Gratitude And Appreciation

Gratitude and appreciation are essential feelings that everyone should have. Not only do they demonstrate recognition for the blessings, but they also empower us towards the best version of ourselves. And despite seeming to add no value, they are full of energy and wisdom. So, once you reflect on the small things that make a difference in your life, you become brave and self-confident. In reality, what happens is that, as a reward, the Universe throws upon you a wave of high frequency energy. This way, you renew your source with positive vibration. With such a result, there is no doubt that you channel yourself into the Cosmos. Therefore, the connection establishment provides you with prolific and proactive attitude.

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 Have you ever stopped to think how blessed you are?

It’s about time you started being grateful for all your achievements. Even the small ones, they represent progress and evolution in life. Concerning difficulties, obstacles and failures, they are nothing but blessings in disguise. These supposed negative events have so much to show us.

One of the biggest problems of humanity is that they attach importance only to results which are favourable to them. And when there is a twist of fate, they don’t see the beauty in it. Unacceptable as it seems, there is a reason behind it.

Always remember that everything we go through in life has a purpose. By looking at our ups and downs, trials and tribulations, we can see that they just want to dissolve our ego. From a materialistic viewpoint, ego is destructive. As well as that, it is selfish, competitive and insecure. These feelings intensify fear and self-limiting beliefs which are a poison for any person. On the other hand, ego is beneficial for you to tackle your weakenesses. In addition, it helps you work on yourself in a positive way. In other words, you explore all your qualities and talents in a humble way. At the same time, you make way for other people to grow.

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The Universe Surprises People Who Show Gratitude And Appreciation

Assuming that wonders never cease, the Universe astonishes thankful people with miracles. What is abundantly clear is that gratitude and appreciation turn into faith. This means that when you overcome adversities by embracing love, you become complete. And all that the world needs is unconditional love, because it is the great healer. By reacting like this, you show maturity, detachment, balance and spiritual growth. In such conditions, each cell of your body emanates positive vibes to the entire Universe. Hence, the Cosmos scans your soul in search of alignment. As soon as this happens, it finds the perfect match. It is at this point that a miracle rains down on you.

Miracles are nothing less than life responding positively to your energy levels. With that in mind, make gratitude and appreciation your daily prayer.

Gratitude And Appreciation Are The Right Tools For Co-creation

In the Law of Attraction you are the co-creator of your reality. However, visualizing your dreams is not enough to materialize them. Besides that, you must learn how to truly respect and love yourself. By treating yourself with care and affection and having passion for what you do, you fill your cup. In doing so, you allow love to overflow and surround you.

In this vortex, self-fulfilment takes place in your heart. And so, no matter what comes, you will be thankful enough for every little thing that happens. On this condition, you can empower yourself with words and act “as if” to manifest your goals.

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Abundance And Perfection Are A Constant In Our Lives

Just take a look at nature and see how abundant and perfect life is. When you look at the sky and see the birds flying, you just see perfection. Now, observe the plants and how they grow. Definitely, work of nature is more precise than any engineering work. If you don’t believe that, do some research into Fibonacci sequence. In your study, you will find that the Universe uses sacred geometry. Then, you will be amazed when you discover that mathematics runs the world.

Nature presents itself with cycles and seasons. And we are part of this Universe. So, what makes us different is the ability to think and reason. Nonetheless, we need to get more intimate with nature in order to understand all this connection. This is the path which will direct us towards knowledge and wisdom. We are here in this world not to just merely exist. As soon as you reach this level of awareness, you will learn more to show gratitude and appreciation.

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With Gratitude And Appreciation You Have Strength To Change Your Belief System

The belief system is the thoughts and ideas deeply ingrained in you. Depending upon your belief system, you may have a specific interpretation of everything which happens in your life. Unfortunately, for some this is the greatest downfall. By going back in time, you can remember how your parents raised you. Furthermore, you have a picture in your mind of them teaching you a lot of things. The problem is that you may have learned things which may pull you back. For instance, you learned from childhood that “rich people are bad”. Unconsciously, your parents introduced into your subconscious mind this belief system. Consequently, you have a feeling that if you get rich, money will turn you into a selfish, bad person. Believe it or not, this perception will prevent you from attracting money to your life.

There are many other belief systems which refrain people from succeeding in life such as the belief that man’s eyesight declines when he gets older, that man must have a 9-5 job so as to have a stable life, that money is the root of all evil and that certain diseases like aids, cancer and diabetes are incurable.

In reality, everyone is capable of changing their mindset. With a new perspective, man has a positive attitude towards life. And man is not led by life anymore. On the contrary, he becomes the architect of his life by always acting with gratitude and appreciation.

