Mind Secrets Exposed

Mind Secrets exposed, the voice which comes from within

The depths of the mind are not too far away, they are a tangible thing

Life is a huge crossing, but the brain is a garden path

Don’t settle for a mediocre life, instead be your own social homeopath

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A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

The syndrome of a scarcity mindset that forces you to be in a rush

“Take it or leave it”, this sentence sounds like fear

Despite that, dream big and remember to be in the frontline of your own career

Wealth creation gives you truly success

Subconscious mind healing is synonym of everlasting “happi-ness”

Brain fog results from an alienating society

With your brain’s full potential there is no lack of sobriety

Mind secrets exposed, the art of getting what you want

A life change program which is on the forefront

The decision is yours, all yours for the taking

This groundbreaking initiative is your life shaping

Thought manipulation is the most powerful force in all existence

Make it work in your favor and don’t view success from a distance

The Magical “Reality Bending” is a wonderful technique

With this procedure you have the tools to make your mission complete

The truth is that life itself is a huge mission

In this battle of spiritual warfare, you’d better live in stoicism

Life is a subject for you to philosophize

Although the journey is not easy, there is no need to dramatize

Everything in this world is so subliminal

Sound and imagery permeates your soul like a desperate criminal

Hidden enemies are everywhere in this infernal machine

In this duality there is no choice but to keep your own temple clean

Not only is alchemy a science of the Middle Ages

But also it’s a resource you have from the sages

In fact, it’s a metaphor of the Hermetic principle

By following it you stand tall and become invincible

Remember that you can be your own doctor

Thus, you’ve got your own therapeutic approach

In your subconscious mind there is a huge locker

Where your belief system makes you your own life coach

An investment in your mind is a matter of spiritual elevation

Your heart and mind connection is your psychological rehabilitation

Dogmas are just to enhance your “weak-ness”

In conforming to them you allow your own “bleak-ness”

Mind Secrets Exposed, a peace card thrown on you

With your dream planner guide, you’ve got a significant breakthrough

In case you don’t want to be subservient to society

Step into your truth so as to eliminate all compliancy

Seek to be in harmony with your intuition by following your own Pole Star

Further, learn some tactics on how to live in a world which is bizarre

What seems good is bad, and what seems bad is good

The paradox of living in reverse in the new world order, I wish you understood

A zombie attack is the matrix agenda

In not taking care of yourself, life becomes a torture, a serious dilemma

Offered protection is nothing but an excuse to keep you in bondage

If you’re not brave enough, you’ll be an eternal hostage

The unseen world is full of inorganic ones

Carelessness makes your body cells become their precious stones

By allowing fear you bring karma to your soul

As a result, your imbalance prevents you from feeling whole

Don’t subject yourself to the world experiments

Otherwise you will allow yourself to be a guinea pig

After all, your body is a vehicle of enlightenment

And your imagination can help you think big

Mind Secrets Exposed, the revelation of mental turmoil

A disease of the soul which attaches to you like plant roots in soil

In spite of that, you have your own free will

If I were you, I would give myself some time to chill

Your past and your upbringing don’t define you

They are part of your history

But your present is for you to carry through

So, it’s your turning point, your victory

Listen to some songs with the frequency of the Earth

Enjoy nature, walk barefoot and forget what hurts

In addition, allow yourself to breathe in the air

Your inner child deserves rebirth, therefore treat it with care

“What you dwell on, you become”

