Chakras Vowel Sounds Meditation

Chakras vowel sounds have so much to say concerning our body healing. Thanks to their resounding effect, our entire system, superior intellect, genetic memory, imagination, inspiration and directed knowledge become more lucid. Similar to what colors, organic food and crystals do, they activate the inner god within us. Basically what they do is promote chakra balancing, unblocking energetic debris that prevent the Kundalini energy from rising. It is thus evident that meditation with vowel sounds does a complementary job in cleansing the chakras for a better spiritual life.

With a superpowerful energy, vowel sounds elevate our level of consciousness through spiritual nourishment.

This condition is propitious for balance, intuition, sensitivity and insight. These key elements are the attributes for the expansion of the spiritual horizon. This way, they foster a sense of grounding along with a constructive mindset which is possible only through synchronization with the Cosmic power. Originated from ancient wisdom, these sounds represent the openness of the energy centers. Not only that, but the unblocking of the repressed energy is the way for true freedom. Being endowed with an indomitable spirit is the real blessing that everyone needs.

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The Linking Between Chakras Vowel Sounds And Spirituality

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of spirituality goes beyond reprimanding demons and saying prayers. Instead, it studies the law of cause and effect and the interdependence between all there is. Along with that, it places a high value on our body as a temple of internal purification through awareness. This approach follows the “Emerald Tablet” theory which states “As within, so without”.

In most cases, people hold on to a certain religion with a view to improving their spiritual life.

Hence, they follow and respect doctrines and traditions imposed by it. In addition, they learn the truth about many Bible passages, but the interpretation is a basic one. In doing so, they subject themselves to a pendulum with fixed ideas which control and obsess them. Without freedom of mind, they don’t think for themselves. For me, it looks more like manipulation and download program from the matrix. With all my respect, I have nothing against that, but let’s face it! Spirituality is something much more intense than one can imagine. In reality, it requires the peace and quiet of your being and inner centeredness for extensive comprehension of the facts of life. This work is a reflective and meditative practice with an even deeper meaning.

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The sad truth is that with a misconception about how reality works, they end up in a helter-skelter of emotions, destructive belief systems and fears.

Being entangled in this repetitive cycle is what causes instability in chakras which is an influential factor for misbehavior and disease. If you carefully observe people, you will see that the great majority follows an emotional pattern of behavior. And what is astounding is that they handle it as if it were their own. Then, they declare loud and clear that they know themselves. Unaware of how far they can go, they become complacent about their reality. Concerning health, in some cases, an apparently physical disease may be nothing more than a result of a spiritual imbalance. To put it another way, the disease manifests itself into the physical realm as a consequence of disorder in the spiritual realm. As we are spiritual beings, there is no separation between mind, body and soul.

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Chakras Vowel Sounds Provides Energy For Our Souls

Since the first day of our lives, the focus is more on the outside world than on the inside. This is because of the tangible benefits of reality. The music and entertainment industry, TV news, Internet, technology and fast food industry drain all of our energy. With so much going on right before our eyes and through our senses, we naturally lose connection with our souls.

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Our chakras represent higher connection with divine forces. However, they are powerless without wisdom.

The truism is that we all need divine feminine energy in equilibrium with the divine masculine energy. The latter refers to analysis, will, the use of influence, the ability to change and the act of giving (like providing the sperm) whereas the former deals with the power of creation, self-discovery, love, compassion, empathy and the act of receiving (like allowing the sperm for fecundation). As you can see, when these energies merge together, there is spiritual wholeness.

Returning to the topic of chakras vowel sounds, they are nothing short of a constant flow of infinite intelligence which harmoniously vibrates in each energy center with the aim of reestablishing the two opposite forces with equal power.  Drawing an analogy, we can say that our body spiritual structure is like an equation determined by the chakras alignment.

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The Effect Of Each Of The Chakras Vowel Sounds On The Body

Each vowel sound has its own resonance in its corresponding chakra. This has to do with music, which is the world universal language. Given that we live in a vibratory Universe, sound waves have their specific vibration which match their equivalent chakra. Below are the vowel sounds and their effect on the body:

– ah: is a vowel sound which connects directly with the thymus gland. This allows reactivation of genetic memory which has an association with past lives.

– eh: has a connection with the thyroid gland, which awakens the inner ear.

– ih: presents a vibratory sound which links itself to the superior intellect. With this vibration, creative imagination and inspiration kick in.

– oh: this sound vibrates with the heart. At this point, there is ideal condition for the awakening of intuition and directed knowledge.

