Drinking and Spirituality Review

Drinking and spirituality are intrinsically interconnected. For some, drinking may just appear a path towards happiness and fun but this is not so. Behind this behavior lies a paradox. What I mean by this is that all of us carry a heavy burden in this world. In other words, there are many tasks and situations for us to deal with every single day. Most of these interactions cause pain, suffering, seriousness and lack of motivation for life. For this reason, life becomes so obvious and boring, revealing itself as meaningless.

Effects Of Alcohol At A Spiritual Level | Drinking And The Spirit!

Once we ascribe the reality we live in to a mere and unexplainable existence, life goes to waste. This way, many people prefer to turn to alcohol as a refuge. From that point of view, it’s necessary to discuss the relation between this chemical substance and spirituality as well as the consequences.  

Drinking And Spirituality: Escape Valve from The System

To start with, it’s worth stating that the material and spiritual worlds blend together. Also, the link between them manifests the individual reality according to a person’s level of consciousness. Oftentimes, the distraction moves people away from their power of co-creation,so they forget to pave the way for self-development and knowledge. That’s the reason why, in some cases, they prefer to follow the path of alcohol consumption. A behavior such as this results from thoughts misaligned with feelings which act as contributing factors. So, the way we steer the course of our lives goes in accordance with our choices and beliefs. This is not to say that the traditional society doesn’t exert a high pressure on us.

Mass media is everywhere to standardize everything, even our way of thinking. It’s not in vain that the news they broadcast are always the same:  environmental destruction, economy, the stock market, politics, government plans, business and job market, corruption, unemployment, poverty, violence, prejudice, racism, crimes, wars, pandemics. In addition, since childhood we learned that we have to study, graduate, work, make money, get married, have children and pay bills. Being bombarded with all this information on a daily basis inevitably makes us attuned to a toxic reality which, unfortunately, deprives us of our own freedom.

Drinking And Spirituality: The Spiritual Void Is A Trap

According to Immanuel Kant’s famous quote, “There is something splendid about innocence; but what is bad about it, in turn, is that it cannot protect itself very well and is easily seduced.” Carrying out an analysis, it goes without saying that gullibility is bliss. This means that we get excited by what the world presents to us, which, at first, seems attractive and normal, but, in reality, it slants us against our true nature. As a result, circumstances start to happen and we don’t even know how to handle them.

In spite of this, it’s important to highlight that the answer to the problems is within us. For not knowing how to get it, we simply throw in the towel and leave the reality to chance. In doing so, we just prove how shallow we are. And our ignorance easily makes way for alcoholic beverages as an option to idle our time away. Their role is merely to replace the emptiness inside with a transient feeling of happiness. By drinking we temporarily break the routine, making us feel in a lighter world, full of fantasy and joy. Actually, what we are trying to do is release ourselves from captivity.

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Drinking And Spirituality: The Impacts On The Body, Mind And Soul

Although the hard stuff brings a sense of relaxation and relief, it’s harmful in every way. Not only does alcohol cause damage to the system, but it also has a spiritual effect on us. On a physical level, as well as many other drugs, it creates dependence owing to the stimulation of dopamine production. This hormone is responsible for transmitting feelings of pleasure to the brain. Such activity justifies a person’s restless behavior towards entertainment with alcohol.

As you can see, this substance both alters the metabolism and forms a strong bond with the brain. Not only that, but it profoundly influences an individual on a subconscious level. As soon as it reaches this part of the brain, it changes the perception of reality which results in directly affecting the belief system. Thus, alcohol abuse has a direct bearing on a person’s mindset.

On a spiritual level, this drink lowers the vibrational frequency. As shown by the little saying “Like attracts like”, the external energy that moves towards us is the same which surrounds our magnetic field. Hence, by dropping the frequency, our energy matches exactly with the energy of low frequency spirits. These non-physical entities attach to us in such a way that the routine may be entirely changed because of them.

What they do is use our weakeness to meet their mundane needs. Going deeper into this explanation, it means that these spirits couldn’t evolve and reach higher dimensions due to their connection with the temptations of the flesh on Mother Earth. Because of that they feed on our energy in order to keep themselves strong. In this case, if we don’t assume responsibility for our lives, they turn them upside down. Acting as energy vampires is the only choice they have.

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Apply The Law Of Attraction With Wisdom

Another interesting fact is that the reality which surrounds us is not independent. In a similar way, it manifests itself according to the energy we emanate. In this process, we attract people and circumstances suited to the vibrational frequency we have. If you think that sounds absurd, remember that the law of attraction is neutral and effective. Therefore, the world we create depends only on us because the saying “Your vibe attracts your tribe” is true.

