In recognizing what drains your spiritual energy you can protect yourself from vampires in the physical world

Recognizing Energy Vampires

Recognizing energy vampires is simple and easy, because they are everywhere. Undoubtedly, their presence is identifiable. Despite that, they largely go unnoticed, as they manifest themselves as a distraction. In some cases these energy stealers appear in disguise as blessings and comfort while in other ones they reveal themselves openly right before our eyes. In both circumstances, the main intention of energy vampires is to rob us of all the power we have.

Recognizing Energy Vampires On TV And Entertainment

Living in a misleading world, we usually take no heed of these threats. So, things happen, making us consider and accept them as usual. However fascinating reality presents itself to us, it is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

To begin with, let’s talk about TV programs. All of them come with great informative content. At first sight, this is good to keep us up to date, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. Behind the information provided there are two purposes.

The first one is to influence our behavior.

As we can see, TV news and popular programs constantly refresh us with the most recent news and have debates over different kinds of subjects most of which being questionable issues. Albeit we perceive them as instructive, they are rather manipulative. In a reserved way, they keep us in the pendulum game. This is not different from what the entertainment industry does to us with video games, movies, pornography, soap operas, Internet and social media. With a duty to provide fun they constantly put emphasis on negative situations. Thus, the stories they tell us always touch themes like racism, prejudice, wickedness, abuse, disrespect, corruption, injustice and violence.

Apparently, these topics make us aware of the reality we live in.

The downside is that it stimulates us to make negative comments, complain and react. By doing that we become susceptible to suffer from mind control resulting in us behaving like puppets. As a consequence, our vibrational frequency decreases, as it feeds on the pendulum. Behaving like this is self-destructive, which gives energy only to what we don’t want, making it stronger. Instead of wasting energy, we could keep it for purposes which demand creativity, action and determination.

Besides all that, taking part in this activity also allows the release of cortisol in our system. This stress hormone alters the metabolism leading to adverse health effects which range from headaches to digestive issues.

When it comes to video games, playing them to excess can be really harmful.

On a physical level, it leads to irritability, stress and impulsiveness. This is due to a higher production of serotonin, which causes imbalance in our system. On an energy level, it dramatically reduces the creative thinking and focus, stagnating us. As for porn movies, the addiction to them weakens intimacy, sexual performance and connection between partners. Furthermore, the act of watching them, feeling aroused, masturbating and ejaculating throws vital force energy away. Energetically, it devastates the first chakra, located at the base of the spine. Generally speaking, it negatively affects our sense of safety and survival, making us prone to exhaustion. Therefore, with lack of vitality and creativity we are unable to use the full potential we have for our own benefits.

In regards to the second purpose, it is merely subliminal.

In other words, the TV images, songs and words convey messages which potentially have an effect on the subconscious mind. This psychic activity determines 90-95% of our behavior. For this reason, if you are a couch potato or a video game addict, it’s time to think carefully about it! If we are not alert to this fact, we end up falling prey to this big trap.

Recognizing Energy Vampires In Human Interactions

In conclusion, being victim of mind control just leads us to vulnerability. Indeed, this practice has a huge power over everything we do. This involves interpreting the world as well as taking actions and decisions out of self-limiting beliefs.  

Energy vampires also manifest themselves in other forms.

A typical example is when someone provokes us. Their intended behavior prompts us to a bad reaction, which sucks our energy. Such response can serve just as a sparkle for a series of negative events. This can be at work, driving on the road, at home with family or hanging around with friends. In cases such as these, the best we can do is remain unresponsive, showing total indifference. In doing so, the individual’s energy will go down the drain. Since there is no energy supply, the situation neutralizes itself. Making this choice is a blessing, because it promotes peace. It’s true that there will be extreme circumstances in which unresponsiveness won’t work such as assaults and sudden violent attacks. However, these are exceptional cases which escape the rule.

As it turns out, energy vampires can be found in any kind of situation which requires human interaction. Be it with someone we know or even a stranger, self-control dictates the preservation of power.

Another interesting point which deserves attention is regarding the circle of friends and acquaintances we have.

Moments of leisure and fun with them are fantastic. The same way, a respectful friendship brings harmony and gives us confidence. Obviously, these attributes have their places in human relations. Despite all of this, we must give careful attention to how we truly feel. For some inexplicable reason, in certain friendships we may feel bothered by someone’s presence. Then, we may find ourselves in anguish or having an intense sense of discomfort. In other cases, we may be struck by a headache or even feel sad. Experiencing one of these symptoms or any other similar feeling implies that something is wrong. When the energy transaction is not uplifting, it just depletes our energy.

Recognizing Energy Vampires And Taking Action Is Synonym Of Power

The truth of the matter is that everything on Earth has a field of energy, even us. Given that each individual, place or object carries a different energy, frequency and vibration, in one way or another, we will always run into situations where energy will be exchanged. For this reason, we had better protect ourselves or else we may deal with huge setbacks in life. The best way to do so is through meditation, yoga, physical activities, dance, singing and being in touch with nature. These practices release blocked energy, raising our frequency. This way, energy can circulate in our body, making way for connection, inspiration, purpose, self-discovery, intuition and an improved perception towards life.

That being said, all that’s left for us to do is remain aware of how the spiritual world operates. This is not to say that retreat would be the solution. On the contrary, the self-care measures mentioned above are a great step to elevate our energy levels and recharge our batteries.

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