The Spiritual Power Of Dance

The spiritual power of dance is something which needs full attention. If you love dancing and don’t feel comfortable just because you are not perfect with your moves, forget about judging them. Dancing is about feeling the power of the music beat and surrender. And the rhythm we create dictates exactly how we interpret the sound we hear.

The number one priority of dancing is to absorb the energy and let it flow through the body. If you resonate with it, a strong desire to dance will always emerge inside of you every time you hear a song. Concerning the dance style and rhythm, there might be one that certainly touches your soul. Leaving aside the musical tastes, dancing elevates a person’s frequency and vibration. On a spiritual level, this is extremely positive. In addition, it is a relaxing activity which gives a sensation of pleasure.

The Spiritual and Healing Power of Dance ~ A Source of Creation ...

The Spiritual Power Of Dance And Its Effects On The Body, Mind And Soul

The mental state responds effectively when we have a better relationship with ourselves. As soon as we start dancing, heart and mind operate together as one from this experience. In this self-absorbed activity, the mind focuses 100% on supporting the frequency of the heart. This reciprocal agreement is all it takes to maintain the high levels of feel-good hormones naturally released. In this task, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins are responsible to boost health and happiness.

Besides all this, dancing helps us get in touch with the essence of our souls. Not only that, it increases the original energy in the quantum field. Thus, we have everything we need to establish a better communication with the Universe. And the justification is that dancing is a form of meditation which harnesses divine feminine energy. Its qualities and attributes – flexibility, creativity, expression, intuition, and wisdom – counterbalance the divine masculine energy which is rational, competitive and focused on survival. By extension, we create an ideal condition towards the manifestation of our desires.

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Using The Spiritual Power Of Dance With Wisdom

In order to manifest our goals into the physical realm, we must keep our frequencies high. Otherwise, it will be impossible for the Universe to materialize them. Like a mirror, the Universe outside reflects how we feel inside. On a material level, it brings into existence a reality vibrating with the same energy as ours. Therefore, we must do everything in our power to generate wellness. Rather than staring at what doesn’t serve us and pulls us down, we’d better do something upbeat for our souls.

Irrespective of things we cannot predict, taking responsibility for rising our energy levels is necessary. Suppose a death of your loved one happens or you lose your job. In a similar way, imagine you battling against a decrease in your finances. Situations like these are real and you must have something pleasant to hang on to. This is where the spiritual power of dance comes in. In simple terms, it is a practice which helps us control ourselves and sparks our creativity. As a result, it leaves us in a good mood, which makes life easier. In this scenario, it becomes increasingly better to handle the situation and mitigate its impacts.

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We Are Players In The Spiritual Power Of Dance

Only by keeping the momentum and our spirits high can we circumvent the hurdles and pitfalls that happen in our lives. In so doing, we take back our power and make way for life quality. For this reason, living life as if it were a game is the strategy we have. Unquestionably, challenges won’t scare us any longer. And we will be in the driving seat of life, choosing the best path towards the finish line and victory.

However, winning this battle has a special meaning which goes well beyond the mainstream concept. It means having self-love and never dropping the guard. More than that, it is an attitude of peacefulness when dealing with defeats and losses. It is an act of wisdom in the face of the worst moments of life. knowing that dark and light come from the same source teaches us a new way of seeing life. Taking this new standing, we will reign over the adversities like the sunshine in the middle of the rain. It is quite astounding, but this attitude makes up for the heavy burden on our shoulders.

Some may say that this is crazy. And so, they prefer to victimize themselves and stop having fun. It is no use acting like this, given that adding more drama just makes things worse. Instead of depleting your energy with this behavior, allow yourself to do this recreative activity. While the story of your life unfolds, moments of joy and peace of mind bring you resilience.

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Dance Practice Can Work Miracles In Our Lives

The fundamentals of the Universe have a direct linking to alchemy. Once we understand them and start working on ourselves, we become capable enough to live a happier life through the two sides of a coin. In other words, unfavorable circumstances won’t ever dictate our choices to smile and have fun. On the contrary, they will be a reason for us to rebuild a solid inner identity. In fact, this is the only aspect we have control over.

