QQS Formula For Your Life

QQS formula is one of the most practical way in which anyone can improve their personal services. Created by Napoleon Hill, this formula causes an ultimate impact on any kind of business. Be it a big or just a small one, the role of business cannot be restricted only in exchanging services or the final product for money.

Truth be told, when you hear the word “business”, the first idea that comes to your mind is that you get what you pay for in materialistic impersonal relations. If you read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, you will expand your view of business interactions. And with a new mindset you will understand that deep connections matter. From my point of view, I believe that close ties are the cornerstone of any business. They represent a reciprocal agreement in the relationship between the client and the provider.

Initially, it may seem complicated to solve this equation. Sooner or later, you will see that this principle demands good practice. As well as this, its sole intention is to concentrate its efforts on generating results which benefit both parties.

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QQS Formula: What Does It Exactly Mean?

Just to make things clear from the beginning, there is no reason to be scratching your head. When it comes to formulas, the first idea that crosses your mind is that you will have to do complex calculations. Going straight to the point, the only thing that the formula requires is common sense. Without further ado, QQS means “quality + quantity + spirit of cooperation = perfect salesmanship of service or product”. Now, you might be thinking “So what? This is a basic concept and doesn’t surprise me at all”. What you don’t know is that each word in the formula carries identity and value which solidify a homogeneous transaction.

Analyzing the element “Quality”, it doesn’t refer only to a perfect final product.

In reality, it goes way beyond that. This term has to do with an overall efficiency. In order to achieve that, everything must work fine since the first stage of production. In other words, the communication and clarification of any requirement must flow easily. So, any interaction in the process is relevant. This involves a harmonious relationship between production, design, quality control, marketing, purchasing and maintenance sectors. Working together and performing every detail is key in generating high standards.

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With respect to “Quantity”, this term does not limit itself to the amount of services or products.

Actually, it transcends this mainstream concept. The idea behind this word is that the service must be rendered with all capability at all times. Keeping the habit of delivering a complete package which perfectly satisfies the customer in every way possible is the main purpose. It is on this basis that the business builds structure and gets off the ground. And the result will certainly be an increase in the amount of service rendered. This, in turn, will allow the improvement of the skill through a cycle of practice and experience.   

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Concerning the spirit of cooperation, it refers to a warm personality.

The same way, honesty and empathy with the final client is certainly the assurance of success. In short, a positive working environment with a friendly atmosphere brings equilibrium to the company and, by extension, to the end result with the client.

I think it’s safe to say that being impeccable with words and behavior can be highly influential on the client’s decision. This can even be powerful in circumstances demanding to deal with human failure and pitfalls.

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QQS Formula Exists In A Mutual Way

QQS formula also involves simple day-to-day interactions such as performing a job interview, working as a street vendor, teaching or making a presentation. As you can see, you must push yourself hard by doing whatever it takes to be the best in your field. In your area of interest you will always sell your image, words, confidence, knowledge and flexibility. This means that your energy will inevitably reflect how you feel, this way revealing your strong and weak points. What I want you to know is that you must never allow weakenesses to take control of you.

With that in mind, I will give you a random example you can definitely find in real life. Consider the relationship between teachers and students. Both of them observe, evaluate and judge each other. It’s true that teachers are in a superior position in relation to students. Given that they are in power to transmit knowledge and assess students, this indicates that they have nothing to lose.

In spite of this, it can be really threatening for them if they perform poorly in their position.

In this case, students with a higher level of confidence, intelligence and communication may overcome any challenge and influence their classmates, giving the teacher in question a hard time. More than that, students with a good argumentative capacity and persuasive power may even take the lead, step into the spotlight and draw a petition against the teacher’s performance. This is because they strongly feel that their learning is at risk. As a boomerang effect, the teacher’s reputation suffers as a result. In this instance, it is clear that once you are in a position of receiving, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are totally vulnerable.

That being said, there is no doubt that being just a purchaser, a job candidate or a passive receiver of information also shows that you are selling your attention, interpretation and reaction to what is being presented to you. The only difference is that you are not providing a service or a product.

