Chakras Vowel Sounds

Chakras vowel sounds have so much to say concerning our body healing. Thanks to their resounding effect, our entire system, superior intellect, genetic memory, imagination, inspiration and directed knowledge become more lucid. Similar to what colors, organic food and crystals do, they activate the inner god within us. Basically what they do is promote chakra balancing, unblocking energetic debris that prevent the Kundalini energy from rising. It is thus evident that meditation with vowel sounds does a complementary job in cleansing the chakras for a better spiritual life.

With a superpowerful energy, vowel sounds elevate our level of consciousness through spiritual nourishment.

This condition is propitious for balance, intuition, sensitivity and insight. These key elements are the attributes for the expansion of the spiritual horizon. This way, they foster a sense of grounding along with a constructive mindset which is possible only through synchronization with the Cosmic power. Originated from ancient wisdom, these sounds represent the openness of the energy centers. Not only that, but the unblocking of the repressed energy is the way for true freedom. Being endowed with an indomitable spirit is the real blessing that everyone needs.

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The Linking Between Chakras Vowel Sounds And Spirituality

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of spirituality goes beyond reprimanding demons and saying prayers. Instead, it studies the law of cause and effect and the interdependence between all there is. Along with that, it places a high value on our body as a temple of internal purification through awareness. This approach follows the “Emerald Tablet” theory which states “As within, so without”.

In most cases, people hold on to a certain religion with a view to improving their spiritual life.

Hence, they follow and respect doctrines and traditions imposed by it. In addition, they learn the truth about many Bible passages, but the interpretation is a basic one. In doing so, they subject themselves to a pendulum with fixed ideas which control and obsess them. Without freedom of mind, they don’t think for themselves. For me, it looks more like manipulation and download program from the matrix. With all my respect, I have nothing against that, but let’s face it! Spirituality is something much more intense than one can imagine. In reality, it requires the peace and quiet of your being and inner centeredness for extensive comprehension of the facts of life. This work is a reflective and meditative practice with an even deeper meaning.

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The sad truth is that with a misconception about how reality works, they end up in a helter-skelter of emotions, destructive belief systems and fears.

Being entangled in this repetitive cycle is what causes instability in chakras which is an influential factor for misbehavior and disease. If you carefully observe people, you will see that the great majority follows an emotional pattern of behavior. And what is astounding is that they handle it as if it were their own. Then, they declare loud and clear that they know themselves. Unaware of how far they can go, they become complacent about their reality. Concerning health, in some cases, an apparently physical disease may be nothing more than a result of a spiritual imbalance. To put it another way, the disease manifests itself into the physical realm as a consequence of disorder in the spiritual realm. As we are spiritual beings, there is no separation between mind, body and soul.

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Chakras Vowel Sounds Provides Energy For Our Souls

Since the first day of our lives, the focus is more on the outside world than on the inside. This is because of the tangible benefits of reality. The music and entertainment industry, TV news, Internet, technology and fast food industry drain all of our energy. With so much going on right before our eyes and through our senses, we naturally lose connection with our souls.

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Our chakras represent higher connection with divine forces. However, they are powerless without wisdom.

The truism is that we all need divine feminine energy in equilibrium with the divine masculine energy. The latter refers to analysis, will, the use of influence, the ability to change and the act of giving (like providing the sperm) whereas the former deals with the power of creation, self-discovery, love, compassion, empathy and the act of receiving (like allowing the sperm for fecundation). As you can see, when these energies merge together, there is spiritual wholeness.

Returning to the topic of chakras vowel sounds, they are nothing short of a constant flow of infinite intelligence which harmoniously vibrates in each energy center with the aim of reestablishing the two opposite forces with equal power.  Drawing an analogy, we can say that our body spiritual structure is like an equation determined by the chakras alignment.

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The Effect Of Each Of The Chakras Vowel Sounds On The Body

Each vowel sound has its own resonance in its corresponding chakra. This has to do with music, which is the world universal language. Given that we live in a vibratory Universe, sound waves have their specific vibration which match their equivalent chakra. Below are the vowel sounds and their effect on the body:

– ah: is a vowel sound which connects directly with the thymus gland. This allows reactivation of genetic memory which has an association with past lives.

– eh: has a connection with the thyroid gland, which awakens the inner ear.

– ih: presents a vibratory sound which links itself to the superior intellect. With this vibration, creative imagination and inspiration kick in.

– oh: this sound vibrates with the heart. At this point, there is ideal condition for the awakening of intuition and directed knowledge.

– uh: for having connection with the pancreas, this sound reinforce the capability to communicate telepathically.

– Um: the pronunciation of this sound acts like a bridge which connects the entire system. Moreover, it awakens the fire within located at the bottom of the spine.

– S: this additional sound vibrates in harmony with the upper of the spine. Also, you can use it to improve the vibration of your home.

Resultado de imagem para chakras vowel sounds

What is amazing about these sounds is that you can pronounce each one of them by yourself 7 times consecutively. Nonetheless, each time you do it, remember to breathe in first, hold it and, then, pronounce the sound in a steady pace. These different 7 vowel sounds reach a total of 49 sounds. In order to heal yourself, you must commit yourself to this practice every single day. In case you find this practice hard, you can just listen to vowel sounds in your daily meditation.

