How To Fight Against Coronavirus

How to fight against coronavirus? This is a question that many people might be asking themselves. Similar to mad cow disease, avian flu and swine flu, this is another disease to be added to the list. Every now and again, mass media broadcast news about an outbreak of a strange disease. It looks like out of nowhere a threatening disease just appears, scaring a large number of people. Bad news literally travels fast, so we are bombarded with all the drama and well-elaborated sentences laden with words which destroy.

 how to fight against coronavirus

A New Perception On How To Fight Against Coronavirus

Newspaper staff and radio announcers are expert in conveying all kinds of news. Therefore, it wouldn’t be different for unexpected and frightening news. After all, they must be precise when doing their jobs. And even acting like puppets within the system, this is just their professional approach. Living in a matrix which controls them is not a problem at all, maybe because their level of consciousness guides them to do what makes them feel comfortable to. Thus, the only reality they question is the visible and material world. In order to render a better service to population, most of them don’t have the faintest idea that the news goes straight to collective consciousness.

Why do I say that? By resonating with the feeling of fear and panic, many people’s behaviors go with this flow. Once they decrease their vibrational frequency, the energy field which surrounds them becomes dense. Consequently, the body-mind-soul connection loses harmony due to the brainwashing involved. Hence, what they disapprove of magically starts making part of their routine. And their lives inevitably turn into chaos.

How To Fight Against Coronavirus With The Power Coming From Within

The news feed will keep on reminding their public of bad news. Concerning coronavirus or any other pandemic disease, the emphasis on the disease dissemination followed by tips and warnings how to avoid it is a must. Despite making people alert, they are rather energy depleting. This way, negative emotions grow like a soap bubble which, in turn, make people prone to negative influences, including the high risk of the contraction and the spread of the disease.

In this case, the focus of watchers’ attention is much more on the world around them than on the internal world which lies within. With that in mind, they end up considering themselves inferior to rise above such a confronting situation. The big block that arises right in front of them has everything to do with lack of intimacy with the inner self. This internal identity that all of us have is what awakens resilience, wisdom, temperance, self-healing, positivity and confidence under any circumstance.

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Words And Behavior Are The Right Tools On How To Fight Against Coronavirus

Instead of attaching importance to things which consume us, we’d better take care of ourselves. Being object of manipulation is a prison which distracts us from the truth. We live in spiritual warfare which uses the 3D world to speak things into our existence. Individuals full of insecurity and completely programmed by the news have no power over their lives. For this reason, we need neither mass media nor negative people to throw their prophecies into our paths. Knowing that “words have power” and “where our attention goes, energy flows”, let’s talk to the Universe and use the vibration of positive words in our favor. We are incredible and divine beings by nature, so let’s make it worth!

Tap Into Your True Power

Why not making some time for meditation or even yoga? Also, you can work out to give your body a better physical conditioning, right? How about spending time in nature walking barefoot? Do you think sunbathing is a good idea? Have you ever thought of walking your dog and talking to it? These things make you more connected and boost your immune system. The same way, your properly arranged meals will define your good state of health. This means that you can give preference to healthy foods which bring harmony to your system, prevent you against diseases and provide you with mental clarity, happiness and creativity.

You can do your own research and include them in your diet. I guess there are foods you have never heard of. It’s about time you started this journey at least a little to see how precious life is. These activities will increase your self-esteem as well as your vibrational frequency. Being a work in progress, we must learn the art of self-mastery. Books such as “Reality Transfurfing” by Vadim Zeland and “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne have so much to teach us, but you must see for yourself. Look at your life not as a mere existence but as something which deserves understanding and observation.

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Quantum Physics On How To Fight Against Coronavirus

There are many other things for us to concern about like joy, peace and gratitude instead of concentrating only on fear. Being entirely absorbed in repulsion and excessive prevention causes, according to the law of balance, the attraction of balanced forces to neutralize this behavior. And the consequences can be really serious. Life is about balance in all areas without creating excessive potential.

