. You may be feeling life is too difficult and that you can’t cope with the challenges in front of you. However, these challenges could be life’s way of asking you to believe in yourself and your inner power. Any feelings you have that life is too difficult can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if you do not adopt a new and healthier perspective. Thus you may actually invite one sword after another to stab you in the back, each one making you more and more weak! You need to ask yourself what the payoff is in perpetuating this pain and realize that you have the power to change it.

“How will it be if I choose job A?”

How to recognize the experiences of life and make a good judgement
Decisions in life

The appearance of this card signals that you will find yourself experiencing an important transformation if you take this job. A new chapter is about to open for you, which will be down to your endurance, hard work and love. The Judgment card reminds us to recognize these times and celebrate them when they come.

Easy Online Tarot Reading – About Easy-Tarot.net

Online tarot has been running since November 2009. Elissa’s husband, a professional programmer, handles the technical aspects of the site, whilst Elissa provides the readings. The site aims to be accessible to its users, easy to use and to ‘speak’ directly to you. We also trust that it is relevant and useful for your life.

Users have previously been offered free monthly readings by email and unlimited readings by subscription. These services are still available, but in addition – due to popular demand – I am now also offering personal readings by email. 

The site has recently been upgraded to include many more spreads. There are now over 150 different readings you can access automatically if you become an Instant Tarot Readings subscriber. Sign up now and gain access to all these readings. These readings will help you with many issues in your daily life; as well as relationship, work, money, family, friends and personal issues. 

Easy Online Tarot Reading – About me

Have a tarot reader online
Elissa: tarot reader

Welcome to easy-tarot.net!  My name is Elissa and I’ve been giving tarot readings for twelve years. My goal is to bring peace, understanding and enlightenment to your life through the tarot. I interpret the cards in a simple, easy to understand way, so the readings speak directly to you and move you forward in your life. I have helped many people work through many difficulties in their lives, providing insights and answers to their everyday questions, and I hope I can help you too!

Don´t waste your time! You´ll enjoy it!

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