The Art Of Acceptance

The art of acceptance is a lesson that the world is constantly putting us through. Chaos and disorder, though shocking and frightening, are the path for the equilibrium which humanity needs. Although it may seem the irony of life for many people, nature needs to reestablish itself when it lacks something. We are all part of nature, so there is no possibility whatsoever of us being excluded from this process.

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Our journey here on Earth is nothing short of enlightenment. Conflicts, obstacles, stress, sadness, diseases, wars, ecological disasters – these and many other negative examples occur aiming at awakening the art of acceptance and wisdom in us. Instead of trying to fight unfavourable life events, we had better embrace them as an opportunity to evolve. The downside of being humans is that our critical behavior sometimes prompts us to negative reaction and misjudgement. This innate sense of survival makes us controlled and stuck in a never-ending cycle of weeping and suffering. In doing this, we purely and simply move wisdom further away from us.

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Understanding Ourselves Through The Art Of Acceptance

Being the work of the Creator, our mission is to learn the art of acceptance. For that to happen, adopting a philosophical interpretation of life is necessary. Theoretical though it is, this perspective leads us to a deep understanding of certain circumstances. And the good thing about it is that we start seeing that life itself is not a heavy burden we must carry.

What makes it difficult is the different levels of consciousness along with their respective energy fields. Any problem on Earth springs from us, thinking beings. Taking this into account, it is wrong to say that attitudes and feelings are worlds apart. The same way, the interpretation we have of the facts surrounding us depends on the program inserted in our brains.

The fact of the matter is that our upbringing as well as friends, society and the reality around us exert their influences in our beliefs and actions. Despite being true, this is not absolute.

We can be influential in conditioning our reality according to the story we tell ourselves irrespective of the circumstances. This indicates that having a healthy self-perception only contributes to our wellness and balanced condition. For this reason, knowing how to deal with a harsh reality is a real game changer. By fostering constant willpower, determination, positivity, thankfulness and vision in the face of any situation we can move mountains. This is the momentum which our field of energy needs, giving us impulse to act accordingly and do whatever it takes to reach our goals. After all, we are what we believe we are.  

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The Art Of Acceptance Between Man And Nature

The relationship we have with ourselves comes from the universe we create from our mindset. It is exciting and fascinating in overcoming barriers and creating the desired reality. It can improve a great deal when we allow connection with nature in a peaceful way. In order to understand that, we must consider each one of us as a small universe having a strong link with nature, which makes it possible for the energy transaction to merge, creating the ideal condition for coexistence.

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In analyzing the interaction between man and nature, we conclude that it has its basis on the use of intelligence with focus on logic. It is awesome how this activity is constructive for the benefits of humankind. Ranging from virtual access to material items everything is right at our disposal. Then, there is no restrictions for consumption, making us spoiled for choice. Inevitably, production and supply increase at a rate higher and higher. What we see is obsessive-compulsive behavior when it comes to having our demands met.

Therefore, we haven’t established any rapport with nature yet. In other words, it’s all taking and no giving. Exploitation of resources, destruction, slaughter of animals, ecological imbalance. In leaving a harmonious relationship with nature behind, we prioritize a disrespectful way of life. Such behavior nurtures the matrix we live in. With no room for fair exchange, this whole integration falls into collapse and planet Earth doesn’t operate in unison with the entire Universe.  

Why Must Intelligence Act Together With Wisdom?

Man has allowed his interests to exceed his expectations. And so, his true nature has been lost. Intelligence when in partnership with selfishness is a huge distraction which destabilizes everything. Despite being necessary, intelligence is not complete if it doesn’t walk hand in hand with wisdom. If you look at nature, all you see is a perfect match.