Given that energy transaction happens everywhere, attention is the energy which sustains anything in focus. Furthermore, words go together, as they have power and vibrate. For this reason, the best you can do to survive in the matrix is give special attention to yourself, considering you as the main character in this game. We, human beings, came from the source, which is light, so we are all gods and goddesses. Willpower is the gift we have to transform our lives, but it depends on how we deal with reality.

Quantum physics proves that everything in this world emanates energy and so do we. The domino effect is a prime example. Things tend to get worse when we suffer and complain about something we don’t like or even keep the frustration, anger, fear, hate and anguish inside us. Feelings like these ones attract more situations which nurture them. By making negative comments about the undesired disease or anything we dislike, we only increase the chances for such things to occur. I’ve been through it and I’m conscious that only knowledge and wisdom can definitely change our lives.

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Love Is Your Protection Shield

One thing we must know is that we are the world we create. Only by learning to cultivate love will we be able to manage our lives to the best of our ability. So, intense self-care against a certain disease with fear and a negative mindset is of no avail. Love is a universal and spiritual aspect of life and surpasses everything in this world.

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Rather than trying to fight coronavirus with fists and guns, embrace it! Besides that, there are many other diseases in this world. And the duality between health and disease will continue existing. I dare say that love will protect you from evil, give you confidence and heal each cell of your body. Love is a command which rules all forms of existence in this world. That being said, keep your mind healthy and in control of yourself, because the worst disease in this world is that which comes from your mind!


Travel Expands Your Mind

Travel expands your mind! This sentence is true and complex. Not only does it refer to your external world, but it also refers to your inner world. With statements like this, it sounds like poetry. Maybe it, at a certain point, is. Life uses metaphors and figurative language the same way as poetry. So, our roles is to unveil its mysteries through the pathways.

Our world has many places, cultures, races, languages and religions, but they are nothing more than different versions of man’s life. To my mind, these labels exist because man needs support bases to run his life. Created as a way of becoming unique, this variety ends up creating separation.

Resultado de imagem para travel expands your mind

By travelling around the world you will see the beauty in every different existing aspect.

Going from one place to another will give you a sense of unity and integration. This is due to a critical sense acquired from your experiences. With an intense feeling of belonging and connectedness with the world, the ego dissolves.

Now, just imagine yourself learning a totally new way of life. This could be in an island, in the woods or in any other place. Also, consider yourself learning another language and doing things you could never have imagined before. Has it ever crossed your mind the idea of eating something you have never eaten before? At first, you would feel uncomfortable and uneasy. However, after a while, you would be at peace with yourself again. You would even have fun with the situation.

Resultado de imagem para travel expands your mind

We all know that tastes differ, but circumstances mould us.

With unforgettable experiences you would understand people’s behavior better. And you would conclude that life is like a river. Instead of getting stuck in your little world, you would live every single moment. Certainly, your sense of presence to here and now would prevail. Undoubtedly, with a new reality on display your perception would expand. Moreover, you would become more receptive towards what is new and unknown.

Travel expands your mind and the reality is that the benefits of travelling go well beyond that.

They provide you with more clarity, intuition, broad-mindedness and a sense of connection and respect. Indeed, going to different places renews our souls. And with the world just before our eyes, we look into our inner selves with more affection. Introspection becomes something effervescent and a world of infinite possibilities. Without any doubt, human being is highly adaptable to new situations. In fact, they are positive for man’s spiritual development.

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You Can Expand Your Horizons And Free Your Mind

Travelling sets you free. With mind-blowing experiences you will learn the art of unconditional appreciation. Better still, you will detach yourself from useless behavior. By developing a sense of adventure, life becomes easier. And then, you see people, animal, places and nature as an extension of your spiritual presence. That proverb which says that “the beauty is in the eye of the beholder” expands into your eyes of the soul. Definitely, a deep connection starts ruling your existence. The interconnectedness between you and everything gives you new meaning in life. Consequently, a phenomenal rediscovery takes place in a more empathetic way.

