Numerology Reading Review


Numerology reading plays a fundamental role in guiding people through their lives. From customized profiles, you will take right decisions for your live without hesitation. What’s more, you’ll have access to your inner skills with self-acceptance and self-understanding. We all know that In times of desperation and lack of self-control, numerology guiding and wisdom use are key ingredients to achieve your goals. So, this is what does for you.


There is more than 60 pages of personalized wisdom all about YOU. No wonder that today this is more accurate in decoding your unique numerology cart than our flagship Deluxe Numerology Report.

This powerful self-discovery tool makes use of your full name and date of birth. These two sources are enough to reveal your true nature, undetected talents, secret strengths and more. Plus, when you order now, you’ll get 12 special bonuses designed to help you understand the hidden patterns, energies and personalities around you. So, click the button below to get your free personalized reading of your Life Path, Expression and Soul Urge Number. After your free readings you’ll have the chance to get instant access to your complete Deluxe Numerology Report and bonuses.


It’s exactly what you need, because the numbers don’t lie!


In varying ways, we are all searching for answers. But we need more answers to life than religion, politics, or science have so far delivered.

In order to do that, we need guidance, not promises; examples, not theories. That’s what your full Chinese numerology report delivers. In essence, it will help you understand your inner self.  This means that by understanding who you are, where you have come from, your purpose in choosing this life, you´ll become superpowerful. Therefore, you´ll find directions to lead your life.

As a result, with information on your personal year, compatibility ratings, life path number, and more, your full Chinese numerology report will convey a complete picture of you. And it will help you relate better to other people, become more emotionally and financially secure, maintain good health, and live a thoroughly loving life.

But don’t take our word for it. You can get a free personalized reading to see for yourself.

Numbers are the connection between the spiritual realm and your subconscious mind! They have so much to tell you!


Did you know that your telephone number, home address, even the number of a hotel room you stay in affect your life for better or worse? Numbers affect everything in your life, especially the numbers closest to you. And the digits in your phone number have a connection to your everyday identity and life. They are a gateway of communication between you and the people you love and work with.

You’ll discover specifically how your phone number is influencing your career, since it can really make or break you. For example, we recently knew a travel agent who couldn’t get her business to work. She did everything she could and she couldn’t figure out what was going wrong. After she followed what she learned in this report, she decided to change her phone number. Guess what? Her travel business instantly turned around! Don’t overlook the power of numbers in your life!

The numbers in your life are not by chance. In actuality, they have everything to do with your reality.


This technique was discovered by ‘Lo Shu’ numerologists in China. It reveals shockingly accurate details about your personality in just 10 seconds! But be cautious about using this technique on others! It provides very personal information by simply knowing someone’s birth date! However, it can be very useful if you need to evaluate someone you don’t know. For this reason, many employers are now using it to evaluate job applicants! This report will reveal an abundance of information about you. And this ranges from how you communicate to how perceptive or intuitive you are. You’ll also learn about your emotional state, your relationship with your family, whether you’re cooperative or diplomatic, and other secrets to your intellect and memory.

Your birth date has an encoded message. It reveals the potential you have in your life.


Discover how to use your personal omega matrix in a simple four-step system to turn your dreams into a reality. The omega matrix is a way for you to put the true manifestation into motion. With this report you’ll learn how to use intention for increasing your income, improving your health, or energizing your relationships.

Note: do not start reading this report from the first page! At first, what you should immediately do is turn to the last page. There is something ‘strange’ included on this page! What is this odd thing? You have to see it for yourself. But, It’s one of the most fascinating things you will ever see.

This website is awesome and this is just a small content. As soon as you access the website you´ll get amazed by its vast content. But before accessing it, you can check information on reviews, get your free numerology reading, see other topics related to numerology such as aura, dreams, tarot, subconscious mind, future predictions with a pendulum and how to read your palm in 60 seconds.

Interesting, isn´t it? Check the website for yourself!