In this life experience as humans, all of us should know that the material and spiritual worlds are interconnected. Regarding mundane issues, they only provide a basis for us to explore our true potential and live life to the fullest. Also, as “spiritual beings”, our souls cannot put up with all the pressure, chaos and low frequency vibration generated by civilization. In this regard, musical tones and dance make our lives run smoothly. In short, the main goal is to set us free and help us get rid of the dullness. Being light-hearted makes life worth living.

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Chakras Vowel Sounds Meditation

Chakras vowel sounds have so much to say concerning our body healing. Thanks to their resounding effect, our entire system, superior intellect, genetic memory, imagination, inspiration and directed knowledge become more lucid. Similar to what colors, organic food and crystals do, they activate the inner god within us. Basically what they do is promote chakra balancing, unblocking energetic debris that prevent the Kundalini energy from rising. It is thus evident that meditation with vowel sounds does a complementary job in cleansing the chakras for a better spiritual life.

With a superpowerful energy, vowel sounds elevate our level of consciousness through spiritual nourishment.

This condition is propitious for balance, intuition, sensitivity and insight. These key elements are the attributes for the expansion of the spiritual horizon. This way, they foster a sense of grounding along with a constructive mindset which is possible only through synchronization with the Cosmic power. Originated from ancient wisdom, these sounds represent the openness of the energy centers. Not only that, but the unblocking of the repressed energy is the way for true freedom. Being endowed with an indomitable spirit is the real blessing that everyone needs.

Resultado de imagem para chakras vowel sounds

The Linking Between Chakras Vowel Sounds And Spirituality

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of spirituality goes beyond reprimanding demons and saying prayers. Instead, it studies the law of cause and effect and the interdependence between all there is. Along with that, it places a high value on our body as a temple of internal purification through awareness. This approach follows the “Emerald Tablet” theory which states “As within, so without”.

In most cases, people hold on to a certain religion with a view to improving their spiritual life.

Hence, they follow and respect doctrines and traditions imposed by it. In addition, they learn the truth about many Bible passages, but the interpretation is a basic one. In doing so, they subject themselves to a pendulum with fixed ideas which control and obsess them. Without freedom of mind, they don’t think for themselves. For me, it looks more like manipulation and download program from the matrix. With all my respect, I have nothing against that, but let’s face it! Spirituality is something much more intense than one can imagine. In reality, it requires the peace and quiet of your being and inner centeredness for extensive comprehension of the facts of life. This work is a reflective and meditative practice with an even deeper meaning.

Resultado de imagem para chakras vowel sounds

The sad truth is that with a misconception about how reality works, they end up in a helter-skelter of emotions, destructive belief systems and fears.

Being entangled in this repetitive cycle is what causes instability in chakras which is an influential factor for misbehavior and disease. If you carefully observe people, you will see that the great majority follows an emotional pattern of behavior. And what is astounding is that they handle it as if it were their own. Then, they declare loud and clear that they know themselves. Unaware of how far they can go, they become complacent about their reality. Concerning health, in some cases, an apparently physical disease may be nothing more than a result of a spiritual imbalance. To put it another way, the disease manifests itself into the physical realm as a consequence of disorder in the spiritual realm. As we are spiritual beings, there is no separation between mind, body and soul.

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Chakras Vowel Sounds Provides Energy For Our Souls

Since the first day of our lives, the focus is more on the outside world than on the inside. This is because of the tangible benefits of reality. The music and entertainment industry, TV news, Internet, technology and fast food industry drain all of our energy. With so much going on right before our eyes and through our senses, we naturally lose connection with our souls.

Resultado de imagem para chakras vowel sounds

Our chakras represent higher connection with divine forces. However, they are powerless without wisdom.

The truism is that we all need divine feminine energy in equilibrium with the divine masculine energy. The latter refers to analysis, will, the use of influence, the ability to change and the act of giving (like providing the sperm) whereas the former deals with the power of creation, self-discovery, love, compassion, empathy and the act of receiving (like allowing the sperm for fecundation). As you can see, when these energies merge together, there is spiritual wholeness.