This statement is a prophecy that works for everyone

Because the mind gravitates towards your inner feelings

Which in turn brings into existence your personal dealings

Unlike what you may think

Destiny is for losers, those who can’t see the missing link

whereas freedom of choice goes for winners

who co-create their life lines like strong swimmers

A healthy mindset provides life with a real meaning

Wake up, you are not an emotional wreck

Once you learn how to embrace your feelings

You give your energy centers proper respect

Traveling through time and space

Energy renews itself, the Universe has a solid base

888 is a symbol of infinity

You are a liberated soul, endowed with the power of divinity

You are the living proof that two becomes one

The power of intention that brings manifestation from above

Sacred connections, kindred spirits, divine feminine in action

There is no room for desperation, I’m talking about real satisfaction

Life is about being open and receptive

In talking to your inner self in front of a mirror you become more introspective

Make peace with your past, at the same time, forgive those who hurt you

In doing so, there is no blockage in your soul to curse you

The Art Of Acceptance

The art of acceptance is a lesson that the world is constantly putting us through. Chaos and disorder, though shocking and frightening, are the path for the equilibrium which humanity needs. Although it may seem the irony of life for many people, nature needs to reestablish itself when it lacks something. We are all part of nature, so there is no possibility whatsoever of us being excluded from this process.

Acceptance is..." | "Acceptance is the art of letting go." … | Flickr

Our journey here on Earth is nothing short of enlightenment. Conflicts, obstacles, stress, sadness, diseases, wars, ecological disasters – these and many other negative examples occur aiming at awakening the art of acceptance and wisdom in us. Instead of trying to fight unfavourable life events, we had better embrace them as an opportunity to evolve. The downside of being humans is that our critical behavior sometimes prompts us to negative reaction and misjudgement. This innate sense of survival makes us controlled and stuck in a never-ending cycle of weeping and suffering. In doing this, we purely and simply move wisdom further away from us.

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Understanding Ourselves Through The Art Of Acceptance

Being the work of the Creator, our mission is to learn the art of acceptance. For that to happen, adopting a philosophical interpretation of life is necessary. Theoretical though it is, this perspective leads us to a deep understanding of certain circumstances. And the good thing about it is that we start seeing that life itself is not a heavy burden we must carry.

What makes it difficult is the different levels of consciousness along with their respective energy fields. Any problem on Earth springs from us, thinking beings. Taking this into account, it is wrong to say that attitudes and feelings are worlds apart. The same way, the interpretation we have of the facts surrounding us depends on the program inserted in our brains.

The fact of the matter is that our upbringing as well as friends, society and the reality around us exert their influences in our beliefs and actions. Despite being true, this is not absolute.

We can be influential in conditioning our reality according to the story we tell ourselves irrespective of the circumstances. This indicates that having a healthy self-perception only contributes to our wellness and balanced condition. For this reason, knowing how to deal with a harsh reality is a real game changer. By fostering constant willpower, determination, positivity, thankfulness and vision in the face of any situation we can move mountains. This is the momentum which our field of energy needs, giving us impulse to act accordingly and do whatever it takes to reach our goals. After all, we are what we believe we are.  

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The Art Of Acceptance Between Man And Nature

The relationship we have with ourselves comes from the universe we create from our mindset. It is exciting and fascinating in overcoming barriers and creating the desired reality. It can improve a great deal when we allow connection with nature in a peaceful way. In order to understand that, we must consider each one of us as a small universe having a strong link with nature, which makes it possible for the energy transaction to merge, creating the ideal condition for coexistence.

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In analyzing the interaction between man and nature, we conclude that it has its basis on the use of intelligence with focus on logic. It is awesome how this activity is constructive for the benefits of humankind. Ranging from virtual access to material items everything is right at our disposal. Then, there is no restrictions for consumption, making us spoiled for choice. Inevitably, production and supply increase at a rate higher and higher. What we see is obsessive-compulsive behavior when it comes to having our demands met.

Therefore, we haven’t established any rapport with nature yet. In other words, it’s all taking and no giving. Exploitation of resources, destruction, slaughter of animals, ecological imbalance. In leaving a harmonious relationship with nature behind, we prioritize a disrespectful way of life. Such behavior nurtures the matrix we live in. With no room for fair exchange, this whole integration falls into collapse and planet Earth doesn’t operate in unison with the entire Universe.  

Why Must Intelligence Act Together With Wisdom?

Man has allowed his interests to exceed his expectations. And so, his true nature has been lost. Intelligence when in partnership with selfishness is a huge distraction which destabilizes everything. Despite being necessary, intelligence is not complete if it doesn’t walk hand in hand with wisdom. If you look at nature, all you see is a perfect match.