That being said, instead of drinking alcohol, you should gain control over your life. In order to achieve this, it makes necessary that you evaluate your internal condition. Equally, it’s convenient to see the duality of the world as a chance to grow. In this context, you should learn how to use emotional intelligence for your own good. By mastering self-control, you can use it as a stepping stone to wisdom. And for your edification, you can take up ancient practices such as meditation and yoga.   

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QQS Formula For Your Life

QQS formula is one of the most practical way in which anyone can improve their personal services. Created by Napoleon Hill, this formula causes an ultimate impact on any kind of business. Be it a big or just a small one, the role of business cannot be restricted only in exchanging services or the final product for money.

Truth be told, when you hear the word “business”, the first idea that comes to your mind is that you get what you pay for in materialistic impersonal relations. If you read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, you will expand your view of business interactions. And with a new mindset you will understand that deep connections matter. From my point of view, I believe that close ties are the cornerstone of any business. They represent a reciprocal agreement in the relationship between the client and the provider.

Initially, it may seem complicated to solve this equation. Sooner or later, you will see that this principle demands good practice. As well as this, its sole intention is to concentrate its efforts on generating results which benefit both parties.

Resultado de imagem para qqs formula

QQS Formula: What Does It Exactly Mean?

Just to make things clear from the beginning, there is no reason to be scratching your head. When it comes to formulas, the first idea that crosses your mind is that you will have to do complex calculations. Going straight to the point, the only thing that the formula requires is common sense. Without further ado, QQS means “quality + quantity + spirit of cooperation = perfect salesmanship of service or product”. Now, you might be thinking “So what? This is a basic concept and doesn’t surprise me at all”. What you don’t know is that each word in the formula carries identity and value which solidify a homogeneous transaction.

Analyzing the element “Quality”, it doesn’t refer only to a perfect final product.

In reality, it goes way beyond that. This term has to do with an overall efficiency. In order to achieve that, everything must work fine since the first stage of production. In other words, the communication and clarification of any requirement must flow easily. So, any interaction in the process is relevant. This involves a harmonious relationship between production, design, quality control, marketing, purchasing and maintenance sectors. Working together and performing every detail is key in generating high standards.

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With respect to “Quantity”, this term does not limit itself to the amount of services or products.

Actually, it transcends this mainstream concept. The idea behind this word is that the service must be rendered with all capability at all times. Keeping the habit of delivering a complete package which perfectly satisfies the customer in every way possible is the main purpose. It is on this basis that the business builds structure and gets off the ground. And the result will certainly be an increase in the amount of service rendered. This, in turn, will allow the improvement of the skill through a cycle of practice and experience.   

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Concerning the spirit of cooperation, it refers to a warm personality.

The same way, honesty and empathy with the final client is certainly the assurance of success. In short, a positive working environment with a friendly atmosphere brings equilibrium to the company and, by extension, to the end result with the client.

I think it’s safe to say that being impeccable with words and behavior can be highly influential on the client’s decision. This can even be powerful in circumstances demanding to deal with human failure and pitfalls.

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QQS Formula Exists In A Mutual Way

QQS formula also involves simple day-to-day interactions such as performing a job interview, working as a street vendor, teaching or making a presentation. As you can see, you must push yourself hard by doing whatever it takes to be the best in your field. In your area of interest you will always sell your image, words, confidence, knowledge and flexibility. This means that your energy will inevitably reflect how you feel, this way revealing your strong and weak points. What I want you to know is that you must never allow weakenesses to take control of you.

With that in mind, I will give you a random example you can definitely find in real life. Consider the relationship between teachers and students. Both of them observe, evaluate and judge each other. It’s true that teachers are in a superior position in relation to students. Given that they are in power to transmit knowledge and assess students, this indicates that they have nothing to lose.

In spite of this, it can be really threatening for them if they perform poorly in their position.

In this case, students with a higher level of confidence, intelligence and communication may overcome any challenge and influence their classmates, giving the teacher in question a hard time. More than that, students with a good argumentative capacity and persuasive power may even take the lead, step into the spotlight and draw a petition against the teacher’s performance. This is because they strongly feel that their learning is at risk. As a boomerang effect, the teacher’s reputation suffers as a result. In this instance, it is clear that once you are in a position of receiving, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are totally vulnerable.

That being said, there is no doubt that being just a purchaser, a job candidate or a passive receiver of information also shows that you are selling your attention, interpretation and reaction to what is being presented to you. The only difference is that you are not providing a service or a product.

The World Is Cleansing Itself

The world is cleansing itself of all the existing impurities that prevent its development. In this process, human activity is seen as a potential threat. Man’s choices make it clear that his ideals disobey the principle of symmetry in Nature. Due to this fact, he acts like a curse, leaving his mark on the world. Be it through the exploitation of its resources or through the destruction of its landscape, Nature cries for help. In equal measure, man suffer the consequences of his actions. With eyes wide open towards reality, the real purpose of this article is understand the effects of Nature reaction on human race.

the world is cleansing itself

One thing for sure is that Nature has rebelled itself against man’s reckless disregard.

