Mind Secrets Exposed

Mind Secrets exposed, the voice which comes from within

The depths of the mind are not too far away, they are a tangible thing

Life is a huge crossing, but the brain is a garden path

Don’t settle for a mediocre life, instead be your own social homeopath

Mind secrets exposed 2.0 PDF review - is it reliable?

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

The syndrome of a scarcity mindset that forces you to be in a rush

“Take it or leave it”, this sentence sounds like fear

Despite that, dream big and remember to be in the frontline of your own career

Wealth creation gives you truly success

Subconscious mind healing is synonym of everlasting “happi-ness”

Brain fog results from an alienating society

With your brain’s full potential there is no lack of sobriety

Mind secrets exposed, the art of getting what you want

A life change program which is on the forefront

The decision is yours, all yours for the taking

This groundbreaking initiative is your life shaping

Thought manipulation is the most powerful force in all existence

Make it work in your favor and don’t view success from a distance

The Magical “Reality Bending” is a wonderful technique

With this procedure you have the tools to make your mission complete

The truth is that life itself is a huge mission

In this battle of spiritual warfare, you’d better live in stoicism

Life is a subject for you to philosophize

Although the journey is not easy, there is no need to dramatize

Everything in this world is so subliminal

Sound and imagery permeates your soul like a desperate criminal

Hidden enemies are everywhere in this infernal machine

In this duality there is no choice but to keep your own temple clean

Not only is alchemy a science of the Middle Ages

But also it’s a resource you have from the sages

In fact, it’s a metaphor of the Hermetic principle

By following it you stand tall and become invincible

Remember that you can be your own doctor

Thus, you’ve got your own therapeutic approach

In your subconscious mind there is a huge locker

Where your belief system makes you your own life coach

An investment in your mind is a matter of spiritual elevation

Your heart and mind connection is your psychological rehabilitation

Dogmas are just to enhance your “weak-ness”

In conforming to them you allow your own “bleak-ness”

Mind Secrets Exposed, a peace card thrown on you

With your dream planner guide, you’ve got a significant breakthrough

In case you don’t want to be subservient to society

Step into your truth so as to eliminate all compliancy

Seek to be in harmony with your intuition by following your own Pole Star

Further, learn some tactics on how to live in a world which is bizarre

What seems good is bad, and what seems bad is good

The paradox of living in reverse in the new world order, I wish you understood

A zombie attack is the matrix agenda

In not taking care of yourself, life becomes a torture, a serious dilemma

Offered protection is nothing but an excuse to keep you in bondage

If you’re not brave enough, you’ll be an eternal hostage

The unseen world is full of inorganic ones

Carelessness makes your body cells become their precious stones

By allowing fear you bring karma to your soul

As a result, your imbalance prevents you from feeling whole

Don’t subject yourself to the world experiments

Otherwise you will allow yourself to be a guinea pig

After all, your body is a vehicle of enlightenment

And your imagination can help you think big

Mind Secrets Exposed, the revelation of mental turmoil

A disease of the soul which attaches to you like plant roots in soil

In spite of that, you have your own free will

If I were you, I would give myself some time to chill

Your past and your upbringing don’t define you

They are part of your history

But your present is for you to carry through

So, it’s your turning point, your victory

Listen to some songs with the frequency of the Earth

Enjoy nature, walk barefoot and forget what hurts

In addition, allow yourself to breathe in the air

Your inner child deserves rebirth, therefore treat it with care

“What you dwell on, you become”

This statement is a prophecy that works for everyone

Because the mind gravitates towards your inner feelings

Which in turn brings into existence your personal dealings

Unlike what you may think

Destiny is for losers, those who can’t see the missing link

whereas freedom of choice goes for winners

who co-create their life lines like strong swimmers

A healthy mindset provides life with a real meaning

Wake up, you are not an emotional wreck

Once you learn how to embrace your feelings

You give your energy centers proper respect

Traveling through time and space

Energy renews itself, the Universe has a solid base

888 is a symbol of infinity

You are a liberated soul, endowed with the power of divinity

You are the living proof that two becomes one

The power of intention that brings manifestation from above

Sacred connections, kindred spirits, divine feminine in action

There is no room for desperation, I’m talking about real satisfaction

Life is about being open and receptive

In talking to your inner self in front of a mirror you become more introspective

Make peace with your past, at the same time, forgive those who hurt you

In doing so, there is no blockage in your soul to curse you

Food Diet Secret Review

Favorite Food Diet – An In-Depth Analysis

In our modern times, people have no idea that a Favorite Food Diet already exists. So, they get enslaved by that inefficient old traditional strict diets. Thus, when you ask them questions like “How do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you feel struck by low self-esteem?”, frustration takes over as a result of putting on weight and having no control over it.

food diet

Consequently, most people nowadays are in search of a best and effective program which helps them lose some weight. But what actually happens is that they are sick and tired of pushing themselves towards it, as they would like to have an optional weight loss program which gives them the results.