Resultado de imagem para travel expands your mind

Leaving that old perspective behind cleanses your energy field, allowing for revitalization.

Another interesting fact is that this also happens at a cellular level. Each cell of the man’s body is a living organism which participates in this process. No wonder that they reflect the state of mind of an individual. For certain, a free mind contributes a great deal for wellness. Unquestionably, open-minded individuals love to travel and learn from every challenge they have.

Travel Expands Your Mind And Provides You With Solid Experiences

Different real-life situations reprogram your belief system. This indicates that your subconscious mind becomes adaptable and flexible. Under different circumstances it achieves optimum performance. So, in every new circumstance you will notice a paradigm shift. This way, you won’t be conditioned to repetition. More than that, attachment is something you won’t ever get used to. And your mind will be at full speed all the time. With constant expansion, your subconscious mind becomes more proactive. Consequently, your behavior acts accordingly. Therefore, with an advanced level of consciousness, you become alert to your reality.

With that being said, man’s thought energy is capable of controlling his entire system. Impressive as it seems, epigenetics clearly talk about that. Different and enriching experiences lighten up man’s life.

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Travel Expands Your Mind Towards Your Purpose In Life

It’s by getting out of your comfort zone that you understand the truth of who you are. Thus, the interaction with different people, doing new activities, opens new paths. Even with some mistakes, you will be able to re-evaluate your life. In so doing, you will make way for knowledge and confidence. This rewarding experience will help you grow like a brave soldier.

Also, with breathtaking sceneries, you will naturally enhance your spontaneity and creativity. The wonderful landscapes will make you look at life with joy. Hence, there will be no time for stress and depression. Nature will finally teach you the art of patience and resilience. This is exactly what you need to restore peace of mind.

With more engagement with your true nature, you will find out what really touches your heart. Then, your gut feeling will guide you on your decisions. When finishing your travelling, you will have a project in mind. Painting, writing, taking photographs or whatever it may be, your heart will be directly connected to it. Ads

Traps Of The Ego Mind

Traps of the ego is a topic you must pay close attention to. Even dedicating yourself to self-healing, one time or another the ego will take place. For those unfamiliar with the term “self-healing”, it is a process focused on recovering from traumas, negative feelings, distorted perceptions or any disturbance which can cause blockages in your belief system. In this stage, even with intense inner work, you take a chance of falling into the ego trap.

With that in mind, with the first sign of an uncomfortable feeling, don’t despair!

But remember that it is the ego in action. Unfortunately, it manifests itself in various forms. Aiming at creating excess potential in your inner or outer intention, the ego will always come to distract you. From my point of view, I strongly believe that it tries to counterbalance the harmony of the heart space. It’s true that it poses a threat to us. However, any kind of reaction is useless. By responding to it, you just transfer energy to this undesired pendulum. In this circumstance, the best you can do is put yourself in the position of an observer. At the same time, you can absorb the unpleasant feeling 100% until it dissipates. Although it is troublesome, this is the wise thing to do.

Resultado de imagem para traps of the ego

Traps Of The Ego When Using The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction says that we must “let go” in order to allow the manifestation to happen. And this means keeping positive feelings as a way of bringing wellness. This is really good, for sure! The thing is that the ego mind always reminds us of sadness, fear, anger or any negative emotion. It looks like a cycle, imposing its rules on us. Actually, it is. No doubt about it, but resisting to an impending negative feeling creates persistence. The more you use your power to defeat it, the more it increases. So, being an observer, feeling and not reacting doesn’t affect you. Once you do that, the harmful feeling expands until it finds a place to evacuate. This is the law of entropy which, at first, causes disorder.