For this reason, natural phenomena have been escalating alarmingly. Temperature rising, forest fires, dry weather, death of hundreds of thousands of land and aquatic animals, earthquakes, seaquakes, landslides, floodings to name but a few. It seems like the Universe has allowed these tragic events as a wake-up call to man. Even the outbreak of diseases and pandemics. These tragedies show how poor it is man’s connection with himself and with Nature.

Without being aware that nature is a sacred space, man objectifies it. And instead of allowing co-existence, he makes room for ego existence. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior has alienated him since he noticed how powerful he is to create. Not feeling as part of nature, man disrespects other life forms on Earth. Thus, thirsty for possessions, development and profit, he embarks on a journey which only leads to a runaway growth. Also, in his plans to get riches at any cost, he doesn’t include sustainability as a priority. Like a snowball effect is his unsystematic ambition. Not only does it ravage the fauna and flora, but it also moves him away from a spiritual oneness with mother Nature.

The World Is Cleansing Itself From Man’s Ego Trip

With heart and mind in disconnection, his social construct focus only on the material side.  Such pendulum gains power as society has been used to support it in every way. Consumerism, planned obsolescence, incorrect disposal. Also, the concept of constant innovation and renewal disregards the reuse and reclaiming of waste. Hence, the preservation of nature is always left on the back burner.

As we know, worldwide environmental protection agreement exists, but the rules don’t work in practice. This is due to materialism, the external world which manipulates man. Blindfolded by what nature has to offer him, he doesn’t feel comfortable to comply with the regulations. What is really crucial for him is demand and supply. Such idea disrespects mother Earth as a gigantic living being. As a result, the cycle of nature changes, affecting directly its relationship with the species, including us, the human race. With soil, air, water and biodiversity in metabolic derangement, Earth becomes ill. At this point, a disaster can strike at any moment in many different ways as already mentioned.

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After A Thunderstorm Comes A Rainbow: The World Is Cleansing Itself

While catastrophes may devastate many people’s lives, this karma from nature is an act of defiance which incites man to connect to his higher self. It is only through the awakening that he will start looking at other living beings from a heart space perspective. The Universe allows nature to give man this shake so that he can see that unity avoids calamity for all. Keeping that in mind, it’s worth stating the phrase “United we stand, divided we fall.” It reveals clearly that human beings and all other life forms on Earth have right to prosper and multiply. Truth be told, the work of nature is fair and divine.

Chaos reigns as an alternative way to allow man to set his house in order.

Although it’s painful, this great confusion represents a portal which shows the linking between the spiritual and the material worlds. Strange as it seems, sad feelings are more revealing than anyone can imagine. They immerse him in another level, which inserts him into a deeper meaning of life. A rude awakening with self-destruction right on the corner leads him to reflect on the things he did against mother Nature. This blessing in disguise is an opportunity for him to reevaluate his role in this entire ecosystem. In this case, there is no denying the fact that the government and the politicians may create more effective laws and intense monitoring. Definitely, this will keep everything under control.

Despite that, the situation goes much further. Each and every one of us are also responsible for the change we dream of. Unquestionably, we must spread environmental awareness through sensible actions. In this process, we can bind with them and share our experiences. It may help them in their decisions and even touch their hearts. More than that, it may encourage them to invest more in the protection of Nature. All of us are on the same boat and actions along with energy are contagious. From the individual to the collective, this is the true power that transforms. Therefore, if we want to see peace in nature, the first thing we have to do is interact with nature in the most peaceful way as possible.

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While The World Is Cleansing Itself, Improve Your Connection With It

Simple attitudes generate great changes. It’s not about complaining and gossiping about what’s wrong. It’s about taking positive action which reverberates. For instance, you don’t like the idea of environmental pollution, but you don’t worry about selective waste collection. This is not a sensible solution to the problem. Nature and man need to come together as one. However, it will come to fruition through man’s sincere desire and goodwill to contribute. In order to do so, a realistic approach must be adopted.

Rather than keeping quiet while the world is cleansing itself, the least thing you should do is separate different kinds of material for recycling. Also, you could use the organic waste to provide gardens and plants with nutrients. Just out of curiosity, have you ever heard of permaculture? It is a self-sustaining system which can be applied to a garden, agriculture or farm in order to allow the integration of landscape and man. The philosophy behind it is one of working with nature, respecting the natural ecosystems and the diversity.

Besides all that, have you ever thought of using water with respect? It’s the basis of the existence, this element is divine. These are just some examples, but there are many more. Once you start taking them seriously, you will feel the need to keep in line. And Nature will thank you for your dedication with blessings in your health and state of mind. This is no joke or merely a stupid theory. Being in balance with yourself and with planet Earth is everything. It gives you a sense of grounding and self-fulfillment.

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