So, If you feel you are one of these people, there is no reason for worries any longer. As it turns out, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Taking that into account, this review will solve all your doubts about weight problem. For that matter, we will talk about the Favorite Food Diet.

Understanding The Favorite Food Diet

What makes this program unique is the way it guides you towards weight loss. Taking a different perception, the program doesn’t follow the mainstream concept. This means that you don’t have to deprive yourself of eating your favorite foods such as pizza, pasta, cakes and brownies. However, there must be control with the intake of them.  In other words, you learn how to educate your system against overeating foods which make you gain weight.

food diet

Strange as it seems, the Favorite Food Diet program comes with an innovative technique. And this is amazing, because you don’t need to take a radical action. On the contrary, you follow a gradual change in your lifestyle.

Considered as a revolutionary method, this system has supported many people who resist changing their diet.

Talking About The Creator Of the Program

Experienced and renowned physical fitness expert, Chrissie Mitchel is the author of The Favorite Food Diet program.

All her hard work and dedication throughout the years have brought notoriety to her. Moreover, she has attained credibility.

The Favorite Food Diet system looks promising and has changed many people’s lives. This is due to her careful research and focus on a weight loss method which can really work for anyone. In addition, her purpose is that individuals stick to a diet without suffering. In this case, individuals can feel confident and good enough to keep up the pace.

Click here and check the official website

What does this program include?

Although it doesn’t seem, The Favorite Food Diet can offer you more than you can imagine. Below are some of the resources you will have access to when joining the program:

  1. The breakthrough miracle shakes. There is a whole overview which focuses on the development wonder shake dishes. They are easy to prepare and the active ingredients you can find them at the supermarkets. 
  2. The real root cause of obesity: In this second stage, there will be a wealth of helpful information. Full of details, it will lead you towards what causes excessive weight.
  3. A flourish community: the program provides you with real and practical community. This forum is one of the components of the manual, which includes tales and strategies.
  4. A comparison to a fitness program: The Favorite Food Diet discusses what kinds of added devices and sources will help an individual lose weight. To put it another way, the program does not put only “physical fitness program” on a pedestal. 

Making Clear Of How The Favorite Food Diet Works

By having the main facts of the program at hand, you can evaluate it. This is great, because you can decide whether to use it or not. Taking account of that, the article explains clearly how the program works.

In essence, this program main intent is to go straight to the weight gain causes. With this path you have one of the answers towards the treatment. Next, the program will show you exactly what triggers your metabolism. Hence, you will have all the ingredients which will help you burn excessive calories all through the day.

Resultado de imagem para how to improve metabolism

In short, with this incredible system, you will have what it takes to become thinner. Indeed, it indicates that you won’t have to struggle for losing weight for a long period of time. Furthermore, once attained your goal, you’ll be able to keep the results for years to come.

Isn’t that awesome? A legitimate product which meets your expectations? So, there is no reason for excuses. Give yourself permission and make way for something effective in your life. Now, you can just buy the program and give it a try.  And, undoubtedly, take delight in its benefits.

What Are The Positive And Negative Aspects Of The Program?

Positive Aspects

– You don’t have to get stuck to a suffering crash diet

– The program provides you with a clever alternative to lose weight and not deprive yourself of eating what you like

food diet

– You learn how to improve your metabolism

– It gives you helpful advice on how to stay away from the wrong product

– There is useful information about recipes which guide you towards an ideal metabolism

– Natural methods which you can trust 100%

– A 60 day refund guarantee

Negative Aspects

It doesn’t work by magic. In other words, you must follow the instructions carefully for the desired results.