– uh: for having connection with the pancreas, this sound reinforce the capability to communicate telepathically.

– Um: the pronunciation of this sound acts like a bridge which connects the entire system. Moreover, it awakens the fire within located at the bottom of the spine.

– S: this additional sound vibrates in harmony with the upper of the spine. Also, you can use it to improve the vibration of your home.

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What is amazing about these sounds is that you can pronounce each one of them by yourself 7 times consecutively. Nonetheless, each time you do it, remember to breathe in first, hold it and, then, pronounce the sound in a steady pace. These different 7 vowel sounds reach a total of 49 sounds. In order to heal yourself, you must commit yourself to this practice every single day. In case you find this practice hard, you can just listen to vowel sounds in your daily meditation.

It’s worth saying, as we all know, that energy is not lost in the process, only transferred. So, the declaration mentioned in the Bible which says that “In the beginning was the word” proves exactly that. The vowel sounds carry a strong potential in awakening the inner god. Hence, they convey a message which establishes the unfolding of the misteries of life. Once we reach this stage, we make ourselves available for new opportunities to create our own world with self-confidence, clarity, determnation and creativity.

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Spiritual Health Benefits Review

Spiritual health is the soul nourishment. In a deep way, this concept presents the relationship between wisdom, knowledge and peace with a broader perspective. In addition, it unveils the duality and interdependence between body and soul.

There are different religions nowadays which search for spiritual health. All of them focus on holy beings as a reference. So, people pray and ask for blessings, health, peace and harmony. Moreover, they truly believe in the external power which can give them support. In reality, spirituality is a superior force which comes from within. This can be illustrated by introspection, balance and purpose.  

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Practices such as meditation and yoga are the ideal paths for spiritual health and self-healing.

They provide you a better connection with divine intelligence. Also, these practices make use of mantras and deal straight with the subconscious mind. Then, once there is a paradigm shift towards your belief system, you transcend all distorted views of yourself and life. This means that you reprogram your subconscious mind with new principles, morals and beliefs.

Albeit these practices seem to be fairly simple, they are highly complex. It’s important to realize that human body is a temple which connects with the Universe through the chakras.

Therefore, we can say that both yoga and meditation lead you to mental health and maintain your body healthy. Additionally, they demand reading, understanding and research. Another key point is that spiritual health deals with energy and frequencies, organic food, connection with nature and a sense of grounding.

That being said, below are some ads which can spark your interest. Some of them talk about affirmations, herbs, oils and therapies for Parkinson’s disease, laws of success and many other things. There is no doubt that they are going to help you improve your values towards spiritual health.

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Vegan Diet Review

The Pros And Cons Of Going Vegan

Researches all over the world admit that going vegan can be very effective to help not only your health but also the planet Earth. To demonstrate it, you can see that fish, pigs, oxen and many other animals are preserved. Seeing that vegans don´t eat any kind of meat, eggs and dairy, this is really positive for the planet.

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With this in mind, a large number of people have adopted the vegan diet.

The Advantages Of Going Vegan

A vegan diet increases weight loss…

owing to the intake of low calories food. And when you, for instance, don´t consume meat, you´re avoiding high fat dairy products. By comparison, fruits, vegetables and grains are healthier and lighter than meat and dairy.

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Vegan individuals reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

The plant-based diet focus protects vegans against cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and type-2 diabetes. This means that no saturated fats or acrylamide in their systems. And we all know that fast food, ice cream and soft drinks are a poison. In practice, what they do is lead you to obesity, hypertension and higher levels of cholesterol.

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 These are just some negative effects they cause, but we know there are many more. Analyzing soft drinks, they steal calcium from your system.

All in all, these kinds of foods have harmful chemicals and damage the cells proper functioning and breathing. 

As a vegan diet is packed full of antioxidants and phytochemicals,…

they rejuvenate the cells and leverage the immune system. Another point which needs mentioning is that the cells of our body renew every 35 days according to what we eat. Therefore, a healthy diet contributes to it a lot.

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You become in perfect alignment when doing meditation or Yoga

The practice of meditation or yoga along with veganism is really good. One thing that proves that is the Kundalini energy which flows through our seven chakras quite easily. Given that a plant-based diet is complete and nurtures us with all the necessary nutrients, consequently our chakras also benefit from that. Furthermore, our system detoxifies. All these things together provide us with a balanced body, mind and soul. Thus, our body becomes an adequate vehicle to connect with the Cosmos.