Keep in mind that both negative and positive feelings are expansive. It doesn’t make sense to allow only pleasurable experiences to take over your being. Inevitably, you must accept bad experiences as part of the process. They are nothing more than the complement of the existing duality. However, be aware that good vibes must be predominant in your life. By simply assimilating this fact will you be able to restore yourself to a peaceful state again. In addition, your internal condition will become strong enough to overcome any situation. As a result, you will feel renewed with pure and clean space for love and happiness. With this technique, your level of consciousness improves and you gain self-control. Also, it paves the way for the alignment between your heart and mind.

As it turns out, life is tricky when you don’t understand it.

Therefore, in order to do so, you must know thyself.  To reach this stage, a proper knowledge of the mind is required. Not only that, but basic concepts of quantum physics. By understanding the depths of the mind and knowing how to deal with it, you unlock the secret. The mind is not something superficial, abstract or isolated. It is intrinsically connected to the soul’s desire and the physical world around. The huge problem is that people, places and circumstances will always play their role in arousing the ego within us.

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The Reality We live In Boosts Traps Of The Ego

It may seem odd, but the world presents itself in a way to us, holding us in total bondage. Thus, feeling stuck to a system which encourages competition and comparison, a fight for perfection, protests, complaints, money and material possessions chasing, search for security,  future planning, consumerism and the situation control just stifles us more and more. Social media, television and radio are in great part responsible for all of this. Since childhood, we are programmed to worry, have pride, go on the defensive, reproach, get revenge, project ourselves into others, feel sad and incomplete, judge people and disdain them. All of these pendulums are part of man’s insanity. Whether you like it or not, you will always bump into these influential factors. They are so ingrained within society that people regard them as natural.

Far from sticking ourselves into a box and hiding, self-protection can be quite easy. The only escape valve is the research into knowledge and wisdom. Ads

Traps Of The Ego – Why Do They Exist?

The evolution of humanity has brought great development to man’s life. This creates the perfect bond between man and resources. And then, it leads to man’s reaction to everything related to them. This includes politics, economics, technology, money, employment, business and administration. Media is in control all over the place, reinforcing the importance of these subjects. Man has no choice, but to blindly follow the concept. As a consequence, his ego is bombarded by all these distractions. Being so involved by them, he is incapable of diving deep inside himself. His mind is already so heavy with all this content that he continuously keep giving energy to these existing pendulums. As a cascade effect, his ego mind is awakened by negative feelings, which misaligns his heart and mind.

Resultado de imagem para traps of the ego

The interconnection between the pendulums is another fact that acts as a sustainable driving force for each one of them. This way, be mindful, as the ego is not the real you, it refers to the external world. In order to excel yourself, you must explore your internal world with love. This feeling, in its true essence, is transcendental and constructive. In other words, it sparks your creative ability with knowledge coming from the Universe. With true dedication, you will discover the pathway towards your higher self. From then onwards, you won´t see yourself as a limited being any longer.

The Smart Solar Box System Review

The Smart Solar Box is a system which has revolutionized many people’s lives. So, it’s not by chance that this product has been sold like hot cakes. Ryan Tanner, its creator, developed it, taking into account unforeseen circumstances.

This product is an ingenious solution which can work anywhere to power everything from small radios to big refrigerators, big screen TVs, computers or even houses.

Believe it or not, nowadays people must be prepared for all kinds of situations. And considering that we live in a world where unexpected things happen, there is no reason to overlook reality. Proof of that is that every single day we are bombarded with news about ecological disasters like tornadoes, blizzard, storms, landslide among others.

But we never see ourselves dealing with a critical situation, as this is not our desire.

But, have you ever questioned yourself about how you would react in such circumstances? And if, for instance, you are on a hike in the mountains with your friends and your cellphone battery is low? Do you have an idea how you could recharge it? There is no doubt that it would be really hard without having a source of energy.

With this in mind that the smart solar box was created. With attention to it, in this article, you are going to learn how to use the smart solar box to generate energy . Besides being practical for any kind of collapse related to energy, the device also saves your power bill. And the plus point is that all the generated energy is free from cost, which is amazing.

