The Art Of Acceptance

The art of acceptance is a lesson that the world is constantly putting us through. Chaos and disorder, though shocking and frightening, are the path for the equilibrium which humanity needs. Although it may seem the irony of life for many people, nature needs to reestablish itself when it lacks something. We are all part of nature, so there is no possibility whatsoever of us being excluded from this process.

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Our journey here on Earth is nothing short of enlightenment. Conflicts, obstacles, stress, sadness, diseases, wars, ecological disasters – these and many other negative examples occur aiming at awakening the art of acceptance and wisdom in us. Instead of trying to fight unfavourable life events, we had better embrace them as an opportunity to evolve. The downside of being humans is that our critical behavior sometimes prompts us to negative reaction and misjudgement. This innate sense of survival makes us controlled and stuck in a never-ending cycle of weeping and suffering. In doing this, we purely and simply move wisdom further away from us.

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Understanding Ourselves Through The Art Of Acceptance

Being the work of the Creator, our mission is to learn the art of acceptance. For that to happen, adopting a philosophical interpretation of life is necessary. Theoretical though it is, this perspective leads us to a deep understanding of certain circumstances. And the good thing about it is that we start seeing that life itself is not a heavy burden we must carry.

What makes it difficult is the different levels of consciousness along with their respective energy fields. Any problem on Earth springs from us, thinking beings. Taking this into account, it is wrong to say that attitudes and feelings are worlds apart. The same way, the interpretation we have of the facts surrounding us depends on the program inserted in our brains.

The fact of the matter is that our upbringing as well as friends, society and the reality around us exert their influences in our beliefs and actions. Despite being true, this is not absolute.

We can be influential in conditioning our reality according to the story we tell ourselves irrespective of the circumstances. This indicates that having a healthy self-perception only contributes to our wellness and balanced condition. For this reason, knowing how to deal with a harsh reality is a real game changer. By fostering constant willpower, determination, positivity, thankfulness and vision in the face of any situation we can move mountains. This is the momentum which our field of energy needs, giving us impulse to act accordingly and do whatever it takes to reach our goals. After all, we are what we believe we are.  

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The Art Of Acceptance Between Man And Nature

The relationship we have with ourselves comes from the universe we create from our mindset. It is exciting and fascinating in overcoming barriers and creating the desired reality. It can improve a great deal when we allow connection with nature in a peaceful way. In order to understand that, we must consider each one of us as a small universe having a strong link with nature, which makes it possible for the energy transaction to merge, creating the ideal condition for coexistence.

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In analyzing the interaction between man and nature, we conclude that it has its basis on the use of intelligence with focus on logic. It is awesome how this activity is constructive for the benefits of humankind. Ranging from virtual access to material items everything is right at our disposal. Then, there is no restrictions for consumption, making us spoiled for choice. Inevitably, production and supply increase at a rate higher and higher. What we see is obsessive-compulsive behavior when it comes to having our demands met.

Therefore, we haven’t established any rapport with nature yet. In other words, it’s all taking and no giving. Exploitation of resources, destruction, slaughter of animals, ecological imbalance. In leaving a harmonious relationship with nature behind, we prioritize a disrespectful way of life. Such behavior nurtures the matrix we live in. With no room for fair exchange, this whole integration falls into collapse and planet Earth doesn’t operate in unison with the entire Universe.  

Why Must Intelligence Act Together With Wisdom?

Man has allowed his interests to exceed his expectations. And so, his true nature has been lost. Intelligence when in partnership with selfishness is a huge distraction which destabilizes everything. Despite being necessary, intelligence is not complete if it doesn’t walk hand in hand with wisdom. If you look at nature, all you see is a perfect match.

Wisdom transcends knowledge, connecting itself to it in a positive way. This way, it promotes evolution along with peace and love. However, for having a mystical nature, it diverts itself from the mainstream ideas that society imposes on us. All the rules and models of behavior are spread everywhere. Social media and television send their messages, quietly dictating the way we think and behave. Going a little further, TV programs, movies, soap operas, social networking and Internet channels always emphasize catchphrases, fashion trends, consumerism, professions, courses and lifestyles for us to incorporate into our lives as well as the variety of cultures and the existent social groups, not to mention the latest and terrible news happening everywhere.