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Archetype Card Reading Review

Gain Control Over Your Life With Individualogist 

1. Archetype Card Reading importance

The concept of Archetype Card Reading originates from the ancient Greece. This term is derived from the Latin words archein (“to begin”), and typos (“model” or “pattern”). As such, archetypes serve as the original models of human personalities, motivations, and values. When we look to the archetypes, we begin to comprehend the numerous idiosyncracies of our personalities. In other words, how we feel, react and think. So, your archetypewill give you a comprehensive understanding of all the things you enjoy and excel at. Actually, it will give you the knowledge and the tools to replace your limiting beliefs. But like all  things beyond our comfort zones, the first step is always the hardest.

Click here and get your free archetype card reading.

2. What you get with a Free Archetype Card Reading

With this reading you will identify your personal strengths, weaknesses, talents.  Also, there will be redirection towards your competencies, emotions, and fulfillment path . And all is based on your primary and most dominant archetype. This way, what our proprietary method of identifying archetypes does is consider a small amount of your information. So, this is done to deliver accurate and almost predictive personalized results.

3. Free Archetype Card Reading and Individuation

Ever wondered why certain individuals just seem to be happier, luckier, and have more abundance than others? Perhaps they’re all aware of something that you’ve been ignoring.

4. What is behind Free Archetype Card Reading?

For generations, we’ve asked ourselves the most thought-provoking yet enthralling question – “Who am I?”. This is not a problem any longer. You don’t have to search for possibile answers to that single, burning question.

Content That Serves You

archetype content icon individualogist

Receive constant and life-changing content, wisdom and insights. That will help you to holistically understand who you are. By doing so, you´ll have the potential to become stronger and successful. For this reason, you have the unique chance to explore the psychological process of individuation.

No Experience Needed

no experience needed icon individualogist

Never tried anything like this before? It doesn’t matter. We’ve simplified the process of individuation to a point that anyone can understand it. Consequently, it guarantees your results during your journey of personal growth and self improvement.

Uncover Your True Self

uncover your true self

Learn the secret techniques the greatest successful minds of the world adopt. Also, you will learn how they discovered their true selves to maximize their potential. This means that you can undergo the same process. Changing words, in your journey you will mimic their results into your personal life.

5. The concept of Individualogist

Individualogist is an international organisation that aims to modernise the idea of identifying every single human being’s archetype.

5.1 – What we want to achieve for you

The mind is a mysterious and mystical entity. It has potential that’s been concealed by our very own consciousness. So, the purpose of Individualogist is guide its users towards realising this hidden potential through the process of individuation.

Thus, we want to empower you to live the life that you want. But that can’t be achieved until you attain true self-actualization.

6. Archetype Card Reading – Kinds of Archetypes


The Innocent archetype is typically naive and easily impressed by anything and everything. These characteristics make them brilliant audiences for performances. However, their naivety is not what defines them. On the contrary, the Innocent archetype is best defined by its sheer positivity and optimism.


The Creator archetype associates itself with being completely and entirely original. Their greatest pride lies in their ability to be creative. And this is when it comes to everyday life and achieving the goals that they’ve set for themselves.


The Jester is an archetype that lives for the moment. In this case, nothing pleases them more than experiencing emotions to the maximum. It’s no wonder that The Jester is the one with the infectious laugh and a bag full of jokes. So this is what justifies “Fun” as the Jester’s middle name. Clearly, Jester has an insatiable desire for as much of “Fun” as possible.

Do you want to know all the archetypes? Then, you can check straight on the website  to access a huge variety of archetypes.

7.0 – Archetype Card Reading – Astrology Reading and explanation

7.1 – Astrological Chart Reading – Understanding the elements and components of a Birth Chart (Part 1)

Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to look at any astrological birth chart? And the reading could be either yours or someone else’s. Undoubtedly, checking the most important components of somebody’s personality would be awesome. Well, you can do exactly that, here’s how. There are four steps involved with interpreting the birth chart on…

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7.2 – Astrological Chart Reading – Important Elements and Components on a Birth Chart (Part 2)

In our previous article (part 1) we discussed the essential elements of the astrological chart. All the information helped you to be able to read anybody’s chart. What’s more, you could get a general overview of their personality. In this article, we discuss how to get a birth chart for free, how to look…

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7.3 – Soulmate or Twinflame?

