Different Faces Of Life

Different faces of life are not hard to see in my app driver experience. What I can say, firmly, is that people coming and going and telling me their own life history makes me dive deep into my own. And even those who don’t tell me anything, the expressions on their faces spark my curiosity. Be it customers or just passers-by, life has opened itself to me in a different way. This means that observing life in its different variations has given a special taste to my soul. For this reason, changing from one place to another every single day goes far beyond making money. Based on that consideration, this article reveals my personal view towards spiritual beings in this human experience.   

Different Faces Of Life Are The Universe’s Plans For All Of us

Right now, I’m dealing with a new phase in my life. And the beauty of it is that the Universe has allowed me this activity to rediscover myself through other individuals. So, I strongly believe that working as an app driver is the Universe’s purpose to set me free.

Before deciding to hold this activity, I held so tightly on to my comfort zone that I judged myself capable of only performing tasks that suit me. Unfortunately, this was rather negative as I restricted myself to a story I had created in my mind. To put it another way, my narrow-mindedness prevented me from expanding my knowledge and take risks. As a result, I couldn’t successfully make a change in my life. What I mean is that sometimes a radical action makes necessary if you want to evolve mentally, spiritually and emotionally. In exploring areas which are out of your field you become more empathic. To be honest, it gives you life panoramic viewpoint.  

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With a new energy entering my life, I understand that this was necessary.

If it wasn’t for my decision, stagnation would be repressing me from seeing new things and meeting new people. At the end of the day, life is about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. In my case, it awakens me even more to my truth. This blessing in disguise clarifies so many things regarding my energetic balance.

Although I have to handle the daily stress, I use love to survive in this matrix. And I feel that positive words and a little bit of wisdom back me up a great deal. Not only do they guide me back to realignment, but also make me feel responsible to disseminate them with those who are open to listen.

With duality floating around, life makes me appreciative of the challenges. In this process, I make connections with different faces of life, the incredible souls. With eyes wide open to reality, I bond my life with their experiences, which plugs me into the oneness of the Universe. In short, life imperfections reveal that there is a constructive purpose behind. No wonder that people cross one another’s paths – that’s synchronicity!

My Working Experience Will Never Move Me Away From Living My Passion

Besides all that, I must say that this activity hasn’t diverted me away from my passions. Deep down inside, my inner child always tells me to keep on doing the things I love. Rather than seeing my busy schedule as a drawback, I just take some time out to perform things that elevate my spirit. I’m very fond of reading, writing and dancing, so there are no excuses. They are on the top of my agenda, come what may. Sometimes, it requires me some effort, but it’s worth it. These passions fill my cup and provide me with fresh inspiration.

Now I’m pretty sure that meditation and yoga have done a great work in my journey. These practices have given me strength to explore my inner talents by eliminating fears in my mind. For real, now I can go the extra mile under any circumstances. No more do I impose limits on myself, as they blur my vision on how to manifest my reality. From my perspective, living in a world of infinite possibilities gives me chance to make different choices.

The Spiritual World Spins Around Different Faces Of Life

Returning to the matter in hand, I can say that my spiritual growth depends heavily on interacting with people’s situations. The undeniable truth is that when they share how they feel, it brings me to the gaps I didn’t know. Through reflection I can work on my unresolved issues. In spite of not being perfect, I can recognize better the duality in my world by merging theory and the reality around.

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One interesting fact I can relate in this current experience was on the traffic light.

Completely immersed in my world, I was watching a juggler performing with five knives. His endeavor and persistence were Oscar-worthy. Despite not getting any money at all, his dedication demonstrated how warrior he was. Another fact I can remember is a lady who got out of her car, opened the boot and took a basic food package to donate it to one of those street sellers.

There are so many facts for me to relate, but one that struck me the most was about a visually impaired man. He told me that, initially, it wasn’t easy for him but he had to adjust to this situation. Losing his sight made him acquire some skills such as sensitivity, intuition and the capacity to identify someone’s character according to their tones of voice. Not only that, he said that he didn’t stop fighting jiu jitsu and that it strengthened his ability to touch and feel the presence of someone. The conversation just proved to me how powerful our brain is to create new connections.

