Different Faces Of Life

Different faces of life are not hard to see in my app driver experience. What I can say, firmly, is that people coming and going and telling me their own life history makes me dive deep into my own. And even those who don’t tell me anything, the expressions on their faces spark my curiosity. Be it customers or just passers-by, life has opened itself to me in a different way. This means that observing life in its different variations has given a special taste to my soul. For this reason, changing from one place to another every single day goes far beyond making money. Based on that consideration, this article reveals my personal view towards spiritual beings in this human experience.   

Different Faces Of Life Are The Universe’s Plans For All Of us

Right now, I’m dealing with a new phase in my life. And the beauty of it is that the Universe has allowed me this activity to rediscover myself through other individuals. So, I strongly believe that working as an app driver is the Universe’s purpose to set me free.

Before deciding to hold this activity, I held so tightly on to my comfort zone that I judged myself capable of only performing tasks that suit me. Unfortunately, this was rather negative as I restricted myself to a story I had created in my mind. To put it another way, my narrow-mindedness prevented me from expanding my knowledge and take risks. As a result, I couldn’t successfully make a change in my life. What I mean is that sometimes a radical action makes necessary if you want to evolve mentally, spiritually and emotionally. In exploring areas which are out of your field you become more empathic. To be honest, it gives you life panoramic viewpoint.  

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With a new energy entering my life, I understand that this was necessary.

If it wasn’t for my decision, stagnation would be repressing me from seeing new things and meeting new people. At the end of the day, life is about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. In my case, it awakens me even more to my truth. This blessing in disguise clarifies so many things regarding my energetic balance.

Although I have to handle the daily stress, I use love to survive in this matrix. And I feel that positive words and a little bit of wisdom back me up a great deal. Not only do they guide me back to realignment, but also make me feel responsible to disseminate them with those who are open to listen.

With duality floating around, life makes me appreciative of the challenges. In this process, I make connections with different faces of life, the incredible souls. With eyes wide open to reality, I bond my life with their experiences, which plugs me into the oneness of the Universe. In short, life imperfections reveal that there is a constructive purpose behind. No wonder that people cross one another’s paths – that’s synchronicity!

My Working Experience Will Never Move Me Away From Living My Passion

Besides all that, I must say that this activity hasn’t diverted me away from my passions. Deep down inside, my inner child always tells me to keep on doing the things I love. Rather than seeing my busy schedule as a drawback, I just take some time out to perform things that elevate my spirit. I’m very fond of reading, writing and dancing, so there are no excuses. They are on the top of my agenda, come what may. Sometimes, it requires me some effort, but it’s worth it. These passions fill my cup and provide me with fresh inspiration.

Now I’m pretty sure that meditation and yoga have done a great work in my journey. These practices have given me strength to explore my inner talents by eliminating fears in my mind. For real, now I can go the extra mile under any circumstances. No more do I impose limits on myself, as they blur my vision on how to manifest my reality. From my perspective, living in a world of infinite possibilities gives me chance to make different choices.

The Spiritual World Spins Around Different Faces Of Life

Returning to the matter in hand, I can say that my spiritual growth depends heavily on interacting with people’s situations. The undeniable truth is that when they share how they feel, it brings me to the gaps I didn’t know. Through reflection I can work on my unresolved issues. In spite of not being perfect, I can recognize better the duality in my world by merging theory and the reality around.

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One interesting fact I can relate in this current experience was on the traffic light.

Completely immersed in my world, I was watching a juggler performing with five knives. His endeavor and persistence were Oscar-worthy. Despite not getting any money at all, his dedication demonstrated how warrior he was. Another fact I can remember is a lady who got out of her car, opened the boot and took a basic food package to donate it to one of those street sellers.

There are so many facts for me to relate, but one that struck me the most was about a visually impaired man. He told me that, initially, it wasn’t easy for him but he had to adjust to this situation. Losing his sight made him acquire some skills such as sensitivity, intuition and the capacity to identify someone’s character according to their tones of voice. Not only that, he said that he didn’t stop fighting jiu jitsu and that it strengthened his ability to touch and feel the presence of someone. The conversation just proved to me how powerful our brain is to create new connections.

Different Faces Of Life Have Encoded Messages Telling You To Take Action

Suddenly, it dawned on me that each person’s role has the Universe’s specific meaning to teach me a lesson. There’s no denying the fact that at most times these signs pass unnoticed. The materialistic world desensitizes us and blinds us from the beauty of life. And what I have learned is that all these facts are not by chance. Actually, they are a small part of me that the Universe presents so as to remind me of my inner potential qualities.

Having said that, here goes my message for you: don’t take your life for granted, because it is a huge mistake.

Your fellow beings are everywhere, each one with their own struggles. They represent something you lack. If you look closely, you will discover that the Universe wants to extract something useful from you. It might be a smile, humility, generosity, respect, creativity, empathy, attention, patience or even love.