Wisdom transcends knowledge, connecting itself to it in a positive way. This way, it promotes evolution along with peace and love. However, for having a mystical nature, it diverts itself from the mainstream ideas that society imposes on us. All the rules and models of behavior are spread everywhere. Social media and television send their messages, quietly dictating the way we think and behave. Going a little further, TV programs, movies, soap operas, social networking and Internet channels always emphasize catchphrases, fashion trends, consumerism, professions, courses and lifestyles for us to incorporate into our lives as well as the variety of cultures and the existent social groups, not to mention the latest and terrible news happening everywhere.

In spite of offering a wide selection of informative content which seems useful, this is something rather detrimental.

I’m not entirely against what these sources do, as we need at least a little bit of information to update ourselves in this three-dimensional world. The problem is that all of these daily words and phrases reduce our capacity of seeing and interpreting the world for ourselves. This is a typical case where our attention goes exclusively to one point.

In this context, our interest for the facts is the same as a headlight. It guides us, making us believe and feel that the decisions we take only follow a linear thinking. And just to remind you, we all know that a headlight doesn’t diffuse its light and may lead us into blind spots. So, the odds are, at any moment, we can stumble on something and lose our sense of achievement. Considering the world out there as a support for the reality we are living is nothing more than a figment of our imagination. Unfortunately, it decreases our expansive behavior, search for wisdom and freedom of creation.

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Our Inner Voices Must Be Heard

The homogeneity of the world stage creates patterns capable enough to program us at a subconscious level. As a result, manipulation takes control of every little thing we do. Not having our own ideas and authenticity makes us lost in the art of acceptance. Once we become aware of the adversities in the world and immerse ourselves into the truth of who we are, the light within us shines like the sun. In this stage, acceptance no more is a synonym of reluctance. This is due to the fact that we understand the interconnection between the different levels of consciousness. Humanity evolutionary process deserves to be free. Thus, we leave our surroundings open for positive energy and love to flow. Gradual change is key in helping others to find their way in spiritual ascension. 

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Only by adopting the art of acceptance can we reconnect to the power of creation and act with discernment. If we don’t relax ourselves, the busy and noisy activity will continually refresh us with facts by warning, advising and instilling fear into us, whereupon it will degenerate into our mental apathy and confusion. These feelings hinder our ability to listen to the inner voice, the gut feeling which knows what is best for us. Silence has much more to tell us than words themselves. When we are in peace, it comes naturally.

Travel Expands Your Mind

Travel expands your mind! This sentence is true and complex. Not only does it refer to your external world, but it also refers to your inner world. With statements like this, it sounds like poetry. Maybe it, at a certain point, is. Life uses metaphors and figurative language the same way as poetry. So, our roles is to unveil its mysteries through the pathways.

Our world has many places, cultures, races, languages and religions, but they are nothing more than different versions of man’s life. To my mind, these labels exist because man needs support bases to run his life. Created as a way of becoming unique, this variety ends up creating separation.

Resultado de imagem para travel expands your mind

By travelling around the world you will see the beauty in every different existing aspect.

Going from one place to another will give you a sense of unity and integration. This is due to a critical sense acquired from your experiences. With an intense feeling of belonging and connectedness with the world, the ego dissolves.

Now, just imagine yourself learning a totally new way of life. This could be in an island, in the woods or in any other place. Also, consider yourself learning another language and doing things you could never have imagined before. Has it ever crossed your mind the idea of eating something you have never eaten before? At first, you would feel uncomfortable and uneasy. However, after a while, you would be at peace with yourself again. You would even have fun with the situation.

Resultado de imagem para travel expands your mind

We all know that tastes differ, but circumstances mould us.

With unforgettable experiences you would understand people’s behavior better. And you would conclude that life is like a river. Instead of getting stuck in your little world, you would live every single moment. Certainly, your sense of presence to here and now would prevail. Undoubtedly, with a new reality on display your perception would expand. Moreover, you would become more receptive towards what is new and unknown.

Travel expands your mind and the reality is that the benefits of travelling go well beyond that.

