Drinking and Spirituality Review

Drinking and spirituality are intrinsically interconnected. For some, drinking may just appear a path towards happiness and fun but this is not so. Behind this behavior lies a paradox. What I mean by this is that all of us carry a heavy burden in this world. In other words, there are many tasks and situations for us to deal with every single day. Most of these interactions cause pain, suffering, seriousness and lack of motivation for life. For this reason, life becomes so obvious and boring, revealing itself as meaningless.

Effects Of Alcohol At A Spiritual Level | Drinking And The Spirit!

Once we ascribe the reality we live in to a mere and unexplainable existence, life goes to waste. This way, many people prefer to turn to alcohol as a refuge. From that point of view, it’s necessary to discuss the relation between this chemical substance and spirituality as well as the consequences.  

Drinking And Spirituality: Escape Valve from The System

To start with, it’s worth stating that the material and spiritual worlds blend together. Also, the link between them manifests the individual reality according to a person’s level of consciousness. Oftentimes, the distraction moves people away from their power of co-creation,so they forget to pave the way for self-development and knowledge. That’s the reason why, in some cases, they prefer to follow the path of alcohol consumption. A behavior such as this results from thoughts misaligned with feelings which act as contributing factors. So, the way we steer the course of our lives goes in accordance with our choices and beliefs. This is not to say that the traditional society doesn’t exert a high pressure on us.

Mass media is everywhere to standardize everything, even our way of thinking. It’s not in vain that the news they broadcast are always the same:  environmental destruction, economy, the stock market, politics, government plans, business and job market, corruption, unemployment, poverty, violence, prejudice, racism, crimes, wars, pandemics. In addition, since childhood we learned that we have to study, graduate, work, make money, get married, have children and pay bills. Being bombarded with all this information on a daily basis inevitably makes us attuned to a toxic reality which, unfortunately, deprives us of our own freedom.

Drinking And Spirituality: The Spiritual Void Is A Trap

According to Immanuel Kant’s famous quote, “There is something splendid about innocence; but what is bad about it, in turn, is that it cannot protect itself very well and is easily seduced.” Carrying out an analysis, it goes without saying that gullibility is bliss. This means that we get excited by what the world presents to us, which, at first, seems attractive and normal, but, in reality, it slants us against our true nature. As a result, circumstances start to happen and we don’t even know how to handle them.

In spite of this, it’s important to highlight that the answer to the problems is within us. For not knowing how to get it, we simply throw in the towel and leave the reality to chance. In doing so, we just prove how shallow we are. And our ignorance easily makes way for alcoholic beverages as an option to idle our time away. Their role is merely to replace the emptiness inside with a transient feeling of happiness. By drinking we temporarily break the routine, making us feel in a lighter world, full of fantasy and joy. Actually, what we are trying to do is release ourselves from captivity.

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Drinking And Spirituality: The Impacts On The Body, Mind And Soul

Although the hard stuff brings a sense of relaxation and relief, it’s harmful in every way. Not only does alcohol cause damage to the system, but it also has a spiritual effect on us. On a physical level, as well as many other drugs, it creates dependence owing to the stimulation of dopamine production. This hormone is responsible for transmitting feelings of pleasure to the brain. Such activity justifies a person’s restless behavior towards entertainment with alcohol.

As you can see, this substance both alters the metabolism and forms a strong bond with the brain. Not only that, but it profoundly influences an individual on a subconscious level. As soon as it reaches this part of the brain, it changes the perception of reality which results in directly affecting the belief system. Thus, alcohol abuse has a direct bearing on a person’s mindset.

On a spiritual level, this drink lowers the vibrational frequency. As shown by the little saying “Like attracts like”, the external energy that moves towards us is the same which surrounds our magnetic field. Hence, by dropping the frequency, our energy matches exactly with the energy of low frequency spirits. These non-physical entities attach to us in such a way that the routine may be entirely changed because of them.

What they do is use our weakeness to meet their mundane needs. Going deeper into this explanation, it means that these spirits couldn’t evolve and reach higher dimensions due to their connection with the temptations of the flesh on Mother Earth. Because of that they feed on our energy in order to keep themselves strong. In this case, if we don’t assume responsibility for our lives, they turn them upside down. Acting as energy vampires is the only choice they have.

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Apply The Law Of Attraction With Wisdom

Another interesting fact is that the reality which surrounds us is not independent. In a similar way, it manifests itself according to the energy we emanate. In this process, we attract people and circumstances suited to the vibrational frequency we have. If you think that sounds absurd, remember that the law of attraction is neutral and effective. Therefore, the world we create depends only on us because the saying “Your vibe attracts your tribe” is true.

That being said, instead of drinking alcohol, you should gain control over your life. In order to achieve this, it makes necessary that you evaluate your internal condition. Equally, it’s convenient to see the duality of the world as a chance to grow. In this context, you should learn how to use emotional intelligence for your own good. By mastering self-control, you can use it as a stepping stone to wisdom. And for your edification, you can take up ancient practices such as meditation and yoga.   

