You are the only one who can have infinite abundance and heal yourself
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Only You Can Heal Yourself

Only you can heal yourself from all the pain, the drama, the trauma and the anxiety. These feelings are entrenched in our society through the instinct of survival which the matrix imposes. This way, lack of wisdom gets through entire generations disseminating fear, pride, insecurity and suffering. Without being aware of the power of words, of sound, of imagery and of subliminal messages great part of the collective consciousness live in a perpetual state of amnesia. With this in mind, this article aims to explain the root of this evil and lead you towards a viable alternative to break the spell from this misleading and biased world.

Only by doing the inner work and being in touch with nature can you become good enough to heal  yourself
The power of healing is within you

To start with, the healing process is not as simple as it seems. It has to do with inner work along with level of consciousness progress. To that end, a self-critical approach on your unresolved issues is necessary. In this regard, there needs to be the spiritual awakening as a gateway to make it possible. Such enlightenment is the first breakthrough which shows you wisdom and guides your intellect to dive deep into the core of your being. In simple words, your questioning attitude towards reality and life connects the dots which in turn creates a frame of reference for you. Looking at a wider picture gathered from your researches makes a difference in your own self-guidance. Hence, your spiritual common sense will tell you the best thing you can for your inner self.

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Only You Can Heal Yourself And Bring Out The Best In You!

When it comes to self-healing, remember that its main purpose is bring to your notice old memories that block you. It is in this sense that the subconscious comes in. This part of the mind is able to recall negative events of the past and their relation with specific emotional constructs in a person. In case of hurtful feelings, they create certain “patterns of behavior” which govern human being in a malicious way. Having a direct bearing on the present, they incite the individual to have a distorted interpretation of self-worth. Because of this, bitterness, hate, rejection, anguish, fear and indifference become integral parts of their lives. Unlike what the vast majority believes, these instinctive reactions are not independent. According to the law of cause and effect, they are a solid expression of the psyche. Like a blueprint, they represent the foundation firmly established in the human soul.

With a wider and deeper reflection, it turns out that family has its touch on your life. Be it with emotional and spiritual intelligence to interact with different circumstances or lack thereof, they imprint their values on your mind forever. At the same time, the cultural society constantly uses media and a great variety of resources as tools to overestimate the ego trip, leaving you under the delusion that feelings are the result of a spontaneous process. In short, influences are everywhere, and oftentimes, they adversely affect your beliefs. This is not to say that you cannot change your game. On the contrary, you can nurture your mind with an optimistic outlook. In order to do that, you need to gain momentum through self-knowledge. Not only does it give you resilience, but it also helps you incorporate a quality mindset into your life.

Life Goes Beyond Limits, Therefore Only You Can Heal Yourself

The first thing you must remind yourself is that blockages represent wounds in your spirit. Only you can heal yourself from them. They are just scars, not a burden for you to carry for the rest of your life. What they do is stagnate you in the same low frequency, affecting directly your energy centres. By extension, your aura and the circumstances around you become their target. In some cases, they can even have a bad effect on your health. In the light of this fact, your spiritual care is a considerable cause for concern. Also, it’s convenient to say that the mind travels through time and associates past facts with feelings, making your reality more vivid.

According to the physicist Carlo Rovelli, “Time is an illusion”. In his theory, he posits that “reality is just a complex network of events onto which we project sequences of past, present and future”. To my mind, he is right, given that our capacity to relive the past, bringing feelings to the present is exactly what builds the future. In linking this analysis with self-healing, it’s crucial to say that self-healing involves the acceptance of negative experiences of the past without judging and feeling them.

As well as that, this process of psychological and spiritual recovery intends to bring peace to your inner self against any conflict which bothers your soul.

Only you can heal yourself by making peace with something that ghosts you and free your mind. Feelings such as anguish and heartache cannot take part in your present feelings. Once you let go of them, you open space for fresh new energy. At the end of the day, life is about moving forward, right?

If you are an avid self-learner, you can become your own healer. This is not far from achieving. However, you have got to exercise your mind through weekly readings. For this purpose, you can digest books on spirit science, mind, meditation, reiki and yoga. They will definitely give you inspiration through your practices.  If, on the other hand, you don’t feel at ease doing it by yourself, a spiritual master will be a right choice. Either way, in your own timing, you will increase your understanding and ability to harness the power from within. From this point forward, you will recognize your true divinity. And the matrix tricks, though intrusive and ubiquitous, in no way will intimidate you.