Generally speaking, it’s a great battle for most people who are overweight to lose some pounds. But, trust me, it’s even worse having to deal with illnesses caused by obesity. For this reason, it’s much more advantageous to invest in your health than in hospitals and medicines. As it turns out, a preventive attitude will bring you back your health, as well as your self-esteem.

food diet

Definitely, there is no reason for fear or insecurity. As mentioned before, you have a two month period of time to experience the product. And within this time span, you can contact the company to ask for a refund in case of disappointments.

food diet

So, there is no time to lose anymore! Take it or leave it! And be ready to check the quality of the program.

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Medicinal Plants Benefits Review

Medicinal Plants Benefits and their importance

Medicinal plants benefits are valuable for our health care system since ancient period. That’s the reason why people should know The Lost book of remedies and use it as a guide. Before talking about it, mentioning the meaningful role of medicinal plants is worth it.

Just as a reminder, researches show that medicinal plants constitute approximately 80% of total drugs humans use.

And this figure proves that their consumption is vital in the treatment of many diseases and disorders.

Also, they´ve got better compatibility…

in the body, easy metabolism and low side effects, wonderful features.

What´s more, they are not harmful to the environment after disposal.

Other advantages such as light manufacture, low cost and easy storage facility make them unique. This way, they retain their potency for a long period if stored well.

According to ancient knowledge, homemade preparations are effective and practical. These characteristics help people to use medicinal plants in emergency. And they can even buy them as over the counter drugs without a physician prescription.

list of medicinal plants

Medicinal Plants Benefits and The Lost book of Remedies

Medicinal plants benefits come under different types and are not restricted to one family or type of plants.  Therefore, knowledge of plants is power and a conscious use of it can give you awesome results.

For those who don´t know, there is an impressive and valuable content on “The Lost Book of Remedies”. This incredible book relates the american ancient knowledge towards the use of medicinal plants. And what most people have no idea is that ancient knowledge is even more powerful than people can imagine. The biggest problem is that our modern world is not aware of it and ends up consuming fast foods and remedies. Unfortunately, people have forgotten the numerous options of natural healings and this book reveals them in it. As soon as you leaf through the pages, you will get amazed by the content you haven´t even discovered. And you will also see that the ancient knowledge has much more to teach us than we can imagine. After reading it, you will conclude that you can really count on medicinal plants whenever you need.

Medicinal Plants Benefit – Cultivation

Nowadays, growing medicinal plants in your backyard is a wise choice. In fact, it gives you the option to have the healers in your own hands. And everyone can do it instead of depending on artificially produced medicines which are not natural. So, take a look at the picture below which illustrates exactly that:

The illustrative Lost book of Remedies

Below is the picture of the handy illustrative book.

Don´t miss out on this opportunity! Go for it!

This book is amazing and people regard it as one of the greatest healers in America.

The Transcendental use of Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants benefits is a blessing. For this reason, medicinal plants use is something that persists in our history. You can find reports talking about them in Middle Ages and other history periods. The biggest drawback, however, is that human race has forgotten their true power. With the evolution and technology, man has used their intelligence to create processed food. And, as we all know, this kind of food is packed full of preservatives and substances which cause cancer. The fast pace way of life has led men to a state of blindness.

Man cannot lose sight of the fact that medicinal plants affect directly our health and mood. Even the our intelligence has a connection with what we eat. There are certain plants which are superpowerful for our brain such as spirulina, chlorella and nut.

Besides that, our body cells…

need to breathe properly. In reality, what happens is that processed food does not allow that. The presence of toxins and other unhealthy substances are negative to our cells. As a result, our cells react in an undesired way, because our system cannot deal with it.

Therefore, the purpose of the Lost Book of Remedies is to show you that. In fact, it´s our origins which must be reminded. And man has not acquired consciousness yet to understand that medicinal plants can bring us more balance and self-centredness. By focusing on medicinal plants use or even a plant-based diet consume, man will feel much more alive. They are sun-kissed, 100% natural and have live enzymes which boost our energy for life, throwing away day-to-day ailments.

The Conservation of Medicinal Plants

This big list of uses above indicates the importance of plants. So we need to take efforts to prevent them from eradication in the name of development. Taking it into consideration, conservation of medicinal plants is a key factor for future use.

Due to heavy use, human race has chopped off large plants and those which take a long time for germination.

Hence it´s crucial the conservation…

of medicinal plants. And a practical way of doing this is by obtaining the medicinal plant material through agricultural methods of cultivation. So let´s not rely on the plants growing naturally in forests!

