Technology And Spirituality

Technology and spirituality interconnect the entire world. And although people think there is no linking between them, it’s quite the contrary. Technology has its origin in the human brain which is closely tied to the spiritual realm. As well as that, this incredible human tool makes use of a binary system. To put it differently, the human mind works with zeros and ones. So, all thoughts, calculations, reasoning, memory and imagery depend on this system. Interesting as it seems, computers use the same code. For this reason, it’s no surprise that the computer was created having as basis the human brain.

technology and spirituality

Technology And Spirituality – Our Brain Controls Our Body, Technology Controls The World

Have you ever thought that this real time global network is similar to our brain? With a simple analogy, just imagine that our brain has connections with the spinal cord and other parts of our body. It even controls our breathing and our internal condition. In addition, all the processes  inside the brain deal with frequency. However, it must be in perfect condition to work properly. Now, compare it with the world. Different countries from different cultures relate to one another. All of them in search of a common approach which suits them. And for the peace and harmony of the world to be established, there must be understanding, negotiation and respect. Regarding the advent of the Internet and technology, it came as an alternative way of interacting everyone.

Then, politics, science, culture, economics, education, nature, farming, industry, spirituality and people are all intertwined.

This way, individuals from different locations make deals, arrangements, video conferences, start friendships, organize protests and so on. Furthermore, it is easy to notice that people have unconsciously changed their notion of time and space no matter where they are from. Therefore, if there is destabilization in one place in a certain topic of interest, the whole world becomes imbalanced. Technology plays a fundamental role in connecting these dots and rearranging situations previously uncontrolled. This can be in the form of machines, robots, artificial intelligence, drones and even microchips. In spite of that, technology may serve as a control tool and manipulation, answering powerful people’s expectations and needs.

technology and spirituality

Technology And Spirituality – Technology Originates From The spiritual World

To start with, notice that the word “technology” alludes to the terms “take knowledge”. And as mentioned before, both of the brain and the computer work with frequencies. So is the spiritual world. Proof of that is the scientists’ research towards the frequency that spirits emit, which corresponds to a band in the vicinity of 430-770 THZ. Even though it is rather low, it does exist.

It is worth reminding that great scientists like Nicholas Tesla, Albert Einsten and Max Planck had a deep connection with the Universe.

Their great ideas didn’t come out of nowhere. So, their higher states of consciousness allowed them to develop their latent inner potentials. All this achievement is through regular practice of meditation. Once you do it, you become more aligned with your true self and your innate talents. Thus, you establish a connection with the Cosmos, activating your chakras. This leads you to your own purpose and self discovery. As a result, you become creative and limitless, exploring different possibilities.

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Analyzing the top notch technology which exists today, there is no denying the fact that it came from a higher source.

Hence, human inspiration comes from the divine intelligence in the spiritual realm. Following this reasoning, aligned individuals get downloads from the Cosmos as insights. Consequently, they create and improve technology on planet Earth. It remains to be seen whether the use of technology is for the real betterment of humanity or just for power and control.   To sum up, the spiritual and scientific worlds are intricately woven, but they require man’s wisdom for uplifting the world.

technology and spirituality

Technology And Spirituality – Virtualization And Its Negative Effect On Spiritual Connection

Today, information has been a key element leading to productivity. Considering that binary systems have taken place of matter, this has revolutionized the way people live. So, human beings have developed an intimate relation with technology and machines, which in turn have become their extension. Then, unconsciously, man becomes slave of technology and a cyborg at the same time.

Unarguably, the virtualization of information has been of great benefit to humanity. However, it is detrimental when it comes to spiritual evolution. The virtual world blinds man’s perception towards the spiritual side of things. Owing to this, technology manipulates and distorts man’s opinions. All these mechanized systems desensitize man’s behavior.

technology and spirituality

Technology And Spirituality – Wisdom

Technology represents access to a great deal of information and advance. On the other hand, this digital revolution has moved man away from collective consciousness. From a psychological perspective, it can be said that each individual ibrnterprets the use of technology in a certain way. Accordingly, different points of view come with their specific approach. To exemplify that, let’s say that each person has their own religious creed or philosophy of life. Believe it or not, people’s choices are the reflection of their beliefs which results in their level of consciousness. Also, it dictates their level of spiritual perception.

Given these points, there’s no doubt that the level of consciousness transcends psychological analysis. It goes deeper into a spiritual view of life. Indeed, it is an open space for understanding, discernment and clarity. These characteristics form the basis for wisdom in human beings. With a solid structure, man acquires the ability to introduce wisdom into the collective consciousness. In doing so, man fights for the common good, always striking a balance between mundane things and love connection.

Overall, despite the adverse effect of technology, man can also use it as a means to promote positive message and awakening. As it turns out, technology gives man the possibility to research, understand, find out the truth and draw conclusions.

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Game News Review

Game news is really invigorating for gamers. They are like a breath of fresh air which always comes with something new. This kind of information shows how enjoyable playing games is. Also, it is a symbol representing technological advance.

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game news

Game news reveals that professionals have an ace up their sleeves

Games design and development professionals endeavor to impress their public. With this objective, they present strategy games series, announce modern consoles and tips for games, create alternative ways to save games among other options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many coins will I make per day?

Our Members have reported making around 50,000 coins per day totally on Autopilot with a single instance of the program. If you run multiple instances of the Ultimate Trading Robot you should be able to make up to 50,000 coins per day on each one.

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Yes, the Ultimate Robot is 100% Mac Compatible, with no extra installations needed.

What is the Difference between Ultimate Trading Robot and Autobuyers?

With all Autobuyers, the amount of money you make depends on how well you know how to trade, because you have to input the items to trade, the prices, and so on. With the Ultimate Trading Robot is entirely different. The program comes pre-packaged and ready to make you coins. You just click Start and that’s it.

Why should I use this Ultimate Trading over an Autobuyer?

The Robot is exactly for people who are not hardcore traders, and just want the easiest simplest program to make coins. We designed a program that’s so easy to use, the only thing you have to do is to click start and the program will make coins for you.

Do You Store My Login Data?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We have no access to your Login Data, and as we don’t store it, we require you to input it every time you start the program, so the program can log in the Web application on your behalf.

How Safe is my Account?

It’s very, very unlikely your Account gets in trouble. There are security features pre-coded in the Ultimate Trading Robot to protect your account, but we do always recommend that you use a separate trading FUT account just to be safe.

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