Do you know the difference? If you don’t, it’s been ingrained in your head since you were a child. Indeed, they have always advised you to find your soulmate. However, what you really should have been looking for is your Twin Flame. Contrary to popular belief, we actually have and meet many soul mates throughout our lives. And a soulmate does not have to…

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7.4 – Different Phases of the Mooon

Our ancestors relied heavily on the movement of the stars, planets and phases of the moon. This simple observation was good enough to tell them the secrets of the universe. Following this principle, every night, wise leaders would sit out and look at the stars, seeking answers. But today, it can be harder to see the stars and the moon thanks to…

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Besides astrology, there is also numerology and daily horoscope. Additionally, there is a topic which talks about energy, chakras and tips on how to encounter your true self. In reality, there is much more than that. So, you can just check on the official website and you’ll get amazed!

Royal Numerology Review

Royal Numerology Review- What’s in a Number?

A simple royal numerology review can be good enough to place you in the right path. At Royal numerology we understand that numerology has its numbers, patterns and purpose. What´s more, they are more than simply place-holders for quantities. As the ancient Masters of Hidden Knowledge knew, numbers can actually guide you to greater self-Knowledge . And the greatest way they do that is by revealing hidden patterns and empowering you to make sustainable, positive choices for your life.

During these times of rapid change, it is more important than ever for you to have the “Inner Skills”. They, in actuality, are the compass which guide you on the decisions you take. These skills rely heavily on self-understanding and self-acceptance. It´s only by exploring them that you can awaken the most potent faculties of mind, intuition and compassion. So, it´s no wonder that these faculties are the greatest gifts that humanity possesses.

When you are empowered to trust and be in-synch with your own Sacred Nature, you become more balanced. Hence, what happens is that you reach the best decisions for your SELF, your family, community and ultimately, our World. By developing insight, self-understanding and wisdom, you will find it much easier to solve the problems that challenge you.

If you want to have further details on this topic, go straight to the official website.

The Importance of Numerology in Our Lives

It´s of paramount importance to highlight the role numbers have in our lives. Though it seems strange, numbers have great power over us. In addition, they represent our connection with the Universe. Just take as an example your date of birth and your full name. They are strongly influenced by numbers .  But don´t think that the analysis is only based on that. In fact, it´s much more complex than you can imagine.

Getting a little more into detail, each number has its own meaning in the Universe. And their combination has a special message which is unique for each individual. Besides that, the letters can be converted into numbers. So, the result is not automatic. There must always be someone with sensitivity and great intuition to do the reading. For those who are sceptics, the Universe communicates with us through imagery, in order words, through numbers, letters and images.

If you want to have further details on this topic, go straight to the official website.

Royal Numerology Review – Supporting Your Journey Into Greater Self-Knowledge

Here at Royal Numerology Review, our aim is to support you in your journey to deeper wisdom and greater self-knowledge. Why? Because we know how much better life is when you live in tune with your True Nature.

And … we understand just how important it is to have more conscious folks on our planet right now!

We offer an array of high-quality education for you to enhance your numerological wisdom and deepen your self-understanding. Thorough reports, free online training programs (see our Resources page here), videos, podcasts, a monthly eMagazine, regular blog posts, informative articles, innovative technology and soon to come, live online and offline events, all give you the broadest possible selection of learning methods to choose from.

If you want to have further details on this topic, go straight to the official website.

Royal Numerology Review Explains Why We Do What We Do

Royal numerology Review is your Number 1 online resource for numerology education. And our mission here is to help you make the most of your life and future. Therefore we provide you with high-quality numerology wisdom and insight.

Knowledge brings you power and determination, this way aligning with your desires and frequencies. represented by your unique number patterns, Royal numerology serves to open doors that would otherwise remain closed. Furthermore, it adds value to your life, the lives of those you keep in touch with and to the world.

If you want to have further details on this topic, go straight to the official website.

Royal Numerology Review- We’ve Got Your Back

Dedicated, passionate, a little silly, and absolutely committed to you. That’s the Royal Numerology team in a nutshell. We’re a small team of numerologists, teachers, writers and tech wizards. And together we bring you the most accurate, powerful, and profound reports and products available in the world.

We love what we do, and we couldn’t be happier without it. So, that´s the reason why we decided to be a part of the light in this world.

Click here and be redirected straight to the official website. There you can find all the information and testimonials you need to get your personalized numerology report.