Returning to the topic of chakras vowel sounds, they are nothing short of a constant flow of infinite intelligence which harmoniously vibrates in each energy center with the aim of reestablishing the two opposite forces with equal power.  Drawing an analogy, we can say that our body spiritual structure is like an equation determined by the chakras alignment.

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The Effect Of Each Of The Chakras Vowel Sounds On The Body

Each vowel sound has its own resonance in its corresponding chakra. This has to do with music, which is the world universal language. Given that we live in a vibratory Universe, sound waves have their specific vibration which match their equivalent chakra. Below are the vowel sounds and their effect on the body:

– ah: is a vowel sound which connects directly with the thymus gland. This allows reactivation of genetic memory which has an association with past lives.

– eh: has a connection with the thyroid gland, which awakens the inner ear.

– ih: presents a vibratory sound which links itself to the superior intellect. With this vibration, creative imagination and inspiration kick in.

– oh: this sound vibrates with the heart. At this point, there is ideal condition for the awakening of intuition and directed knowledge.

– uh: for having connection with the pancreas, this sound reinforce the capability to communicate telepathically.

– Um: the pronunciation of this sound acts like a bridge which connects the entire system. Moreover, it awakens the fire within located at the bottom of the spine.

– S: this additional sound vibrates in harmony with the upper of the spine. Also, you can use it to improve the vibration of your home.

Resultado de imagem para chakras vowel sounds

What is amazing about these sounds is that you can pronounce each one of them by yourself 7 times consecutively. Nonetheless, each time you do it, remember to breathe in first, hold it and, then, pronounce the sound in a steady pace. These different 7 vowel sounds reach a total of 49 sounds. In order to heal yourself, you must commit yourself to this practice every single day. In case you find this practice hard, you can just listen to vowel sounds in your daily meditation.

It’s worth saying, as we all know, that energy is not lost in the process, only transferred. So, the declaration mentioned in the Bible which says that “In the beginning was the word” proves exactly that. The vowel sounds carry a strong potential in awakening the inner god. Hence, they convey a message which establishes the unfolding of the misteries of life. Once we reach this stage, we make ourselves available for new opportunities to create our own world with self-confidence, clarity, determnation and creativity.

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Spiritual Health Benefits Review

Spiritual health is the soul nourishment. In a deep way, this concept presents the relationship between wisdom, knowledge and peace with a broader perspective. In addition, it unveils the duality and interdependence between body and soul.

There are different religions nowadays which search for spiritual health. All of them focus on holy beings as a reference. So, people pray and ask for blessings, health, peace and harmony. Moreover, they truly believe in the external power which can give them support. In reality, spirituality is a superior force which comes from within. This can be illustrated by introspection, balance and purpose.  

Resultado de imagem para spiritual health

Practices such as meditation and yoga are the ideal paths for spiritual health and self-healing.

They provide you a better connection with divine intelligence. Also, these practices make use of mantras and deal straight with the subconscious mind. Then, once there is a paradigm shift towards your belief system, you transcend all distorted views of yourself and life. This means that you reprogram your subconscious mind with new principles, morals and beliefs.

Albeit these practices seem to be fairly simple, they are highly complex. It’s important to realize that human body is a temple which connects with the Universe through the chakras.

Therefore, we can say that both yoga and meditation lead you to mental health and maintain your body healthy. Additionally, they demand reading, understanding and research. Another key point is that spiritual health deals with energy and frequencies, organic food, connection with nature and a sense of grounding.

That being said, below are some ads which can spark your interest. Some of them talk about affirmations, herbs, oils and therapies for Parkinson’s disease, laws of success and many other things. There is no doubt that they are going to help you improve your values towards spiritual health.

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Neuroplasticity Key Points Review

The Definition Of Neuroplasticity

Going straight to the point, neuroplasticity is a physiological change in the brain. This is due to our different experiences and interactions with the environment. This way, we can say that there is a reorganization of the cells as a response to our changing needs.