Become Your Own Boss

Become your own boss! I can bet that this is a common sentence that repeatedly goes through your mind. When thinking about it, you visualize yourself being free and having fun. Enjoyable as it seems, having one’s own business is not that simple. On the contrary, it requires discipline. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should slave away. In reality, there must be vision along with dedication and focus. As we know, the benefits will be reaped only after a steady pace work and adaptation. And success doesn’t happen overnight.

Initially, leaving your comfort zone may seem difficult. Maybe, there is a little of law of inertia involved. Deep down, you know that you have your goals and talents. However, you are so accustomed to following orders that it’s ok for you. Furthermore, the simple fact of having your salary every month leaves you satisfied. Perhaps you don’t want to worry about heading your own business.

The purpose of this article is to open your mind towards your vision.

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Take Into Account These Tips In Order To Become Your Own Boss

1) Have a picture in mind about your burning desire:

It is a deep passion for something which makes you feel fulfilled and inspired. When you do what you love, you synchronize your heart and mind, avoiding any blockages to take control.

2) Be ready to deal with objections:

There will always be someone talking you out of your goal. So, keep your eyes on your vision!

3) When on your path to become your own boss, regard failure as part of the process:

The same way life has trials and tribulations, any business is subject to failure. For this reason, learn from your mistakes, as they are your treasure.

4) Great things take time to consolidate:

Great results don’t come straight away. With that in mind, your commitment and patience must walk hand in hand.

5) Always research into different topics so as to complement your area of expertise:

Expand your knowledge in every possible way. In doing so, new ideas to improve your business will come to your mind.

6) Meet people with like-minded ideas, as their contagious energy will help you become your own boss:

Make contacts and friendships with people who can lift you up. They can show you alternative ways of improving your business.

7) Keep all the strategies you are using with you:

It’s no use telling the people you know the procedures you are following. They will only trust you when they see the results.

8) Keep doing your work irrespective of results:

Perseverance is the secret. Even if things go against you, keep your head up. There is always a place under the sun for everyone. It is just a matter of time before you finally achieve success.

9) At first, consider your objective as a parallel activity:

This indicates that you must have a main activity to bring the resources you need. Once you succeed at your business, you can dedicate yourself to it 100%. In case you are unemployed, take calculated risks and progressively invest in your goal.

10) Learn to meditate or do yoga:

Meditation and yoga, when done properly, provide you with balance and self-control. In addition, they give you clarity and intuition in your decisions.

11) Visualize to materialize:

Visualization techniques are a great option to speed up the results.

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Become Your Own Boss – Visualize Your Goals With Transurfing

Transurfing technique is a method anyone can use to visualize their goals. In the book “Reality Transurfing”, the quantum physicist Vadim Zeland talks about it. In simple words, this method basically helps you shape your reality. So, you must visualize your objective. If it is, for instance, a big house, see yourself walking in the different rooms, talking to someone, touching objects, feeling happy, cleaning the house, dancing with your friends inside it and so on. Remember that the more you use your five senses the better.

Keep in mind that the house is the end result. Therefore, you must regard the process of achieving it. With focus on that, imagine yourself working on your goal. This involves visualizing yourself on your task, working in progress. When doing so, create a scene in your mind that shows you improving your skills more and more. As an example, it could be you in your clothing store talking to customers. In the same example, you could be receiving a new line of clothing and accessories. To improve your imagination, you could see yourself decorating the store with pleasant music playing in the background. With these examples, it’s clear that the sky is the limit.

This indicates that you must explore your creativity as much as you can. In visualizing the process in action, you open yourself to intuition. Consequently, you will have inspiration to lead your business.

You can use this technique 20 minutes before going to bed and just after waking up (still in bed). These are the moments of the day which your subconscious mind works better. The subconscious mind is instrumental in manifesting reality and influencing human behavior.

Every time you perform this technique, always breathe deeply and smile. With such an attitude, you will allow the alignment between your heart and mind which is key to manifest anything in life.