They provide you with more clarity, intuition, broad-mindedness and a sense of connection and respect. Indeed, going to different places renews our souls. And with the world just before our eyes, we look into our inner selves with more affection. Introspection becomes something effervescent and a world of infinite possibilities. Without any doubt, human being is highly adaptable to new situations. In fact, they are positive for man’s spiritual development.

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You Can Expand Your Horizons And Free Your Mind

Travelling sets you free. With mind-blowing experiences you will learn the art of unconditional appreciation. Better still, you will detach yourself from useless behavior. By developing a sense of adventure, life becomes easier. And then, you see people, animal, places and nature as an extension of your spiritual presence. That proverb which says that “the beauty is in the eye of the beholder” expands into your eyes of the soul. Definitely, a deep connection starts ruling your existence. The interconnectedness between you and everything gives you new meaning in life. Consequently, a phenomenal rediscovery takes place in a more empathetic way.

Resultado de imagem para travel expands your mind

Leaving that old perspective behind cleanses your energy field, allowing for revitalization.

Another interesting fact is that this also happens at a cellular level. Each cell of the man’s body is a living organism which participates in this process. No wonder that they reflect the state of mind of an individual. For certain, a free mind contributes a great deal for wellness. Unquestionably, open-minded individuals love to travel and learn from every challenge they have.

Travel Expands Your Mind And Provides You With Solid Experiences

Different real-life situations reprogram your belief system. This indicates that your subconscious mind becomes adaptable and flexible. Under different circumstances it achieves optimum performance. So, in every new circumstance you will notice a paradigm shift. This way, you won’t be conditioned to repetition. More than that, attachment is something you won’t ever get used to. And your mind will be at full speed all the time. With constant expansion, your subconscious mind becomes more proactive. Consequently, your behavior acts accordingly. Therefore, with an advanced level of consciousness, you become alert to your reality.

With that being said, man’s thought energy is capable of controlling his entire system. Impressive as it seems, epigenetics clearly talk about that. Different and enriching experiences lighten up man’s life.

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Travel Expands Your Mind Towards Your Purpose In Life

It’s by getting out of your comfort zone that you understand the truth of who you are. Thus, the interaction with different people, doing new activities, opens new paths. Even with some mistakes, you will be able to re-evaluate your life. In so doing, you will make way for knowledge and confidence. This rewarding experience will help you grow like a brave soldier.

Also, with breathtaking sceneries, you will naturally enhance your spontaneity and creativity. The wonderful landscapes will make you look at life with joy. Hence, there will be no time for stress and depression. Nature will finally teach you the art of patience and resilience. This is exactly what you need to restore peace of mind.

With more engagement with your true nature, you will find out what really touches your heart. Then, your gut feeling will guide you on your decisions. When finishing your travelling, you will have a project in mind. Painting, writing, taking photographs or whatever it may be, your heart will be directly connected to it.

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The Sustainability Of Our Planet

Sustainability of our planet is a very vexed issue. It is known that man, even being aware of its importance, has overlooked the fact that the planet survival has a connection with his own survival. This way, effective measures have not been good enough to limit man’s behavior. Ego has surpassed deep aspects of the man’s soul, hindering proper cooperation.

The man’s soul is pure, always determined to act in synergy with nature. As well as this, it externalizes love, which truly heals and connects with everything. Then, it is worth stating that man’s selfish and egotistic behavior is a destructive attitude for himself and for the planet. For this reason, when it comes to sustainability, talking about spirituality is worth it.

It is necessary to say that, unfortunately, development and intense material interest have raised the ego in man. This three-worded letter causes an illusion in his feelings and thereby gives him a false sense of security. With ego overflowing his ideas, he has eyes only for material possessions which make him obsessed. This is the biggest trap which moves him away from sustainable actions.

sustainability of our planet

Environmentally Friendly Attitudes Matter A Great Deal

The sustainability of our planet begins with a habit change. However trivial it may seem, conscious behaviors emanate their energy everywhere. They symbolize compassion and love, two powerful healing energies. Moreover, they instill a sense of duty and discipline into people. So, selective waste collection is really good for a start. Given that it only requires goodwill, there’s no reason to avoid it.  Similarly, the use of fruit and vegetable peel helps plants to grow with nutrients. They are natural and efficient fertilizers. Then, mixing the ground peels into the soil results in better absorption. Another right thing to do is take old and defective electronic equipments and discharged batteries to recycling centers. The professionals will know exactly what and where to discard them. The same way, they will redirect specific parts proper for use. These are just simple examples that anyone can incorporate into their lives.

