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Tarot Cards Read Online – What does “Tarot” mean?

The art of reading tarot cards online as a means of divination
Tarot cards and divination

Tarot cards read online is for your own comfort. If you have no idea about Tarot, here goes the explanation. It is a means of divination – that is, the art of ‘reading’ the future or uncovering the unknown. So, it consists of a set of playing cards which are dealt into a particular lay-out according to your question. When dealing the cards you should focus on a particular problem you may be experiencing or think about an aspect of your life about which you’d like more clarity.

Traditionally a ‘tarot-reader’- either professional or amateur – interprets the tarot.

More recently,  tarot readers have used computers more often to give readings online or on CD ROMs. One of the services this site offers, for instance, is online readings and their interpretations. Nevertheless, there is a common theory that only readings with a professional tarot reader can give you an accurate interpretation of your situation. Whilst we believe that having a professional reader interpret your readings is very valuable (particularly in very specific situations where general readings can’t give you the full picture), we also believe that tarot cards read online are a very useful tool for providing guidance in everyday life and everyday problems that all people experience at one time or another. In essence, both online, automated readings and personal readings have a place in people’s lives.

Tarot Cards Read Online – The Benefits of Tarot Cards Reading

Tarot cards As a reading of the subconscious mind
Tarot and its psychic
reading power

Many people are skeptical or fearful of the ‘fortune-telling’ aspect of tarot and do not want to take part in its use. The question though is that  there is evidence in the history of tarot to suggest that people use it as much for reading the unconscious and understanding aspects of our psyches as it has for fortune-telling purposes. In fact, the first account of its divinatory use was over 350 years after the tarot’s inception. Hence, we believe that, providing that you approach this site with good intentions and with no aim to harm anyone, you will get support to apply its wisdom to improve your life.

The 3 card tarot spread is a quick and simple way to get insight into the past, present and future. And it can be said that there are many variations on this spread, including the past life tarot spread, but this is one of the most common and useful (in my opinion!) spreads. It should be noted that this spread also works great with oracle cards if you prefer using those.

Have Tarot Cards Read Online – Past, Present and Future Connection

Online Tarot cards spreads allow the reading of life in different moments
Tarot cards: past, present and future

1. Past

  • Energies and events that are in the past yet still affect you
  • How your past either holds you back (blocks) or helps you move forward (growth)
  • What you need to take from the past and use to your advantage today

2. Present

  • Description of the way is going on for you right now
  • Your present moment and its energy
  • Opportunities and challenges that are currently available to you

3. Future

  • Outcome of situation
  • The direction that things seem to be moving in
  • Details of your desires and what you want

Look closer at each card and ask yourself what it represents:

Some possibilities are…..

  • A person in your life
  • the kind of situation you are in
  • Your emotions / feelings
  •  The thoughts that you have
  • You and the way you are approaching things
  • Seeing things in a new way
  • A possible solution

Have Tarot Cards Read Online with Elissa

Elissa, a writer and tarot reader with spiritual connection
Elissa with her
spiritual talent

Hi and welcome to the site! My name is Elissa and I’m a wife, mother, writer and tarot reader. I’ve been giving readings since 2001 and have helped many people in their lives with relationship, work, money, family, friends, health and spiritual issues. Tarot became my passion after receiving some very powerful readings myself, which helped me immensely along my spiritual path. I never thought of myself as being particularly psychic but somehow found I was able to give accurate readings myself. As you can see a combination of intuition, an ability to understand the issues we face in our lives and a talent for interpreting the Tarot’s messages were very important tools in giving readings which spoke to people.

I believe that  we can find much psychic understanding and wisdom in the cards themselves. Therefore I feel my role is to work with the cards and ask them to help me provide as much support for the recipient as possible.

Tarot Cards Read Online – What you need to know

Reading and advice from psychic readers
Tarot cards reading

* I value your privacy – all readings are confidential and not discussed with anyone.

* You will receive confirmation of your request within 24 hours.

* Questions relating to specific legal, financial or health matters cannot be answered as I do not have formal qualifications in these fields. However, if I feel from a reading that you could benefit from seeking further professional help elsewhere, I will advise you of this in my report.

* I only undertake readings for clients under the age of 18 with parental consent.

* If I feel you need to rephrase your question, I will consult with you first.

Once there is no possibility to help you with your concern or we cannot agree on the type of spread to use, I will inform you and refund your payment in full.

* The readings are carried out by myself and are not computer-generated.

* It´s my mission to answer your questions, which may arise from a reading, as well as provide any necessary clarification.

* Courtesy and respect with clients are the focus of my work. Similarly, any readings which involve third parties, such as clients’ family, friends or acquaintances I approach with caution and respect for the person concerned. Because of that, I also demand this behavior of you. 

* There is guidance and insight in your Tarot reading. However, you have the free will to choose whether you will follow this guidance or not. You are therefore responsible for your actions following your Tarot reading.

* Any feedback from clients is important to me and I will gratefully receive it.

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Tarot Cards Read Online – How to order

1. Click on the payment button of your choice of spread.

2. Fill in the short online form.

3. Press ‘Submit and pay’ button which will take you to Paypal’s secure site. There you can follow the instructions to pay by Paypal or credit card.

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