It’s worth saying, as we all know, that energy is not lost in the process, only transferred. So, the declaration mentioned in the Bible which says that “In the beginning was the word” proves exactly that. The vowel sounds carry a strong potential in awakening the inner god. Hence, they convey a message which establishes the unfolding of the misteries of life. Once we reach this stage, we make ourselves available for new opportunities to create our own world with self-confidence, clarity, determnation and creativity.

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Brain Waves And Personality

Brain waves and personality have a strong bond in human beings. This interdependence relationship is the result of the brain frequency which sends signals to the body at cellular and emotional levels. Following the principle of law of conservation of energy which says that “energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred”, this article raises the issue of how this works in practice and what you can do for your own good.

brain waves and personality

As you already know, the brain deals with human physiology and metabolism.

So, the personal activities and daily nutritional intake have a particular effect on a specific individual, being vital for the body functions. And according to your schedule, it can either increase or decrease your energy flow. Biologically speaking, this analysis is pretty obvious, given that there is transformation of one form of energy into another. In this process, a healthy food ceases to be only a source of nutrients to become an information provider which can help you in psychological and emotional levels.

Additionally, your attitude and life philosophy contribute a great deal to properly convert the energy and send positive signals to the brain. For your knowledge, the brain is like a muscle which needs exercises to develop. This means that it can perform better than it already does.

The Proof That Brain Waves And Personality Are Not Worlds Apart

Just to clarify, the brain doesn’t work individually with the body. Much on the contrary, it also interacts with the surrounding environment absorbing its frequency. Thus, your way of thinking and feelings are the consequence of what you are tuned into. Be it the kinds of music you listen to, TV watching or even your circle of friends, all of them play a significant role in shaping your personality.

Although it is hard to understand the linking between brain waves and personality, the explanation is quite simple: these outside influences have a direct bearing on your brain frequency.

Therefore, this leads you to make choices and handle life events according to your beliefs. The harsh reality and routine of your life end up putting you in survival mode. So, unconsciously you fight against bitter feelings like a chicken with its head cut off.

For instance, you nurture a feeling of grudge and wrath against someone who talked behind your back or treated you badly. In another situation, you constantly make heartache and pain emerge by reliving a past that is already dead. Deep down you know that it’s over. In spite of this, you pump the “victim mentality” into your mind which is of no use. In a similar way, insecurity knocks on your door due to financial restraints and job loss. The same goes for unknown future situations you project yourself into, trying to realize how they are going to unfold. Attitudes and behaviors like these generate apprehension and fear.

In a nutshell, these biased manners annihilate the opportunity to live fully in the here and now. In other words, you just escape from the reality you can positively create for your life.

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Don’t Allow External Circumstances To Manipulate Your Brain Waves And Personality

These addictive behaviors are predictable in man because of disruptive forces of society. Economy, politics, fame, the daily news, protests and many other pendulums attract your attention and occupy your mind to so great an extent that you don’t have time to look at your own inner self. In this respect, different lines of thought concerning the external world make life incomprehensible, confusing and meaningless.

Living constantly in this chaotic lifestyle causes your system to release stress-related chemicals such as cortisol, catecholamines and thyroid hormone.

As a consequence, these toxins rob the body cells of their energy and reduce your ability to detoxify. No wonder your vitality goes down the drain, affecting your personality. With so many poisonous substances in the system, your psyche turns on the alert system. By extension, mistrust becomes your primary focus. This manifests itself in a tendency to reproach, get angry and show insecurity for the reality around you. Expressing dissatisfaction is the escape valve for all the negativity absorbed from the outer world.

Right now, millions of people have their brain waves and personality distorted by this standardized system.

And they don’t know how to turn their lives around. Has it ever crossed your mind that you can improve the state of your brain instead of just letting it damage your wellness? The matrix where we live in promotes competition, drama, rebellion, suffering and agitation. All these things are insane and run your brain on a surplus of beta waves frequency. With a high content of this electrical activity, your brain programs you to easily go on the defensive and lose composure in everyday life situations. Actually, this is not your true authentic self.

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Alpha, Gamma, Delta And Theta Frequencies For Your Brain

Truth be told, in no way are you thinking for yourself. To be centered, all you need is alpha waves frequency, which lowers the production of stress hormones. This way, you enjoy a state of relaxation, balance, confidence and ability to let go of what doesn’t serve you. So, after a hard working day why not meditate on beta waves frequency? If meditation is not your cup of tea, just lie down on your bed and listen to these beats. After a while, your brain activity will reach a new pattern, which will be healthy for you. It’s just a matter of habit!

Besides beta and alpha frequency, there is also gamma, delta and theta frequency.

Gamma brain waves, for example, are related to intense focus and problem solving skills and peak performance. Thus, you can listen to sounds with this frequency if you want to boost it. Now, delta waves occur in deepest meditation and dreamless sleep. They are good for learning, memory and quick healing. Regarding theta waves, its occurrence is frequent when you’re sleeping, deeply relaxed or in a meditative state. For this reason, they represent the bridge to the subconscious mind.

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After analyzing the different frequencies, you might be in doubt which one to listen to. In order to activate your mind to 100% potential, you had better meditate on alpha, theta and gamma waves. Remember to turn down the volume to 20% for better results. In doing so, you avoid overthinking, which allows your mind to quieten down. Once you manage the noises in your thinking mind, you can make it more productive and efficient. However, never lose sight of the fact that you must use this practice consistently.