Different Faces Of Life Have Encoded Messages Telling You To Take Action

Suddenly, it dawned on me that each person’s role has the Universe’s specific meaning to teach me a lesson. There’s no denying the fact that at most times these signs pass unnoticed. The materialistic world desensitizes us and blinds us from the beauty of life. And what I have learned is that all these facts are not by chance. Actually, they are a small part of me that the Universe presents so as to remind me of my inner potential qualities.

Having said that, here goes my message for you: don’t take your life for granted, because it is a huge mistake.

Your fellow beings are everywhere, each one with their own struggles. They represent something you lack. If you look closely, you will discover that the Universe wants to extract something useful from you. It might be a smile, humility, generosity, respect, creativity, empathy, attention, patience or even love.

In developing a sense of selflessness you take yourself to a level where material and spiritual lives coexist. Once you open space for these noble feelings, your life won’t ever be the same. So, the material abundance which circulates through your life won’t be able to suffocate you. By extension, the Universe will repay you for all gratefulness and abundance in your behavior.

Numerology Studies Online

Numerology studies online can be really helpful and fun. They can also help you uncover hidden insights about yourself and your life. So, why not searching for the best career paths and an ideal romantic partner?

You might be thinking… Can a number really tell me ALL of that? Oh, yes – and soooo much more!

How Numerology Studies Online Works

It´s a fact that everything in the entire Universe holds a certain energy. Therefore, It´s not surprise that all the numbers, names, the dog you have, even you carry that energy. That´s the reason why numerology studies online exist: to show your true purpose in life.

As soon as you know what kind of energy each number “holds”, you will be completely astonished. And in a practical way, you only have some simple calculations to uncover several kinds of information about yourself and other people as follows:

  • Personality traits
  • Life/emotional struggles
  • Best (and worst) romantic partners
  • The best careers for you
  • Hidden talents
  • Soul desires
  • Hopes, dreams, and fears
  • And so much more!

By understanding numerology studies online meanings, you can use them in your life. Not only are they cool, but they are also instructive. For instance, you have a son who is number 5, which means that he is a free spirit. This information will guide you on how to best bring your child up. Furthermore, you can apply it for a relationship or any other area of your life.

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Numerology Studies Online Part 1: Your Numerology Chart Meaning

Before getting into the meanings of numerology studies online, you must first understand the numerology division. So, you will see below the four major parts of your numerology chart and their specific meaning:

1. Numerology Studies Online: Life Path Number

Your life path number, as the name suggests, is your journey in this lifetime. No wonder that it   is the most important part of your numerology chart. With it, you get insight into:

  • Your personality
  • what you can learn from life lessons and challenges
  • Your greatest opportunities
  • What will make you truly fulfilled and happy

You can calculate your Life Path Number by adding up all the numbers of your date of birth. By doing so, you can get 11, 22, or  just a single digit.

2. Numerology Studies Online: Soul Urge Number

The soul urge number is your spiritual number. With that in mind, it has to do with your ethics and values and who you really are. Changing words, it’s the authentic, soul level.

You can calculate your Soul Urge Number by using the chart below. You only have to assign a value to each VOWEL of your full birth name (“Y” doesn’t count). Hence, you keep adding until you get an 11, 22, or a single digit.

3. Numerology Studies Online: Karmic Number

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Your karmic number is about your hopes, desires, and fears. In ordert to get it, use the chart below and assign the corresponding number to each CONSONANT of your full birth name, then add all of the numbers up.

4. Numerology Studies Online: Destiny Number

The expression number reveals your talents and all the potential you have. And what is interesting is that you might even discover some hidden talents that you didn’t know you had!

Thus, to get your destiny number, simply give a value to each letter of your legal name you were born with and add them up.

If this is really driving you crazy, don’t forget to check out FREE Numerology online!

Now, without further ado, it´s the opportunity to know the details of each number.

Numerology Studies Online Part 2: The Numbers Meaning

In numerology, there are numbers 1-9, 11 and 22. Each number from 1 to 9, we call them “cardinal” numbers.  Concerning the numbers 11 and 22, we called them “Master” numbers.

Bear in mind that you’ll have traits of a number if it is your life path, soul urge, karmic, or expression number.

A) Numerology Studies Online – Cardinal Numbers

Numerology Number 1

You’ll have the qualities of number 1 if it is in your numerology chart (Life path, soul urge, etc.). This case applies for people who were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th.