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Clearly, our body gets pure without heavy metals and substances which affect our health. And due to an organic diet, we are able to decalcify the pineal gland. With the size of grain of rice, this gland is the bridge which links us to the Universe.

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Accordingly, we become more harmonious, sensitive, intuitive and creative. Also, it´s worth to remind you that the kind of food we eat influences our mood and behavior. But, for sure, the major benefit of it all is the sense of interconnectedness with all that is and the real purpose in life that we find.

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There are other sources of nutrients which can replace the traditional diet.

Most people think that the absence of meat in diet may cause you a deficit in protein. Indeed, they are 100% right. However, if you consume foods such as tofu, spirulina, chlorella, chia seeds, soy, quinoa, alkaline cacao, maca powder, wheatgrass and almonds you will have all the protein you need to give you energy.

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Chlorella and spirulina – Two powerful algae

All these foods boost your energy and you feel good enough to deal with your daily activities. Following this explanation, we cannot forget that strawberries are packed with vitamins and minerals such as potassium, manganese, magnesium which prevent cancer. And they are anti-aging and boost immunity. Similarly, grapes exert the same function and are beneficial to your heart. It´s as well important to highlight that resveratrol is a compound found in red grapes which is a wonderful anti-oxidant.

Analyzing foods like sprouts, lemon, spirulina, chlorella, garlic, artichokes, green tea, brocolli sprouts and beets, we can say that all of them are detoxifying. Just to make it clearer, it means that they remove the toxins from your system.

Therefore, there is no reason to consume supplements, as they are artificial. Moreover, fruits and vegetables in nature, each one has their specific nutrient which works in a certain area of your system. And if you are uncertain about it, you can do your own research.

You have the opportunity to grow your own food

If you have space, time enough and willingness to cultivate organic food, you can do it on your own behalf. By virtue of this, you won´t take a chance of consuming foods with pesticides.

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By going vegan, you also contributes to sustainability

As shown by scientists, one pound of animal protein requires about 100 times more water than producing one pound of grain protein. It is absolutely clear that the environment suffers a great deal with factory farming. In a deep analysis, we can tell that a large number of animals raised for human consumption indicates a tremendous consume of water. As a result, there is a decrease in water from lakes and rivers. And as a domino effect, the whole ecosystem suffers from it.

The Disadvantages Of Going Vegan

In spite of being good for the environment and for the person, vegans have constantly to face restrictions. To exemplify it, it´s pretty common fast food and pizza places wherever you go. And even when you go to parties, people will always offer you alcoholic drinks, soda, barbecues and all those traditional foods. This way, you must be mentally strong to deal with adversity.

Now, in case you are a first-timer, be even more careful! It´s no secret that the vegan diet is expensive, so invest your money in all kinds of foods with the nutrients you need. Otherwise, you will lack vital nutrients which will cause problems such as loss of bone and muscle mass. If, for instance, there is not enough level of vitamin B12 in your system, you may feel weakness, fatigue, constipation, lack of apetite and depression. For this reason, fortified tofu and cereals are a good recommendation.

At first, a feeling of discomfort may take over you. In order to overcome that, your plant-based diet must be rich, including a great variety of fruits, vegetables and grains. And this calls for intense research and understanding of the nutrients, proper planning and discipline. No one can become vegan at a basic level and put their health in jeopardy.

Don´t be radical on your decisions about your health!

There are some products which are genetically modified. All this change in their DNA is done to make them strong against pesticides. As a consequence, growers apply a great amount of pesticides on their crops aiming at eliminating plagues. And it´s not surprising that pesticides cause cancer.  Let´s take as an example soy. It´s an ideal substitute for meat, as it´s a great source of protein. The problem, though, is that sometimes you have to disregard certain inconveniences. Actually, there are things we have no control over. And despite having a great environmental awareness, vegans don´t depend only on them.

The End Result Of Your Choice

Your choice of changing your diet is a wise one. Being vegan is not easy, it really increases your self-esteem and your health. Your decision, though, is not just a question of health benefits. It´s much more than that. In actuality, it involves a collective consciousness towards the nature, the animals and your spirituality.

Kundalini Energy Awakening Review

Introducing Kundalini Energy Awakening

Suppose that you experienced the Kundalini Energy Awakening.  And the consequence of this is an expansive perception of everything that happens around you. As well as this, you can easily deal with your feelings and emotions. Unquestionably, you are able to understand exactly how other people see, judge and feel the world. This skill, when properly done, gives you the clarity and wisdom you need to lead your life. As it turns out, this dormant energy needs activation through spiritual bliss.