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It is also of paramount importance to buy green products.

These products are completely involved in the ecological cause. Additionally, there are many devices in the market developed for saving and generating green energy. They are handy tools for climatic threats, but also can be used in travelling or even on a daily routine. By giving priority to them you are encouraging eco-friendly practices. You might be thinking how insignificant this is, but new habits spread fast. Once they establish, the manufacturing industry takes a new standing, and then a new perception becomes a valuable asset.

With all this information around the corner, there is no reason to turn a blind eye to it. Instead of blaming the government for environmental degradation, start doing what is right. The government just represents us and has many things to deal with. By paving the way for good practices you are stimulating change. And a change establishes only and exclusively when most people start new habits.

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Cattle Breeding Puts A Damper On The Sustainability Of Our Planet

Nowadays, it has been difficult to tackle deforestation and illegal logging. This is a considerable cause for concern, as the exploitation of resources is out of control. And on top of that, a large number of indigenous animals die, resulting in ecological imbalance.  To make matters worse,  forest clearings are used for cattle breeding destined for human consumption.

All these practices ravage the entire ecosystem, getting in the way of the sustainability of our planet. The absence of planning and environmental awareness as well as protection are evidence of negligence.

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Atmospheric Pollution Does Not Contribute For The Sustainability Of Our Planet

The release of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere brings devastating consequences for the climate and our health. Meetings of competent autorities have been trying to reach an agreement towards the emission of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide. These chemicals result from the burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity. The solution already exists, demanding investment for proper emissions in partnership with ecological behavior. What happens is that some countries refuse to follow the rules or just pretend that everything is ok. In reality, they don’t feel comfortable to adhere to environmental compatibility. Productivity is their top priority, so their ego cannot put up with sustainable development.

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Govern Your Own Life And Let It Echo Through The World

Don’t say anything, because good behavior is the mark of distinction. Needless to say, action speaks louder than words. So, the solution for this kind of situation is within us.  As it turns out, the sustainability of our planet depends entirely on us. For an environmentally sustainable development to happen, there must also be sustainability in the human mindset. What generally happens is that man forgets to recycle his mind.

Mind recycling means thoughts and ideas that adapt man’s needs to the presevation of nature. In other words, a conscious mind towards this gigant living being. Rather than acting like predators, we can simply promote a mutually beneficial relationship. This way, there won’t be environmental abuse. And common sense will reach its highest level. In that case, the whole economy will effectively increase. Better than this, more resources will be available to meet the demands of society. Eventually, mother nature will find more balance, making peace with man. This peaceful coexistence will lead man to a respectful and spiritual connection with nature.

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Oftentimes this can be extremely hard. In spite of that, it is the opportunity for us to show regard for everything nature has given us. As the proverb says, “What goes around, comes around”.

Basically, this is the first step which serves as an inspiration for the government. Being led by example, authorities can use it as a basis for more complex environmental issues.

Gratitude And Appreciation

Gratitude and appreciation are essential feelings that everyone should have. Not only do they demonstrate recognition for the blessings, but they also empower us towards the best version of ourselves. And despite seeming to add no value, they are full of energy and wisdom. So, once you reflect on the small things that make a difference in your life, you become brave and self-confident. In reality, what happens is that, as a reward, the Universe throws upon you a wave of high frequency energy. This way, you renew your source with positive vibration. With such a result, there is no doubt that you channel yourself into the Cosmos. Therefore, the connection establishment provides you with prolific and proactive attitude.

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 Have you ever stopped to think how blessed you are?

