Easy Online Tarot Reading Review

Easy online tarot reading is a practical way of receiving messages which can be useful for your life. For those who don´t know Tarot is all about your intuition. It’s the inner voice of your higher self. Furthermore, Tarot cards can help you hear your inner voice and embrace its message. Having Tarot card meanings and interpretations at your fingertips, you can understand what your inner voice is telling YOU! Learn about the best cards for: love, money, healing, and reconciliation.

Easy Online Tarot Reading – Instant answers

We call these instant tarot readings because it only takes a few clicks to get an immediate answer to your burning questions: “Where is my relationship going?”, “Why is my family member behaving like this?”, “Why am I feeling anxious today?” and many more. When you take one of our readings you get the wisdom and insight of an experienced Tarot reader, thoughtfully leading you through each card in turn, with an explanation of its meaning and how it applies in your personal situation.

Easy Online Tarot Reading – Powerful insights

Instant Tarot Readings work by applying the ancient wisdom of Tarot to the everyday problems of modern life. We believe the universe wants to support and guide us and that the Tarot is uniquely blessed with the ability to unlock this guidance. The power of synchronicity insures you always get the cards that are right for you, providing reliable and accurate results every time.

“What’s happened for my partner in the past that is affecting their behavior now?”

This card suggests your partner may have been the victim of an unjust situation in the past. It could be that they did not receive recompense for a wrong that was committed against them. However, it may be your partner who is being held to account for something they have done. The slate needs to be set clean before they can move on without guilt or recrimination. This can sometimes be hard to do – if for instance they or the other person finds it hard to apologize. However, the rewards far outweigh any temporary discomfort or bruised egos!

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“What am I doing in this relationship that I should be aware of?”

The Four of Wands in this position suggests you may be allowing your excitement to take over at this time. You may therefore be drowning out the more cautionary voices inside you, which are warning you to take things a bit slower, or asking you to question whether you are on the right track. As a result you may be feeling a little out of balance in different aspects of your life, and thus will need to restore harmony between your inner child and adult voices.

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“How should I approach my love life this week?”

This card suggests you are facing tough but important lessons at this time. You may be feeling life is too difficult and that you can’t cope with the challenges in front of you. However, these challenges could be life’s way of asking you to believe in yourself and your inner power. Any feelings you have that life is too difficult can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if you do not adopt a new and healthier perspective. Thus you may actually invite one sword after another to stab you in the back, each one making you more and more weak! You need to ask yourself what the payoff is in perpetuating this pain and realize that you have the power to change it.

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“How will it be if I choose job A?”

The appearance of this card signals that you will find yourself experiencing an important transformation if you take this job. A new chapter is about to open for you, which will be down to your endurance, hard work and love. The Judgment card reminds us to recognize these times and celebrate them when they come.

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These are just some examples, as Tarot reading is much more complex. If this topic is interesting for you, you can check all the information on the website.

Easy Online Tarot Reading – About Easy-Tarot.net

Easy-tarot.net has been running since November 2009. Elissa’s husband, a professional programmer, handles the technical aspects of the site, whilst Elissa provides the readings. The site aims to be accessible to its users, easy to use and to ‘speak’ directly to you. We also trust that it is relevant and useful for your life.

Users have previously been offered free monthly readings by email and unlimited readings by subscription. These services are still available, but in addition – due to popular demand – I am now also offering personal readings by email. Click here for more details.

The site has recently been upgraded to include many more spreads. There are now over 150 different readings you can access automatically if you become an Instant Tarot Readings subscriber. Sign up now and gain access to all these readings. These readings will help you with many issues in your daily life; as well as relationship, work, money, family, friends and personal issues. Click here to try out a free reading, and see if this is something you might benefit from.

You can still receive free monthly Tarot readings on the website.

Easy Online Tarot Reading – About me

Welcome to easy-tarot.net!  My name is Elissa and I’ve been giving tarot readings for twelve years. My goal is to bring peace, understanding and enlightenment to your life through the tarot. I interpret the cards in a simple, easy to understand way, so the readings speak directly to you and move you forward in your life. I have helped many people work through many difficulties in their lives, providing insights and answers to their everyday questions, and I hope I can help you too!

Don´t waste your time! You´ll enjoy it!