Getting into detail, …

the Kundalini energy is compared to a dormant serpent twisted like a rope. Its location is at the base of the spine. And the serpent is asleep and just needs to be awakened to release its strong force. So, to make this happen, there must be harmony between awareness and spiritual activity. The Kundalini energy is the power of creation and connects us with the Cosmos.

There is no denying the fact that meditation is the vehicle which brings us the awakening and oneness. This way, our perception, which is our awareness, is entirely neutral. Regarding nature, it is in constant change in the Universe. Within each one of us is Shiva, which is the witness. And analysing the nature of all things around us and within us is shakti. Shiva and Shakti must be in perfect union, because when they are not together, they characterize separation and duality in the individual. On the other hand, when they fuse together, the intuition opens and sensitivity arises. As a consequence, your level of awareness increases.

Conceptualizing Kundalini Energy Awakening

Taking into account different sources of research, Kundalini is the energy directly linked to consciousness and free from thought. For this reason, a constant meditation practice can enable Kundalini to flow through your chakras. And once your chakras are aligned, it becomes easier to allow the Kundalini energy to awaken.

It´s clear that the Kundalini awakening is the path which leads you to empathy and telepathy in a deeper way. Additionally, you become more creative, charismatic and sensible. So, all of this is possible through the higher levels of energy which connect us to the whole Universe. And this interaction is powerful to such an extent that we become wise and the Universe reveals its secrets to us. This spiritual enlightenment also gives us internal peace and a feeling of part of the oneness.

Another thing which is tremendously perceptible is that when someone is spiritually enlightened, they are inclined to follow their true life passion. What´s more, their wisdom makes them analytical and careful. And when they speak, they do it with vision and deep understanding.

Be Careful With The Subtle Body Awakening In Process

According to spiritual mentors, the seven chakras are the channels you have in your subtle body. Therefore, their purification is of paramount support for the Kundalini awakening. In general terms, you must be physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually prepared for the awakening process. Otherwise, the Kundalini energy awakening might become uncomfortable for you to handle.

Kundalini Energy Awakening: What Are the Benefits of Experiencing It?

The Kundalini energy rises up from the base of the spine and moves up to the crown chakra and the pineal gland. Once is awoken, in correlation with the decalcified pineal gland, it provides us with extra-sensory perception. Hence, the person who experiences this uses their higher selves to access their highest potential. Changing words, the person sees a world of infinite possibilities. This means that there is no more drama, self-limiting beliefs, feelings of fear, insecurity and anxiety.  Actually, what happens is that the person embraces all that is, namely the positive and the negative, the happiness and the sadness, the darkness and the light. So, the flexibility to deal with completely opposite kinds of situations describes a person as an alchemist.

You Have No Control Over Spontaneous Kundalini Energy Awakening

The Kundalini energy awakening may arise unexpectedly due to strong energy work, such as yoga practice, sexual experiences, drug consumption and life events. When this happens and the person is not ready, this lack of preparation cause  extreme changes in the person’s behavior, including their diet. Moreover, weight loss and change in appearance are also results of  spontaneous kundalini energy awakening.

By having a spiritual master to support you, you will be skillful enough to recognize it and overcome it. It´s an intense dedication which calls for discipline, reading, learning, dedication, practice and patience.

Kundalinin Energy Awakening – How To Open Your Central Channel And Cease Thinking

Life force energy is what everyone needs to awaken the Kundalini. Aso known as prana, it must enter into the central channel. So as to make it happen, practitioners can practice alternate nostril breathing. So, it doesn´t matter if you´re doing yoga or meditation, there needs to be focus, breath and movement.

A Master Can Guide You Or You Can Do Intense Research On The Topic

Alternatively, you may have a spiritually experienced person to train you. Needless to say, a mentor is the proper person who will give you all the explanations, showing you the right path.  Thus, you will have all the physical and psychological preparation which will pave the way for a higher level of consciousness. But, if for any reason, you don´t have this person on hand, you can start watching videos online, reading blogs, taking notes, checking everything for yourself and practicing it.

Some Indications Of A Kundalini Energy Awakening

1. Motivation And Determination

  • You feel a strong desire for change. And this feeling comes with a great need for alignment. In other words, you have the insight that you must change your perception towards life. So, your career, loving relationships, family relation, habits and even diet go through a careful examination.
    In short, it´s a journey which demands self-control, research, self-learning, patience and bravery.

