Tree of life bracelet for chakras healing

Tree of Life Bracelet

How To Balance Your Chakras with the Tree of Life Bracelet

This Tree of Life Bracelet is made with natural gemstones. It’s a stunning piece that would suit any occasion. So, the purpose of wearing it is to bring your chakras into alignment.

Given that chakras represent the seven energy centres in our bodies, the bracelet acts as a support. As well as this, it brings us balance and harmony.

The Tree of Life Bracelet – The meaning of Chakras and Their Role in Our Lives

First of all, it´s important that the reader know the concept of chakras This word derives from sanskrit and means “root”. Furthermore, they indicate the connection between the spiritual and material world. When there is chakras imbalance,  there can be diseases, insecurity, fear, lack of motivation and determination, lack of intuition and many other things. This proves how powerful they are to control our lives. The human body consists of seven chakras  through the spinal cord from bottom to top.

These focal points existing in our bodies are used in a great variety of ancient meditation practices such as Tantra, esoteric Indian religion, Chinese Taoism, Tibetan buddhism and Japanese esoteric buddhism.

The Connection Between the Chakras and The Tree of Life Bracelet

There are certain colors and gemstones which suit perfectly to each chakra. By wearing the tree of life bracelet you will be able to collaborate with the chakras alignment. Colors and gemstones act directly in our energy centers.

However, individuals must take a new standing towards life. The awakening towards our connection with the Universe is the first step. The rest is history. Researches and practices can help them to find the truth.

The Tree of Life Bracelet – Can Chakras Misalignment be Damaging?

The First Energy Center – The Root chakra

The root chakra, as the name suggests, is like the foundation of a building. Its location is at the base of the spine and represents the feeling of security and survival.  This means the human being attachment to basic needs like water, food, shelter and safety. Moreover this energy center links to emotional needs, for instance letting go of fear in order to feel safe. To put it in a nutshell, the fewer the needs, the better you feel.

A misalignment of this chakra can cause fears, nightmares, anxiety. Physically, it causes backaches, depression, diarrohoea among many other diseases. So, an effective way which helps to align this chakra is to walk barefoot in touch with nature. And do not forget that the sea water is equally powerful.

The Second Energy Center – The Sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is above the pubic bone and below the navel and it deals directly with our sexuality. For that matter, it indicates power, because sex is the life force energy.

Cases such as lack of creativity and emotional insecurity are typical examples of misalignment of this energy center. Regarding the physical symptoms, several kinds of addiction, sexual disfunction, vomiting, fear of change are good examples.

The Third Energy Center – The Solar Plexus Chakra

This energy center focuses on individual and personal power. This clearly explains why there is no denying that self-esteem depends on these traits. Its location is at the back of the stomach and  this chakra is responsible for metabolism, digestion and stomach workings.

Solar plexus chakra - Tree of life bracelet
Tree of life bracelet: Activate
your individual power

Its blockage can cause low self-esteem, insecurity to reach decisions and anger and self-control issues. Concerning the physical symptoms, it can cause gas, digestive issues and stomach pains of some kind.

The Fourth Energy Center – The Heart chakra

The fourth chakra is at the center of your chest. Also, it´s where you can find the heart, lungs and the thymus gland.

The heart chakra - the tree of life brracelet
Tree of life bracelet: learn how to live
with unconditional love

Regarding the thymus gland, it´s a vital organ which is connected to the endocrine and lymphatic system. In short, the heart chakra indicates the meeting point between the physical and the spiritual worlds. And it basically represents unconditional love and compassion. Furthermore, the alignment of this chakra literally means self-awareness, the feeling of interconnectedness and the ability to forgive. On the other hand, its misalignment can bring you feelings of jealousy, grief, anger, insensitivity and loneliness.

The Fifth Energy Center – The Throat chakra

This chakra relates to you inner truth. In other words, it means that you must express exactly how you feel. In order to keep it balanced, you must learn how to say “no” when it´s necessary. The same way you must learn how to tell the truth which frees you.

The throat chakra - the tree of life bracelet
The tree of life bracelet: Live your inner truth

Despite being related to communication, it also deals with the ability to listen to other people and to inner self. Therefore, people who tell lies distract quite easily and cannot stay focused. Its blockage results in sore throat, shoulder stiffness and headaches. The throat chakra is directly linked to the tongue, neck, mouth, parathyroid, jaw and larynx.

The Sixth Energy Center – The Third-eye chakra

This chakra is between the eyebrows and its main organ is the pituitary gland. In addition, it’s the gateway which connects you to different levels of awareness and perception.

The tree of life bracelet: the third-eye chakra
The third-eye chakra: intuition
and awareness

A well-developed third-eye brings intuition, premonition of happenings and self-cognizance. It also allows you to get rid of illusions and all negative feelings which block you from seeing clearly. For this reason, a misaligned third-eye may cause depression, anxiety, introversion and judgemental behavior. As a result, it can physically cause headaches, fobias and concentration issues.

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The Seventh Energy Center – The Crown chakra

This chakra indicates the spiritual connection to our higher selves and everything. As well as this, it represents oneness and a sense of deeper meaning in life. People who have this chakra aligned let go of ego and live a transcendental life.

The crown chakra and its connection to the higher self
Crown chakra: gratitude and
a feeling of wholeness

And there is a strong feeling of trust in life and gratitude. This attitude derives from the linking between the individual´s ego and the Universe. Hence, the person feels powerful, because they believe in the divinity which comes from within in connection with the whole Universe. Another interesting characteristic about the crown chakra is that time is just considered an illusion and it´s the place where death and eternal life meet. A misalignment of it can cause feelings of isolation or emotional distress, and make you nurture feelings of foolish pride, superiority or inferiority. This energy center can be activated through meditation, yoga and other practices.

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