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Football Focus Review

Football Focus Review – Introduction

The real purpose of Football Focus Review is to show you the selective and disciplined approach performed by the tipster. She is an experienced and professional football tipster who provides selections in markets which are really useful for bookmakers. Thus, her vision towards the football betting has a different perspective, which aims to deliver high quality service.

Due to this, she only sends 1 or 2 tips a day, which represents balance and tactfulness. So, it´s no surprise that there´s an average monthly profit of £70.85.

How Does the Service Work?

She sends out her selections every morning by 9.00 a.m. In addition, they are also available at the site members section. When taking a look at the site, you can see some advantages about the service, as follows:

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  • 150 points betting bank advised

  • You have the strike rate of approximately 28%, which is favourable for those in search of a stable service
  • There are bets available in various markets, which can be win or draw, half/full time, over markets among others

  • A claim for an average profit of £610 to £10 level stakes

  • Average odds of 4.5

Strategies and review on Football focus online betting
Footbal focus: online betting

Making things clearer About The System

  • In order to cover any losing runs, it´s necessary to use a starting bank of 150 points.
  • You receive the selections Monday to Sunday from 8 p.m to 9 p.m UK time. In case there are no tips for the day´s actions, you will receive a notifications too.
  • You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time. So, it doesn´t matter if you have just become a member or not. To that end, you just have to write an e-mail, requiring it.
  • Betting Gods is a registered company and have been since 2014. It´s entirely open with the results. And it´s exactly what gives you the reason to trust the company. What´s more, you can visit the head offices in Malta just to make sure of it.
  • You can access your selections also via iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • You have a full money back refund, no questions asked, if you´re not happy with the service.
  • Do you have further questions about the Chloe´s Football Focus service? You can use the e-mail or live chat.

Football Focus Review – Full Evaluation and Analysis

There is a football tipping service from this tipster platform, so we made use of it. So, we have just finished a six months trial of Football Focus. And our target is the potential of this tipster. By running an extended trial, we could notice a great result. The tipster averaged £1300 per month profit to just £10 stakes, which means one of the best returns ever seen.

Therefore a detailed study is good enough to test how it really works over a long period of time.

Despite the results haven´t come up to the pre-trial billing, the platform reached a profit of 32 points. In other words, it represents a return on investment of 5% during the trial, which is fairly good.

What´s more, the strike rate was 28%, showing that the bets value selections can reach around 4.5 decimal odds.

After taking a look at the graph below, you will conclude that in spite of its instability, 21% bank growth over six months is still a considerable profit.

Investments and betting value selections
Betting and investments: value selections and instabilities

Football Focus Review – Service Breakdown

The workload is easy, which means 1-2 bets a day. Thus, the simple fact of receiving tips in the morning gives you time enough to place bets .

There is a large number of bets in the main European leagues. That´s the reason why liquidity or prices reduction is not an obstacle. In some cases, you can even beat the advised prices by using Betfair. In reality, the advised prices are much more achievable.

Betting techniques and tips on football focus
Football focus betting

And what is amazing is that the service´s strike rate of 28% indicates its main target.

When it comes to betting bank, 150 point bank or even more is a good recommendation. In so doing, you feel much safer.

Concerning subscription, you can access the website and check the available costs.

Football Focus Review – Achievable Results 

Football Focus provides us with tangible results. Its profit of 32 points along with an investment return of 5% easily clarifies that.

Before inviting anyone to subscribe to this service, transparency is what we give priority to. And a good way of doing it is by constantly monitoring the results. For all we know, this kind of behavior gives credibility to the company and assures its potential.

Football Focus Review – Conclusion

Football Focus is a reliable service you can attach to. And as soon as a football season starts for all the major European leagues, you get that wonderful feeling taking over you.

As we can see, the first month started well, afterwards it dipped a little. Then, in observing the final month (the third one), we could notice it pulled back the loss of the previous month to level £10 stakes. Conversely, taking this fluctation into account, betting to advised stakes would have brought a decent profit of £357.20.

Undoubtedly, I would evaluate this service approved to advised stakes. So, just keep in mind the steady rate of about 40%, which always guarantees a winner. And, of course, unquestionably one which is worthy of watching every season.

As you can see, above is the scroll adds for you to have more access to recent information regarding betting and investments. This way, you can get fresh information with no mistakes!

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