Analyzing the brain, we can conclude that it forms different pathways related to our experiences. So, each new chosen phase of our lives creates new pathways which remain for a while. This happens like a cycle. For this reason, learning new things is the best way to create connections between our neurons. These links rewire our brains so that it can adjust to new circumstances. In addition, it helps our brain keep healthy and active. After all, we cannot forget that our brain is like our body, it needs exercise. 

The Linking Between Neuroplasticity And Neurogenesis

Thinking carefully about the word “Neurogenesis”, it refers to neuron and genesis. Explaining the first term, neuron, it means “nerve cell”, whereas the second one, “creation of”. Thus, every time you hear about neurogenesis, it means the creation of new nerve cells.

In essence, what the neurons do is coordinate our body, telling it what to do. As can be seen, it’s understandable that neurogenesis relates to learning, memory and movement. So, typical examples are swimming, walking and reading. And in order to practice these things there must be an electrical or chemical interaction between them. Then, this physical response has to do with neuroplasticity.

Interpreting The Term From A Psychological Perspective

Analyzing it from a psychological point of view, neuroplasticity creates a new direction for us. That is to say that one individual can overcome self-limiting thoughts by adopting a new attitude towards life. Therefore, this means that we have total control over thought patterns which hold us back. Unquestionably, there is no way for fear, insecurity, anxiety, stress and unpleasant experiences . But for better results it’s necessary that the person get out of the comfort zone.

Hence, an effective way to shift thought patterns is through simple daily activities. It´s clear that they improve our brain structure, but it calls for learning and discipline.

Learning Contributes To Our Brain Arrangements

Overall, the lessons we learn establish new pathways in our brain. So, this is new organization is a blessing, as each new skill has the ability to connect new neurons. Consequently, this powerful connection shifts our brain’s default mode of operation.

First and foremost, it´s important to realize that it´s not all learning which uses neuroplasticity of the brain. However, if you consider learning a new language or a musical instrument, it can definitely rewire your brain.

Personal Development And Neuroplasticity

We, human beings, are powerful beyond measure. So, it´s true that our power of adaptability to different kinds of situations and circumstances is amazing. Additionally, we can mold and shape our reality according to our desires. With this intention, we can develop new skills. Even more, become expert at something through sustained effort. Therefore, a mindset focused towards improvements and personal development is everything. In view of this the topic goes deep into the analysis.

Can Age Be A Bad Influence On Neuroplasticity?

There´s no denying the fact that age affects neuroplasticity, but it happens to a certain extent.

Neuroplasticity – How does it work in Kids?

It´s a fact that children’s brains are open to development. Because of this, they are continually growing and evolving. Thus, different experiences provide the brains with a new structure and arrangement.

According to studies, there are four types of neuroplasticity in children:

  1. Adaptive: changes occurring in the brain, allowing it to adjust to structural and operational changes (like injuries). They occur when children practice a special skill.
  2. Impaired: changes happening as the result of genetic or acquired disorders.
  3. Excessive: the formation of new, unsuitable pathways which can cause disability or disorders.
  4. Plasticity that makes the brain vulnerable to injury: the establishment of harmful neuronal pathways, making the injury more likely or impactful (Mundkur, 2005).

It has been noted that these processes are intense and more noticeable in young children. Owing to this, they get over from injury much more effectively, if compared to adults. Given these points, cases of neuroplastic growth, recovery and adaptation are not a surprise to happen in children.

Neuroplasticity – How does it work in Adults?

Although this ability is not strong in adults, the adult brain is still capable of incredible change. So, it can get back old, lost connections and arrangements which have not been used in some time. Moreover, it can even improve memory and cognitive skills. Surely, a heathy lifestyle and dedicated effort are the key ingredients which collaborate a great deal to a successful change. 