In spite of offering a wide selection of informative content which seems useful, this is something rather detrimental.

I’m not entirely against what these sources do, as we need at least a little bit of information to update ourselves in this three-dimensional world. The problem is that all of these daily words and phrases reduce our capacity of seeing and interpreting the world for ourselves. This is a typical case where our attention goes exclusively to one point.

In this context, our interest for the facts is the same as a headlight. It guides us, making us believe and feel that the decisions we take only follow a linear thinking. And just to remind you, we all know that a headlight doesn’t diffuse its light and may lead us into blind spots. So, the odds are, at any moment, we can stumble on something and lose our sense of achievement. Considering the world out there as a support for the reality we are living is nothing more than a figment of our imagination. Unfortunately, it decreases our expansive behavior, search for wisdom and freedom of creation.

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Our Inner Voices Must Be Heard

The homogeneity of the world stage creates patterns capable enough to program us at a subconscious level. As a result, manipulation takes control of every little thing we do. Not having our own ideas and authenticity makes us lost in the art of acceptance. Once we become aware of the adversities in the world and immerse ourselves into the truth of who we are, the light within us shines like the sun. In this stage, acceptance no more is a synonym of reluctance. This is due to the fact that we understand the interconnection between the different levels of consciousness. Humanity evolutionary process deserves to be free. Thus, we leave our surroundings open for positive energy and love to flow. Gradual change is key in helping others to find their way in spiritual ascension. 

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Only by adopting the art of acceptance can we reconnect to the power of creation and act with discernment. If we don’t relax ourselves, the busy and noisy activity will continually refresh us with facts by warning, advising and instilling fear into us, whereupon it will degenerate into our mental apathy and confusion. These feelings hinder our ability to listen to the inner voice, the gut feeling which knows what is best for us. Silence has much more to tell us than words themselves. When we are in peace, it comes naturally.

Today Is The Day

Today is the day! Remember that life is but a game. And in this virtual reality, we are all characters. So, let’s start facing the fact that there will always be defeat and obstacles to overcome as well as moments of glory to celebrate. This is life! And if we project ourselves into a video game, it won’t be different! We will clearly spot that the first thing we must do so as to move easily through it is protect ourselves by proceeding with caution and being open to challenges.

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Wake Up, Because Today Is The Day!

Oftentimes, in life we become oversensitive which leads to annoyance when running into hurdles. Then, if we don’t rise above them, their negative effect increases tenfold, threatening or even beating us. For this reason, being strong inside in any kind of situation is key. It dictates that the frame of mind feels victorious irrespective of the circumstances. The same thing happens as soon as we reach a specific phase in a video game. The level of difficulty escalates and so do the demanded skills and need for flexibility and bravery. In spite of that, have you ever noticed that after crossing the finish line we feel even stronger and with a sense of gratification? The game of life works exactly the same way.

In a game, we can control the character’s decision, learn from mistakes, retrace our steps, start over, develop new skills and act consciously.

Undoubtedly, playing a game makes us feel desperate and feel a bitter taste of failure when death seems to be about to strike us. On the other hand, it’s such a relief getting away from it and receiving awards. During this process, our dopamine levels go sky-high. In this phase of the game, deep down we know that the danger equals challenge, which shows a sign of opportunity to us.

That’s right! An opportunity presents itself to us, but this doesn’t mean a victory. On the contrary, it’s just a light at the end of the tunnel signaling to go for it. In this case, the best we can do is take action, as there is no success without focus and determination. However, if a defeat inevitably occurs, don’t take it seriously! Losing is not that bad. In reality, it’s just an indicator that dedication and improvement are necessary. We, as individuals, be it in life or in a game, are a work in progress.

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Today Is The Day, So There Is No Time To Lose!

If, for instance, you take a look at Dugi In-game guides or any other game you will see exactly that. They always have additional resources to offer. It can be the revelation of tips and secrets, guides to save the game and get better skills, options to play games and make money online among many other alternatives. Their intention is to come with something new. Video game designers have their minds constantly at full speed in search of providing gamers with pleasant experiences. With that in mind, their focus is on fine performances and ongoing improvement. This is also true for video game fanatics. They play games 24-7 and their practice is a research lab which helps them to reach mastery in their fields.