It´s about time you started seeing your life from a different outlook. Mark my words “Life is not something happening to you, it´s something reacting to you”. And numbers are the linking between us and the spiritual world. They always want to tell us something. The biggest problem, though, is that we are so distracted by this rat race that we don´t even notice. As a result, many things happen in our lives and we are not aware of them. For this reason, the main goal of Royal Numerology is to show what best aligns to your purpose.

Instead of feeling desperate and hopeless, give yourself a new way of understanding life. We turn out making a lot of mistakes when we don´t know what we came here to do. As soon as you feel in harmony with yourself, you will feel much more secure. Moreover, it will attract the peace of mind you need which is the key for all your achievements.

If you want to have further details on this topic, go straight to the official website.

Cosmic Energy Profile


Liz Thomspon and Ric Thompson created cosmic energy profile. They know that a lot of people have great interest in getting information about  their future. It´s good to know that there is a way to know the future. Ric and Liz have discovered an ancient code which was lost in the jungles of Mexico for more than 1200 years but has been rediscovered on the tomb of an ancient God-King. Therefore, there is a way to know about your future by just providing your date of birth and this program will help you on that. If you are thirsty for information about Cosmic Energy Profile, then you must consider yourself at the right place. Don´t worry, as you will also have access to the pros and cons of it.



It is a program which helps you discover your destiny by using an ancient calendar. Also, you can discover your Mayan day sign and its influence on your future by analyzing your birthday.  And you will be shown your purpose on Earth (destiny) and the energy profile of every day, week and month. Sooner you will learn that individual energy of each day interacts with your own energy and influences daily experiences.  This system does complex calculations that will help you determine interesting results about your future. And it will reveal an ancient knowledge which will clarify things in your life. In addition, you´ll get a personal destiny chart according to the calculations from your day sign and Tone combination.


Below are the possible destiny profiles:

1) Your Guide Kin, which is the sign of your greater self and also represents yourself, family members and ancestral karma. It will guide you with decisions to move forward in your life forever.

2) Your Destiny Kin, which is the Day sign in the full report. By combining it with other symbols in your destiny chart, you get a better understanding of your destiny. 

3) Your Occult Kin, which is the superpowerful to do miracle transformations to bring alignment with the planet.

4) Your Analog Kin, which will work the best version of yourself. It makes use of the feminine and supportive power from the Universe. Moreover, it will give you clues or information about the woman character in you

5) Your Antipode Kin, which will help you improve your strength through the masculine energy which the Universe has been coded for you.


How Does It Work?

Bearing in mind that your energy balance interacts daily with the energy of the universe, you will comprehend that the process is quite simple. By supplying your name and birth date, analysts can provide you with daily insight into how to make improvements on each day of your life.

You can match the information gleaned from your day sign and tone combination and ultimately unlock your destiny chart with these insights.

You’ll receive a free analysis of your galactic signature, and an in-depth look at your personal destiny chart. Afterwards, you’ll get a daily personalized cosmic energy reading which will help you follow the universe flow and enjoy every single moment to the fullest.

Unlike any other site, Cosmic Energy Profile is entirely personalized. In actuality, the information is so unique that people prefer not sharing it with you.

It is tremendously important to highlight that meditation is a good way to balance your chakras. Not only does it bring you peace of mind, but it also gives you self-control.

Cosmic Energy Profile Review - YouTube



There are many benefits you can have by having daily access to your cosmic energy profile. Some include:

  • Ability to prepare yourself and become stronger for what’s to come.
  • Prioritize your day to align with the ebb and flow of energy around you.
  • Synchronize your energy with daily life to speak your goals into existence
  • Attract naturally people, things, opportunities, and circumstances which are more aligned with you
  • Manifest your destiny.


  • You’ll have a great advantage over those around you. As a consequence, friends and family may be envious of how good things always seem to happen to you.
  • When you are properly aligned, you end up causing impact and influencing those around you. Even being positive, some people may not be ready for it.
  • If you’ve got a negative mindset, you may not be ready to accept this insight yet. Therefore, it is essential that you go through an opening mind process so as to achieve the results you desire.

Cosmic Energy –  Conclusion

Harassing the energy of the universe isn’t as tricky as it seems. It calls for dedication and changing of mindset and behavior towards life.