Positive Effects of Neuroplasticity On The Brain

Below are some ways the human being brain can benefit from brain adaptation:

– A successful learning

– Wide range of improved cognitve abilities

– An improvement on memory abilities

– Recovery from brain injuries and events (e.g. strokes)

– Other areas of the brain may take control when certain area is damaged. To put it differently, this is what we call “brain rewiring”.

At the end of the day, there is a way of using neuroplasticity in our favor.  

Some Tips On How to Rewire Your Brain

For us to understand it better, below are some scientifically proven methods which improve or trigger neuroplasticity:

  • Intermittent fasting: increases synaptic adaptation, promotes neuron growth, improve overall cognitive function, and decreases the risk of neurodegenerative disease.
  • Traveling and expanding horizons: sets your brain to a novel stimuli and new environments state. As a result, it creates new pathways and activity in it.
  • The Use of Mnemonic devices: memory training is a great way of improving connectivity in the prefrontal parietal network. This exercise leads to preventing some age-related memory loss.
  • Learning a musical instrument: helps to create new neural networks. Similarly, it allows a rise in connectivity between brain regions.
  • Non-dominant hand exercises: creates new neural pathways and makes the connectivity between neurons stronger.
  • Reading fiction: causes an increase in connectivity in the brain, resulting in better performance.
  • Expanding your vocabulary: enables the visual and auditory processes as well as memory processing.
  • Artwork creation: allows an improved connectivity of the brain “default mode network”. Then, it helps to trigger introspection, memory, empathy, attention, and focus.
  • Dancing: reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease a great deal and boosts neural connectivity.
  • Sleeping: stimulates learning retention through the growth of the dendritic spines. This construction makes them act as connections between neurons, helping transfer information across cells (Nguyen, 2016).

Brain Healing After Trauma

Researchers have been observing changes in the brains of those who suffered serious trauma. Thus, scientists concluded that some patients with extensive damage to the brain were able to recover to an amazing degree thanks to neuroplasticity.

Su, Veeravagu, and Grant (2016) have shown that three phases of neuroplasticity after trauma occur:

  1. Immediately after the injury, neurons begin to die and cortical inhibitory pathways decrease. This phase lasts one to two days. Moreover, it may uncover secondary neural networks that have never or rarely been used.
  2. After a few days, the activity of these cortical pathways changes from inhibitory to excitatory. This reaction creates new synapses. In addition, both neurons and other cells replace the damaged or dead cells, facilitating healing.
  3. After a few weeks, new synapses continue to appear. At this point, the “remodeling” of the brain is in full swing. This is the time when rehabilitation and therapy can help the brain to learn some helpful new pathways.

Without a doubt, post-injury and trauma are the best times for brain recovery. In such circumstances, it makes use of its neuroplastic abilities. To put it differently, it becomes more capable of making significant changes, reorganizing, and recovering (Su, Veeravagu, & Grant, 2016).

Stroke Recovery Through Neuroplasticity Rehabilitation

Those recovering from strokes have been the object of neuroplasticity studies. And we all know that strokes often leave patients with brain damage, ranging from moderate to severe. However, there have been incredible recovery cases from stroke patients.

Experts at explain that the best alternative to encourage neuroplasticity in stroke recovery is to apply two important techniques:

  1. Task repetition
  2. Task-specific practice

Going further into detail, we can say that learning a new activity (or re-learning an old one) through specific, regular practice can result in significant changes in the brain. Considering that repetition and specific practice tasks are not effective to make you learn anything, it’s undeniable that you’ll learn a lot. So, this indicates that improvements in one area can often spill over into improvements in other abilities.

How Neuroplasticity Can Deal With Depression

The linking between neuroplasticity and depression has both good and bad news.

The bad news is concerning psychiatric disorders, because it’s a rather negative neuroplasticity. Depression can be harmful to the brain, encouraging maladaptive pathways. This results in discouraging healthy and adaptive pathways (Hellerstein, 2011).

Now, the good news is that some treatments for depression can halt the damage and even reverse it. And what is awesome is that “your day-to-day behaviors can have measurable on brain structure and function.” In truth, they can offer you better healing and recovery from psychiatric disorders (Hellerstein, 2011).