Numerology Reading Review


Numerology reading plays a fundamental role in guiding people through their lives. From customized profiles, you will take right decisions for your live without hesitation. What’s more, you’ll have access to your inner skills with self-acceptance and self-understanding. We all know that In times of desperation and lack of self-control, numerology guiding and wisdom use are key ingredients to achieve your goals. So, this is what numerologist.com does for you.


There is more than 60 pages of personalized wisdom all about YOU. No wonder that today this is more accurate in decoding your unique numerology cart than our flagship Deluxe Numerology Report.

This powerful self-discovery tool makes use of your full name and date of birth. These two sources are enough to reveal your true nature, undetected talents, secret strengths and more. Plus, when you order now, you’ll get 12 special bonuses designed to help you understand the hidden patterns, energies and personalities around you. So, click the button below to get your free personalized reading of your Life Path, Expression and Soul Urge Number. After your free readings you’ll have the chance to get instant access to your complete Deluxe Numerology Report and bonuses.


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In varying ways, we are all searching for answers. But we need more answers to life than religion, politics, or science have so far delivered.

In order to do that, we need guidance, not promises; examples, not theories. That’s what your full Chinese numerology report delivers. In essence, it will help you understand your inner self.  This means that by understanding who you are, where you have come from, your purpose in choosing this life, you´ll become superpowerful. Therefore, you´ll find directions to lead your life.

As a result, with information on your personal year, compatibility ratings, life path number, and more, your full Chinese numerology report will convey a complete picture of you. And it will help you relate better to other people, become more emotionally and financially secure, maintain good health, and live a thoroughly loving life.

But don’t take our word for it. Click below and get a free personalized reading to see for yourself.

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Did you know that your telephone number, home address, even the number of a hotel room you stay in affect your life for better or worse? Numbers affect everything in your life, especially the numbers closest to you. And the digits in your phone number have a connection to your everyday identity and life. They are a gateway of communication between you and the people you love and work with.

You’ll discover specifically how your phone number is influencing your career, since it can really make or break you. For example, we recently knew a travel agent who couldn’t get her business to work. She did everything she could and she couldn’t figure out what was going wrong. After she followed what she learned in this report, she decided to change her phone number. Guess what? Her travel business instantly turned around! Don’t overlook the power of numbers in your life!

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This technique was discovered by ‘Lo Shu’ numerologists in China. It reveals shockingly accurate details about your personality in just 10 seconds! But be cautious about using this technique on others! It provides very personal information by simply knowing someone’s birth date! However, it can be very useful if you need to evaluate someone you don’t know. For this reason, many employers are now using it to evaluate job applicants! This report will reveal an abundance of information about you. And this ranges from how you communicate to how perceptive or intuitive you are. You’ll also learn about your emotional state, your relationship with your family, whether you’re cooperative or diplomatic, and other secrets to your intellect and memory.

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Discover how to use your personal omega matrix in a simple four-step system to turn your dreams into a reality. The omega matrix is a way for you to put the true manifestation into motion. With this report you’ll learn how to use intention for increasing your income, improving your health, or energizing your relationships.

Note: do not start reading this report from the first page! At first, what you should immediately do is turn to the last page. There is something ‘strange’ included on this page! What is this odd thing? You have to see it for yourself. But, It’s one of the most fascinating things you will ever see.

This website is awesome and this is just a small content. As soon as you access the website you´ll get amazed by its vast content. But before accessing it, you can check information on reviews, get your free numerology reading, see other topics related to numerology such as aura, dreams, tarot, subconscious mind, future predictions with a pendulum and how to read your palm in 60 seconds.

Interesting, isn´t it? Check the website for yourself!


Have Tarot Cards Read Online

Tarot Cards Read Online – What does “Tarot” mean?

Tarot cards read online is for your own comfort. If you have no idea about Tarot, here goes the explanation. It is a means of divination – that is, the art of ‘reading’ the future or uncovering the unknown. So, it consists of a set of playing cards which are dealt into a particular lay-out according to your question. When dealing the cards you should focus on a particular problem you may be experiencing or think about an aspect of your life about which you’d like more clarity.

Traditionally a ‘tarot-reader’- either professional or amateur – interprets the tarot.