This process can change your entire life, because it gives you direction on how to live your true life purpose.

The in-depth analysis and daily alignments can make a great deal of difference in your life. We are all connected with everything around us and with the Universe and we must constantly work our energy.

In this review, we discussed the need to work our internal condition with the product support. Our alignment is a great blessing we have. We need it on a daily basis to go through chalenges in our lives. Cosmic energy basically is the linking between body, mind and soul.

The burning question is: Are you really prepared to get your energy profile and live a life of supreme abundance and love? Think about it, the opportunity is in your hands!

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Numerology Studies Online

Numerology studies online can be really helpful and fun. They can also help you uncover hidden insights about yourself and your life. So, why not searching for the best career paths and an ideal romantic partner?

You might be thinking… Can a number really tell me ALL of that? Oh, yes – and soooo much more!

How Numerology Studies Online Works

It´s a fact that everything in the entire Universe holds a certain energy. Therefore, It´s not surprise that all the numbers, names, the dog you have, even you carry that energy. That´s the reason why numerology studies online exist: to show your true purpose in life.

As soon as you know what kind of energy each number “holds”, you will be completely astonished. And in a practical way, you only have some simple calculations to uncover several kinds of information about yourself and other people as follows:

  • Personality traits
  • Life/emotional struggles
  • Best (and worst) romantic partners
  • The best careers for you
  • Hidden talents
  • Soul desires
  • Hopes, dreams, and fears
  • And so much more!

By understanding numerology studies online meanings, you can use them in your life. Not only are they cool, but they are also instructive. For instance, you have a son who is number 5, which means that he is a free spirit. This information will guide you on how to best bring your child up. Furthermore, you can apply it for a relationship or any other area of your life.

Angel Numbers - The Comprehensive Guide

Numerology Studies Online Part 1: Your Numerology Chart Meaning

Before getting into the meanings of numerology studies online, you must first understand the numerology division. So, you will see below the four major parts of your numerology chart and their specific meaning:

1. Numerology Studies Online: Life Path Number

Your life path number, as the name suggests, is your journey in this lifetime. No wonder that it   is the most important part of your numerology chart. With it, you get insight into:

  • Your personality
  • what you can learn from life lessons and challenges
  • Your greatest opportunities
  • What will make you truly fulfilled and happy

You can calculate your Life Path Number by adding up all the numbers of your date of birth. By doing so, you can get 11, 22, or  just a single digit.

2. Numerology Studies Online: Soul Urge Number

The soul urge number is your spiritual number. With that in mind, it has to do with your ethics and values and who you really are. Changing words, it’s the authentic, soul level.

You can calculate your Soul Urge Number by using the chart below. You only have to assign a value to each VOWEL of your full birth name (“Y” doesn’t count). Hence, you keep adding until you get an 11, 22, or a single digit.

3. Numerology Studies Online: Karmic Number

Resultado de imagem para

Your karmic number is about your hopes, desires, and fears. In ordert to get it, use the chart below and assign the corresponding number to each CONSONANT of your full birth name, then add all of the numbers up.

4. Numerology Studies Online: Destiny Number

The expression number reveals your talents and all the potential you have. And what is interesting is that you might even discover some hidden talents that you didn’t know you had!

Thus, to get your destiny number, simply give a value to each letter of your legal name you were born with and add them up.

If this is really driving you crazy, don’t forget to check out FREE Numerology online!

Now, without further ado, it´s the opportunity to know the details of each number.

Numerology Studies Online Part 2: The Numbers Meaning

In numerology, there are numbers 1-9, 11 and 22. Each number from 1 to 9, we call them “cardinal” numbers.  Concerning the numbers 11 and 22, we called them “Master” numbers.

Bear in mind that you’ll have traits of a number if it is your life path, soul urge, karmic, or expression number.

A) Numerology Studies Online – Cardinal Numbers

Numerology Number 1

You’ll have the qualities of number 1 if it is in your numerology chart (Life path, soul urge, etc.). This case applies for people who were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th.

Birthday Numerology: The Meanings of Numbers -

Number one is a strong number with a masculine energy. This way, men and women with this number are independent, driven, and creative thinkers. Because of these strong personality traits, they typically excel in whatever career field they choose!