2. Body Reactions

  • The nervous system is extremely sensitive. That´s the obvious reason why some people experience emotional symptoms (despair, confusion, depression). But some people also relate symptoms like near death experiences, visual disturbance, shaking among others. And the only option to deal with these symptoms is by opening your channels of energy. They are your seven chakras which, when in alignment, release any blockages.
    Therefore, going to the doctor is not a solution, as they won´t find the answer, they will just prescribe you some medicine. And depending on what you tell them, they might even say that you are having mental disease.

3. Total connection

  • Don´t be radical in your decisions. Instead, use your wisdom by being in touch with nature more. And a great way of doing that is by appreciating what nature shows you. So, you can cherish your dog or cat and talk to it. Besides that, release tension by walking barefoot and connecting to all that is. As we all know, Mother nature gives us sensitivity and intuition.
  • Approval and encouragement comes in a surprising way. It means that when we have determination to achieve our goals, things end up coming our ways. Thus, we meet people who can really support us, find the books which can clear our doubts, attend the right places and workshops. All these things occur precisely because of synchronicities. In conclusion, our energy aligns with our purpose which allows the Universe to make things happen accordingly.
  • Given that our level of consciousness is increased, we become more aware of what happens around us. To put it differently, our knowledge gives us understanding of everything which can influence our energy. In this case we cannot put up with fast food, negative media news and harmful people and places any longer. With this in mind, we search new ways for adjusting our system to a new homeostasis.

4. Self- Learning And Self-Control

  • We condition ourselves more to a balanced inner self. At this point, it means that we are 100% aware of our thoughts. And this is positively a new way of seeing life. In fact, we become conscious when old paradigms try to control our feelings and energies. And this is amazing, because we have an intimate relationship with our soul. As a result, our intuition becomes our great partner to make decisions. Therefore, the great advantage of all this is that we go for the truth, we become our healers and we work our higher selves. Proof of this is a regular yoga or meditation practice. In reality, what they do is help us to nurture our souls, evolve, clear our blockages, increase our energy and stop overthinking.
  • We move more towards the heart space. This sense of oneness activates the compassion to help our Mother nature and others. And we no longer act in a selfish way because of our feeling of interconnectedness.
  • We´ve got a strong desire to express exactly how we feel. In other words, we know deep in our hearts that our energy and feelings make an impact on the world. As a result of this, we write, dance, volunteer in community service and use our knowledge in order to uplift the world.

Meditation Benefits Review

Are The Meditation Benefits Good For Everyone?

Just to make things clearer from the beginning, the meditation benefits are good for your mind, body and soul. And although many people show no ability at first, after a while they can acquire the knack. What happens when someone tries to meditate is a feeling of discomfort. This is the result of stress and worries in their daily lives. Furthermore, they are so attached to problems, preoccupation and dealing with all the things they need to do that they end up not being able to relax.

You can get more information at Meditation Mastery Secrets.

Despite looking like a waste of time,…

meditation actually provides you with quality time. This means that anyone can do it for 10, 20, 30 minutes or even an hour a day. And instead of thinking about something, you just empty your mind. Initially a lot of thoughts will come to your mind, but don´t worry, let them go. One thing you must bear in mind is that your thoughts are like clouds and you don´t need to focus on them. If they keep on constantly appearing, don´t try to get rid of them, as resistance makes stronger.

A daily meditation practice can really bring you clarity, better communication, concentration, self-control and balance. What most people still don´t know is that meditation is tremendously powerful. In reality, such practice allows you to interact more with your inner self. In other words, you discover who you truly are and become skillful to deal with your own feelings.

There is a website called “7 minute Mindfulness” which can also give you some incredible tips.

Meditation Benefits – How Can I properly Meditate?

There are different ways which you can use to meditate. The first one is sitting down on a chair in a comfortable position. The other one is sitting down on the floor with your legs crossed. And the third one is lying down on a bed with your tummy upwards. But if you live in an agitated place and have so much noise around, you can use headphones and listen to frequencies of 432 or 528 hertz. These frequencies bring you to your natural state.


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, those are three basic ways of meditating. Actually, you have yoga too as an option to meditate. This practice involves working out your body and mind at the same time. Therefore, it´s necessary a professional to guide you, because it´s not easy to do it alone.

When you join a gym for simply exercising or dancing, in spite of being common, it´s good for your meditative state. What happens is that you take care of yourself and become more in tune with body.