Wisdom transcends knowledge, connecting itself to it in a positive way. This way, it promotes evolution along with peace and love. However, for having a mystical nature, it diverts itself from the mainstream ideas that society imposes on us. All the rules and models of behavior are spread everywhere. Social media and television send their messages, quietly dictating the way we think and behave. Going a little further, TV programs, movies, soap operas, social networking and Internet channels always emphasize catchphrases, fashion trends, consumerism, professions, courses and lifestyles for us to incorporate into our lives as well as the variety of cultures and the existent social groups, not to mention the latest and terrible news happening everywhere.

In spite of offering a wide selection of informative content which seems useful, this is something rather detrimental.

I’m not entirely against what these sources do, as we need at least a little bit of information to update ourselves in this three-dimensional world. The problem is that all of these daily words and phrases reduce our capacity of seeing and interpreting the world for ourselves. This is a typical case where our attention goes exclusively to one point.

In this context, our interest for the facts is the same as a headlight. It guides us, making us believe and feel that the decisions we take only follow a linear thinking. And just to remind you, we all know that a headlight doesn’t diffuse its light and may lead us into blind spots. So, the odds are, at any moment, we can stumble on something and lose our sense of achievement. Considering the world out there as a support for the reality we are living is nothing more than a figment of our imagination. Unfortunately, it decreases our expansive behavior, search for wisdom and freedom of creation.

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Our Inner Voices Must Be Heard

The homogeneity of the world stage creates patterns capable enough to program us at a subconscious level. As a result, manipulation takes control of every little thing we do. Not having our own ideas and authenticity makes us lost in the art of acceptance. Once we become aware of the adversities in the world and immerse ourselves into the truth of who we are, the light within us shines like the sun. In this stage, acceptance no more is a synonym of reluctance. This is due to the fact that we understand the interconnection between the different levels of consciousness. Humanity evolutionary process deserves to be free. Thus, we leave our surroundings open for positive energy and love to flow. Gradual change is key in helping others to find their way in spiritual ascension. 

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Only by adopting the art of acceptance can we reconnect to the power of creation and act with discernment. If we don’t relax ourselves, the busy and noisy activity will continually refresh us with facts by warning, advising and instilling fear into us, whereupon it will degenerate into our mental apathy and confusion. These feelings hinder our ability to listen to the inner voice, the gut feeling which knows what is best for us. Silence has much more to tell us than words themselves. When we are in peace, it comes naturally.

Art And Architecture, Software

Art and architecture, interior design and software have something in common: all of them make use of creativity. So, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got talent or not. What you really need is the desire to create. As soon as you give yourself this opportunity, it’s like a rediscovery.

Resultado de imagem para art and architecture

Perhaps, you must be thinking, “I’m not cut out to create.” However, this is something rather relative. As far as creativity is concerned, your imagination can produce ideas or things for different areas. This indicates that you may develop the ability while you start a certain project.  What is more, you can even have a spark of interest and excitement for what you’re doing. But, of course, it’s true that there are specialists who can show you a wonderful job. Their main intention is to give you inspiration.

Art and architecture – It’s therefore necessary that you be open to learning!

By doing so, you will be opening new possibilities. Also, you will be exploring your skills and checking what you can achieve through it. This is where Internet comes in.

Then, instead of using Internet in a destructive way like pornography and stuff like that, you can use it in your favor. Only by researching and learning will you have the door which leads you to creation. Additionally, creativity uses the right brain, allowing balancing with the left brain (which deals with logic). Hence a synchronized brain will result in maximizing all the potential you have. Therefore, it will create homeostasis in your central nervous system, allowing clear thinking, memory improvement and clarity.

Taking that into account, below you will see some ads talking about drawing (videos, people and cartoons), home decorating and online art lessons. By taking a look at them you will have access to precious information and useful tips.

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Beauty Fashion And Body Art

beauty fashion and body art

Beauty fashion and body art are different terms with similarities. The first one is that both of them call people’s attention. The second, is their desired intent to show expression.

With its desire to innovate, beauty fashion always comes with top trends. So, the focus of its news is to interlink culture, style and design, something suitable for everyone. Unfortunately, it must meet a standard, which is somewhat negative. Now, regarding body art, it is a free way of expression. This kind of work doesn’t require acceptable levels, which makes it unique.

