The ego shatters the man's ability of using his mind through its traps

Traps Of The Ego Mind

Traps of the ego is a topic you must pay close attention to. Even dedicating yourself to self-healing, one time or another the ego will take place. For those unfamiliar with the term “self-healing”, it is a process focused on recovering from traumas, negative feelings, distorted perceptions or any disturbance which can cause blockages in …

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The law of balance has its scales working even at sea

Law Of Balance

Law of balance is one of the most powerful laws in nature. Not only does it apply to science but it also applies to life in general. So, it’s no coincidence that quantum physicists use it to understand the material world. This theory explains why certain unexpected phenomena occur. And you’d better believe, science has …

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father alt

What My Father Means To Me

What my father means to me words cannot express. Even though his physical presence is not here anymore, his energy is here to stay. His strong personality along with a go-getter behavior was a practical example of a man who could achieve anything in life through the power of his mind. He was of the …

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Find Your Calling in Life

Find Your Calling in Life – The Mayan Calendar Secrets Ancient Mayan Calendar Secrets is the key to find your calling in life. Actually it reveals the code you received at Birth. How Smart People Are Finally “Finding Their True Calling and Getting Paid To Do It!” Discover Your True Abilities Using This Secret Ancient …

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