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The Concept Of The Smart Solar Box

The Smart Solar Box is a useful and effective device which uses a system to generate power. Given that it’s portable and easy to use, anyone can install it in 4 hours from anywhere. Moreover, with this device, you’ve got the chance to save approximately 68% on electricity bills. In order to get this benefit, all you’ve got to do is watch the video and follow the instructions. For this reason, this means that no special knowledge is necessary.

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The Smart Solar Box System Works Likes This…

To start with, this system only requires a proper place for you to fold the panel. So, you can do it in the comfort of your home, that is, you can assemble it at the backyard, garage or even basement. Also, if you need parts, you won’t have any problem about it, as you can find them available in any local store and even online.

Therefore, what makes Smart Solar Box system unique is that it helps you deal with the power cut in case of disaster situations. As well as this, it works wonders when you go camping with your family. In reality, there are numerous cases which the Smart Solar Box comes in and these ones are just small examples. But the best of it all is that one charge per battery will give you 18-20 hours of green electricity. And the system will charge even if it’s cloudy.

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Testimonials about the Product

“Ryan… I’m 71… And I’ve been looking into reliable and cost effective alternative energy options for almost three decades… The one thing I couldn’t come to terms with is the cost of a solar panel array… 16k has always been out of my league… I’m happy I finally found out about your father’s designs. God bless his soul! Happy days!”

Joshua L. Millcreek UT

“My kids love the new backyard swing. I saved almost $300 during the past 4 months and I finally had the money to make their wish come true. I did exceed the $200 price tag you talk about… $22 more to be specific. But only ’cause I had nothing I could use around the house and had to go new. I hope more people get to hear about it. Thanks!”

Alex D. Cedar Falls IA

What Are The Advantages Of The Smart Solar Box?

  • For a cheap price you have a fantastic device which runs in 4 hours
  • You have a video with all the demonstrations on how to make your own unit in a fast and secure way
  • Without spending too much you will have a system which powers up your home and household appliances.
  • By using this product you will have an alternative source of energy which can save you some money.
  • The device is flexible, which means that you can use it in all kinds of situations.

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Are There Any Pros and Cons?


  • Tips and techniques come along with the instructions to make things easier for you.
  • The device is small and light, being ideal, without exception, for any kind of situation
  • Its guide is user-friendly, which means that anyone can understand and learn from it
  • It is cheap enough for anyone to afford it and works in an effective way
  • There’s no maintenance whatsoever maybe you will only have to clean the panels once in a while and take out the dust from the boxes every 6 months and there’s no noise around it.
  • In case of dissatisfaction, you have the right to get your money back


  • You only have access to this program through Internet connection
  • The intended results depend on your effort and dedication to follow the step-by-step process

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Neuroplasticity Key Points Review

The Definition Of Neuroplasticity

Going straight to the point, neuroplasticity is a physiological change in the brain. This is due to our different experiences and interactions with the environment. This way, we can say that there is a reorganization of the cells as a response to our changing needs.

Analyzing the brain, we can conclude that it forms different pathways related to our experiences. So, each new chosen phase of our lives creates new pathways which remain for a while. This happens like a cycle. For this reason, learning new things is the best way to create connections between our neurons. These links rewire our brains so that it can adjust to new circumstances. In addition, it helps our brain keep healthy and active. After all, we cannot forget that our brain is like our body, it needs exercise. 

The Linking Between Neuroplasticity And Neurogenesis

Thinking carefully about the word “Neurogenesis”, it refers to neuron and genesis. Explaining the first term, neuron, it means “nerve cell”, whereas the second one, “creation of”. Thus, every time you hear about neurogenesis, it means the creation of new nerve cells.

In essence, what the neurons do is coordinate our body, telling it what to do. As can be seen, it’s understandable that neurogenesis relates to learning, memory and movement. So, typical examples are swimming, walking and reading. And in order to practice these things there must be an electrical or chemical interaction between them. Then, this physical response has to do with neuroplasticity.

