Nature has its place of importance in man's reality

Reality Must be In Place

Reality must be in place! Life deserves respect! Technology developers have been trying to trap us into a virtual insanity land! In mixing the real with the virtual worlds, experts have much more chance to enchant and manipulate us in many areas of our lives. Now a huge question may be coming up on your mind: “Why, if it makes us feel so good?”. Here lies the dichotomy that answers the question: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I bet you’ve ever heard this proverb and I dare say that it has so much to reveal. Just to prove its authenticity, I will unearth on this article the implied ideas behind virtual reality.

This ultimate concept of technology, however ingenuous and auspicious it may seem, in a silent way distorts our perception of reality. Like the nutrients that pump energy in the bloodstream so that we can survive, the fantasy world teleportation injects the illusion that cleverly awakens our senses through mind-programming. All those breathtaking 3D landscapes, real life images and videos, shapes and colors along with subliminals go straight to the subconscious mind, arousing and intensifying feelings and sensations in a roundabout fashion.

Reality Must Be In Place! Let’s Respect The Way We Live!

In projecting ourselves into a parallel universe, the brain effortlessly enters into another vibration. Not only does it acknowledge the events as real but it also reacts to them accordingly. Unarguably, the power of the brain chemistry in creating new connections through data input is precise and speedy. If the virtual reality activity happens routinely as a safety valve for entertainment, the brain processes the information like a maintenance software. This leads it to keep its waves on the same frequency just to nurture its function on the continuous practice.

Inescapably, the brain associates the experience with the nervous and sensory systems, releasing dopamine in the system, which works like a prize we receive for the fun time. In other words, the habit we acquire imprints a code on our systems which confines us to it. In this case, real life plays second fiddle and becomes futile, since the focus is on the unreal. Virtual reality definitely makes us lose direction and place of importance in life, which is spiritually harmful.

We Are Much More Than What Digital Life Offers!

There is no denying the fact that the Internet has already been intense with videos, images, likes and shares. And the introduction of digital versions – like metaverse and squid game – serve exactly as an extra dose of adrenaline. Both of them deal with real life situations in a pragmatic way. With headsets and glasses at our disposal, we can just magnify the negative impact of the so called “wonderful experience”. Things such as shopping, negotiating, solving daily issues, paying bills, betting, going on leisure trips, having fun and connecting with friends happen online.

All of these survival mode experiences help cortisol hormone reach higher levels which are toxic for our body and soul complexes. This form of escapism aims to present reality in its most convenient way. It works like comfort, but actually, it alienates us from lucid awakening and real consciousness of life. In addition, it robotizes us, leading us astray by behavior patterns which are addictive, distracting and repetitive.

Reality Must Be In Place! We Are Not Automatons, Just Humans!

In examining how cyborgs behave, there will be no doubt that they think and act the same way. Keep it real! What, at first, represents the idea of adventure through cyberspace may bury us into a deep hole. This is because the scenario, the characters and the interaction we come in contact with have the power to domesticate us. Thus, our priceless attention goes to waste on an augmented reality, which doesn’t create a positive stimulus in our brains.

Savouring a surreal experience through a virtual trip will always bring out the following constant: poor brain performance in real life. Even if we are intelligent, graduated and well-informed, all our skills will be jeopardized. Not only that, it can also cause anxiety, depression and fear-based attitudes. In a deeper level, it may cause diseases such as insomnia, agitation and headache. These examples are not enough, as there are many more symptoms, diseases and behavior change it can promote.

Artificial intelligence does nothing but dumb us down. In ceasing to be the main character of our own real worlds, we put our God-given potentials on the shelf. Imperceptibly, we end up leaving our grey matter to foolishly attach to mainstream ideas, news and way of living. In short, we become shallow and totally deprived of inner freedom because we don’t formulate a philosophical thinking. Moreover, our existence in this world acquires a miserable and subservient role. Living in this state is the result of a narrow mind full of barriers which make us believe that we will never be able to excel ourselves. It’s abundantly clear that the virtual world has the intent to block the inner dynamic we have for life quality.

Interaction With The Real Makes Us More Independent!

Reality must be in place, so we are not to be held back, otherwise, our lives won’t have real interactions that matter anymore. Walking in nature, breathing the fresh air and meeting with people face to face cannot be objects of admiration. As far as I know, this is synonym of an unhealthy lifestyle. These things deserve real interactions in the open, which is unique. What the hostage system wants to do is physically disconnect us from other people and from ourselves. In a simulation, everything becomes quite natural and we don’t even have time to have intimacy with ourselves.

Hence, we only see the prospects of our talents and creativity unpromising. Unfortunately, virtual reality reinforces that. In blindly acquiring a taste for it, we go along with the masses’ preference for a modern, relaxing and cool lifestyle which leaves us prone to downfall. This is so because it replays possible circumstances of our lives in our subconscious. With a parallel world happening over and over again, the projected reality is 100% created and ready to manifest. 

We had better be in charge of the choices we make. In suffocating ourselves with such provisions, we put ourselves in quarantine, postponing true freedom in all aspects of our lives! The vital force each of us have is worthy of real life interactions and it’s up to us to take resposibility for it in the process of co-creating the reality we long for.

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