Psychokinesis Practice Review

Psychokinesis practice has been a vexed issue nowadays. Perhaps, because there is still no scientific proof which supports it. So, many people regard it as paranormal phenomenon. In fact, it’s just an acquired ability which allows anyone to move or distort objects through mind power. This skill is akin to clairvoyance, which means the ability to see the future, spirits and energy fields. There are many other types of clair senses such as clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairtangency, clairgustance, clairempathy and channeling. All these senses require that the person be in a vibrational frequency similar to the perceived sense. Furthermore, it’s worth reminding that people with their third eye open have more of this extrasensory perception.

Also known as telekinesis, psychokinesis deals with concentration and energy.

Thus, in order to help you visualize the basic concept, there is a logical explanation for that. The first thing you need to know is that everything is energy. Good examples are: the galaxy, the planets, objects, animals, plants, trees and even us, human beings. Starting from this principle, the only thing you must do is use your mental energy. This way, you will connect your mental energy with the energy of the object. Once you establish this connection, you can achieve your desired results. In reality, it is quite difficult to perform this feat, but it is possible.

How Does The Energy Field Work With Psychokinesis Practice?

According to the theory, there must be a fusion between your energy field and the object energy field. With this combination, you are able to move or distort any object. But for that to happen, there needs to be observation of the object first. Following, the procedure will demand that you envision in your mind the two fields of energy unification. Afterwards, there must be envisioning of the object doing exactly what you want.

Simple as it seems, this practice requires that you be relaxed.

Also, you must make yourself 100% comfortable in your place. Then, you can start your psychic journey by closing your eyes. Now all you have to do is focus on the object for 5 to 10 minutes. You can either look at it or visualize it with your third eye. It’s rather difficult, as our minds lose attention easily. This is pretty common as we tend to get bored, worried and even distracted by external influences. However, there is no reason for giving up, as the keyword is practice.

Tips On How To Start Psychokinesis practice

First keep in mind that your progress must be gradual. In so doing, you will be able to advance considerably. So, patience, discipline, methodology and strategy are characteristics of paramount importance. To begin with, you will concentrate on small objects by following the steps mentioned before. Once you succeed, your level of self confidence will increase. This way, be aware that self belief is your number one priority. It will serve as a spark which will motivate you towards your challenges and achievements.

Thus, following this mindset is the compass which will direct you where you want to get to. And your progressive results will determine whether you can increase the degree of difficulty or not. This means that positive outcomes can lead you to try to move larger objects or even bend a spoon. In case spoon bending is your topic of interest, just click on the terms underlined and you will go straight to the website.

Types Of Psychokinesis practice

There are two types of psychokinesis. The first one is related to minor effects on molecules and its sub-atomic particles. Known as Micro-PK, this kind of psychokinesis strongly requests electron microscope analysis. The second type is Macro-PK which can be seen with naked eye. As it name suggests, it requires a great deal of effort with solid and larger objects. This type involves objects floating, levitating or even being distorted.

Is There A Scientific Proof That Psychokinesis Is Real?

Although psychokinesis has been an object of research for quite a long time, science still cannot prove its existence. Laboratories demand that any experiment be repeatable under scientific conditions in order to find proof.  Officially, this is what really gives evidence for experiments. Unfortunately, scientific analyses have not been enough to support psychokinesis. Nevertheless, this means nothing, given that rules are just a way of standardizing everything. Changing words, individuals can have their personal opinion according to their own findings.

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Psychokinesis Practice Proves That Our Mind Is Powerful Beyond Measure

Human mind is powerful to the degree that it can even influence water crystallization.  Studies have shown the difference between two crystallized glasses of water. The first one had a symmetrical and harmonious appearance while the second was entirely asymmetrical. According to the analysis, a person was asked to have positive feelings in one glass of water and negative feelings in the other. The positive feelings include love, compassion, joy, gratefulness. Concerning the negative feelings, they were hate, anger, anxiety, fear among others. The conclusion they drew is that the feelings are the product of people’s minds.

Furthermore, human mind is energy and controls feelings, emotions, decisions, behavior.

Therefore, this theory proves that a change of mindset gives us a new purpose in life, acting as a leverage which takes us wherever we want. Hence, we create and judge the world around us. Once you are free, there is no self-limiting beliefs and you can explore all the possibilities, even the most difficult ones.

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Qigong Exercises Review

Qigong Exercises benefits

Qigong exercises are really effective and strongly benefit people´s mind, body and soul. Shaolin Qigong is much easier to learn than Tai Chi and is far less strenuous than Yoga. In addition, it offers all the benefits of Meditation. And with a daily practice, it helps you achieve better happiness, health and longevity.

What is interesting about Qigong is that it requires virtually zero athleticism and you can practice it almost anywhere. What´s more, it does not require any expensive supplements, pills or exercise gizmos.

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There´s proof that Qigong exercises can:

  • Stabilise blood pressure
  • Decrease stroke and mortality rates
  • Be helpful in cancer and drug treatment
  • Mitigate the symptoms of senility
  • Improve memory, insomnia, vertigo, headaches and cholesterol
  • Relieve stress and increases relaxation almost like a mild tranquilizer

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What Exactly are Qigong Exercises?

Shaolin Qigong exercises use the best technique which aims to harmonize the whole body function. Basically it helps you to stay young, healthy, happy and it´s the energy secret in the world today. It only takes 10-15 minutes to practice and is the art of deliberately managing your ‘vital’ energy to help you live a happier, healthier and longer life. And if you don´t know vital energy (Qi or Chi) is the life force that keeps us all alive.