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Placebo Effect Review

What’s The Difference Between Placebo And Nocebo Effect?

Placebo effect is a term which has been frequently used by medical research on their analysis towards patients. So, the results have proven that each individual has a different and specific response for a treatment. In particular, what causes a distinctive reaction is the individual’s personality. Thus, we can say that a person’s psychological state defines their behavior, which in turn can act positively or negatively on them. This means that an individual’s response may lead to a relief or intensity in pain.

This way, there is a connection between a person’s perception and way of life and placebo or nocebo effects.

For instance, optimistic people are prone to higher placebo analgesic effects. Then, a good explanation for this is their use of positive behavior to deal with adversity.

Also, it can be said that a change of thought results in a shift in behavior. So, once an individual is good enough to change paradigms, they have inner strength for any situation in life. This even includes the chemistry in the body and DNA.

placebo effect

Following this, words and attitudes have tremendous power.

Besides giving good energy and feeling, they liberate substances which are beneficial for pain recovery and health. As an illustration of this, take as examples feelings of gratitude, unconditional love, empathy, generosity and positivity. These emotions generate feel-good hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin.

Conversely, feelings of anxiety, fear, worry, stress, harm avoidance, sensitivity and depression play a fundamental role in nocebo effect. The same way, personality traits, such as pessimism and negativity, exert a bad influence over people. In effect, the result of all these harmful feelings is the increase in pain or delay in recovery.

Give Me More Details About Placebo Effect!

According to medical researches placebo effect is the belief in a treatment and its successful therapeutic results. In other words, the mind affects the body physiology and can even heal it. And when submitted to a treatment, patients don’t realize if their treatment is real or not. For this reason, they unconsciously generate a positive response, even for a fake treatment. Therefore, it’s possible to conclude how effective mind is.

What’s The Real Purpose Of Placebos?

Considered the object of study for scientists, placebos help them understand the physiological and psychological effects of new medications. So, “placebo” is an inert substance whose purpose is to work like a real treatment. It can be a sugar pill, consumable liquid or solution and injection.

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Carrying Out Medical Research Directly On Patients

The Medical Research is done in two groups suffering sfrom the same disease. Thus, patients of both of them are subjected to a specific treatment. In this case, there is a real treatment for one group and a fake treatment for another. During the treatment, there is a careful observation of the patients’ reactions and registration for analysis, but the individuals concerned have no idea of the research.

It’s important to highlight that the aforementioned medical research is a basic one. Actually, there are many more complex researches which are under way, involving more groups and different approaches. The specialists even use statistical analysis, demand participants to answer psychological questionnaires and draw comparisons. In short, scientists have been exploring all the possibilities aiming at better and precise results.

The Relation Between Meditation And The Placebo Effect

Studies have shown that meditation practice collaborates significantly with placebo effect. The ancient practice is the path towards mindfulness, as the individuals acquire the skill to not  let thoughts control their minds. In this crazy world, nowadays, people get constantly overthinking, so what happens is that their thoughts have total control over their feelings. Hence their internal condition becomes really weak and vulnerable.

Taking that into consideration, it can be said that meditation helps you empty your mind and become in perfect harmony with your true self.

Undoubtedly, such practice is for spiritual purposes, but once you reach equilibrium, you can balance other areas of your life, including the management of placebo effect.

Drawing an analogy, our brain is like a computer, full of files and programs. With this in mind, it needs update from time to time. So, by practicing a daily meditation we update our software, bringing us peace and alignment. This way, we receive an energy boost, which is key to go through the day and deal with all the adversities which come up.

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The Link Between Yoga And Placebo Effect

Yoga practice is another wonderful alternative to make the placebo effect possible. Not only does it do wonders in your physique but it also works towards the ideal functioning of your system. Besides that, it is one of the most complete exercises, because its different poses work separately in one specific area of your body.  Then, if you feel a back pain, headaches or ailments, for instance, yoga may be the solution. But don’t worry, there are yoga poses for everyone, from basic to advanced level. So, instead of taking pills or any other kind of medicine to alleviate a certain symptom, just do yoga for natural results.

Laughter, humor, Music And The Placebo Effect

It’s high time people knew the importance of laughter in their lives. Be it in the form of jokes, a comedy movie or even a laughter therapy, humor revitalizes our body. It diverts our attention from unpleasant things, reducing tension and giving us positive expectations for life. Along with that, it produces endorphins, a substance which gives you a feeling of wellness. These chemicals are natural painkillers.

placebo effect

Concerning music, it is a fun way to bring happiness and harmony to people. The sound beats give you a pleasant feeling which improves the frequency of your body. Therefore, for depression, sadness or even diseases, music is a great choice for dealing with pain.