Voice, words and feelings that matter in pregnancy

Pregnancy Affirmations

Pregnancy affirmations is a topic which has been forgotten all through these years. This might be due to the women’s desperate feeling of going for the basic needs. Having to deal with huge tasks imposed on their survival, most of them don’t see themselves as a source of power. In their eyes, they are only as sensitive human beings who procreate within this social system. With due consideration, the words that follow intend to empower them with a transformative view that can be of assistance in the upbringing of a baby even before its birth.

To begin with, nurturing a baby for nine months straight in its earlier stages of development is no mean task. And it is in this period that spiritual healing plays a large role. Talking directly to you, women, I believe that the innate ability you have is not by chance. From what I see, it is something like the first manifestation of spiritual life on Earth. It truly represents the divine connection involving the power of creation along with protection and love. However, this trio loses its magnificence if there is no attachment of them with the words you use. Undoubtedly, positive language and stable emotions make the perfect couple for your maternal instinct. If left apart, it causes an environment of instability for the baby.

Pregnancy Affirmations: In the beginning was the word!

This future human being, which is still in formation, needs words of encouragement even before joining this world. Therefore, your interaction with them through empowering words is everything they need to have strong connections in their brain. Once their psyche is trained to make them resilient, it will be way easier for them to handle life challenges. In other words, in talking to them in a way that gives preparation for life, you are helping them to be psychologically, emotionally and spiritually strong in their journey. At the end of the day, transitioning to this realm is kind of shocking and heavy for them!

But don’t you ever think that only words matter!

Even the vibration of your feelings goes straight to the baby through the umbilical cord. This is what happens, for instance, in case of feelings like sadness, frustration or anger. These emotions – like any other – are full of background information concerning your beliefs. They disseminate high stress levels on the baby’s system and also have a bad influence on its subconscious mind. Believe it or not, this form of communication happens in a natural manner.

Cells are highly sensitive to energy and to the embedded message that comes along with it. As soon as they receive it, they store it and use it like commands. I’m not telling you to be only positive and disregard the negative experiences you go through as if they were not part of your existence. Much on the contrary, you must accept such circumstances as a boost for your learning. And instead of focusing on the undesired effect of them, you had better pay attention on how to make your journey something pleasant regardless of the impact initially caused. This is the number one rule. In sticking to it you create the basis for self-containment.

Incorporate Habits In Your Pregnancy That Support Your Affirmations

Now moving on to the second rule, pregnancy affirmations advise you to exercise gratitude for all your ups and downs. This fluctuation is inherent to all of us. Not only does it help us build a good character but it also helps us attune to spiritual values, which is a perfect fit. In acknowledging the lessons learnt through the disturbances, you start seeing yourself as a work in progress.

Come what may, nothing and no one will ever pluck away the true love you have inside. With such a supreme feeling, you can master life skills and be happy. In finding unconditional peace within you can make yourself receptive to the baby’s coming. In short, placing love on a pedestal against all odds is the secret.

Such behavior gives you a real insight into the nature of things.

This way, the intricate details of life cease being a matter of mere judgement that rises emotional distress to the top. Instead of interpreting them literally as stepbacks, you had better see them as lights that will help you channel your energy in the right direction. Although it seems just like theory, you can embody this habit in the establishment of a stoic behavior. Inner strength is all that you need and the results speak for themselves.

Use Affirmations To Embolden Your Little Angel

In not having baggages of life like poison on your baby, you can say with all your intention that your little one is great, divine and blessed, eliminating any feeling of rejection. Never forget to enable them with your words. When touching your belly, tell them like this: I’m proud of your existence and of your healthy formation and growth. I’m grateful evey hour, every minute and every second that you are going to be honest, confident and secure to handle your life in this world.

These qualities you are going to administer with love and humbleness.

Not only that, you are going to have peace of mind and joy as food for your soul. I bless these words with all my love and send them straight to your DNA. You are going to have the energy of a winner irrespective of the circumstances, because you are free. I’m glad that you can hear me and that the cells of your body absorb the energy of my command. In addition, your brain has connections that spontaneously expand your mind, letting your imagination and insight run wild. This complex is the engine that runs your character as a co-creator and a spiritual being. Having you helps me evolve even more. I’m so grateful for that!

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