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You Can Become Your Own Boss But Beware Of Pendulums! They Exert A Significant Influence On Your Goals

Pendulums are everywhere. And if you are not conscious of them, they may interfere in your life. Then, in order for you to become your own boss, you must be free and open-minded. Situations like politics, economy, wars, violence, prejudice and everything which creates dissonance are really harmful. Hence, when watching bad news on TV, remain neutral. If you also hear bad news on the radio, behave in the same way. When someone tries to provoke you, keep your cool. In similar situations, every time you see people in debates about something they hate, say nothing. By doing so, you will avoid giving your energy to these pendulums. Hence, you will keep your energy field intact and your vibrational frequency won’t decrease, which will be beneficial in helping you manifest your goals.

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In brief, pendulums are a distraction and divert you from your goals. Thus, if you want to become your own boss or manifest any other desire, bear that in mind!

Pareto’s Principle Review

Pareto’s principle states that 20% of the causes result in 80% of consequences. Through his observations, he concluded the existence of unequal distribution for the majority of things in life. Also known as the 80/20 rule, this principle shows imbalance between inputs and outputs.

pareto's principle

Going further into this theory, it originates from an unfair distribution of wealth among social classes observed by its founder, the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto back in 1985. Through his first observation, Pareto noticed that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by just 20% of the population. Then, he decided to carry out his research in other countries. Surprisingly, his subsequent surveys revealed the same conclusion too.

Another interesting fact is how viable this method is. Proof of that is its application in areas like agriculture, industry, time management, customers’ satisfaction and business. So, giving a further explanation about time management, 20% of your time at work generate 80% of output.

The Benefits of Pareto’s Principle

Basically, Pareto’s principle guides you towards what to needs to be fixed and what deserves a reward. Thus, it can be a time-saving and helpful optimization tool for your life. Suppose that 20% of your customers lead 80% of your sales. Considering this information, you can give special attention to your main customers, rewarding them for their loyalty. Now, imagine that you spend an hour writing an article for publishing, but you are unsure if the topic in question is necessary. In this context, you could spend 10 minutes writing down your ideas. And the 50 minutes left, you could write about your top idea.

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Pareto’s Principle Is Not An Absolute Rule

The 80/20 rule doesn’t have to equal 100 all the time. For example, 40% of the workforce can only finish 70% of the output. This indicates that 40 out of 100 workers are bringing results. It is absolutely clear that the remaining workers are not being effective, in which case is 60%. According to this analysis, there is no doubt that Pareto created a principle, not a law.

Pareto’s Principle in Your Life

The 80/20 rule is a ratio. In reality, this proportion could be something like 90/10 or 95/5. However, what is fascinating about this structure is that it sparks your analytical mind. Applying it sensibly, you become able to redirect your focus on the right place. Once you are aware of what matters most – work, money, profit, wellness, health – you take control of your life and achieve your goals.

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80/20 Rule In Your Day-To-Day Activities

For better understanding, below are some basic examples of things you can do to improve your routine:

  1. Your main focus: this means that you concentrate your attention on 20% of the goals that will achieve 80% of the results – time, money, energy,… – aiming at reaching the potential benefits
  2. Personal habits in your routine: 20% important power habits create 80% of value in life; in this case, it could be Yoga and physical activities
  3. Removing unnecessary or uwanted things: get rid of 20% of the things that take 80% of your space
  4. Household appliances: evaluate the appliances which are not useful and make you feel annoyed and impatient. Throw them away, donate them or collect them for recycling. Or else, you can either learn how to use them better or buy new ones that are more efficient.
  5. Household chores: depending on your situation, you can outsource 20% of daily chores that bring you 80% of the stress. Let’s take as an example a drying machine. This device could be the perfect solution if you don’t like hanging clothes.
  6. Digital files and applications: suppose that 20% of your files use up 80% of the space; or 20% of applications (in both computer and cellphone) 80% of the time. For effective use, you can sell the rest or give it proper destination.
  7. Email account: clean up 20% of the emails that take 80% of the space
  8. Luggage when Traveling: in most cases, you carry things which are not necessary. Therefore, 80% of what you carry is excess and 20% is indispensable.
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Why Is Common Sense In The Use of Pareto’s Principle Key?