Interpreting The Term From A Psychological Perspective

Analyzing it from a psychological point of view, neuroplasticity creates a new direction for us. That is to say that one individual can overcome self-limiting thoughts by adopting a new attitude towards life. Therefore, this means that we have total control over thought patterns which hold us back. Unquestionably, there is no way for fear, insecurity, anxiety, stress and unpleasant experiences . But for better results it’s necessary that the person get out of the comfort zone.

Hence, an effective way to shift thought patterns is through simple daily activities. It´s clear that they improve our brain structure, but it calls for learning and discipline.

Learning Contributes To Our Brain Arrangements

Overall, the lessons we learn establish new pathways in our brain. So, this is new organization is a blessing, as each new skill has the ability to connect new neurons. Consequently, this powerful connection shifts our brain’s default mode of operation.

First and foremost, it´s important to realize that it´s not all learning which uses neuroplasticity of the brain. However, if you consider learning a new language or a musical instrument, it can definitely rewire your brain.

Personal Development And Neuroplasticity

We, human beings, are powerful beyond measure. So, it´s true that our power of adaptability to different kinds of situations and circumstances is amazing. Additionally, we can mold and shape our reality according to our desires. With this intention, we can develop new skills. Even more, become expert at something through sustained effort. Therefore, a mindset focused towards improvements and personal development is everything. In view of this the topic goes deep into the analysis.

Can Age Be A Bad Influence On Neuroplasticity?

There´s no denying the fact that age affects neuroplasticity, but it happens to a certain extent.

Neuroplasticity – How does it work in Kids?

It´s a fact that children’s brains are open to development. Because of this, they are continually growing and evolving. Thus, different experiences provide the brains with a new structure and arrangement.

According to studies, there are four types of neuroplasticity in children:

  1. Adaptive: changes occurring in the brain, allowing it to adjust to structural and operational changes (like injuries). They occur when children practice a special skill.
  2. Impaired: changes happening as the result of genetic or acquired disorders.
  3. Excessive: the formation of new, unsuitable pathways which can cause disability or disorders.
  4. Plasticity that makes the brain vulnerable to injury: the establishment of harmful neuronal pathways, making the injury more likely or impactful (Mundkur, 2005).

It has been noted that these processes are intense and more noticeable in young children. Owing to this, they get over from injury much more effectively, if compared to adults. Given these points, cases of neuroplastic growth, recovery and adaptation are not a surprise to happen in children.

Neuroplasticity – How does it work in Adults?

Although this ability is not strong in adults, the adult brain is still capable of incredible change. So, it can get back old, lost connections and arrangements which have not been used in some time. Moreover, it can even improve memory and cognitive skills. Surely, a heathy lifestyle and dedicated effort are the key ingredients which collaborate a great deal to a successful change. 

Positive Effects of Neuroplasticity On The Brain

Below are some ways the human being brain can benefit from brain adaptation:

– A successful learning

– Wide range of improved cognitve abilities

– An improvement on memory abilities

– Recovery from brain injuries and events (e.g. strokes)

– Other areas of the brain may take control when certain area is damaged. To put it differently, this is what we call “brain rewiring”.

At the end of the day, there is a way of using neuroplasticity in our favor.  

Some Tips On How to Rewire Your Brain

For us to understand it better, below are some scientifically proven methods which improve or trigger neuroplasticity:

  • Intermittent fasting: increases synaptic adaptation, promotes neuron growth, improve overall cognitive function, and decreases the risk of neurodegenerative disease.
  • Traveling and expanding horizons: sets your brain to a novel stimuli and new environments state. As a result, it creates new pathways and activity in it.
  • The Use of Mnemonic devices: memory training is a great way of improving connectivity in the prefrontal parietal network. This exercise leads to preventing some age-related memory loss.
  • Learning a musical instrument: helps to create new neural networks. Similarly, it allows a rise in connectivity between brain regions.
  • Non-dominant hand exercises: creates new neural pathways and makes the connectivity between neurons stronger.
  • Reading fiction: causes an increase in connectivity in the brain, resulting in better performance.
  • Expanding your vocabulary: enables the visual and auditory processes as well as memory processing.
  • Artwork creation: allows an improved connectivity of the brain “default mode network”. Then, it helps to trigger introspection, memory, empathy, attention, and focus.
  • Dancing: reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease a great deal and boosts neural connectivity.
  • Sleeping: stimulates learning retention through the growth of the dendritic spines. This construction makes them act as connections between neurons, helping transfer information across cells (Nguyen, 2016).

Brain Healing After Trauma

Researchers have been observing changes in the brains of those who suffered serious trauma. Thus, scientists concluded that some patients with extensive damage to the brain were able to recover to an amazing degree thanks to neuroplasticity.

Su, Veeravagu, and Grant (2016) have shown that three phases of neuroplasticity after trauma occur:

  1. Immediately after the injury, neurons begin to die and cortical inhibitory pathways decrease. This phase lasts one to two days. Moreover, it may uncover secondary neural networks that have never or rarely been used.
  2. After a few days, the activity of these cortical pathways changes from inhibitory to excitatory. This reaction creates new synapses. In addition, both neurons and other cells replace the damaged or dead cells, facilitating healing.
  3. After a few weeks, new synapses continue to appear. At this point, the “remodeling” of the brain is in full swing. This is the time when rehabilitation and therapy can help the brain to learn some helpful new pathways.

Without a doubt, post-injury and trauma are the best times for brain recovery. In such circumstances, it makes use of its neuroplastic abilities. To put it differently, it becomes more capable of making significant changes, reorganizing, and recovering (Su, Veeravagu, & Grant, 2016).

Stroke Recovery Through Neuroplasticity Rehabilitation

Those recovering from strokes have been the object of neuroplasticity studies. And we all know that strokes often leave patients with brain damage, ranging from moderate to severe. However, there have been incredible recovery cases from stroke patients.

Experts at explain that the best alternative to encourage neuroplasticity in stroke recovery is to apply two important techniques:

  1. Task repetition
  2. Task-specific practice

Going further into detail, we can say that learning a new activity (or re-learning an old one) through specific, regular practice can result in significant changes in the brain. Considering that repetition and specific practice tasks are not effective to make you learn anything, it’s undeniable that you’ll learn a lot. So, this indicates that improvements in one area can often spill over into improvements in other abilities.

How Neuroplasticity Can Deal With Depression

The linking between neuroplasticity and depression has both good and bad news.

The bad news is concerning psychiatric disorders, because it’s a rather negative neuroplasticity. Depression can be harmful to the brain, encouraging maladaptive pathways. This results in discouraging healthy and adaptive pathways (Hellerstein, 2011).

Now, the good news is that some treatments for depression can halt the damage and even reverse it. And what is awesome is that “your day-to-day behaviors can have measurable on brain structure and function.” In truth, they can offer you better healing and recovery from psychiatric disorders (Hellerstein, 2011).

Although it may seem strange, we have the ability to “reshape” our brains at any age. So, a new attitude towards life leads your brain to unbelievable results. But to get that target, determination and preventive action are of paramount importance.

How Neuroplasticity Can Deal With Anxiety

 “The development of these parts of our brain that effortlessly trigger anxiety, it is at the detriment of the ones that aid calmness & confidence… it is not enough to just stop anxiety in any given moment which is often people’s focus. The anxiety wiring is still there and waiting to be triggered. We need to create competitive wiring. We need to create specific wiring of what we want to achieve which is ‘competitive wiring’ to the problem. Without this we loop endlessly in
anxiety with no neural pathway to take us forward.” (Ian Cleary – 2015)

As related by life coach and clinician Ian Cleary, anxiety disorders treatment requires time, effort and commitment. But to make it happen a new perception needs to take place. In order to achieve it, there must be permanent brain changes first. For this reason, it’s necessary adaptation and a change in thought patterns. With that in mind, activities such as recall and memory patterning, breathing exercises, eye patterning, modifying postural habits, increasing body awareness, and targeting sensory perception are the key elements for that goal (Cleary, 2015).