In short, steps for conservation of medicinal plants are necessary. By doing so, we can obtain medicinal plants drugs, which are natural and have a potential healing. Therefore, tissue culture method where possible is a great alternative along with research and evaluation. The consumption of medicinal plants is as good as the conservation of them, because they represent the ancient knowledge secret.

Find Your Calling in Life

Find Your Calling in Life – The Mayan Calendar Secrets

Ancient Mayan Calendar Secrets is the key to find your calling in life. Actually it reveals the code you received at Birth. How Smart People Are Finally “Finding Their True Calling and Getting Paid To Do It!” Discover Your True Abilities Using This Secret Ancient Code And Enjoy Your Life WITHOUT Leaving Home!

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The Secret of Your “Destiny” Is In Your DNA Code And Mayan Calendar is The Key to Unlock it

The knowledge of who you truly are (and the career you could actually follow to prosper in this lifetime) is no further away than your own DNA – “locked in” exactly the time you were born.

This knowledge, which you’ve been carrying around with you in “code form” from birth, only needs to be plugged into a special calendar to reveal its secrets to you in pure form.

For over 1,750 years, people used the secret code inside this calendar. This helped them to decipher who they were and where their special talents laid. Unfortunately they lost this secret when the ‘New World” imposed the Roman Calendar code. And strange as it may seem, it is the same one we all use today.

You probably didn’t know all that, but don’t worry. Most of us didn’t!

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Find Your Calling In Life – The Reason for The Missing Code

For years, people used this ancient calendar for everything from determining the best time to plant corn to knowing who they should marry. But then the Spanish came over the ocean in their ships, burning and pillaging. That’s when they buried the old stone calendar in the earth and the they created “the law” with the new Roman calendar.

Believe it or not, this is the very same calendar you now have hanging in your kitchen. No wonder we’ve all been using for the past 2,058 years. This Roman calendar is known as the Julian Calendar because they named it after Julius Ceasar! No kidding. It’s the truth.

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So what’s the problem with this new calendar?

Here’s the problem: It’s got major flaws. You see, not only does it not contain the secret code that people used to unlock their potential in life, but it actually is missing several days (why we have leap years), ignores an entire cycle of the moon going around the earth, and has got the names of the months wrong!

Ever think it’s strange that October comes from “octo” (meaning “eight”) – when it’s actually the 10th month? Well, you’re right! Reason is, when our calendar was first created, the Romans didn’t even count January and February as months. The official year started on March 1st and there were only ten months!

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No wonder things have gotten screwed up… Including losing the code you needed to use to uncover your true nature in life along with:

  • Who your soul mate could be
  • What career you would shine at (and make the most money doing)
  • Why it’s crucial to know what your kids’ code is too

Of course, you couldn’t have known all this before. Almost nobody does. But the shocking thing is, the meaning about discovering your true nature and the reason behind the hiding all these years. I’ll explain in a moment (including something pretty creepy involving the number 13).

But first, here’s something that is going to make you extremely happy:

Decoding Your True Identity Takes Just 53 Minutes – The Key To Find Your Calling In Life

Listen: let’s be honest here. Liz and I haven’t always known our true natures either – or been working in roles that fit us perfectly – by a long shot.

You may not believe this, but back before we started using this system to make decisions about how to run our own company and where each of us should “fit” into the workflow day-to-day, things didn’t always flow so well. In fact, sometimes they were downright disastrous…

I remember this one time in Scotland when we had a complete meltdown in the middle of a big company launch we were doing…I won’t go into the details, but let´s just say we were both frantic, our entire family was uprooted with nowhere to live, and our company was crashing and burning. At one point, Liz actually ended up throwing all the plans for our launch into the air and screaming:

“I Can’t Do This Anymore!”

In the end, we realized everything was crashing and burning on us. And it was because Liz was being forced to do the type of thing she wasn’t meant to do. In other words, it was not according to the code of this ancient calendar.

At that point I talked to her and said, “Liz, you don’t have to do this anymore. Let’s look back at the code from the calendar and what it says we should do.” And that’s when things started to change for us.