Although the 80/20 rule is easy to understand, it’s rather hard to practice. What happens is that some people lack dedication to follow it. Once they realize its true power in controlling and getting results, they will become more attentive to it.

For your business, you can save an incredible amount of money by setting production, workforce and tasks in order with the 80/20 rule.

Regarding your personal life, you can improve your wellness,  financial situation, health, and physical space.

This is the blueprint you have for new paths and strategies. By making use of it, your life becomes light and stress-free.

By cutting useless things off your life, you free your mind, allowing energy to be more productive. As well as that, you open space which provides you with confidence and relaxation. And by managing your time properly your life becomes brighter and happier.

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Take Charge Of Your Life With Pareto’s Principle

Life is not perfect, as we know it. However, sometimes we end up losing our grips on our lives. As a result, we become slaves, which damages our sense of pleasure.

Even with trials and tribulations, we are good enough to observe our own lives. But this involves looking at it from a different perspective and rearranging it the most appropriate way.

pareto's principle

Promotion And Advertising

Promotion, marketing and advertising are three processes that companies can efficiently use to achieve a strong position in the marketplace. Considering that competition is really high, in order to succeed in business, there must be a true understanding of each process. By doing so, you can interconnect them in a clever way to boost sales.  

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Promotion, marketing and advertising tools and their services provide you with an amazing experience.  But before bragging about them, let’s give a short explanation of each one first.

Promotions are social gatherings, events and financial supports aimed at raising awareness of a certain service or product which already exists.  However, for better results, a big market research must be done initially. This study represents where you can find your potential customers along with tastes, age, expectations, and their specific demands.

Unlike promotion, marketing is a little more complex. It has a wider perspective towards a product and service. Before the release of new products, there is a series of procedures such as the creation, testing, research, pricing and distribution. So, all these steps lead to a deep analysis which will define the success or failure of the project. This extensive research results in the potential customers’ feedback. As well as that, the potential customers’ location, gender, race, age, the feasible price to pay, the frequency of use and possible place of purchase are just some items of concern. It’s worth reminding that the customers’ opinions are also crucial for implementing improvements. It includes color, size, practicality and other characteristics.

Advertising is a straightforward and practical tool. It requires payment to make your message available to potential customers. The advantage of it is that it allows you to be in charge of the message. This way, you can use advertising strategies with different approaches, focusing on specific audiences.

Promotion, marketing and advertising can definitely work in you favor. For this reason, intense research and comprehension work is necessary. Thinking about that, the ads are available below for you to check them.

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Education And General Guide

Education and general guide are amazing ways to show anyone a direction. But alone they represent nothing. Actually, interested individuals must show commitment and discipline towards what they want. This indicates that learning demands a great deal of self-motivation. So, it doesn’t matter if there is a teacher or not on standby, the effort is all yours.

Thus, you are the architect of your own experiences and prone to success or failure. But this is part of the process. With that in mind, the only thing you can complain about is something you didn’t try. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should venture on anything. At least, you must resonate with something you are getting involved in.

Education and general guide

Education And General Guide – Life is unpredictable, which means that different actions may lead you to a turning point.

As it turns out, the more we learn, the more we use our brains to full potential. Also, we even discover new paths in life which give us new meaning.

The ads below show you exactly that. Then, your area of expertise is not your primary focus right now. Being conscious of this, you pursue a strategy revolving around your true passion. In other words, you explore new possibilities which gravitate towards your passion. In so doing, you will learn something new, moving you away from obsession and pain.

Alternatives like this one are a stepping stone to a new career. They help us regain self confidence by following a new trajectory. Unusual as it seems, it is worth the effort. Anyway, bear in mind that any business deserves persistence and perseverance. And if you don’t know, great things take time to flourish. Therefore, introduce all your love above all things in your project and undertake it. And do not forget to enjoy every step you take, because this is what most matters.

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