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Donations symbolize love, appreciation and empathy. For this reason, your heart and spirit must be sincerely touched by what you read and hear. Indeed your feelings matter and pure intentions must be inside them. It’s through this job of edifying words that you can obtain a clean conscience of the experiences in your journey.

Comprising a philosophical basis alongside psychological and spiritual criteria, the content has the capability to make you join the dots and handle life events in a pragmatic way. Enriched with elucidating content, the present information also exposes ways that orient you towards the control of your own life without losing sense of your surroundings. Thus, you can suitably use the innate intelligence within you to change parameters in your reality.

Trust me, these texts promote in-depth self-analysis and they can cross your path at any time. This is synchronicity, with the Universe sending you  messages that resonate with your current situation.

Donations, undoubtedly, represent your support in this uplifting project.

Be it in the form of money, knowledge transfer, attention, comments, reposts, likes or shares, your backing is welcome. Having the dual nature in everything, life shows the correlation between taking and giving – two ideas that complement each other when it comes to donation.

The same analogy is valid when you take into account the influence of words. At first, they came into my life and changed my world. Now I use them through my creative writing to show you the greatness of your soul in this human existence. As soon as they arrive at their destination, they leave their mark and reverberate their energy. However, life does nothing for you if your action doesn’t go along with the words that empowered you.

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