I’m only telling you this because we understand how horrible being unhappy in the job or role you’re in is. And the worst is when it feels like there’s no escape. So, you end up thinking anything can change about your situation because:

a. Someone has to do everything you do

b. There’s simply not enough time to change things

c. Where’s the money going to come from?…

Here’s the good news: You don’t need a lot of money and much time to find out your true nature to feel the difference today. All you really need is your birth date and your birth time. After providing these personal data you will take about 53 minutes to listen to a fascinating message all about you.

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The Secret Message That Will Change Your Life Is 53 Minutes Long

After experiencing the difference in our own lives, Liz and I couldn´t hold onto this secret far too long. Thus we´ve decided to make the code available for people like us. By doing so, they don’t have to spend years tracking it down and deciphering it all like we did!”

So here’s what we’ve done for you today.

We’ve spent the past ten years tracking down the details of the code. First we´ve researched the calendar and how to use it. And finally afterwards we tested the code on ourselves and a few people close to us.

Then we compiled everything that really worked into a system (we call it the Power Quadrant System).  It is super easy to use but still incorporates everything you need to quickly “decode” your true nature. After that you will start seeing immediate change in your life!

Click here and go straight to the official website!

Best of all…

We’ve turned it all into a single, easy-listening audio . It´s practical, you can turn it on, sit back, relax and just listen to it.

For those who like to write as they listen there’s a workbook too. However you don’t have to do that part if you don’t feel like doing it. The main thing is to listen to the 53 minute message and hear what it says about you.

Get ready because…

You Are About To Hear What An Amazing & Complex Person You Truly Are, therefore find your calling in life!

Now, first things first: we didn’t put any “mumbo-jumbo” into our report on you.  After all, we´ve focused on your DNA “code” you have since the minute you were born. And it´s exactly what now governs all your actions today.

This is far too much of an important message for even a few non-essential minutes of recording time. So, that being said…

Here’s just a few of the eye-opening revelations that you will discover inside The Message:

  • Whether your current job/career is the right one for you – or not!
  • What type of work you were really meant to be doing here on Earth (hint: it’s also what makes you feel most alive…but it may surprise you!)
  • Who your perfect soul mate might be (everyones codes match up differently)
  • What your children’s codes are and why you need to know
  • Who you should avoid working with at all costs (these people will simply bring you down but you won’t know how to recognize them unless you can see their codes right off)
  • Why you keep having the same annoying arguments with your “significant other” (and how to stop – even if they don’t have a clue what you’re onto!)
  • Why you shouldn’t have to do everything…at home OR at work
  • What your spouse’s secret code is (and how it lines up with yours)
  • How to get 50% more done in a day after making 1 simple change
  • What tasks people are asking you to do now…that you shouldn’t have to!
  • How to find the perfect “superstar” career made just for you (without changing a thing about who you are)
  • What your “special gifts” are (you’ll be surprised and pleased when you discover several you don’t even know you have right now)
  • Whether someone would be a good business partner for you – or not.

And much, much more…

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But first, Liz and I both have a confession to make:

We Can’t Take All The Credit For The Power Quadrant System

First of all, we didn’t discover this ancient calendar and DNA decoder ourselves.

I know it’s a shock: I mean, wouldn’t it be cool if we told you that we discovered this giant round stone covered in hieroglyphs while bush-whacking through the South American jungle on our latest expedition?…

Can’t you just see Liz and I decked out in camo pants and pith helmets right now?

Click here and go straight to the official website!

The truth to find your calling in life is…

We did discover the secret to the code hidden inside this calendar in a rather mysterious way (it was at a Retreat fifty miles north of in Houston,Texas) where we met this white-haired lady sitting on the “verandah” while sipping lemon tea, and she told us…well, that’s a story I’ll tell you later). But the Spanish discovered the stone in the 1600’s.

You can google it and read about it including why the number 13 is considered unlucky today, and why buildings often don’t have a 13th floor. The new calendar actually hides the 13th moon and pretends there isn’t one.

This stone is a big calendar in the shape of a circle. What they don’t know is how to use the calendar to decode the DNA of who they really are and what kind of career they are perfectly suited for.

In order to discover that, Liz and I had to spend literally years studying how this calendar works, and the system that’s embedded in it that shows you whether you’re a red, blue, yellow, or white. And then, what being a red, blue, yellow or white really means. (Hint: if you’re a red, you shouldn’t try to work with a blue…and if you’re a blue, you can’t stand people who don’t pay attention to detail…and so on).