Although it may seem strange, we have the ability to “reshape” our brains at any age. So, a new attitude towards life leads your brain to unbelievable results. But to get that target, determination and preventive action are of paramount importance.

How Neuroplasticity Can Deal With Anxiety

 “The development of these parts of our brain that effortlessly trigger anxiety, it is at the detriment of the ones that aid calmness & confidence… it is not enough to just stop anxiety in any given moment which is often people’s focus. The anxiety wiring is still there and waiting to be triggered. We need to create competitive wiring. We need to create specific wiring of what we want to achieve which is ‘competitive wiring’ to the problem. Without this we loop endlessly in
anxiety with no neural pathway to take us forward.” (Ian Cleary – 2015)

As related by life coach and clinician Ian Cleary, anxiety disorders treatment requires time, effort and commitment. But to make it happen a new perception needs to take place. In order to achieve it, there must be permanent brain changes first. For this reason, it’s necessary adaptation and a change in thought patterns. With that in mind, activities such as recall and memory patterning, breathing exercises, eye patterning, modifying postural habits, increasing body awareness, and targeting sensory perception are the key elements for that goal (Cleary, 2015).

Neuroplasticity Activities for Anxiety and Depression

There are some traditional activities which are efficient towards improving neuroplasticiy. So, if you have anxiety or depression, you can learn and practice exercises as follows:

  • Playing memory games
  • Doing tasks related to memory
  • juggling
  • playing an instrument
  • Learning a new language
  • Doing Yoga
  • working out on a daily basis 
  • Challenging your brain with activities (crosswords or sudoku)
  • Learning a new subject—especially a large and complex one in a short period of time (Hellerstein, 2011).

Neuroplasticity As A Treatment for Chronic Pain

Given that pain is a sequence of neuronal firings, neuroplasticity can play a fundamental role in its treatment. A recent study has proven that four methods can help the brain adjust and manage chronic pain:

  1. Transcranial direct current stimulation (electrodes implanted in certain areas of the brain to stimulate certain responses)
  2. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (non-invasive magnetic stimulation of the brain via a “wand” to engage specific areas)
  3. Intermittent fasting (periods of fasting followed by periods of normal food intake)
  4. Glucose administration (taking glucose supplements to replace what we lose due to normal aging; (Sibille, Fartsch, Reddy, Fillingim, & Keil, 2016)

Besides all these methods, there are other ones which should have already been incorporated in your life. In reality, they are activities which help you to become healthy.

The activities below have a powerful connection with the brain. This way, they produce an effect in the brain wiring, changing the way how it receives and translates the message of pain:

  1. Regular exercise
  2. Healthy eating
  3. Quitting smoking
  4. Keeping your mind active, engaged, and challenged
  5. Relaxation techniques to keep stress at bay
  6. Mindfulness meditation (Irving, 2016).

Therefore, what these activities do is rewire and retrain the brain, aiming at a different reaction to pain.

Neuroplasticity Therapy for ADHD, OCD, and Autism

There is no secret methodology for treatment of ADHD, OCD and autism. All the methods mentioned before are successful.

Now, take into consideration the games, activities and programs. They follow the principles of neuroplasticity. And they intensely focus on helping people and children with a wide range of issues and impairments.

Following this, the methods concentrate on techniques supported by science. They serve as a way of challenging and overcoming difficulties. Accordingly, learning new things and being open to new experiences are the roadmap . These ingredients consciously help you adapt and modify thought patterns, which are the focal point.

How Mindfulness Mediatation Influences Neuroplasticity

Mindfulness meditation has the power to bring about physical changes in the brain. In a deep analysis, becoming mindful through meditation allows the brain to adjust to this default state. In other words, meditation practitioners educate their brain to be calm and at peace all through the day. This mindful behavior makes them alert of their feelings even when they are not meditating.

Music And the Brain

As well as being fun and giving you a good mood, listening to music can also collaborate with functional changes to the brain.