After all that analogy, it’s absolutely clear the similarity between game and life.

Both of them awaken the reflective thinking in us. This means that we can take a moment and think back to the things we did and the results we achieved. Although there is no turning back, we can learn the lessons and use them as a form of self-control and guide in other situations. In fact, this view is naive and simplistic. Despite seeming practical and efficient, this approach is just the tip of the iceberg.

Given the complexity of life and its hidden aspects, there is all the more reason for us to study it. This way, psychology, the principles of transurfing and the spiritual laws of the Universe make a perfect connection which discloses the facts behind human behavior. Words, actions, feelings and thought energy permeate everything we do. According to the famous Napoleon Hill’s words, author of the Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich, “we are the masters of our fate, we are the captains of our souls”.

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Today Is The Day To Throw Our Intentions Into The Universe

With that said, today is the day for us to strenghten the ties with the power of the Universe. Hence, verbalizing positive words and feelings externalizes this energy which matches with the energy of the Cosmos. So, we’d better believe in the resounding effect of energy in creating, changing, harmonizing and healing everything. As stated by the book “Ask and it is given”, we must talk to the Universe, take action and trust it will manifest things into our existence. Below is a good example of sentences which link you with the Universe:  

“Thank you, Universe, for all the blessings in my life! I feel abundantly rich, protected and inspired to lead my life. Also, I’m grateful for being healthy and full of cosmic energy to take decisions in life and follow my path. Life has been really good to me. Today is the day! I’m powerful beyond measure, opportunities are always coming my way, because you, the Universe, are constantly bringing people and situations with this purpose. Therefore, everything is aligning itself for my own benefit. I’m feeling more with determination, courage and action to build my life.

The incredible energy of the Universe resides in me and expands. In addition, the feeling of abundance is the gift I have in my existence. Because of this, my intuition, intelligence and creativity are the sources of income which the Universe provides me with. It’s no wonder I’m attracting more money and financial independence. I’m a magnet for success and prosperity in every way and every passing day I’m creating my own world, which gives me freedom and pleasure for life. I’m the master of my own reality and the living proof of blessings and prosperity manifested into the physical world.”

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Self esteem Development

Self esteem development is what anyone needs to achieve anything in life. This feeling of self-acceptance and satisfaction with your own abilities is the air you breathe. Indeed, it nurtures your mind and soul. And what is  interesting about it is that it only depends on you. Then, self-esteem development has everything to do with self-love. In a brief analysis, we can say that unconditional self-love demonstrates that the individual embraces their weak and strong points.

self-esteem development

Sometimes lack of maturity and knowledge contributes for low self esteem development

What is even worse is that human beings are programmed to absorb external influences since childhood. This indicates that men don’t know their true selves. This way, they have a tendency to lose their minds in confusing situations. To illustrate that imagine how our families, friends and society live today. If we are not vigilant enough, we become victims of widespread criticism. Consequently, for fear of reacting authentically many people lose self esteem.

Individuality is the word which walks hand in hand with self esteem. By comparison, individuality is like nutrients your body needs in order to grow. Hence, by sustaining individuality you are making your authenticity visible. As a result, you are free to bloom and prosper, as you are strong enough to handle any kind of situation with high self esteem. A plausible explanation for this is that once you overcome any self-limiting beliefs, there is nothing to fear. For this reason, you are ready to live your own life being yourself 100%.

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Below you can see some ads which talk about that.  So, the topics focus on how to deal with anxiety, self forgiveness, how to live your dream and self-management methods among others. With careful reading you can find what you are looking for and make an improvement in your life. Go for it!

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Easy Online Tarot Reading


Easy online tarot reading is a practical way of receiving messages which can be useful for your life. For those who don´t know Tarot is all about your intuition. It’s the inner voice of your higher self. Furthermore, Tarot cards can help you hear your inner voice and embrace its message. Having Tarot card meanings and interpretations at your fingertips, you can understand what your inner voice is telling YOU! Learn about the best cards for: love, money, healing, and reconciliation.