Shaolin Qigong practitioners are literally adding years to their lives and life to their years. This simple, direct and efficient art of Qigong is superpowerful.

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Marcus Santer is the author of four books on Qigong:

  1. Shaolin Chi Kung – 18 Exercises to help you live a longer, healthier and happier life
  2. Smilng From The Heart – Qigong techniques to overcome depression, be free from paralysing worry, kick fear into touch, develop bullet proof self esteem and increase your resistance to the stresses and strains of 21st Century life
  3. Qigong Daily – 365 big ideas to transform your Qigong and your life
  4. The PERFECT Qigong System – 7 simple steps to a healthier life

He is the founder and Chief Instructor at Qigong15. Similarly, he was the Chief Instructor (for the UK) of an international Qigong and Shaolin Kung Fu institute for 5 years. Also, he has been practicing Qigong for 26 years.

It’s hard to find good Qigong instruction and great teachers. And few people are able to travel around the world once or twice a year to get quality training.

That’s why the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course was created.

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Qigong exercises & Qigong Secrets Home Study Course

With the Study Course you will discover how to:

  • Naturally feel more energised, fresh and alert – without drinking vast quantities of coffee or caffeine-laden fizzy drinks (and avoid that horrible ‘slump’ when the effects wear off).
  • Improve, maintain and develop your health. So, this means that you won´t have to sweat in the gym three or four times a week.
  • Feel more confident, not having to read a mountain of self-improvement books. Just imagine the wonderful changes you can make when you stop holding yourself back.
  • Get more done each day towards building the life of your dreams – without sacrificing time with friends, family and loved ones?
  • Wake up your body’s NATURAL healing power – without having to learn for decades from some ‘Guru’ or ‘Master’.

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Each week over the Internet…

you will receive clear video tuition. As well as this, written instructions will help you build systematically on the week before. Therefore, this course has a well-developed structure which is easy to follow. In other words, it does not require any ‘quantum leaps’ in your understanding.

Thus, It is suitable for the complete beginner who is brand new to Shaolin Qigong exercises. Equally, those who’ve been practicing Qigong for a few years can take advantage  of it. Definitely, everyone gets the chance to deepen their understanding.

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What you will receive via the Internet

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Qigong Secrets

 Over 22 Weeks you will receive via the Internet:

  • 214 pages of written instructions– written in bite-sized chunks for easy digestion. These are the clearest, easiest-to-follow instructions ever written.
  • Over 8 hours of video tuition– If a picture paints a 1000 words, imagine how many words 8 hours of video at 25 frames (pictures) per second paints.
  • 5 powerful bonuses – The Qigong teaching is all about getting results. 2 of these bonuses are essential tools for your success, but very few teachers know about them and even fewer students use them. Yet these tools – literally – can mean the difference between your success and failure with Qigong.
    Moreover, there´s an Mp3 recording that will help you to really master one of the 3 core (read vital) skills of Qigong. Without them you’re just doing gentle exercise.
    And there´s a demonstration of the 6 essential qualities you must look for in a great Qigong teacher. Along with it, a share of 22 pages of Qigong research that proves the effectiveness of Qigong.
  • WHAT´S NEW! – Each week’s video tuition has small bite-sized chunks instead of one huge video. And each bite-sized video is now downloadable – allowing you to take the lessons with you, where ever you go.

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What You Will Discover After Completing Qigong Secrets Home Study Course

  • 19 of the best Qigong exercises. They can help you live a happier, healthier and longer life in just 10-15 minutes a day.
  • One of the most powerful habits in Qigong but hardly anybody knows about it (Week 02).
  • The ONLY illness there is and how practicing the Shaolin Qigong exercises can help you to overcome it. As a result, they will protect you from experiencing it ever again (Week 03).
  • The PERFECT path to Qigong is a tool which helps the students get better benefits, faster and easier (Week 04).
  • The 4 stages of Mastery (Week 04), The 3 Requirements for success in any endeavour (Week 16), The Antidote to Worry (Week 20)…
  • Each week there’s a new Qigong exercise and an explanation about the main benefits you’ll gain from it. First you´ll learn the form, then how to add the breathing. After that you will learn how to practice it as Qigong, not just as gentle exercise. By using video tuition and clear written instructions, you can learn as easy as possible.

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 7 secrets of Qigong Exercises and The knowledge You Will Get

  1. What is Qigong – A clear explanation of Qi, without which Qigong makes no sense what so ever. What does Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have to do with Qigong?
  2. How Does Qigong Work – What actually happens when you practice Qigong and an introduction to basic TCM principals.
  3. There is Only 1 Illness – Discover how Qigong overcomes it and prevents it.
  4. How to Take Back Your Healing Power – Why all it takes is just 15 minutes a day, why there is no expensive equipment, supplements or gym fees to pay – ever.
  5. The 3 Core Skills of High Level Qigong – Discover the difference between Qigong form and Qigong. Learn why Qigong form is so prevalent today and the skills necessary to practice high level qigong.
  6. The PERFECT Approach To Qigong – The 7 powerful steps to Qigong practice. This tool allows you to get all the benefits of Qigong quicker and easier.
  7. Don’t Believe The Hype! – The clarification of who Qigong is not for and share of the 3 major flaws of Qigong that nobody talks about. Knowing these can save you months of wasted effort.

…and many more well guarded secrets for getting the most from Qigong.

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