Work on yourself first and stop trying to change others

Stop Trying To Change Others

Stop trying to change others! Change yourself instead! One of the man’s biggest mistakes is the habit of trying to change people. This controlling behavior is a dead end. All of us make our own choices according to what we truly believe. So, the decisions we take sometimes don’t meet other people’s expectations. There is nothing wrong with that! In addition, every step we take denotes exactly our level of consciousness.

From a psychological standpoint, our behavior results from a set of beliefs we have. Concerning the feelings we nurture, they are definitely true within the reality we create. And considering life as a gigantic rollercoaster, its ups and downs teach us many lessons which serve as a sign to proceed with caution.

Work on changing yourself first and stop trying to change others
The change must start first in each
and every one of us

Cultivate Spiritual Intelligence And Stop Trying To Change Others

Analyzing it from a spiritual perspective, the way each one of us perceive and interpret the world makes us unique. Then, there is no point in convincing people to see it in your way. Even if they tried it, they wouldn’t be able to. What actually happens is a sense of attachment to their journey causing them to do only the things that their belief systems tell them to. This, in turn, leads them to experiences limited to the current reality they created in their energy field. Like it or lump it, the obtained result is nothing more than a subjective manifestation of life. For better or worse, life progressively unfolds like new chapters written in a book.  

Above all else, particular circumstances in which we live are the homework from the school of life.

And what is mind-blowing is that we are all self-learners. Although we have life as a master teacher, it doesn’t explain the rules to us. This indicates that we have to discover the truth for ourselves. For this reason, we must be thirsty for knowledge about life. There are many literatures that talk about it. Some of them dive deep into spirituality, ancient knowledge, esoteric science and the laws of the Universe. Others focus on quantum physics and transurfing. It seems like a gigantic source of light is looking at us from a distance, awaiting for the aha moment. In order to get the best of us, we are constantly put to the test. This means that trials and tribulations aim to mold us in a positive way. Irrespective of which situation we are in, the Universe throws upon us circumstances which bring us close to spiritual knowledge.

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Stop Trying To Change Others And Awaken To Your Truth!

Unfair and tricky as life may seem, it has a purpose for all of us. It’s true that the people we interact with cannot change us. In spite of that, this connection is not something by chance. The truth behind it is that it represents the misterious act of the Universe in our lives. To put it another way, the circumstances and people around us are just the sparkle we need for the truth. Indeed, they are indirectly the gateway to the awakening process. Given that the incredible divine force works in subtle ways, in the blink of an eye we may wake up to a new reality that is more meaningful to our existence.

Stop trying to control situations and change others who don't see anything wrong with their actions.
Trying to change others is a waste of time!

Being aware that the Universe is the subconscious mind, it prompts us to tap more into the truth of who we are.

Following this introspective outlook makes us more mindful of our places in life. This way of seeing things is highly complex if compared to the commonplace view held by the majority. Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic approach in terms of knowledge and understanding of life events. Bearing that in mind, there is no doubt that the real need for change starts within us. In rising above the existing duality, we learn to live life with wisdom. Following this, we can train our minds to be in line with our hearts. In a situation such as this, we have the ideal condition for positivity, gratitude, clarity, determination and intuition.

This is really positive, as it increases the level of consciousness on Earth. When this happens, its energy is so profound that it creates a domino effect, making us extremely influential in other people’s lives. Once we take responsibility for our actions, we view ourselves as the protagonists of life. In doing so, we create an environment where there is no room for competition, accusations and excuses. With our minds focused on that, we keep with ourselves the motto “I’m a work in progress”. This way, we tailor our behavior around spiritual evolution.

Stop Trying To Change Others! We All Must Evolve Together!

Being an unfinished business is in no way that bad. After all, we are humans, not saints. Thus, leading a life with awareness of our flaws guides us towards excellence. Not because we have a desire to show off, but because we deeply want to make progress for the betterment of our fellow men.

Stop trying to force others to change.  They must see the need to change for themselves.
Never try to change or manipulate people and things!

The huge bubble we live in – the matrix – is a massive distraction. In addition, the illusion of reality it causes is so strong that our five senses easily resonate with everything which seems real.

And we presume that life is the way it is because it is supposed to take a linear path. Unfortunately, this induces us to a false sense of complacency. Not having the slightest idea of how it affects us psychologically, emotionally and spiritually, we become puppets of dark forces. What I have noticed is that feelings like fear, insecurity, anger, sadness and vengeance are our worst enemies. Believe it or not, they are a strategic spiritual warfare that happens within us.