It’s about time you started being grateful for all your achievements. Even the small ones, they represent progress and evolution in life. Concerning difficulties, obstacles and failures, they are nothing but blessings in disguise. These supposed negative events have so much to show us.

One of the biggest problems of humanity is that they attach importance only to results which are favourable to them. And when there is a twist of fate, they don’t see the beauty in it. Unacceptable as it seems, there is a reason behind it.

Always remember that everything we go through in life has a purpose. By looking at our ups and downs, trials and tribulations, we can see that they just want to dissolve our ego. From a materialistic viewpoint, ego is destructive. As well as that, it is selfish, competitive and insecure. These feelings intensify fear and self-limiting beliefs which are a poison for any person. On the other hand, ego is beneficial for you to tackle your weakenesses. In addition, it helps you work on yourself in a positive way. In other words, you explore all your qualities and talents in a humble way. At the same time, you make way for other people to grow.

Resultado de imagem para gratitude and appreciation

The Universe Surprises People Who Show Gratitude And Appreciation

Assuming that wonders never cease, the Universe astonishes thankful people with miracles. What is abundantly clear is that gratitude and appreciation turn into faith. This means that when you overcome adversities by embracing love, you become complete. And all that the world needs is unconditional love, because it is the great healer. By reacting like this, you show maturity, detachment, balance and spiritual growth. In such conditions, each cell of your body emanates positive vibes to the entire Universe. Hence, the Cosmos scans your soul in search of alignment. As soon as this happens, it finds the perfect match. It is at this point that a miracle rains down on you.

Miracles are nothing less than life responding positively to your energy levels. With that in mind, make gratitude and appreciation your daily prayer.

Gratitude And Appreciation Are The Right Tools For Co-creation

In the Law of Attraction you are the co-creator of your reality. However, visualizing your dreams is not enough to materialize them. Besides that, you must learn how to truly respect and love yourself. By treating yourself with care and affection and having passion for what you do, you fill your cup. In doing so, you allow love to overflow and surround you.

In this vortex, self-fulfilment takes place in your heart. And so, no matter what comes, you will be thankful enough for every little thing that happens. On this condition, you can empower yourself with words and act “as if” to manifest your goals.

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Abundance And Perfection Are A Constant In Our Lives

Just take a look at nature and see how abundant and perfect life is. When you look at the sky and see the birds flying, you just see perfection. Now, observe the plants and how they grow. Definitely, work of nature is more precise than any engineering work. If you don’t believe that, do some research into Fibonacci sequence. In your study, you will find that the Universe uses sacred geometry. Then, you will be amazed when you discover that mathematics runs the world.

Nature presents itself with cycles and seasons. And we are part of this Universe. So, what makes us different is the ability to think and reason. Nonetheless, we need to get more intimate with nature in order to understand all this connection. This is the path which will direct us towards knowledge and wisdom. We are here in this world not to just merely exist. As soon as you reach this level of awareness, you will learn more to show gratitude and appreciation.

Resultado de imagem para gratitude and appreciation

With Gratitude And Appreciation You Have Strength To Change Your Belief System

The belief system is the thoughts and ideas deeply ingrained in you. Depending upon your belief system, you may have a specific interpretation of everything which happens in your life. Unfortunately, for some this is the greatest downfall. By going back in time, you can remember how your parents raised you. Furthermore, you have a picture in your mind of them teaching you a lot of things. The problem is that you may have learned things which may pull you back. For instance, you learned from childhood that “rich people are bad”. Unconsciously, your parents introduced into your subconscious mind this belief system. Consequently, you have a feeling that if you get rich, money will turn you into a selfish, bad person. Believe it or not, this perception will prevent you from attracting money to your life.

There are many other belief systems which refrain people from succeeding in life such as the belief that man’s eyesight declines when he gets older, that man must have a 9-5 job so as to have a stable life, that money is the root of all evil and that certain diseases like aids, cancer and diabetes are incurable.

In reality, everyone is capable of changing their mindset. With a new perspective, man has a positive attitude towards life. And man is not led by life anymore. On the contrary, he becomes the architect of his life by always acting with gratitude and appreciation.