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PitchMagic Review

Save Your Time With PitchMagic Service!

The Purpose of PitchMagic Review is to clear all your doubts regarding PitchMagic hosted service for you. And you must sign up for PitchMagic for a single reason: make it easy to design & launch a landing page that converts. Therefore, our main goal is to focus on simplicity above all else, which means, on getting you selling and making money in no time.

Don't waste time. Use it with something that brings results
Time is money. Use it in your favor!

For this reason, there is no need to learn HTML, graphic design, PHP, databases, hosting, domains or any of that other techie stuff that can stop you before you even get started.

What´s more you can create email auto responders, integrate Google Analytics, make a Thank You Page with product storage & download protection if you’re a vendor, and much more.

PitchMagic Review Is The Path That Leads You To Save Your Money!

You don’t need to hire someone to help you set up a landing page with PitchMagic. Do you know how much graphic artists cost? Or programmers? I bet you don’t want to think about it.

With PitchMagic you have over 300 professional landing page header designs to choose from, spanning dozens of popular ClickBank Marketplace categories. And forget about expensive softwares, because the future is the cloud. So, our landing page & website creation tools are always there and ready to use.

PitchMagic Review –  Make Money With Profitable Landing Pages!

Now that creating a profitable landing page & website isn’t a weeks, months, or year long project, you can focus on selling.

A platform to create landing pages focused on selling/Pitchmagic review
Make money with Pitchmagic: create a profitable landing page

Affiliates: Find a hot product to sell in the ClickBank Marketplace & start earning a sales commission today. Explaining it more clearly, you can just use your ClickBank Hoplink code on your landing page and start driving sales immediately. This means that as soon as you become a PitchMagic Affiliate, the technology will be working for you.

Vendors: Sell your product through the ClickBank Marketplace, where over 100,000 affiliates want to earn a commission selling your product for you. Basically, you make a professional Pitch Page and Thank You Page with product download protection and you’re good to go.

PitchMagic Review – Have a Quality Content and Design!

PitchMagic Review shows you that the first impressions are all that matter when you’re trying to sell your product online. And trying to figure out yourself how to create a profitable, good looking landing page that converts is tough — if not impossible.

With PitchMagic, all you need to do is add your content. We make you look good.

Content is King

Foolproof Layout

Additional Customizations

Meet ClickBank’s Requirements

Search Engine Friendly

All Your Bases Are Covered

PitchMagic Review – Why is it Advantageous to Create an Account at PitchMagic?

By signing up for PitchMagic, you´ve got nothing to lose. And the reason for that is how the system works for you in an easy and uncomplicated way. Below are the reasons why PitchMagic can be useful for you:

PitchMagic Review –  Frequently Asked Questions About the Hosted Service

Start selling your digital product online/pitchmagic review
Pitchmagic: Landing pages for
selling digital products

Pitchmagic Review – What is a LandingPage?

Landing pages (or Pitch Pages) are special one-page websites that have been proven effective for selling digital products such as eBook’s, subscription products, spreadsheets, and software programs.

What’s the difference between an Affiliate and a Vendor?

Affiliates sell someone else’s product and earns a commission after each sale. Concerning vendors, they create their own product and provide it for sale in the ClickBank Marketplace.

Pitchmagic Review – How many products can I sell with my PitchMagic Vendor account?

Each PitchMagic Vendor account is capable of selling a single ClickBank Product. This is for several reasons as follows:

  1. Pitch Pages are typically created to sell a single product, not provide a store for many products.
  2. PitchMagic’s primary focus is simplicity, and the additional complexity of allowing more than a single product doesn’t fit our goal.
  3. We provide a discount for creating multiple PitchMagic accounts. In case of doubt, ask us for details.

Why is there a monthly fee?

We charge a monthly service fee because we take the place of your website host, allowing people to access your website on the internet.

The monthly fee also provides access to over 300 professional template designs, covers product storage, product download bandwidth, email support, and our proprietary drag and drop interface.

Pitchmagic Review – Can I download and install my own copy of PitchMagic, or use it on my own hosting account?

No, PitchMagic is a hosted service that requires our own servers to function. In other words, our goal is to make things as simple as possible, which means not having our customers deal with setting up servers, hosting accounts, software, etc. This clarifies why we don’t currently offer any standalone or downloadable versions of our product.

Pitchmagic Review – Vendors: How do I get paid for my product after I make a sale with PitchMagic?

A payment link leads the buyer to your ClickBank purchase page. Consequently, you will be credited for each purchase made directly from your Pitch Page, as well as sales that are generated by affiliates. Thus, ClickBank will pay you according to their standard payment policies.

Vendors: How does my customer download their product?

After purchasing a product, the buyer is directed to your Thank You page that includes a download link for your product. In addition, PitchMagic provides Thank You Page protection so that only actual buyers can access the Thank You page and your product.

Pitchmagic Review – What is an affiliate program?

One of the most effective ways to sell your product is through the ClickBank Marketplace. Therefore, affiliates link to your Pitch Page to drive traffic to your product. And when a sale is made that comes to your Pitch Page from an affiliate, the affiliate makes a commission on the sale.

What is PitchMagic’s association with ClickBank?

PitchMagic cooperates with ClickBank to provide the simplest one-stop source to sell your downloadable product. This way, PitchMagic not only makes it simple to add sales copy, but for ClickBank customers, it automatically creates the Thank You Page and Buy Now links needed to begin selling your product.

Can I use PitchMagic if I’m not a member of ClickBank?

PitchMagic currently only works through ClickBank. Hence, you can sign up for an account as an Affiliate or a Vendor at ClickBank.

Pitchmagic Review – Vendors: What formats can I use to upload my product?

Zip, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, xls, txt, html, htm, jpg, gif, png, bmp, mp3, wav, avi, mp4, m4v, wmv, divx, mov.

What if I have a problem making my PitchMagic Page?

PitchMagic offers email support if you have a problem. And the amazing thing is that the step-by-step process to create your Pitch Page is straightforward and simple. If your content is ready, you could have your Pitch Page ready for selling within an hour or so.

Pitchmagic Review – What sales quantity can I expect with PitchMagic?

We can’t guarantee sales quantity, but it’s well-known that Pitch Pages are effective in selling individual products on the web. As a result, some Pitch Pages have generated millions for their owners. With PitchMagic, your start up costs are minimal, and with the power of affiliate marketing your product will have its very best chance to be a success.

What are the system requirements to use PitchMagic?

You must use a current version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 8+, and have the Flash plugin.

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