By winning this internal battle we get stronger to deal with the external world. This means that we can move through life more like water, without creating resistance. And so, we become able to take the lead in this game. Meditation and yoga are good examples of powerful spiritual practices which take us towards this goal. This reasoning is entirely logical within the spiritual insight. This is why now is the time for us to evaluate the position we are taking before it’s too late!

mystical alt

You Are Mystical, Wake Up!

You are mystical and when it gets dark, the night highlights obscure thoughts that are lost in the mind. Like clouds, they float in the sky, showing uncertainties and misconceptions that leave humans blind. The stars shine at a distance, a proof that higher connections are available for rebirth. The morning sun has a tinge of mystery, an insight that comes with a special message for you on your mission on planet earth.

As soon as the sun rises, its rays convey a surreal energy which enlightens us and brings us joy. In watching the birds sing and fly, their freedom and inspiration symbiotically reveal our hidden talents we can enjoy. And when the tree leaves flap in the wind, we learn that letting go moves us naturally in the course of life. We flow through this river like water, taking everything nice and slow and dissolving all the strife.

Mystic quotes - When you start to notice the mystical

You Are Mystical, You’d Better Believe!

Rage falls from grace and love emerges in our DNA. The fifth dimension is our heart and mind connection, that’s all that I can say. Let’s see, hear and speak positive words in the middle of a thunderstorm. That’s the reason why the scriptures I learn make me a bookworm.

The idealistic world lies in an energetic bubble. Change your frequency into an appropriate tune in order to get out of the struggle. The world is pure alchemy and my presence provides places with style and fresh air. I’m a child of the rainbow and my presence repels the enemies, which is pretty fair.

The junk DNA is a golden medal, it needs activation. Our true potential is there, it’s mother nature with its divine power of creation. Downloads don’t come only from broadband connection. The frequency of nature gives us intuition and direction.

You’re much more than your biology, your existence is spiritual. Your mind travels through higher planes and realms, it’s all mental. DMT, the spirit molecule which has profound answers for your confused brain. Travel to distant lands, dive into a parallel universe, be one with your internal reign.

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Your Interaction With The Universe Shows That You Are Mystical

Be righteous, feel safe and protected from the boomerang effect. Picture a scene of peace, love and affection, not emotional wreck. Everyone in this world has their own crosses to bear. It’s just the Universe divine rule, not exactly a nightmare.

When I look to the sky I see how high the birds fly. Their singing makes me light and sleepy like a sweet lullaby. Water springs flow naturally through the mountains and form a river. Human body is made up of 70% water, we’re all Gods, not litter.

Nature acts in constructive cooperation with us and has all the resources we need. The adequate use of its sacred energy helps us evolve and spiritually succeed. I’m appreciative of the things that took me to where I’m now. If it wasn’t for them my life would be just scream and shout.

Dog barks and cock crows at the crack of dawn. Cats running on the streets and crickets chirping announcing the dynasty of the Universe here and beyond. The daily routine is sheer madness ruled by a system which is coward and insane. The annunaki world is a powerful entity that reverses the righteousness of your brain.

When You Are Mystical You Program Yourself to A New Reality

Full development is not that good because all that glitters is not gold. Hold your horses or else you won’t be able to break the mould. Your body isn’t an empty shell, more than that, it comprises million of cells which are all alive. Get into a habit of using empowered words to increase your vibration and make them thrive.

This is not out of the ordinary, it’s a kind of communication you gotta learn. Don’t misjudge it as something serious or crazy, not even a cause for concern.  Bless the water you drink with the Universe attributes before taking a sip. Foods with live enzymes bring you information and take you to a new trip.

The task of transmuting the energy is an uplifting experience, not an exercise in futility. The law of polarity shows how you can move through the duality of poles with versatility. Vision boards and present tense writing project their message over the Universe. Images and words go through the ether, they’re Aladdin’s lamp, not a nonsense verse.

The world around you is your reflection, so looking inside yourself is the first step you can take. In releasing negative blockages you open the season of abundance and the charm of the daybreak. Remember that failures are the foundation of your success. Losing is painful but it helps you play your life with finesse.

You Are Powerful Beyond Measure!

Be tireless in your duty to bring your goals into existence. The subconscious mind works through research and persistence. Educate yourself with “The Magic Of Believing”. Enjoy your life and forget about hit the ceiling.

Let go of the old baggage, it’s just a hard nut to crack. Instead, be brave and give your life a new soundtrack. Self-confidence and willpower are not hard to achieve. Secret societies dominate the world, stop being naive.

Socialize with powerful words and mystical knowledge you absorb. They will exceed your expectations and show you a life you can afford. Your soul tribe will share their experiences with you. Similar vibes are available to help you with their cue.