Taking care of nature in a sustainable way for a better planet requires individual effort and awareness

The Sustainability Of Our Planet

Sustainability of our planet is a very vexed issue. It is known that man, even being aware of its importance, has overlooked the fact that the planet survival has a connection with his own survival. This way, effective measures have not been good enough to limit man’s behavior. Ego has surpassed deep aspects of the man’s soul, hindering proper cooperation.

The man’s soul is pure, always determined to act in synergy with nature. As well as this, it externalizes love, which truly heals and connects with everything. Then, it is worth stating that man’s selfish and egotistic behavior is a destructive attitude for himself and for the planet. For this reason, when it comes to sustainability, talking about spirituality is worth it.

It is necessary to say that, unfortunately, development and intense material interest have raised the ego in man. This three-worded letter causes an illusion in his feelings and thereby gives him a false sense of security. With ego overflowing his ideas, he has eyes only for material possessions which make him obsessed. This is the biggest trap which moves him away from sustainable actions.

Environmentally Friendly Attitudes Matter A Great Deal

The sustainability of our planet begins with a habit change in life. However trivial it may seem, conscious behaviors emanate their energy everywhere. They symbolize compassion and love, two powerful healing energies. Moreover, they instill a sense of duty and discipline into people. So, selective waste collection is really good for a start. Given that it only requires goodwill, there’s no reason to avoid it.  Similarly, the use of fruit and vegetable peel helps plants to grow with nutrients. They are natural and efficient fertilizers. Then, mixing the ground peels into the soil results in better absorption. Another right thing to do is take old and defective electronic equipment and discharged batteries to recycling centers. The professionals will know exactly what and where to discard them. The same way, they will redirect specific parts proper for use. These are just simple examples that anyone can incorporate into their lives.

It is also of paramount importance to buy green products.

These products are completely involved in the ecological cause. Additionally, there are many devices in the market developed for saving and generating green energy. They are handy tools for climatic threats, but also can be used in travelling or even on a daily routine. By giving priority to them you are encouraging eco friendly practices. You might be thinking how insignificant this is, but new habits spread fast. Once they establish, the manufacturing industry takes a new standing, and then a new perception becomes a valuable asset.

With all this information around the corner, there is no reason to turn a blind eye to it. Instead of blaming the government for environmental degradation, start doing what is right. The government just represents us and has many things to deal with. By paving the way for good practices you are stimulating change. And a change establishes only and exclusively when most people start new habits.

Cattle Breeding Puts A Damper On The Sustainability Of Our Planet

Nowadays, it has been difficult to tackle deforestation and illegal logging. This is a considerable cause for concern, as the exploitation of resources is out of control. And on top of that, a large number of indigenous animals die, resulting in ecological imbalance.  To make matters worse,  forest clearings are used for cattle breeding destined for human consumption.

All these practices ravage the entire ecosystem, getting in the way of the sustainability of our planet. The absence of planning and environmental awareness as well as protection are evidence of negligence.

Atmospheric Pollution Does Not Contribute For The Sustainability Of Our Planet

The release of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere brings devastating consequences for the climate and our health. Meetings of competent authorities have been trying to reach an agreement towards the emission of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide. These chemicals result from the burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity. The solution already exists, demanding investment for proper emissions in partnership with ecological behavior. What happens is that some countries refuse to follow the rules or just pretend that everything is ok. In reality, they don’t feel comfortable to adhere to environmental compatibility. Productivity is their top priority, so their ego cannot put up with sustainable development.

Govern Your Own Life And Let It Echo Through The World

Don’t say anything, because good behavior is the mark of distinction. Needless to say, action speaks louder than words. So, the solution for this kind of situation is within us.  As it turns out, the sustainability of our planet depends entirely on us. For an environmentally sustainable development to happen, there must also be sustainability in the human mindset. What generally happens is that man forgets to recycle his mind.

Mind recycling means thoughts and ideas that adapt man’s needs to the preservation of nature. In other words, a conscious mind towards this gigantic living being. Rather than acting like predators, we can simply promote a mutually beneficial relationship. This way, there won’t be environmental abuse. And common sense will reach its highest level. In that case, the whole economy will effectively increase. Better than this, more resources will be available to meet the demands of society. Eventually, mother nature will find more balance, making peace with man. This peaceful coexistence will lead man to a respectful and spiritual connection with nature.

Oftentimes this can be extremely hard. In spite of that, it is the opportunity for us to show regard for everything nature has given us. As the proverb says, “What goes around, comes around”.

Basically, this is the first step which serves as an inspiration for the government. Being led by example, authorities can use it as a basis for more complex environmental issues.

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