Know Yourself


The purpose of this website is reflect upon life

through knowledge, wisdom and spiritual views.



Service: Words of Support

The Inner Self is Divine

Learn to let go of the ego mind in order to establish a better connection with your Higher nature.

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Mind over Matter

Understanding the mechanisms of reality is the right path for self-empowerment and winning mentality.

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Level of Consciousness

The way you interact with the external world has a profound influence on your feelings, decisions and wellness.

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“Life is an ocean full of mysteries which deserve to be unveiled.”


Anderson Luiz


I am passionate about life to such a degree that I live it through spiritual intelligence as my mission.

Going through an awakening is awesome! It has made me question my life through philosophy, psychology and spirituality so as to connect the dots and find purpose and truth in life.


Something in life intrigues you?

Whether you’re curious about life mysteries, law of attraction, energy and vibration, nutrition and wellness, level of consciousness, chakras alignment, the way your inner and outer worlds work, meditation, yoga or even the path to find purpose in life, this place can clarify many of your doubts.