Birthday Numerology: The Meanings of Numbers - WOFS.com

Number one is a strong number with a masculine energy. This way, men and women with this number are independent, driven, and creative thinkers. Because of these strong personality traits, they typically excel in whatever career field they choose!

Additionally, people with numerology number 1 can be critical and demanding due to their struggles and self doubt. In most relationships, they assume the “decision maker” role.

Characteristics of Number 1:

  • strong (so strong that they can be intimidating, without meaning to be!)
  • creative
  • passionate
  • vivacious
  • epic storyteller
  • popular
  • independent
  • visionary
  • fair
  • honest
  • inspiring
  • action-oriented
  • perfectionist

Numerology Number 2

If there is a 2 in your numerology chart (Life path, soul urge, etc.) or if you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th, you have qualities of this number.

The number 2, opposing strongly the number 1, is a feminine number. Its role is to promote diplomacy, intuition and grace.

A great advantage of number two is that it´s influential and persuasive. And it´s exactly because of their unique characteristics, those with number 2 traits make great candidates for a career in mediation, care giving, counseling, teaching, nursing, social work, or therapy.

In addition, those whose number is two love talking and thinking about deep subjects – such as the meaning of life!  But they just have to be tactful that their sensitive nature doesn’t lead to dramatic reactions or hurt feelings.

Characteristics of number 2:

  • powerful
  • influential
  • poised
  • classy
  • trustworthy
  • social
  • extroverted
  • humorous
  • charismatic
  • intuitive
  • artistic

Numerology Number 3

If you have 3 in your numerology chart (Life path, soul urge, etc.), or if you were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th, consider yourself with characteristics of number 3.

Three is the result of addition of number one and two, which is meaningful. So, those with number 3 are typically extroverted and live with wide eyed wonder.

As a result, you see a life full of possibilities and people not stuck in stable relationships. Moreover, people under number 3 don´t like routines and to follow schedules. These kind of people must constantly work towards discipline and mental sharp.

Characteristics of number 3:

  • extroverted
  • fun-loving
  • helpful
  • charming
  • optimistic
  • good communicator
  • chatty
  • impeccable taste
  • attractive

Numerology Number 4

You’ll have number 4 qualities if it exists in your numerology chart (Life path, soul urge, etc.) or if your birthday is on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of the month.

Number four has a masculine numerology meaning. People under number 4 see the world in a “black and white” way. And you can always call on them to follow the rules.

They are hard working and love everything set in order. Because of their thoroughness, they excel in careers in medicine, the military, engineering and the government.

It´s also true that their dependable nature makes them a really good friend or partner. However, they need to relax and have some fun once in a while.

Characteristics of number 4:

  • loyal
  • systematic
  • strong
  • disciplined
  • hard-working
  • introverted
  • organized
  • dependable
  • productive
  • detail-oriented

Numerology Number 5

You’ll have 5 qualities if you find it in your numerology chart (Life path, destiny number, etc.) or if your birthday falls on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of the month.

Number 5 is completely opposite of number 4! This means that people under this number are considered as “free-spirit”. As well as this, they are always ready for adventure! And they are strongly social, friendly and don´t like judging people.  but can come across to others as “flighty”.

It must be really hard for them to get the right job. In reality, the jobs which really suit them are sales, hairdressing and real estate. This clearly demonstrates that they feel really good when interacting with people.

People under number 5 enjoy going through different experiences. So, they are great supportive of their partners and love traveling. And they set great value to their personal freedom.

Number 5 traits:

  • free spirit
  • adventurous
  • have a wanderlust for life
  • fun
  • get restless easily
  • fight for the underdog
  • non-judgmental
  • loving
  • intuitive
  • people person

Numerology Number 6

You’ll have 6 qualities if it is in your numerology chart (Karmic, life path number, etc.) or if you were born on the 6th, 15th or 24th of the month.

In brief, their kindness shows how supportive they are. In other words, you can count on them to listen to you or lend a hand. Also, their hearts are enormous and they do what they can to help anyone who needs.

Numerology For Number 5: People Born On 5th, 14th, & 23rd Of Any Month -  ChaaiCoffee

Thus, the careers which best suits them are “Helping” careers , such as a teacher, healer, guidance counselor, doctor, nurse, therapist or lawyer. To summarize, number 6 is the most compassionate, peaceful, and loving number.