More recently,  tarot readers have used computers more often to give readings online or on CD ROMs. One of the services this site offers, for instance, is online readings and their interpretations. Nevertheless, there is a common theory that only readings with a professional tarot reader can give you an accurate interpretation of your situation. Whilst we believe that having a professional reader interpret your readings is very valuable (particularly in very specific situations where general readings can’t give you the full picture), we also believe that tarot cards read online are a very useful tool for providing guidance in everyday life and everyday problems that all people experience at one time or another. In essence, both online, automated readings and personal readings have a place in people’s lives.

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Tarot Cards Read Online – The Benefits of Tarot Cards Reading

Many people are skeptical or fearful of the ‘fortune-telling‘ aspect of tarot and do not want to take part in its use. The question though is that  there is evidence in the history of tarot to suggest that people use it as much for reading the unconscious and understanding aspects of our psyches as it has for fortune-telling purposes. In fact, the first account of its divinatory use was over 350 years after the tarot’s inception. Hence, we believe that, providing that you approach this site with good intentions and with no aim to harm anyone, you will get support to apply its wisdom to improve your life.

The 3 card tarot spread is a quick and simple way to get insight into the past, present and future. And it can be said that there are many variations on this spread, including the past life tarot spread, but this is one of the most common and useful (in my opinion!) spreads. It should be noted that this spread also works great with oracle cards if you prefer using those.

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Have Tarot Cards Read Online – Past, Present and Future Connection

1. Past

  • Energies and events that are in the past yet still affect you
  • How your past either holds you back (blocks) or helps you move forward (growth)
  • What you need to take from the past and use to your advantage today

2. Present

  • Description of the way is going on for you right now
  • Your present moment and its energy
  • Opportunities and challenges that are currently available to you

3. Future

  • Outcome of situation
  • The direction that things seem to be moving in
  • Details of your desires and what you want

Look closer at each card and ask yourself what it represents:

Some possibilities are…..

  • A person in your life
  • the kind of situation you are in
  • Your emotions / feelings
  •  The thoughts that you have
  • You and the way you are approaching things
  • Seeing things in a new way
  • A possible solution

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Have Tarot Cards Read Online with Elissa

Hi and welcome to the site! My name is Elissa and I’m a wife, mother, writer and tarot reader. I’ve been giving readings since 2001 and have helped many people in their lives with relationship, work, money, family, friends, health and spiritual issues. Tarot became my passion after receiving some very powerful readings myself, which helped me immensely along my spiritual path. I never thought of myself as being particularly psychic but somehow found I was able to give accurate readings myself. As you can see a combination of intuition, an ability to understand the issues we face in our lives and a talent for interpreting the Tarot’s messages were very important tools in giving readings which spoke to people.

I believe that  we can find much psychic understanding and wisdom in the cards themselves. Therefore I feel my role is to work with the cards and ask them to help me provide as much support for the recipient as possible.

Tarot Cards Read Online – What you need to know

* I value your privacy – all readings are confidential and not discussed with anyone.

* You will receive confirmation of your request within 24 hours.

* Questions relating to specific legal, financial or health matters cannot be answered as I do not have formal qualifications in these fields. However, if I feel from a reading that you could benefit from seeking further professional help elsewhere, I will advise you of this in my report.

* I only undertake readings for clients under the age of 18 with parental consent.

* If I feel you need to rephrase your question, I will consult with you first.

Once there is no possibility to help you with your concern or we cannot agree on the type of spread to use, I will inform you and refund your payment in full.

* All my readings are carried out by myself and are not computer-generated.

* It´s my mission to answer your questions, which may arise from a reading, as well as provide any necessary clarification.

* Courtesy and respect with clients are the focus of my work. Similarly, any readings which involve third parties, such as clients’ family, friends or acquaintances I approach with caution and respect for the person concerned. Because of that, I also demand this behavior of you. 

* There is guidance and insight in your Tarot reading. However, you have the free will to choose whether you will follow this guidance or not. You are therefore responsible for your actions following your Tarot reading.

* Any feedback from clients is important to me and I will gratefully receive it.

Click here to access all the content on the official website.

Tarot Cards Read Online – How to order

1. Click on the payment button of your choice of spread.

2. Fill in the short online form.

3. Press ‘Submit and pay’ button which will take you to Paypal’s secure site. There you can follow the instructions to pay by Paypal or credit card.

