Understanding Cosmic Energy

Understanding Cosmic Energy X The Way We Interpret Ourselves

The relationship between people
People and energy

Understanding cosmic energy gives us all the answers we need for better understanding our lives. And we cannot deny it!

For the most part, when talking about people, we end up getting more involved in conversation. And it´s likely that as soon as we mystically check something online about ourselves, it will bring us positive emotions.

That clarifies the reason why horoscopes are popular. They make use of programs which can analyze your name, date of birth and other things. And it sparks our interest, as they are personal, intended for us.

Now taking into consideration future prediction, it becomes even better. When you know your success day is approaching, it becomes great. And this happens because of your deeper connection with your belief.

Our Reaction when Reading Something Unpleasant

Man's reaction to undesired situations
Man’s behavior and his energy

Well, if you receive good news from horoscope, tarot cards and numerology reading, it´s awesome. But as long as you believe in what it predicts. However, in case you get bad news, you´ve got the option to disregard it.

So the best thing to do is believe in what makes you feel good. Regarding the bad things, you don´t need to focus on them.

Actually, our behavior and the way we react are important. Therefore, if you pay close attention, you will notice that this has to do with understanding cosmic energy. And the Ancient Calendar links us with that.

Understanding Cosmic Energy and the Ancient Calendar

Understanding how cosmic energy has power over man
Cosmic energy on human life

Have you ever heard of the Ancient Calendar?

Alright. But I bet you have ever heard of the Mayan Calendar. In 2012 some people got really desperate and that caused a lot of panic. However there were some individuals who had apocalyptical parties, thinking it was the last party of their lives.

In short, the announcement which the Calendar made changed people´s behavior.  This calendar promised the end of the world, and a large number of industries made a great deal of money. If you search on the Internet, you can find several shocking stories.

Understanding Cosmic Energy Profile

Understand how your personal calendar  connects to your cosmic energy
See what cosmic energy can do for you

Now it´s time for you to have the opportunity to access your own personal calendar. With it, you don´t get attached to horrible predictions like the last one. Actually, you find your purpose and the way to follow in this Universe.

The basis of the Cosmic Energy Profile is the Mayan signs and calendars. What it does is help you find your sign by making use of your birth date. So, there is no reason to get suspicious of it.

The Profile reveals how the planets and stars setting may influence your destiny from your date of birth. And this whole arrangement in the Universe is what makes difference in the kind of hurdles we have in life.

In short, we belong to the same Cosmos, and each one of us with our own purpose. By receiving predictions from your Profile, you can take a new direction in life. Thus, by understanding Cosmic Energy Profile  you get the guidelines which are fudamental for you to follow your true purpose.

So, It Happens as Follows…

At first, you will just enter you birth date along with your name and e-mail address. Afterwards, you will have some  other steps to follow. But it´s important to make things clearer before.

In keeping with the Mayan Calendar, there is a galactic signature destined for everyone. This means that every person has their specific Galactic signature according to the universal energies of the birth date. It consists of your Day Sign and Galactic Tone.

It´s crucial to highlight that the Galactic Signature is much more complex than you can imagine. It serves to express your inner self and character as well as the world around you.

The cool thing about it is that there are a total of 260 possible Galactic Signatures. And you can obtain it just by multiplying the 20 existing Days Signs by the 13 Galactic Tones.

This topic is amazing, isn´t it? This is just the beginning.

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The Real You and Your Accomplishments through Understanding Cosmic Energy Profile

Cosmic energy profile as the great power to man
In harmony with the inner self

For those who don´t know the Day Sign comprises a color and a symbol. Don´t worry, because  the website will have all the explanation about your color.

Another thing which is necessary to mention is that there are four colors within the Day Sign. They are blue, yellow, white and red. Each one of them denotes some things about you. Let´s take as an example the Process of Creation. The reality around us is something which we constantly create with our minds.

In spite of all colors contributing to your chart as a whole, a primary color exists. And you must consider it, as this one exposes the main aspect of your being.

Your Personal Chart and What it Can Reveal

Understanding the inner truth and cosmic energy within you
The cosmic energy inside you

After buying the access, you will have available all the information about you. What´s more, you will get a personal destiny chart which will share:

1. Your Guide Kin

The term Kin denotes your higher self, that is, the best version of yourself. Moreover, your guide kin will disclose your individual and families Karma. Then, that´s the chance you have to take the right decision for life!

2. Your Occult Kin

This one is what I like the most. And I truly believe that this “kin” is all the energy you´ve got inside. As soon as you understand its purpose, you will experience magical transformations in your life.

3. Your Antipode Kin

This Kin will be your north star. It will give you support in the process of becoming the best version of yourself. On the other hand, you will have to overcome some challenges and understand your antipode. Otherwise you will keep on wasting time and energy. But, don´t worry, after going through it, you will be strong enough. Specifically speaking, this kin is your masculine energy inside which strongly influences your relationships.

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