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Forex Megadroid Expert Advisor

 What is Forex MegaDroid Expert Advisor?

Forex MegaDroid Expert Advisor (EA) is a software for Forex traders.  The two brilliant minds who developed it were Albert Perrie and John Grace.

Forex Megadroid  Expert Advisor
Artificial Intelligence that works together with you

They created the system more than 15 years ago which became a trading software because of its success. Similar to other EAs, this software predicts how prices change in short period considering user´s target market.

There is no doubt that after its launching, MegaDroid became a top-selling product. However, it´s necessary to establish whether this software is still the resource to all forex traders.

The Authors: Albert Perrie and John Grace 

These two people have been in the Forex business for over 38 years now. So, this means that they´ve had a great deal of experience in trading before launching Forex Megadroid.

By adding together their experience and work ethic, they analyzed other products and changed many current software designs.

With their meticulous analyses, they were able to innovate programs which had huge flaws. As a result, they paved their way in the Forex business, becoming an inspiration for many people.

A Lot of Experience Trading Manually

In order for you to tell the computer what to do, what to process and what type of methods to implement, you need to have had enough experience in LEARNING how the Forex market behaves.

Build strategy through forex megadroid expert advisor
Automated system that allies experience and vision
Non-profitable automated system
Automated system with no procedure, basis and analysis

In the same way that you cannot walk into a kitchen without cooking experience and play the “chef” role, you have to “grow” as a visual and manual Forex trader to “feel” market characteristics before you can design an extremely profitable Forex robot…

Listen closely! Any idiot can come and design a Forex robot, because that’s easy. Just go on Google and type “Forex robot” and you will see how many results you will get.

How many of these robots were designed with true Forex trading strategy design experience?

Can you quantify the robots that have a built-in strategy that derives from the designer actually knowing how the Forex market works? And with true long term trading experience or better yet?

 These Robots Have Been Designed By Experts Who Understand That A Truly Profitable Strategy Is One That Is Accurate In EVERY SINGLE Market Condition

(We will cover the “every single market condition” part in just a moment)

We’ll let you into a little secret…

Over 90% of Forex robots have been designed to work well in a specific market condition… either:

…a trending, non-trending, volatile or non-volatile market. That’s it! No more to it, dear friend. That’s how things are today… that’s what you get when you buy most robots in today’s market place.

We would have been fired after about 2 days from any of the Forex trading jobs we held during our many years in this industry if our approach to trading Forex was a “single market condition” approach.

The only way to CONSISTENTLY quadruple every single dollar deposited in your trading account is by having a robot that works with deadly accuracy in every single market condition.

Forex MegaDroid Expert Advisor – Specifications and Details

One thing about this product which is awesome is its designed software algorithm. It has a set of instructions which randomizes its system, making sure brokers´ inability to determine expert advisor use while the user is trading.

This feature is unique precisely because most EAs have no control over brokers who trace their activities. In other words, the system hides the algorithm in the network.

Furthermore, the product accurately predicts the price 2-4 hours before it changes, executing orders with high probability of success.

And what is incredible is that the software has its own list of trading brokers. This resource allows you to enter the trading world effortlessly, not requring a lot of cash in your account for you to start.

Therefore, in order to get better results, read the manual carefully, comprehend it and familiarize with the product. In fact, start trading on a demo account.

 Forex MegaDroid Expert Advisor works as follows…

Prime Causes You Will Like and Dislike FX Magadroid | Forex  Signals No Repaint, MT4 indicators.
Forex megadroid: a reliable and
analytical system

Megadroid is a reliable system which follows shorter trends in the market with its analyses.

It´s important to highlight that it´s not advisable to use this software during high economic announcements. The reason behind it is that the software will not be able to account for global economic occasions. Keep in mind that the system will provide you with consistent and adaptable aIl based strategy.

So if you follow these small details and rules strictly, there is a great chance of achieving your goals.

As mentioned before, by using  the “stealth mode”, the system becomes invisible to brokers. And this is awesome, as it makes it hard for them to differentiate human traders from forex robots.

No wonder that the system provides you with a great advantage which surpasses other systems.

Interesting, isn´t it? So, you can make use of this product to improve your profits. But if you are a newbie, go easy and advance gradually.

That is the reason why the specifications in the user’s manual must be followed. Besides that, you should also acquire a forex market background knowledge before using it.

Forex MegaDroid Expert Advisor – Conclusion

The expert advisor on your investments in the forex market
The forex megadroid and its
opportunity of reliable investments

The precision of this software gives you comfort and reliability in your investment needs.  This way, it represents a system which works safely 24/7 aiming at keeping your investment growth.

As you can see, the rules of the forex market are constant which opens an opportunity for investment. For this reason, take advantage of what the developers created for your own experiences and profit. Then, with focus on that, there is no need to settle down, which means you can start making wealth on your own!

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Forex MegaDroid Expert Advisor – Pros & Cons


• It is a reliable product and well-known for its accuracy.

• The system is accurate in predicting short-time trend changes and its accuracy adds up to 95%.

• Its flexibility allows it to work in multiple market conditions. It means that it is ready or capable of yielding to the influence of others.

• This program design is quite easy to use and understand. In other words, it does not require complex knowledge..

• There is an automatic money management, which means that you just set your position size manually. This feature allows you to manage your own risk.

• Concerning the product price, it is low, which makes it affordable.

• You have the Stealth mode feature which keeps you safe from brokers and hides your T/P and S/L levels.

• The program installation is simple and does not require a specialist.


• Your success depends on your software knowledge and you keeping updated to the current market changes

• Regarding the software speed, it gets low if you only trade once a week.

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