Easy Online Tarot Reading – Instant answers

We call these instant tarot readings because it only takes a few clicks to get an immediate answer to your burning questions: “Where is my relationship going?”, “Why is my family member behaving like this?”, “Why am I feeling anxious today?” and many more. When you take one of our readings you get the wisdom and insight of an experienced Tarot reader, thoughtfully leading you through each card in turn, with an explanation of its meaning and how it applies in your personal situation.

Easy Online Tarot Reading – Powerful insights

Instant Tarot Readings work by applying the ancient wisdom of Tarot to the everyday problems of modern life. We believe the universe wants to support and guide us and that the Tarot is uniquely blessed with the ability to unlock this guidance. The power of synchronicityinsures you always get the cards that are right for you, providing reliable and accurate results every time.

“What’s happened for my partner in the past that is affecting their behavior now?”

This card suggests your partner may have been the victim of an unjust situation in the past. It could be that they did not receive recompense for a wrong that was committed against them. However, it may be your partner who is being held to account for something they have done. The slate needs to be set clean before they can move on without guilt or recrimination. This can sometimes be hard to do – if for instance they or the other person finds it hard to apologize. However, the rewards far outweigh any temporary discomfort or bruised egos!

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“What am I doing in this relationship that I should be aware of?”

The Four of Wands in this position suggests you may be allowing your excitement to take over at this time. You may therefore be drowning out the more cautionary voices inside you, which are warning you to take things a bit slower, or asking you to question whether you are on the right track. As a result you may be feeling a little out of balance in different aspects of your life, and thus will need to restore harmony between your inner child and adult voices.

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“How should I approach my love life this week?”

This card suggests you are facing tough but important lessons at this time. You may be feeling life is too difficult and that you can’t cope with the challenges in front of you. However, these challenges could be life’s way of asking you to believe in yourself and your inner power. Any feelings you have that life is too difficult can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if you do not adopt a new and healthier perspective. Thus you may actually invite one sword after another to stab you in the back, each one making you more and more weak! You need to ask yourself what the payoff is in perpetuating this pain and realize that you have the power to change it.

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“How will it be if I choose job A?”

The appearance of this card signals that you will find yourself experiencing an important transformation if you take this job. A new chapter is about to open for you, which will be down to your endurance, hard work and love. The Judgment card reminds us to recognize these times and celebrate them when they come.

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These are just some examples, as Tarot reading is much more complex. If this topic is interesting for you, you can check all the information on the website.

Easy Online Tarot Reading – About has been running since November 2009. Elissa’s husband, a professional programmer, handles the technical aspects of the site, whilst Elissa provides the readings. The site aims to be accessible to its users, easy to use and to ‘speak’ directly to you. We also trust that it is relevant and useful for your life.

Users have previously been offered free monthly readings by email and unlimited readings by subscription. These services are still available, but in addition – due to popular demand – I am now also offering personal readings by email. Click here for more details.

The site has recently been upgraded to include many more spreads. There are now over 150 different readings you can access automatically if you become an Instant Tarot Readings subscriber. Sign up now and gain access to all these readings. These readings will help you with many issues in your daily life; as well as relationship, work, money, family, friends and personal issues. Click here to try out a free reading, and see if this is something you might benefit from.

You can still receive free monthly Tarot readings on the website.

Easy Online Tarot Reading – About me

Welcome to!  My name is Elissa and I’ve been giving tarot readings for twelve years. My goal is to bring peace, understanding and enlightenment to your life through the tarot. I interpret the cards in a simple, easy to understand way, so the readings speak directly to you and move you forward in your life. I have helped many people work through many difficulties in their lives, providing insights and answers to their everyday questions, and I hope I can help you too!

Don´t waste your time! You´ll enjoy it!

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Instant Tarot Readings


Instant Tarot Readings is something which serves as a compass to give you direction in your journey. At we provide a unique selection of readings you can receive immediately online. And we currently have over 150 spreads for you to choose from. So, there are five different categories: Love and relationships; Work and money; Friends and family; Everyday life; and Mind, Body and Spirit. Clearly, these readings guide you in many different areas of life. In addition, they include unusual spreads available nowhere else on the internet. Written and lovingly honed over the last ten years by Elissa, you will receive understanding and guidance for all areas of your life in an instant.