Of course, if you really wanted to sift through the hundreds of websites on this ancient calendar, cross-reference the thousands of paragraphs that hint at how the color system works, and then draw up a blueprint for yourself, be our guest . We’re not the only ones who could do it.

Click here and go straight to the official website!

Like I say, it has taken us 10 years to figure all this out. That’s why we’ve boiled it all down and made it super simple for you.

After doing all the research…and cross-referencing everything…and testing it out on ourselves and our closest friends for a few more years…we sat down and put only what you need to get started now into the 53 minute audio (and simple 7-page workbook) you’re about to listen to.

Warning! Try Looking This Up Yourself And You’ll Go C-r-a-z-y

Ok, so you could try to literally “reinvent the wheel” and go out searching for the facts about this ancient stone calendar and the secret code hidden inside, track down the white haired woman I mentioned earlier, and then painstakingly piece together a makeshift four-color system yourself…

But why go to all that trouble when we’ve done all the footwork for you? I can tell you now, I’ve seen the webpages on this subject and there are literally THOUSANDS of them, most of which are full of false information and wild theories…

Imagine how much easier it will be to just “press play” and download a copy of the 53 minute message that will instantly reveal to you the secret hidden in your DNA at birth until now? This will save you countless frustrating days of searching for the truth…and since time is money, you’ll save money, too.

I mean, if you think about it – a full eight hours of your time has got to be worth more than $17, right?

Click here and go straight to the official website!

Find your calling in life is and just imagine how you’ll feel when you…

  • Discover what you’ve been longing to hear about your personality all these years…
  • Find the perfect life path based on who you were at birth!
  • Enjoy real, meaningful relationships with people who respect and respond lovingly to you. Avoid those who “steal your energy” and don’t support you.
  • Experience the thrill and excitement of knowing your “true calling” starting today…
  • And have that attractive, “shining” confidence of someone who knows exactly who they are and where they’re going!

BEWARE: Ignoring To Find Your Calling In Life Can Lead To A Specialized Type Of Depression

Just in case all this isn’t a solid enough reason to download your Power Quadrant System and listen to your secret message right now, here’s a scary fact from The Oxford Program that you should know:

There is a very specific type of depression called “Career Depression” that strikes people who find themselves locked into doing work that doesn’t match up with their true purpose in life. Take a quick assessment. If you fit any of the criteria below you could be in danger of developing this debilitating condition.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you ever have nagging doubts about the future of your career?
  • Does your job often make you feel discouraged or depressed?
  • Are you unclear about your career goals or future (and unhappy as a result?)
  • Is a sense of joy or passion completely missing from your work?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need to take the Career Depression seriously.

Click here and go straight to the official website!

According to The Oxford Program, Career Depression generally goes through three stages:

1: Dissatisfaction

2: Demotivation

3: Paralysis

Obviously, you don’t want to wait until you reach the “end of the line” before taking action!

In a recent study at the Australian National University, the wrong job can actually be bad for you. It can be worse than having no job at all!

According to Dr. Liana Leach, Centre for Mental Health Research, “…research showed that people who moved from being unemployed into poor-quality jobs were significantly more likely to suffer from depression… than those people who remained unemployed.”

Depression is a very real and debilitating condition for millions of people. It causes feelings of hopelessness, chronic fatigue, and thoughts of death.

It’s important for you to find out your purpose here on Earth. You can find which career you will be happiest in starting today.

Why should your work be a source of depression for you? It could be an endless source of emotional fulfillment and joyful confidence! You can avoid having to suffer through any more years of “quiet desperation” by taking action today.

GO HERE to get your Secret Message to find your calling in life!

Click here and go straight to the official website!

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Manifest Money Secret

Manifest Money Secret – 3 Steps To Activating Your “Wealth Brain”

According to Dr. Steve G. Jones, creator of Total Money Magnetism, we´ve all got the Manifest Money Secret inside of us. However, we have no idea that the manifestation begins in our minds.

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons why most people don’t get the wealth and the life they want is that they don’t actually KNOW what they want?

It’s true.

Resultado de imagem para wealth brainwave

Although you may think you want to be wealthy and successful, the truth is that the majority of people actually spend more time thinking about what they DON’T want rather than what they DO want.

For example, have you ever had any of these thoughts?

