Alternative Medicine Is The Path

Alternative medicine is, without doubt, the route to a healthy living. When it comes to this practice, most people consider it as a second option. Because of that, they use the term “alternative” as a escape route. What they don’t know is that this practice is way more effective than the conventional one. Be it for preventive or curative treatment, alternative medicine shows great respect for human’s life.

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From my point of view, I believe that unlike alternative medicine, conventional medicine is a procedure that shows gaps in regard to the patients’ real wellness.

It seems to me that their focus is more on the treatment. Hence, a final formula is their approach towards the process. In other words, they use practicality and instant solutions as a goal to achieve results, which causes many failures. I believe that this is due to the matrix we live in, which standardizes everything and belittle everyone. With such a simplistic vision, medicine ends up becoming nothing more than a materialistic thing.

Why Do People Dismiss The Idea Of Alternative Medicine?

In spite of having the free will and access to information, people disregard it. Their lack of interest in natural practices makes them act as marionettes. Maybe, a little knowledge and common sense now would avoid excessive expenses in the future. This way, most people prefer giving in their power to specialists. This is not to say that people shouldn’t go to the doctor’s at all. At one time or another it can be crucial. There is no denying the fact that emergency situations like surgeries, blood transfusion, terminal diseases and any other similar cases may require conventional medicine support.

What I am telling is that sick people can, if they want, appeal to alternative medicine for a preferential treatment. Or, in case they are healthy, they can be proactive towards their health.

This means searching for information and taking action before it’s too late. With goodwill anyone can learn something new which creates value. In some cases, it can even help them save some money. Internet and social media have been helpful on that. By being curious and thirsty for the truth, anyone can find tips on superfoods, physical exercises and ancient practices for health. Ads

As we know, our way of thinking dictates our behavior and decisions. Then, inquisitive people are always questioning everything in search of a reasonable answer. However, there are those who don’t concern about anything. People who belong to this group live a mediocre life. They don’t see the need to gain knowledge or adopt a new behavior, even in the face of adversity. In their minds, health specialists, drugstores and hospitals will always provide them with everything they need. These professionals and places are the refuge they have for their ignorance.

Alternative Medicine Is A Personal Matter

So, in a misguided attempt for health, they believe anything doctors tell them. And they risk themselves doing whatever it takes to improve it. In their minds, taking medicines is safe and the only option for pain, headache or even high blood pressure. What is clearly perceptible here is that “ignorance is bliss”. In a situation such as this, they don’t see themselves responsible for their own health. Thus, they subject themselves to someone else’s command.

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Alternative Medicine Deserves Your Attention

Alternative medicine is a vast topic which needs due attention. Personally, I see it as one of the most complete forms of medical treatment. In it, the concept of a “healthy body” takes a step further. In this case, it means that the mind and soul states are relevant issues. These two factors have equal importance contributing for an optimum performance of the whole body. With that in mind, this treatment focuses on energy, healing and organic and herbal diet.

What makes it unique is that it does not limit itself to only one procedure.

With its vast field, human life is treated according to a specific requirement. Hence, practices such as homeopathy, acupuncture and chinese medicine are taken seriously. The same way, there are body therapies like chiropractic and osteopathic medicine, yoga, Tai chi and massage which help heal the body by touch.

Touching upon energy, its power is highly sensitive to our health. Considering the influential role of external energy, electromagnetic therapy, reiki and qigong are extremely powerful as energy therapies. These holistic therapies equally share the energy through the chakras, glands and plexus.

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Another form of therapy which provides overall health is the use of senses. Good examples are art, dance, music, visualization and guided imagery.

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Besides all that, mental health plays a key role in the body health condition.

It provides the management of disease, pain and suffering. This is due to the fact that the mind has a strong tie with the body. Once an individual nurtures a positive state of mind, it results in a good emotional health and a better mood. Certainly, this condition is appropriate for the production and release of “happy hormones”, such as dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin.

As a consequence, the body responds positively, speeding up the healing process. In order to achieve this, alternative medicine also uses meditation and hypnosis as therapies for self-control. Both of these treatments are effective in developing new neural pathways in the brain. With a new structure, the subconscious mind is able to control the individual’s behavior in a positive way, overcoming self-limiting beliefs. This is of vital importance as it generates a boost of self-confidence and determination, essential attributes which rule man’s life.

Regarding organic and herbal diet, there is no doubt that its contribution for the body healing speaks volumes.

Sun-kissed food is good for the mind, body and soul. Their live enzymes have a substantial effect on the body, making it more alkaline. This state is perfect for a healthy body. Some kinds of food are curative while others are preventive against many diseases. For more information you can take a look at “Superfoods and their benefits“.

