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Football Betting Tips

 Football Betting Tips – Ian Bell Telling His History

Football betting tips are an alternative way to bring Top level profits to football Punters. So with another season, another opportunity opens.

My name is Ian Bell and if you want to profit from The Premier League this season I can help you.

I’ve been a professional sports bettor for the past 20 years and make my sole income from betting.

I’ve tried just about everything on the market and created many more strategies that are still not on the market but keep my bank building with ease over the course of the football season.

That’s when I bet, when the summer hits, just like the footballers, I go on holiday.

I went to Russia this year to watch a couple of the group games and then off to Spain to a villa I bought there 3 years ago with pure profits from my betting.

I’m not telling you this to brag, but to show you what you can achieve if you follow the right tipster.

Free football betting tips
Make money with football betting

Football Betting Tips with Ian Bell

The Premier League is his primary focus to make sure to profit. By acting this way he strongly believes that he can keep track of everything which happens with every team. Another thing which he mentions is not to look for one type of bet all the time. According to his experience, it´s hard to pick the result of some games.

He adds that taking a chance by matching the fixtures to the best bet type is fundamental to achieve success.

From his point of view, football betting is known for low odds, but not when you do it right.

So he also states that taking a look at bets types is of paramount importance before doing anything. No wonder that he checks  everything from the half time market and full time results. And he doesn´t allow free reign to the different amounts of goals, goal scorers and first team to score. This is just a summary of the things he takes into consideration.

Football Betting Tips – Top Level Profits Review

The important thing to highlight about the Top Level Profits football betting tips service is that it solely focuses on the English Premier League football games. Thus, you have nothing to worry about, as there are no obscure bets places on lower division or international games.

This strategy helps Ian Bell a great deal in his attempts to maintain a high level of consistency.  With his picks he can really dial in his method by focusing all his energy on just one league and getting to know the players, team news, stats etc.

Many people succeed with taking a punt on top level games like this because they are familiar with the teams. But then there are times when they blow all their winnings on some random 2nd tier international league match. So as Part of this Top Level Profits Review, Ian Bell will give you directions with his focused tips.

Football Betting Tips – Every Game Has a Winnable Bet

He uses a chosen market method on his bets.

The same way he offers alternative bets if you only have access to the exchange. This means that he uses the Betfair Sportsbook for most of his bets. However he knows that some punters do not have access to it. So for fixtures where his chosen bet isn’t available on the exchange he offers up an alternative.

He ensures that by using this approach you can profit from the most games no matter where you bet.

Get tips on football betting to have strategies to win
Tips and strategies to win football betting

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never placed a bet before

Pay attention to Ian Bell´s words:

“I make it really simple, so all you have to do is open my email, copy my bets and wait for the winners to come in.

All bets are set and forget.

There is no in-play betting.

And you receive the tips before the weekend starts, giving you plenty of time to place the bets on the Friday night or Saturday morning before kick off.

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Besides that, you can check all bets in one email for the weekend action. Friday and Monday games are usually included in the same email too but as the midweek fixtures come around you will get all the bets the evening before kickoff at the very latest.”

How Top Level Profits Work

Football betting tips services have been really useful and beginners want to check if it really works.

This answer is not a constant. There are some people who will follow the tips and achieve their profits throughout the season in a wonderful way. However there are others who will just follow some tips, getting lost and making mistakes when dealing with the system.

It is only a question of persistence and consistence. By using the same stake sizes every time and gradually increasing stakes aligned with the system advice, will you have achieve your profits along the way.

So, discipline with consistent staking is the key ingredient which can lead to pleasant results. In order to get football betting tips and further information, you can check straight on the website. Your research is everything you need to move ahead and achieve your desired goals. So go for it!

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