The description below will summarize everything you need to know about the positive effects that music has on a person’s life:

“…[S]everal forms of intensive training have an impact on brain and cognition, but it is possible that musical training has specific effects that other forms of training do not have, or even produces a range of different effects… [The] cognitive enhancement effects of musical training, the result of neuroplastic processes, might be due to a combination of skills required by music study, such as decoding visual information into motor activity, memorizing extended passages of music, learning music structures and rules, learning to make fine auditory spectral and temporal discriminations and learning to perform skilled bimanual finger movements.” (Rodrigues, Loureiro, & Caramelli, 2010, p. 284).

Researches have discovered that music has a tremendous influence on a person’s life. Be it through musical training or listening to it and appreciating it. What music fundamentally does is help the brain improve its innate neuroplasticity. What is more, it makes your abilities and cognitive skills better.   

Kundalini Energy Awakening Review

Introducing Kundalini Energy Awakening

Suppose that you experienced the Kundalini Energy Awakening.  And the consequence of this is an expansive perception of everything that happens around you. As well as this, you can easily deal with your feelings and emotions. Unquestionably, you are able to understand exactly how other people see, judge and feel the world. This skill, when properly done, gives you the clarity and wisdom you need to lead your life. As it turns out, this dormant energy needs activation through spiritual bliss.

Getting into detail, …

the Kundalini energy is compared to a dormant serpent twisted like a rope. Its location is at the base of the spine. And the serpent is asleep and just needs to be awakened to release its strong force. So, to make this happen, there must be harmony between awareness and spiritual activity. The Kundalini energy is the power of creation and connects us with the Cosmos.

There is no denying the fact that meditation is the vehicle which brings us the awakening and oneness. This way, our perception, which is our awareness, is entirely neutral. Regarding nature, it is in constant change in the Universe. Within each one of us is Shiva, which is the witness. And analysing the nature of all things around us and within us is shakti. Shiva and Shakti must be in perfect union, because when they are not together, they characterize separation and duality in the individual. On the other hand, when they fuse together, the intuition opens and sensitivity arises. As a consequence, your level of awareness increases.

Conceptualizing Kundalini Energy Awakening

Taking into account different sources of research, Kundalini is the energy directly linked to consciousness and free from thought. For this reason, a constant meditation practice can enable Kundalini to flow through your chakras. And once your chakras are aligned, it becomes easier to allow the Kundalini energy to awaken.

It´s clear that the Kundalini awakening is the path which leads you to empathy and telepathy in a deeper way. Additionally, you become more creative, charismatic and sensible. So, all of this is possible through the higher levels of energy which connect us to the whole Universe. And this interaction is powerful to such an extent that we become wise and the Universe reveals its secrets to us. This spiritual enlightenment also gives us internal peace and a feeling of part of the oneness.

Another thing which is tremendously perceptible is that when someone is spiritually enlightened, they are inclined to follow their true life passion. What´s more, their wisdom makes them analytical and careful. And when they speak, they do it with vision and deep understanding.

Be Careful With The Subtle Body Awakening In Process

According to spiritual mentors, the seven chakras are the channels you have in your subtle body. Therefore, their purification is of paramount support for the Kundalini awakening. In general terms, you must be physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually prepared for the awakening process. Otherwise, the Kundalini energy awakening might become uncomfortable for you to handle.

Kundalini Energy Awakening: What Are the Benefits of Experiencing It?

The Kundalini energy rises up from the base of the spine and moves up to the crown chakra and the pineal gland. Once is awoken, in correlation with the decalcified pineal gland, it provides us with extra-sensory perception. Hence, the person who experiences this uses their higher selves to access their highest potential. Changing words, the person sees a world of infinite possibilities. This means that there is no more drama, self-limiting beliefs, feelings of fear, insecurity and anxiety.  Actually, what happens is that the person embraces all that is, namely the positive and the negative, the happiness and the sadness, the darkness and the light. So, the flexibility to deal with completely opposite kinds of situations describes a person as an alchemist.