About the Tarot

Tarot is a means of divination – that is, the art of ‘reading’ the future or uncovering the unknown. Going into detail, the tarot consists of a set of playing cards which are dealt into a particular lay-out according to your question. So, when dealing the cards you should focus on any aspect of your life about which you’d like more clarity.

Traditionally a ‘tarot-reader’ – either professional or amateur- does their tarot interpretation. More recently, however, computers have helped a lot to give readings online or on CD ROMs etc. And one of the services this site offers, for instance, is online readings and their interpretations. Generally speaking, there is a common theory that only readings with a professional tarot reader are accurate. Whilst we believe that having a professional reader interpret your readings is very valuable (particularly in very specific situations where general readings can’t give you the full picture), we also believe that online readings are a very useful tool for providing guidance in everyday life and everyday problems that all people experience at one time or another. In essence, both online, automated readings and personal readings have a place in people’s lives.

Click here and access the whole content on the website.

About me

Welcome to!  My name is Elissa and I’ve been giving tarot readings for twelve years. My goal is to bring peace, understanding and enlightenment to your life through the tarot. With this in mind, I interpret the cards in a simple, easy to understand way. As a result, the readings speak directly to you and move you forward in your life. And precisely because of this I have helped many people work through many difficulties in their lives. In order to do this, I provide them with insights and answers to their everyday questions. I hope I can help you too!

Instant Tarot Readings Categories

1. Tarot: Everyday Life Reading

Easy-tarot provides twenty seven different tarot readings to help you with your everyday life. So, you can use these spreads regularly so as to attract more luck, overcome procrastination and get more done. Similarly, you can solve problems, make decisions, and much more! You can even glimpse into the future outcome! Hence, you will have an idea of what is in store for you today, next week or even a year’s time for all areas of your life! More spreads available than anywhere else on the internet.

Thus, you choose a reading, pick your cards and get answers and advice for all your daily life questions now. For further information, you can read testimonials here to find out what others have said about their everyday life readings.

2. Instant Tarot Readings: Love & Relationships 

Easy-tarot provides thirty seven different love and relationship tarot readings. Through it, you can find out how to create the perfect relationship, whether you should commit or not. Equally, what’s going wrong between you and your partner, whether you’re compatible, and much more! Another unique feature are spreads to help you after a divorce or break-up and help for dealing with infertility. 

Choose a reading, pick your cards and get answers and advice for your romance or relationship questions now. But don’t forget to check all testimonials here to have an idea of their experience.

3. Tarot: Work & Money reading

Easy-tarot provides twenty eight different work, career and money tarot readings. So, you can discover how to resolve problems at work, attract money towards you and manifest your dreams. Also, you can be guided towards making a successful business, getting the job you want and getting out of debt.

Choose a reading, pick your cards and get answers and advice for all your work, career and financial questions now. Furthermore, there are testimonials  here for you to take a look.

4. Instant Tarot Readings: Family & Friends 

Easy-tarot provides thirty eight different tarot readings to help you with your social or family life. Therefore, you can resolve conflicts, heal damaged friendships or family relationships and understand family dynamics. By so doing, you can find out what goes on with relations or friends which makes them act the way they do. You can even receive advice before attending family gatherings, to help achieve the best outcome for everyone concerned. 

Choose a reading, pick your cards and get answers and advice for your family and friendship questions now. And don’t miss the chance to read testimonials here to find out their opinion about their family or friends readings.

5. Mind, body & spirit reading

There are twenty seven different tarot readings on this site to help you with your mind, body and spirit. These spreads can be used regularly to boost your confidence or self-esteem. Moreover, they can bring more happiness and joy into your life. Thus, they will help you deal with difficult feelings such as anxiety, depression, anger or tiredness. And they can even give you insight into your dreams, health and spiritual life! You can also find ‘deluxe’ seven card readings in this section. What they do is give you a snapshot of many different aspects of your life and advice at this time. More spreads available than anywhere else on the internet.

Choose a reading, pick your cards and get answers and advice for all your daily life questions now. And the testimonials are available here too regarding  what they have said about their mind, body and spirit readings.

This is just a draft of what is presented on the website. By clicking here, you will have access to the whole content regarding personal tarot readings, journals, instant readings, free e-mail readings and much more!

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