How about merging these two works of art? Don’t worry, it’s just a suggestion. You can do what is best for you, according to your personal style.

In reality, these two topics are quite subjective. Each person’s view on beauty fashion and body art has a lot to do with their personality. Therefore, if you are reserved or even shy, you probably don’t like to be center of attention. On the other hand, if you are easy-going and love to be noticed, you won’t be bothered by wearing a bold style.

Today, beauty fashion and body art concepts have changed

beauty fashion and body art

This paradigm shift is due to the new generations that come with something new. This means that they are much more open-minded towards new trends.

These topics are in high demand nowadays precisely because people have more freedom of expression now than in the past. Then, what happens is that individuals use their creative talent to make a living. Some even learn about beauty fashion and body art so as to become professionals in these areas. Also, there is the majority who prefer to benefit from these resources the market offers just to feel good in their own skin.

Thus, be it for professional use or just for vanity, below are some ads which are really helpful. And you can check them and share them if you find them interesting.

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Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs are works of art in great demand nowadays. Due to their intense form of expression and spontaneity, they are attractive to new generations. So, along their journey in life, some people have their experiences imprinted on their body. Regarding the format, type and size, these characteristics may vary according to each individual’s choice.

It’s not a surprise that tastes differ. Thus, with the aim of answering the customers’ needs, tattoo designs have evolved. This indicates that traditional and modern designs will always be available for anyone. Also, in case of something customized, technology plays its fundamental role. For this reason, specific design softwares take action such as Photoshop. This way, all the advanced work is previously visualized, which gives confidence to customers. In other words, tattoo artists give a clear idea of the high-resolution prints on the body and the template they are going to use.  Therefore, every single detail, colour, bright, shade and finishing matter.

Resultado de imagem para tattoo designs

Tattoo designs and artists are worthy of admiration

Rather than using canvas or any other kind of material to paint on, their meticulous works use human skin. Furthermore, this kind of job involves health hazard for customers. So, there must be proper preparation and correct procedures so as to avoid infection. Indeed, taking stringent hygiene precautions is what it takes to prevent unpleasant situations. The ads you will see below provide you with tips on how to discover tattoo designs, design your own tattoo, become a tattoo artist, get rid of tattoo naturally as well as show you the best tattoo collections. Without a shadow of doubt, you have everything about tattoos at hand. This is exactly what makes it easy for your research. In view of this, sit back, relax and enjoy all this data which is thrown upon you right now!

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Wine And Food

Wine and food represent an exquisite taste of culinary traditions. This process of matching is based on culture, history and also art. So, nowadays the culinary art has been trying to rescue old traditions lost through time.

Experts truly believe that balance is what dictates your dining experience. However, taste and the feeling of pleasure are personal. For this reason, having a modern concept of cooking is necessary. Considering this information, the preparation of food and wine will be analyzed separately.

Next, you will see below some ads talking about specific dishes. In case this subject interests you, your research starts here. With that in mind, there will be ads focused on special ocasions dishes. Along with that, you will navigate through dishes you have never seen or heard before. Hence, running into ancient recipes or ingredients you couldn’t ever imagine is common. But do not forget that widening your experience is even more important.

wine and food

Wine and food is a title which opens a variety of culinary contexts

Depending on your way of interpreting culinary, creative cooking skills can be aggregating. Thus, you can use them in your daily life as innovation and enhancement. For all we know, that old saying “Variety is the spice of life” is timeless. Then, instead of following the same recipe every single day, try something new! By doing so, you have an enriching experience. In addition, you have a perfect opportunity to challenge yourself. This way, you will improve your abilities. Apparently, “wine and food” give us an idea of simplicity. In reality, these words between quotes include dedication, love and learning. Of course, there needs to be methodology, patience and meticulous work too. And a deep understanding of proportion, the right temperature and chemical reaction is key in the use of ingredients. This is not so hard that you cannot learn, so dive into it!

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