You Have No Control Over Spontaneous Kundalini Energy Awakening

The Kundalini energy awakening may arise unexpectedly due to strong energy work, such as yoga practice, sexual experiences, drug consumption and life events. When this happens and the person is not ready, this lack of preparation cause  extreme changes in the person’s behavior, including their diet. Moreover, weight loss and change in appearance are also results of  spontaneous kundalini energy awakening.

By having a spiritual master to support you, you will be skillful enough to recognize it and overcome it. It´s an intense dedication which calls for discipline, reading, learning, dedication, practice and patience.

Kundalinin Energy Awakening – How To Open Your Central Channel And Cease Thinking

Life force energy is what everyone needs to awaken the Kundalini. Aso known as prana, it must enter into the central channel. So as to make it happen, practitioners can practice alternate nostril breathing. So, it doesn´t matter if you´re doing yoga or meditation, there needs to be focus, breath and movement.

A Master Can Guide You Or You Can Do Intense Research On The Topic

Alternatively, you may have a spiritually experienced person to train you. Needless to say, a mentor is the proper person who will give you all the explanations, showing you the right path.  Thus, you will have all the physical and psychological preparation which will pave the way for a higher level of consciousness. But, if for any reason, you don´t have this person on hand, you can start watching videos online, reading blogs, taking notes, checking everything for yourself and practicing it.

Some Indications Of A Kundalini Energy Awakening

1. Motivation And Determination

  • You feel a strong desire for change. And this feeling comes with a great need for alignment. In other words, you have the insight that you must change your perception towards life. So, your career, loving relationships, family relation, habits and even diet go through a careful examination.
    In short, it´s a journey which demands self-control, research, self-learning, patience and bravery.

2. Body Reactions

  • The nervous system is extremely sensitive. That´s the obvious reason why some people experience emotional symptoms (despair, confusion, depression). But some people also relate symptoms like near death experiences, visual disturbance, shaking among others. And the only option to deal with these symptoms is by opening your channels of energy. They are your seven chakras which, when in alignment, release any blockages.
    Therefore, going to the doctor is not a solution, as they won´t find the answer, they will just prescribe you some medicine. And depending on what you tell them, they might even say that you are having mental disease.

3. Total connection

  • Don´t be radical in your decisions. Instead, use your wisdom by being in touch with nature more. And a great way of doing that is by appreciating what nature shows you. So, you can cherish your dog or cat and talk to it. Besides that, release tension by walking barefoot and connecting to all that is. As we all know, Mother nature gives us sensitivity and intuition.
  • Approval and encouragement comes in a surprising way. It means that when we have determination to achieve our goals, things end up coming our ways. Thus, we meet people who can really support us, find the books which can clear our doubts, attend the right places and workshops. All these things occur precisely because of synchronicities. In conclusion, our energy aligns with our purpose which allows the Universe to make things happen accordingly.
  • Given that our level of consciousness is increased, we become more aware of what happens around us. To put it differently, our knowledge gives us understanding of everything which can influence our energy. In this case we cannot put up with fast food, negative media news and harmful people and places any longer. With this in mind, we search new ways for adjusting our system to a new homeostasis.

4. Self- Learning And Self-Control

  • We condition ourselves more to a balanced inner self. At this point, it means that we are 100% aware of our thoughts. And this is positively a new way of seeing life. In fact, we become conscious when old paradigms try to control our feelings and energies. And this is amazing, because we have an intimate relationship with our soul. As a result, our intuition becomes our great partner to make decisions. Therefore, the great advantage of all this is that we go for the truth, we become our healers and we work our higher selves. Proof of this is a regular yoga or meditation practice. In reality, what they do is help us to nurture our souls, evolve, clear our blockages, increase our energy and stop overthinking.
  • We move more towards the heart space. This sense of oneness activates the compassion to help our Mother nature and others. And we no longer act in a selfish way because of our feeling of interconnectedness.
  • We´ve got a strong desire to express exactly how we feel. In other words, we know deep in our hearts that our energy and feelings make an impact on the world. As a result of this, we write, dance, volunteer in community service and use our knowledge in order to uplift the world.