  • “I don’t want to be poor”
  • “I hate being in debt”
  • “I don’t want to be paying rent forever”
  • “I’m tired of struggling”
  • “I don’t want my kids to go without”…
  • “I don’t want to be a failure”

Yes, most of us have had these kind of thoughts before. And the problem is focusing on what you don’t want which prevents you from attracting wealth in your life.

Instead of manifesting prosperity and opportunity, or even an unexpected windfall, you end up manifesting more debt, bills, and hardships!

Click here and access the official website for further information.

Manifest Money Secret – How are Self-made Millionaires Different?

The difference is that even before they became rich, they DREAMED of being wealthy and successful.

They literally had a “rich brain”. And rather than dwelling on what they were lacking, they focused on the steps to improve their lives. By so doing, this attitude led them to the successful future they desired.

So, today I want to help YOU to develop the mindset of a millionaire. The three simple steps that follow show you the path on how to program your mind for wealth.

Resultado de imagem para wealth brainwave

These steps have helped me to get to where I am today. For this reason,  I hope they guide you on the path of achieving great success!

Click here and access the official website for further information.

Manifest Money Secret – Step One: Set a target

Then first step is to set a specific goal for your financial future. Thus, think about what you really want, and try asking yourself the following questions:

  • How much money do I want to have in the bank?
  • What kind of job and salary do I want to have?
  • Am I happy working for others, or do I want to become my OWN boss?
  • What kind of assets do I want to own?
  • What kind of LIFESTYLE do I want to live?

Maybe you want to earn an income of over $100k per year, or to own a house mortgage-free. It doesn´t matter your purpose, you only have to put your mind to it and start living the lifestyle you want.

Remeber that any target you want to achieve is great. And the most important thing is what YOU want for your future, not what anyone ELSE wants.

P.S. : Don’t worry about HOW you are going to achieve this goal right now. That’s the job of your subconscious mind. For a start, simply come up with a target that makes you feel really excited.

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Manifest Money Secret – Step two: Determine your REASONS for setting that target

It’s crucial that you know WHY you want to be wealthy. Strange as it may seem, the reasons can determine whether or not you will achieve your goal.

Are the reasons an excuse because you hate your current job? Do you only want to get rid of the thought of struggling with debt and bills forever?

Do you feel like turning your passion into your day job? Is becoming financially free your dream so that you can live your dream lifestyle?

Resultado de imagem para a dream life

Wanting something out of passion and determination is a million times more powerful than wanting something out of fear. Therefore it’s essential that your reasons be positive and motivating.

For me, the reason I wanted to be wealthy was for financial freedom. Material things such as a Mercedes AMG and a mansion, of course, are very nice to have. But what I love most about being wealthy is the freedom.

I love being able to spend majority of my time helping people, and travelling the world. Furthermore I love knowing that I would never have to work again even if I never made another penny in my life.

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So, What is it About Wealth that YOU want?

What are the good things that would come from having an abundance of money? Financial freedom would enable you to:

  • provide a great lifestyle for your family
  • travel and go on vacations when you choose
  • buy your dream house or dream car
  • do the kind of work you love, and work the hours you choose
  • feel successful, valued and proud of what you have achieved
  • Resultado de imagem para a dream life

Give yourself some time to think and then write down 2-3 reasons why you want to be wealthy.

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Manifest Money Secret -Step Three: Align your brain with your target

The last step is to align your brain with your target. For that matter, be clearer and more specific about your goal. This balanced and focused attitude will help your brain work harder to make it happen.

So right now, I want you to try to actually visualize yourself achieving the goals you have set yourself. In addiction, picture how you will be FEELING in that moment.

For example…

  • Seeing that million-dollar balance when you log in to your online banking
  • Picturing yourself opening that dream business
  • Welcoming your friends and family to your beautiful new home (that you own mortgage-free)…
  • Picturing yourself picking up that dream car from the lot…
  • Telling your kids about the amazing holiday you’re about to take them on.

Whatever your dream is, the more you visualize it in your mind, the chances are it will become your reality.

Resultado de imagem para align your dream with your brain

Your subconscious mind sets out to attract into your life the things you think about MOST. So, make sure to concentrate and give priority only to the things which you want.

Keep going over these three steps, and as these thoughts, images and feelings of wealth are absorbed through repetition by your subconscious, you’ll soon find your life beginning to change in amazing ways you’d never dreamed possible.

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