Important: Please read my Terms & Conditions before you order a reading. By requesting a reading I am assuming you have read and accepted these Terms & Conditions.

Thank you.

Free Numerology Analysis Review

Free Numerology Analysis – What’s in a Number?

A simple free numerology analysis can be good enough to place you in the right path. At Numerologist we understand that numerology has its numbers, patterns and purpose. What´s more, they are more than simply place-holders for quantities. As the ancient Masters of Hidden Knowledge knew, numbers can actually guide you to greater self-Knowledge . And the greatest way they do that is by revealing hidden patterns and empowering you to make sustainable, positive choices for your life.

During these times of rapid change, it is more important than ever for you to have the “Inner Skills”. They, in actuality, are the compass which guide you on the decisions you take. These skills rely heavily on self-understanding and self-acceptance. It´s only by exploring them that you can awaken the most potent faculties of mind, intuition and compassion. So, it´s no wonder that these faculties are the greatest gifts that humanity possesses.

When you are empowered to trust and be in-synch with your own Sacred Nature, you become more balanced. Hence, what happens is that you reach the best decisions for your SELF, your family, community and ultimately, our World. By developing insight, self-understanding and wisdom, you will find it much easier to solve the problems that challenge you.

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The Importance of Numerology in Our Lives

It´s of paramount importance to highlight the role numbers have in our lives. Though it seems strange, numbers have great power over us. In addition, they represent our connection with the Universe. Just take as an example your date of birth and your full name. They are strongly influenced by numbers .  But don´t think that the analysis is only based on that. In fact, it´s much more complex than you can imagine.

Getting a little more into detail, each number has its own meaning in the Universe. And their combination has a special message which is unique for each individual. Besides that, the letters can be converted into numbers. So, the result is not automatic. There must always be someone with sensitivity and great intuition to do the reading. For those who are sceptics, the Universe communicates with us through imagery, in order words, through numbers, letters and images.

If you want to have further details on this topic, go straight to the official website.

Free Numerology Analysis – Supporting Your Journey Into Greater Self-Knowledge

Here at Numerologist, our aim is to support you in your journey to deeper wisdom and greater self-knowledge. Why? Because we know how much better life is when you live in tune with your True Nature.

And … we understand just how important it is to have more conscious folks on our planet right now!

We offer an array of high-quality education for you to enhance your numerological wisdom and deepen your self-understanding. Thorough reports, free online training programs (see our Resources page here), videos, podcasts, a monthly eMagazine, regular blog posts, informative articles, innovative technology and soon to come, live online and offline events, all give you the broadest possible selection of learning methods to choose from.

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Numerology Explains Why We Do What We Do

Numerologist is your Number 1 online resource for numerology education. And our mission here is to help you make the most of your life and future. Therefore we provide you with high-quality numerology wisdom and insight.

Knowledge brings you power and determination, this way aligning with your desires and frequencies. represented by your unique number patterns, Numerologist serves to open doors that would otherwise remain closed. Furthermore, it adds value to your life, the lives of those you keep in touch with and to the world.

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Free Numerology Analysis – We’ve Got Your Back

Dedicated, passionate, a little silly, and absolutely committed to you. That’s the Numerologist team in a nutshell. We’re a small team of numerologists, teachers, writers and tech wizards. And together we bring you the most accurate, powerful, and profound reports and products available in the world.

We love what we do, and we couldn’t be happier without it. So, that´s the reason why we decided to be a part of the light in this world.

Click here and be redirected straight to the official website. There you can find all the information and testimonials you need to get your personalized numerology report.


It´s about time you started seeing your life from a different outlook. Mark my words “Life is not something happening to you, it´s something reacting to you”. And numbers are the linking between us and the spiritual world. They always want to tell us something. The biggest problem, though, is that we are so distracted by this rat race that we don´t even notice. As a result, many things happen in our lives and we are not aware of them. For this reason, the main goal of numerologist is to show what best aligns to your purpose.

Instead of feeling desperate and hopeless, give yourself a new way of understanding life. We turn out making a lot of mistakes when we don´t know what we came here to do. As soon as you feel in harmony with yourself, you will feel much more secure. Moreover, it will attract the peace of mind you need which is the key for all your achievements.

If you want to have further details on this topic, go straight to the official website.