In developing a sense of selflessness you take yourself to a level where material and spiritual lives coexist. Once you open space for these noble feelings, your life won’t ever be the same. So, the material abundance which circulates through your life won’t be able to suffocate you. By extension, the Universe will repay you for all gratefulness and abundance in your behavior.

Shyness Reasons Review

Shyness Analyzed From Scientific Facts

If you keep on having this burning question in your mind “Is shyness genetic?”, then you need to read every word of this article. On this page I’ll clarify to you the REAL cause of it and how you can deal with it in order to overcome it.


The straightforward answer to this question is that shyness isn’t genetic. In this sense, it’s unfair to say that it is something you cannot change. In a deep analysis, it is not a part of your DNA, therefore you’ve got total control over it. So, it’s completely different from characteristics like your hair color or eye color. These ones are physical traits you will live with for the rest of your life.

Strange as it seems, shyness may have been CAUSED by your genetics. Some of your genes may have made it more likely that you would eventually become shy as a young child or as you grew up.

For this reason, shyness is not a part of your genes, but your genes may have had something to do with causing it. It’s a subtle distinction, but an important one.

There Is No Single Cause For Shyness

It is really tough to explain a single cause for it, as its origin can be related to many things.

In a general view, we can say that shyness may be caused by a variety of factors that work together. These include your genetics, your experiences in childhood, the culture you grew up in, and many more.


Also, it is crucial for you to realize that shyness is not a disease which is physically inside of you. Although it may have been caused by your genetics, an intense work can be done towards your mind and inner self.

Comparing Shyness and Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

There are a lot of characteristics which describe shyness and social anxiety. And just by observing a shy person it’s not hard to notice if their behavior may be abnormal or not.


Shyness and social anxiety disorder share many characteristics. If you have spent your whole life feeling as though you are just a shy person, how do you know if it is something more serious? As a parent of a shy child, you might also wonder if the behavior is normal or may be signs of a disorder.

What Does Social Anxiety Cause?

As known by everyone, childhood is the time for social skills development. However, children with SAD don’t have adequate social behaviors. Their social fears prevent them from interaction with other children, resuting in a secluded life. As a consequence, they become frustrated adolescents or adults.


Unfortunately, social anxiety causes a stir in a person’s life. Hence, relationships, career development, financial independence and education suffer a lot from it. Besides isolation, people with SAD are also inclined to depression or drug abuse.

Studies clearly show that the treatment for this disorder is successful. It´s a sad fact, though, that people take too long to look for help.

Main Symptoms Which Differentiate Social Anxiety From Shyness

As a whole, there are three main symptoms which recognize shyness from Social Anxiety as follows:

  • the amount of the fear
  • the degree of avoidance
  • the impairment of functioning that it strongly affects the person’s behavior

What generally happens is that people with social anxiety disorder don’t feel strong anxiety when giving a speech. In reality, they have this strong feeling beforehand. And it lasts for weeks or months. So, the usual symptoms are loss of sleep, sweating, shaking, shortness of breath and fast heart beat.

What’s more, as the situation progresses, the symptoms tend to get even worse. And what’s interesting is that the person with SAD is aware of the feelings, but is completely taken over by them.

Do Not Consider Shyness As A Personality Trait

People usually state that being shy is part of who you are. And there is no denying the fact that there were some moments in your life in which people would stare at you and assume that you were shy. As a result, this influenced your way of thinking, leading you to consider this manner as a personality trait, like being jolly or smart.


But diving deep into this topic, we can admit that in certain kinds of situations we are less shy than in others. For sure, this is intrinsically linked to the people we know, like our close friends and family members.

If you examine your behaviour closely, you’ll find that your shyness is not fixed. You may be super outgoing around one or two people. On the other hand, around other people you don’t know well it may be impossible to think of anything to say.

So what does “shyness” actually mean?

This way, according to these experiences, we can conceptualize it as a reaction that happens in certain situations.

It´s absolutely true that this demeanour is something you feel, sometimes. Because of this, it’s not static. So, stop turning it into a fixed identity and telling yourself “I am shy. This is who I am.”


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Being timid Is Just A Behavior, You Can Change It!

After all this, you can ultimately realize the truth.

This feeling of nervousness and embarrassment is a behaviour you learned. And without doubt, you can learn techniques which help you control fear, anxiety and even shyness. This means that anything that is learned can also be unlearned. Thus, all you have to do is bear in mind that acting shyly is situational and entirely controllable.

Who am I to tell you this? My name is Sean Cooper and I overcame my own shyness. Now I teach people all around the world how to do the same.

I put together an e-book called “The Shyness and Social Anxiety System,” which is available for immediate download. In it, I reveal all my best secrets for “unlearning” your shyness. You’ll never think it’s genetic or a part of you again once you start seeing your new, outgoing personality emerging. Find out more here.