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Let’s not lose sight of the fact that alternative medicine deals with people in a personal way. Not only does it present a variable approach for cure, but it also opens doors for knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, this kind of medicine is certain to have a beneficial impact on anyone’s life.

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Lightworker Path Review

Lightworker path is not an easy one. Considered something hard to achieve, many people prefer to attach themselves to the mainstream path. What they don’t know is that at any time in their lives they can opt for it. Such decision must be in line with their heart desires. When this happens, everything unfolds naturally and gains consistency over time. Those who are bitten by the lightworking path bug make it their way of living. As life is not a bed of roses, these select few inevitably run into uncertainties along the way. In this article, I’ll explain to you my experiences as a lightworker and what I do on a regular basis to sustain my mission.

The Lightworker's Path

First things first, lightworker path is a choice to live life through the laws of the Universe for your own good and for the good of those around you. Being in this path neither makes you a saint nor makes you better than anyone else. In spite of this, the Universe gives you props for your common sense towards the collective consciousness. Every passing day you give yourself permission to a free-mind achieving process. To that end, all you have to do is buckle down to remodelling your inner state. As old habits die hard, gradual changes make it easier for you to absorb new traits of character. Along with this, your words, thoughts and feelings must be in the same flow of energy, which surely gives you solid support.


In my case, I seek to bring the material and spiritual worlds together so as to make me feel whole. With my mind focused on that, I spend some time in nature to reconnect with myself.  In feeling the embrace of mother nature , I can sense more the nature of my soul. My pet dog, for instance, I know that she misses me a lot when I go to work. For this reason, I communicate with her and show her my affection when I sunbathe in the morning.

Hence, I feel special and blessed the same way that animals, plants and trees do. This energy refuels the cells of my body and my mind enters into alpha state, an ideal condition to face the concrete jungle. If you take a look at the life story I am writing, you will see that “lively” is my keyword. All that I can say is that vitality is crucial to my being in all areas of my life and I won’t ever let it go. It reflects my inner peace, joy and love upon those who interact with me.

In addition to all that, every morning I speak with the Universe, radiating good intentions to the Cosmos. Since I release higher vibrations to the ether, I set myself in receptive mode for blessings and protection. 

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Analyzing lightworking path from a broader perspective, I dare say that nature is a physical aspect of the Universe. If animal and plant kingdoms, including us human beings, along with the soil, water, air and the revolving planets compose nature, there is no reason in acting unconsciously regarding the discarding of residues. So, I do the best I can with fruit and vegetable peels, using them as a source of nutrients in plants. Concerning garbage, I sort out recyclable material and take it to the recycling center. To the best of my knowledge, our relationship with the external world represents gratitude and respect for its variety and riches. In acting this way, I feel spiritually clean and I don’t see myself apart of the ecosystem.  I believe that when we treat nature with care, a positive response comes instantly in our field of energy.

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Another relationship which cannot be left behind is the one you have with yourself. In this sense, things you can’t see such as thoughts and feelings are preconditions for the spiritual path. Believe it or not, they have a bearing on your energy field. The “Simon says” society, full of rules, information and theories, ties you to a yardstick of values and decency which alienate you from your spiritual purpose. This way, all your attention is directed to something which indirectly and subconsciously coerces you into consuming their ideas. Even debates discussing the pros and cons of different situations insert standardized opinions into your head.

From your misused intellect comes the symptoms of stress and anxiety which hit straight your first three chakras. Why not using your concentration to upgrade your soul? Instead of watching and learning from the mass media, learn to think for yourself! Open channels are everywhere for your access. In not drinking the kool-aid, you lead your own life with more independence. Taking me as an example, since I decided to understand who I really am and the surrounding reality, my life has never been the same. Aggregating readings are awesome, but it’s even better when you incorporate your new learnings into your habits. This implies that you are just converting your knowledge into wise practices. Thus, your intellect works in your favor and ceases to be passive of a controlling system.


Therefore, it’s on you to keep yourself in a vortex of higher vibration. In reaching this stage, you are able to survive through thick and thin and keep going strong. From my point of view, this is the starting point of a lightworking path. Once you achieve your own greatness by surpassing fears and old programs in your mind, you achieve spiritual strength. The results are self-explanatory, which automatically set you aside as a reference.

Being the light, you will be capable of helping those who gravitate towards you in search of spiritual assistance. I, for one, believe that illumination is the union between the Universe’s teachings and constant practice which leads you to your best version. It’s a relentless work in which you never rest content. Thus, day in day out you master yourself because you know deep down inside that your energy heals you, inspires you, sets you free, giving you authenticity to shape your reality with confidence.