Placebo Effect Review

What’s The Difference Between Placebo And Nocebo Effect?

Placebo effect is a term which has been frequently used by medical research on their analysis towards patients. So, the results have proven that each individual has a different and specific response for a treatment. In particular, what causes a distinctive reaction is the individual’s personality. Thus, we can say that a person’s psychological state defines their behavior, which in turn can act positively or negatively on them. This means that an individual’s response may lead to a relief or intensity in pain.

This way, there is a connection between a person’s perception and way of life and placebo or nocebo effects.

For instance, optimistic people are prone to higher placebo analgesic effects. Then, a good explanation for this is their use of positive behavior to deal with adversity.

Also, it can be said that a change of thought results in a shift in behavior. So, once an individual is good enough to change paradigms, they have inner strength for any situation in life. This even includes the chemistry in the body and DNA.

Following this, words and attitudes have tremendous power.

Besides giving good energy and feeling, they liberate substances which are beneficial for pain recovery and health. As an illustration of this, take as examples feelings of gratitude, unconditional love, empathy, generosity and positivity. These emotions generate feel-good hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin.

Conversely, feelings of anxiety, fear, worry, stress, harm avoidance, sensitivity and depression play a fundamental role in nocebo effect. The same way, personality traits, such as pessimism and negativity, exert a bad influence over people. In effect, the result of all these harmful feelings is the increase in pain or delay in recovery.

Give Me More Details About Placebo Effect!

According to medical researches placebo effect is the belief in a treatment and its successful therapeutic results. In other words, the mind affects the body physiology and can even heal it. And when submitted to a treatment, patients don’t realize if their treatment is real or not. For this reason, they unconsciously generate a positive response, even for a fake treatment. Therefore, it’s possible to conclude how effective mind is.

What’s The Real Purpose Of Placebos?

Considered the object of study for scientists, placebos help them understand the physiological and psychological effects of new medications. So, “placebo” is an inert substance whose purpose is to work like a real treatment. It can be a sugar pill, consumable liquid or solution and injection.

Carrying Out Medical Research Directly On Patients

The Medical Research is done in two groups suffering from the same disease. Thus, patients of both of them are subjected to a specific treatment. In this case, there is a real treatment for one group and a fake treatment for another. During the treatment, there is a careful observation of the patients’ reactions and registration for analysis, but the individuals concerned have no idea of the research.

It’s important to highlight that the aforementioned medical research is a basic one. Actually, there are many more complex researches which are under way, involving more groups and different approaches. The specialists even use statistical analysis, demand participants to answer psychological questionnaires and draw comparisons. In short, scientists have been exploring all the possibilities aiming at better and precise results.

The Relation Between Meditation And The Placebo Effect

Studies have shown that meditation practice collaborates significantly with placebo effect. The ancient practice is the path towards mindfulness, as the individuals acquire the skill to not  let thoughts control their minds. In this crazy world, nowadays, people get constantly overthinking, so what happens is that their thoughts have total control over their feelings. Hence their internal condition becomes really weak and vulnerable.

Taking that into consideration, it can be said that meditation helps you empty your mind and become in perfect harmony with your true self.

Undoubtedly, such practice is for spiritual purposes, but once you reach equilibrium, you can balance other areas of your life, including the management of placebo effect.

Drawing an analogy, our brain is like a computer, full of files and programs. With this in mind, it needs update from time to time. So, by practicing a daily meditation we update our software, bringing us peace and alignment. This way, we receive an energy boost, which is key to go through the day and deal with all the adversities which come up.

The Link Between Yoga And Placebo Effect

Yoga practice is another wonderful alternative to make the placebo effect possible. Not only does it do wonders in your physique but it also works towards the ideal functioning of your system. Besides that, it is one of the most complete exercises, because its different poses work separately in one specific area of your body.  Then, if you feel a back pain, headaches or ailments, for instance, yoga may be the solution. But don’t worry, there are yoga poses for everyone, from basic to advanced level. So, instead of taking pills or any other kind of medicine to alleviate a certain symptom, just do yoga for natural results.

Laughter, humor, Music And The Placebo Effect

It’s high time people knew the importance of laughter in their lives. Be it in the form of jokes, a comedy movie or even a laughter therapy, humor revitalizes our body. It diverts our attention from unpleasant things, reducing tension and giving us positive expectations for life. Along with that, it produces endorphins, a substance which gives you a feeling of wellness. These chemicals are natural painkillers.

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Concerning music, it is a fun way to bring happiness and harmony to people. The sound beats give you a pleasant feeling which improves the frequency of your body. Therefore, for depression, sadness or even diseases, music is a great choice for dealing with pain.