Neuroplasticity Activities for Anxiety and Depression

There are some traditional activities which are efficient towards improving neuroplasticiy. So, if you have anxiety or depression, you can learn and practice exercises as follows:

  • Playing memory games
  • Doing tasks related to memory
  • juggling
  • playing an instrument
  • Learning a new language
  • Doing Yoga
  • working out on a daily basis 
  • Challenging your brain with activities (crosswords or sudoku)
  • Learning a new subject—especially a large and complex one in a short period of time (Hellerstein, 2011).

Neuroplasticity As A Treatment for Chronic Pain

Given that pain is a sequence of neuronal firings, neuroplasticity can play a fundamental role in its treatment. A recent study has proven that four methods can help the brain adjust and manage chronic pain:

  1. Transcranial direct current stimulation (electrodes implanted in certain areas of the brain to stimulate certain responses)
  2. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (non-invasive magnetic stimulation of the brain via a “wand” to engage specific areas)
  3. Intermittent fasting (periods of fasting followed by periods of normal food intake)
  4. Glucose administration (taking glucose supplements to replace what we lose due to normal aging; (Sibille, Fartsch, Reddy, Fillingim, & Keil, 2016)

Besides all these methods, there are other ones which should have already been incorporated in your life. In reality, they are activities which help you to become healthy.

The activities below have a powerful connection with the brain. This way, they produce an effect in the brain wiring, changing the way how it receives and translates the message of pain:

  1. Regular exercise
  2. Healthy eating
  3. Quitting smoking
  4. Keeping your mind active, engaged, and challenged
  5. Relaxation techniques to keep stress at bay
  6. Mindfulness meditation (Irving, 2016).

Therefore, what these activities do is rewire and retrain the brain, aiming at a different reaction to pain.

Neuroplasticity Therapy for ADHD, OCD, and Autism

There is no secret methodology for treatment of ADHD, OCD and autism. All the methods mentioned before are successful.

Now, take into consideration the games, activities and programs. They follow the principles of neuroplasticity. And they intensely focus on helping people and children with a wide range of issues and impairments.

Following this, the methods concentrate on techniques supported by science. They serve as a way of challenging and overcoming difficulties. Accordingly, learning new things and being open to new experiences are the roadmap . These ingredients consciously help you adapt and modify thought patterns, which are the focal point.

How Mindfulness Mediatation Influences Neuroplasticity

Mindfulness meditation has the power to bring about physical changes in the brain. In a deep analysis, becoming mindful through meditation allows the brain to adjust to this default state. In other words, meditation practitioners educate their brain to be calm and at peace all through the day. This mindful behavior makes them alert of their feelings even when they are not meditating.

Music And the Brain

As well as being fun and giving you a good mood, listening to music can also collaborate with functional changes to the brain.

The description below will summarize everything you need to know about the positive effects that music has on a person’s life:

“…[S]everal forms of intensive training have an impact on brain and cognition, but it is possible that musical training has specific effects that other forms of training do not have, or even produces a range of different effects… [The] cognitive enhancement effects of musical training, the result of neuroplastic processes, might be due to a combination of skills required by music study, such as decoding visual information into motor activity, memorizing extended passages of music, learning music structures and rules, learning to make fine auditory spectral and temporal discriminations and learning to perform skilled bimanual finger movements.” (Rodrigues, Loureiro, & Caramelli, 2010, p. 284).

Researches have discovered that music has a tremendous influence on a person’s life. Be it through musical training or listening to it and appreciating it. What music fundamentally does is help the brain improve its innate neuroplasticity. What is more, it makes your abilities and cognitive skills better.