Number 6 traits are:

  • peaceful
  • helpful
  • compassionate
  • kind
  • nurturing
  • supportive
  • give great advice!

Numerology Number 7

You’ll have 7 qualities if you have this number in your numerology chart (Life path, destiny number, etc.) or if your birthday falls on the 7th, 16th or 25th of the month.

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Rumour has it that 7 is a masculine number.  Additionaly, men and women with this number are introverted, philosophical and analytical.

People with number 7 influence are independent, don´t care about other people think of them. The same way, they don´t worry about fashion, politics or religion. Due to their analytical nature and love of working, 7’s follow careers in science or academics. And they are really productive when they are alone.

It´s difficult for them to have friends or attract a partner. They´re really charming though, and once they get a partner, they are faithful.

Traits of number 7:

  • analytical
  • introverted
  • quiet
  • deep-thinkers
  • problem-solvers
  • intuitive
  • fair
  • unique!
  • opinionated
  • sensitive

Numerology Number 8

You’ll have 8 qualities if this number is in your numerology forecast (Life path, destiny number, etc.) or if you were born on the 8th, 17th or 26th of the month.

Those ruled by the number 8 are in constant search of success. Their potential is strong and they do everything in their power to reach their goals. And, come what may, nothing can bring them down, even a failure. They are inspired, motivated and full of energy to work. As a consequence, this behavior results in social life and relationships problems. In conclusion, their prosperity is a mixture of having money, family, hobbies and any other things they love.

Traits of the number 8

  • drive
  • ambition
  • diplomacy
  • leaders
  • efficient
  • organized
  • disciplined
  • practical
  • loving

Numerology Number 9

You’ll have 9 qualities if this number exists in your numerology chart (Life path, karmic number, etc.) or if your birthday is on the 9th, 18th or 27th of the month.

People under this number don´t boast about the victory that their assistance brings.  And the chances are that you will find them fighting for peace or to protect nature. These individuals are spiritual, energetic and always fight for justice.

Numeroscope: Daily Numerology Horoscope | October 25 | Number 9 - Republic  World

When it comes to career, number 9’s tend to go into business for themselves. It´s awesome how loyal friends and partners they are, though they aren’t romantic. Although they are apparently tough, in fact they are very loving and spiritual.

Number 9 traits:

B) Numerology Studies Online – Powerful Numbers

Master Number 11

You’ll have 11 qualities if 11 is your life path, soul urge, karmic, or expression number!

Number 11 is the first of the Master numbers. So, considering that it mixes numbers 1 and 2, it makes it even stonger! Because of this, number 11’s tend to be all over the place and struggle for balance.

People influenced by this number deal with conflict.  Actually, what happens is that they are spiritually insightful and introverted. Therefore, these characteristics make people love them and be around them. But, they prefer being alone.

One thing that they enjoy a lot is to use their creativity. That’s the reason why they love being free to think and don´t tolerate doing mindless things repetitively.

Master Number 11 Traits:

  • spiritual
  • empathic
  • psychic
  • introverted
  • inspiring
  • fascinating
  • anxious
  • free-thinking

Master Number 22

You’ll have 22 qualities if this number is in your life path, soul urge, karmic, or expression number!

Numerology number 22 is the second and last of the Master numbers. In addition, it’s the strongest of all the numerology numbers. For this reason, people under this number have a great mission on Earth: to better humanity!

Taking that into account, these people are grounded, psychic, and selfless. However, they may feel lazy, insecure, scared or act bossy when not caring of themselves. On the other hand, when they are in harmony with their energy and higher self, be careful!

They lead a truly spiritual life and their energy is amazing. And what is really interesting and inspiring is that they lead by example. 

Master Number 22 Traits:

  • psychic
  • spiritual
  • inspirational
  • peaceful
  • divine
  • visionaries
  • selfless
  • care about humanity
  • “old souls”
  • wise
  • humble
  • good at manifesting

Numerology Studies Online – Conclusion

Numerology is what everyone needs for their lives. Its complexity and suitable analysis gives us the right path. Most people should know that success in life is not something by chance. For that matter, each individual should know the spiritual aspects which rule their lives. The Universe is a whole aggregate of numbers and they have a correlation with all of us.  And your personal numerology says everything about you.  In a nutshell, the Universe better communicates with us through numbers and it has so much to teach us! So, this is the time you have to access numerology studies online!

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