Additionally, people with numerology number 1 can be critical and demanding due to their struggles and self doubt. In most relationships, they assume the “decision maker” role.

Characteristics of Number 1:

  • strong (so strong that they can be intimidating, without meaning to be!)
  • creative
  • passionate
  • vivacious
  • epic storyteller
  • popular
  • independent
  • visionary
  • fair
  • honest
  • inspiring
  • action-oriented
  • perfectionist

Numerology Number 2

If there is a 2 in your numerology chart (Life path, soul urge, etc.) or if you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th, you have qualities of this number.

The number 2, opposing strongly the number 1, is a feminine number. Its role is to promote diplomacy, intuition and grace.

A great advantage of number two is that it´s influential and persuasive. And it´s exactly because of their unique characteristics, those with number 2 traits make great candidates for a career in mediation, care giving, counseling, teaching, nursing, social work, or therapy.

In addition, those whose number is two love talking and thinking about deep subjects – such as the meaning of life!  But they just have to be tactful that their sensitive nature doesn’t lead to dramatic reactions or hurt feelings.

Characteristics of number 2:

  • powerful
  • influential
  • poised
  • classy
  • trustworthy
  • social
  • extroverted
  • humorous
  • charismatic
  • intuitive
  • artistic

Numerology Number 3

If you have 3 in your numerology chart (Life path, soul urge, etc.), or if you were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th, consider yourself with characteristics of number 3.

Three is the result of addition of number one and two, which is meaningful. So, those with number 3 are typically extroverted and live with wide eyed wonder.

As a result, you see a life full of possibilities and people not stuck in stable relationships. Moreover, people under number 3 don´t like routines and to follow schedules. These kind of people must constantly work towards discipline and mental sharp.

Characteristics of number 3:

  • extroverted
  • fun-loving
  • helpful
  • charming
  • optimistic
  • good communicator
  • chatty
  • impeccable taste
  • attractive

Numerology Number 4

You’ll have number 4 qualities if it exists in your numerology chart (Life path, soul urge, etc.) or if your birthday is on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of the month.

Number four has a masculine numerology meaning. People under number 4 see the world in a “black and white” way. And you can always call on them to follow the rules.

They are hard working and love everything set in order. Because of their thoroughness, they excel in careers in medicine, the military, engineering and the government.

It´s also true that their dependable nature makes them a really good friend or partner. However, they need to relax and have some fun once in a while.

Characteristics of number 4:

  • loyal
  • systematic
  • strong
  • disciplined
  • hard-working
  • introverted
  • organized
  • dependable
  • productive
  • detail-oriented

Numerology Number 5

You’ll have 5 qualities if you find it in your numerology chart (Life path, destiny number, etc.) or if your birthday falls on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of the month.

Number 5 is completely opposite of number 4! This means that people under this number are considered as “free-spirit”. As well as this, they are always ready for adventure! And they are strongly social, friendly and don´t like judging people.  but can come across to others as “flighty”.

It must be really hard for them to get the right job. In reality, the jobs which really suit them are sales, hairdressing and real estate. This clearly demonstrates that they feel really good when interacting with people.

People under number 5 enjoy going through different experiences. So, they are great supportive of their partners and love traveling. And they set great value to their personal freedom.

Number 5 traits:

  • free spirit
  • adventurous
  • have a wanderlust for life
  • fun
  • get restless easily
  • fight for the underdog
  • non-judgmental
  • loving
  • intuitive
  • people person

Numerology Number 6

You’ll have 6 qualities if it is in your numerology chart (Karmic, life path number, etc.) or if you were born on the 6th, 15th or 24th of the month.

In brief, their kindness shows how supportive they are. In other words, you can count on them to listen to you or lend a hand. Also, their hearts are enormous and they do what they can to help anyone who needs.

Numerology For Number 5: People Born On 5th, 14th, & 23rd Of Any Month -  ChaaiCoffee

Thus, the careers which best suits them are “Helping” careers , such as a teacher, healer, guidance counselor, doctor, nurse, therapist or lawyer. To summarize, number 6 is the most compassionate, peaceful, and loving number.

Number 6 traits are:

  • peaceful
  • helpful
  • compassionate
  • kind
  • nurturing
  • supportive
  • give great advice!