Also, it´s ideal that you meditate in touch with nature, as you absorb the energy from the Cosmos. And even when you sometimes are not in one of these positions to meditate, it doesn´t necessarily mean that you are not meditating. For instance, if you decide to spend a day at a natural park or walk on a beach, you absorb all that good energy. Just out of curiosity, if you don´t know, the salt water neutralizes your body. So, you get the energy which renews your whole system. In addition, walking barefoot in touch with nature works the same way. And the morning sunlight exerts a wonderful role in acting as a shield for our protection.


Another key factor…

is that the use of your senses is even more powerful. Just to exemplify, we use our eyes to observe what is around us, our ears to listen to the nature sounds, our touch to feel nature, our smell to appreciate organic food and feel the air coming into our nostrils and our taste to savour foods. Examples like these proves that we can live in total meditative state. So, it´s not surprising that some people adhere to veganism. All organic foods are sun-kissed and allow our bodies to reach an alkaline state.

Hence, the frequency which comes from nature is pure and by getting immersed in the present moment, you find harmony and peace.

It´s important to highlight that what causes stress and depression in most people is lack of self-awareness. All the hustle and bustle of big cities along with many activities prevent people from being in open places. And mother nature is a great source of energy. It´s no wonder we can call it the great healer.

You can check on Free Reiki energy bracelet chakras to get information on how colors and stones play a fundamental healing role in our lives.

Meditation Benefits With Adequate Breathing

One important thing which you must pay attention to when meditating is breathing from the base of your spine. This way, you breathe in, hold it for 4 seconds and breathe out. But do it slowly with your back straight and your eyes closed in a relaxed way, feeling the senses around you. This breathing technique helps you feel the prana (air) and align your seven chakras.

Aiming at getting more knowledge about the subject, you can check the website “Qi Gong Energy vital body” .

Meditation Benefits With Mantras

Mantras are sentences which your repeat during meditation. They empower you to reach your perfect equilibrium. So, you can say:

  • I´m good enough
  • I have control of myself
  • I´m abundance
  • I´m grateful for everything I have
  • I have intuition from the Universe to make my own decisions
  • I transmute all my anxiety, fear, insecurity and stress into peace, love and harmony
  • I´m co-creator of my own reality

There are several other mantras which you can also use. And you can choose three or four to apply in your meditations.

Meditation Recharges your Energy

We are strongly influenced by the energy which surrounds us. Be it from places, people or even sounds. In some cases, there are some people who drain our energy. So, the best way to preserve our energy is to avoid these kind of people. In addition, we have to learn to say “no” to things which are bad for us. Bustling places such as downtonwns, working places, closed places really contribute to steal your energy . Furthermore, computers, cell phones and TV sets enslave you and damage your energy.

Regarding sounds, music is the universal language. In spite of that, we must be tactful and selective by choosing songs which uplift us. A large number of songs nowadays come with subliminal messages which negatively affect our subconscious minds. And it´s exactly the subconscious mind which controls our mood, feelings, reactions, decisions and belief system.

Given that we live in a tumultuous society, with so many tasks, meditation is the only refuge we have.

Can You Tell Me The Meditation Benefits I Get?

Mentally speaking, you will have less anxiety, anger and you will have more strenth to handle your problems. In addition, you´ll get more creativity, intuition and peace of mind. There is no doubt that meditation does a great job in strenghtening your brain activities. So a fresh mind will result in you feeling calmer and full of energy for all challenges in life. For this reason, you have more control over your feelings and become more rational and happy.

Physically speaking, you will fill your body with more prana (energy which comes from the air). As a consequence, your body cells will have more vitality which will considerably improve your immune system. There´s no denying the fact that with a healthy brain, your body benefits from it 100%. This means that serotonin production will increase, rising your mood. Equally, you will decrease your high bood pressure. Moreover, tension-related pains such as imsomnia, joint problems and headaches will go down.

Spiritually Speaking, you become much more connected with the Cosmos. Hence, you start to have more self-love which changes your personality in a good way. As a result, you see yourself as a being with infinite possibilities. And just to remind you, meditation helps you find your inner self and apply all the potential you have. In other words, you don´t allow self-limiting beliefs control you any longer. Therefore, the amazing energy which comes from the prana harmonizes your perception and awakens you to a new reality.

Do The Meditation Benefits Come Faster?

In order to have the Meditation Benefits, it´s of paramount importance a daily practice. Just take as an example when you are working out at a gym; you only get in shape with routine and dedication. And once you get used to it, you feel the need to meditate every single day.