Learning how to read akashic records and receive messages from spirit guides

How To Read Akashic Records

How to read akashic records? If you have a great interest in this topic, you´ve come to the right place. By reading this article, you will get all information about how to access the Akashik records and their purpose. And if you have no idea, meditation is the way which leads you to them. So, it´s important to mention that any individual can check their Akashic records and understand better how life really works.

In Order To Know How to Read Akashic Records, I First Need To Know What They Are

The Akashic records are a store of information which are found on a different plane of existence. The problem, though, is that most people have difficulty in accessing them because they are located in a non-physical plane. So, it requires meditation and intense spiritual work. Hands down, the Akashic records are superpowerful, as they keep everything about our souls, taking into account our past, present and future. By accessing them, you can have all the explanations about your true purpose on Earth.


is a great form of communication which enables us to receive messages from our spirit guides, higher selves and angels. For this reason, we become more balanced and intuitive, which help us in following our journey through life. But a deeper connection, knowledge and wisdom about your soul and incarnation can only be provided by the Akashic records.

Each and every one of us have our individual Akashic records. In the Bible, they use the term “Book of Life”, which is exactly the same. These records are kept in a library of vibrational energy. This way, the library shows you your past, present and future energy for you to interpret and understand.

Therefore, if you´re trying to know how to read Akashic records, empty your mind and clear your soul first. Without a doubt, you will see that life is not as simple as it seems.

Can You Give Me Instructions On How to Read Akashic Records?

There are some methods you can use to access Akashic records. Take, for instance, astral projection, near-death experiences and meditation. The first two examples are not that easy. They call for ascended masters and spiritual beings´ assistance. Regarding astral projection, you must have a little experience.

It´s undeniable that some people have access to Akashic records by chance. But only a few. And this happens in some specific cases such as accidents or seriously ill people who are bedridden.

Analysing all of these methodologies,…

the easiest one is meditation. In case you don´t know it, you can start the practice, research it and learn more about it. As a consequence, your life will take a new direction. What´s more, you can start using mantras in your daily life. And, of course, you work your inner self. Don´t worry, take your time! It´s a constant and persistent spiritual work.

There are a large number of guided meditations available online. They are free and will help you through this transcendental journey. By knowing how to read Akashic records properly, you can have a unique experience. And as a result, you work your higher self better and acquire the skills to help others too.

How To Read Akashic Records Through Meditation

So as to get into a meditative state relaxing and focused breathing are crucial. They are the basis which lead you into the adequate frequency. And once you align yourself with that frequency, your vibrational frequency increases. These techniques used in meditation are meaningful and are the step stones for the Akashic records entrance. However, in case of difficulties, you may ask your spirit guides and angels for support. With their help, you will be able to increase your energy speed which will take you to the Akashic records.

Bear in mind that meditation requires concentration. But you must be completely immersed in the process and there can be no distractions.

Also, you can use the visualization technique. What you do is see yourself being pulled up by a white beam of light. You feel your energy rising as the light absorbs you. So, after going as high as you can, walk along a path which leads you to a door. As soon as you open it, enter and walk along a dark corridor. Then, you will see different colors, various symbols and shapes. And there will be different doors on both sides. You finally reach your door where the Akashic records are.

What are the Benefits?

It´s impressive that your intuition and feelings will strongly talk to you. Obviously, this indicates that your spirit is processing all the information from your conscious mind. That’s a good reason for you to write down any information you achieve. But be tactful and don’t despair with what you saw. Instead, act in a neutral way, without judgements.

It´s important to highlight that you can visit your Akashic records from time to time. But do not forget to take notes of everything that happens. Be it the noises you hear, the symbols you see and the way you feel during the process. By so doing, you will find your answers.

If You Want To Read Akashic Records, Don’t Think It’s A Fairy Tale

Many people may think that the Akashic records are just wishful thinking. In reality, they are an in-depth study of us as spiritual beings. Our past, present and future are intrinsically linked. In order words, there is no separation, time is just an illusion. And by revisiting your past or even your future, you can become more illuminated. This light will give you a deep understanding of a lot of things which happen. Consequently, you will become knowledgeable enough to spread love in the world.

The level of awareness is our Oneness with the Divine. We all came from light and our spiritual nature is what guides us. Everything in this world is interconnected and deserves an explanation.

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