Numerology Number 7

You’ll have 7 qualities if you have this number in your numerology chart (Life path, destiny number, etc.) or if your birthday falls on the 7th, 16th or 25th of the month.

Resultado de imagem para

Rumour has it that 7 is a masculine number.  Additionaly, men and women with this number are introverted, philosophical and analytical.

People with number 7 influence are independent, don´t care about other people think of them. The same way, they don´t worry about fashion, politics or religion. Due to their analytical nature and love of working, 7’s follow careers in science or academics. And they are really productive when they are alone.

It´s difficult for them to have friends or attract a partner. They´re really charming though, and once they get a partner, they are faithful.

Traits of number 7:

  • analytical
  • introverted
  • quiet
  • deep-thinkers
  • problem-solvers
  • intuitive
  • fair
  • unique!
  • opinionated
  • sensitive

Numerology Number 8

You’ll have 8 qualities if this number is in your numerology forecast (Life path, destiny number, etc.) or if you were born on the 8th, 17th or 26th of the month.

Those ruled by the number 8 are in constant search of success. Their potential is strong and they do everything in their power to reach their goals. And, come what may, nothing can bring them down, even a failure. They are inspired, motivated and full of energy to work. As a consequence, this behavior results in social life and relationships problems. In conclusion, their prosperity is a mixture of having money, family, hobbies and any other things they love.

Traits of the number 8

  • drive
  • ambition
  • diplomacy
  • leaders
  • efficient
  • organized
  • disciplined
  • practical
  • loving

Numerology Number 9

You’ll have 9 qualities if this number exists in your numerology chart (Life path, karmic number, etc.) or if your birthday is on the 9th, 18th or 27th of the month.

People under this number don´t boast about the victory that their assistance brings.  And the chances are that you will find them fighting for peace or to protect nature. These individuals are spiritual, energetic and always fight for justice.

Numeroscope: Daily Numerology Horoscope | October 25 | Number 9 - Republic  World

When it comes to career, number 9’s tend to go into business for themselves. It´s awesome how loyal friends and partners they are, though they aren’t romantic. Although they are apparently tough, in fact they are very loving and spiritual.

Number 9 traits:

B) Numerology Studies Online – Powerful Numbers

Master Number 11

You’ll have 11 qualities if 11 is your life path, soul urge, karmic, or expression number!

Number 11 is the first of the Master numbers. So, considering that it mixes numbers 1 and 2, it makes it even stonger! Because of this, number 11’s tend to be all over the place and struggle for balance.

People influenced by this number deal with conflict.  Actually, what happens is that they are spiritually insightful and introverted. Therefore, these characteristics make people love them and be around them. But, they prefer being alone.

One thing that they enjoy a lot is to use their creativity. That’s the reason why they love being free to think and don´t tolerate doing mindless things repetitively.

Master Number 11 Traits:

  • spiritual
  • empathic
  • psychic
  • introverted
  • inspiring
  • fascinating
  • anxious
  • free-thinking

Master Number 22

You’ll have 22 qualities if this number is in your life path, soul urge, karmic, or expression number!

Numerology number 22 is the second and last of the Master numbers. In addition, it’s the strongest of all the numerology numbers. For this reason, people under this number have a great mission on Earth: to better humanity!

Taking that into account, these people are grounded, psychic, and selfless. However, they may feel lazy, insecure, scared or act bossy when not caring of themselves. On the other hand, when they are in harmony with their energy and higher self, be careful!

They lead a truly spiritual life and their energy is amazing. And what is really interesting and inspiring is that they lead by example. 

Master Number 22 Traits:

  • psychic
  • spiritual
  • inspirational
  • peaceful
  • divine
  • visionaries
  • selfless
  • care about humanity
  • “old souls”
  • wise
  • humble
  • good at manifesting

Numerology Studies Online – Conclusion

Numerology is what everyone needs for their lives. Its complexity and suitable analysis gives us the right path. Most people should know that success in life is not something by chance. For that matter, each individual should know the spiritual aspects which rule their lives. The Universe is a whole aggregate of numbers and they have a correlation with all of us.  And your personal numerology says everything about you.  In a nutshell, the Universe better communicates with us through numbers and it has so much to teach us! So, this is the time you have to access numerology studies online!

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