A reflection upon meditation as a positive alternative and its benefits to your mind, body and soul

Meditation Benefits Review

Are The Meditation Benefits Good For Everyone?

Just to make things clearer from the beginning, the meditation benefits are good for your mind, body and soul. And although many people show no ability at first, after a while they can acquire the knack. What happens when someone tries to meditate is a feeling of discomfort. This is the result of stress and worries in their daily lives. Furthermore, they are so attached to problems, preoccupation and dealing with all the things they need to do that they end up not being able to relax.

Despite looking like a waste of time,…

meditation actually provides you with quality time. This means that anyone can do it for 10, 20, 30 minutes or even an hour a day. And instead of thinking about something, you just empty your mind. Initially a lot of thoughts will come to your mind, but don´t worry, let them go. One thing you must bear in mind is that your thoughts are like clouds and you don’t need to focus on them. If they keep on constantly appearing, don´t try to get rid of them, as resistance makes stronger.

A daily meditation practice can really bring you clarity, better communication, concentration, self-control and balance. What most people still don´t know is that meditation is tremendously powerful. In reality, such practice allows you to interact more with your inner self. In other words, you discover who you truly are and become skillful to deal with your own feelings.

Meditation Benefits – How Can I properly Meditate?

There are different ways which you can use to meditate. The first one is sitting down on a chair in a comfortable position. The other one is sitting down on the floor with your legs crossed. And the third one is lying down on a bed with your tummy upwards. But if you live in an agitated place and have so much noise around, you can use headphones and listen to frequencies of 432 or 528 hertz. These frequencies bring you to your natural state.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, those are three basic ways of meditating. Actually, you have yoga too as an option to meditate. This practice involves working out your body and mind at the same time. Therefore, it´s necessary a professional to guide you, because it’s not easy to do it alone.

When you join a gym for simply exercising or dancing, in spite of being common, it´s good for your meditative state. What happens is that you take care of yourself and become more in tune with body.

Also, it´s ideal that you meditate in touch with nature, as you absorb the energy from the Cosmos.

And even when you sometimes are not in one of these positions to meditate, it doesn´t necessarily mean that you are not meditating. For instance, if you decide to spend a day at a natural park or walk on a beach, you absorb all that good energy. Just out of curiosity, if you don´t know, the salt water neutralizes your body. So, you get the energy which renews your whole system. In addition, walking barefoot in touch with nature works the same way. And the morning sunlight exerts a wonderful role in acting as a shield for our protection.

Another key factor…

is that the use of your senses is even more powerful. Just to exemplify, we use our eyes to observe what is around us, our ears to listen to the nature sounds, our touch to feel nature, our smell to appreciate organic food and feel the air coming into our nostrils and our taste to savour foods. Examples like these proves that we can live in total meditative state. So, it´s not surprising that some people adhere to veganism. All organic foods are sun-kissed and allow our bodies to reach an alkaline state.

Hence, the frequency which comes from nature is pure and by getting immersed in the present moment, you find harmony and peace.

It´s important to highlight that what causes stress and depression in most people is lack of self-awareness. All the hustle and bustle of big cities along with many activities prevent people from being in open places. And mother nature is a great source of energy. It´s no wonder we can call it the great healer.

Meditation Benefits With Adequate Breathing

One important thing which you must pay attention to when meditating is breathing from the base of your spine. This way, you breathe in, hold it for 4 seconds and breathe out. But do it slowly with your back straight and your eyes closed in a relaxed way, feeling the senses around you. This breathing technique helps you feel the prana (air) and align your seven chakras.

Meditation Benefits With Mantras

Mantras are sentences which your repeat during meditation. They empower you to reach your perfect equilibrium. So, you can say:

  • I´m good enough
  • I have control of myself
  • I´m abundance
  • I´m grateful for everything I have
  • I have intuition from the Universe to make my own decisions
  • I transmute all my anxiety, fear, insecurity and stress into peace, love and harmony
  • I´m co-creator of my own reality

There are several other mantras which you can also use. And you can choose three or four to apply in your meditations.

Meditation Recharges your Energy

We are strongly influenced by the energy which surrounds us. Be it from places, people or even sounds. In some cases, there are some people who drain our energy. So, the best way to preserve our energy is to avoid these kind of people. In addition, we have to learn to say “no” to things which are bad for us. Bustling places such as downtonwns, working places, closed places really contribute to steal your energy. Furthermore, computers, cell phones and TV sets enslave you and damage your energy.

Regarding sounds, music is the universal language. In spite of that, we must be tactful and selective by choosing songs which uplift us. A large number of songs nowadays come with subliminal messages which negatively affect our subconscious minds. And it´s exactly the subconscious mind which controls our mood, feelings, reactions, decisions and belief system.

Given that we live in a tumultuous society, with so many tasks, meditation is the only refuge we have.

Can You Tell Me The Meditation Benefits I Get?

Mentally speaking, you will have less anxiety, anger and you will have more strength to handle your problems. In addition, you´ll get more creativity, intuition and peace of mind. There is no doubt that meditation does a great job in strengthening your brain activities. So a fresh mind will result in you feeling calmer and full of energy for all challenges in life. For this reason, you have more control over your feelings and become more rational and happy.

Physically speaking, you will fill your body with more prana (energy which comes from the air). As a consequence, your body cells will have more vitality which will considerably improve your immune system. There´s no denying the fact that with a healthy brain, your body benefits from it 100%. This means that serotonin production will increase, rising your mood. Equally, you will decrease your high bood pressure. Moreover, tension-related pains such as insomnia, joint problems and headaches will go down.

Spiritually Speaking, you become much more connected with the Cosmos. Hence, you start to have more self-love which changes your personality in a good way. As a result, you see yourself as a being with infinite possibilities. And just to remind you, meditation helps you find your inner self and apply all the potential you have. In other words, you don´t allow self-limiting beliefs control you any longer. Therefore, the amazing energy which comes from the prana harmonizes your perception and awakens you to a new reality.

Do The Meditation Benefits Come Faster?

In order to have the Meditation Benefits, it´s of paramount importance a daily practice. Just take as an example when you are working out at a gym; you only get in shape with routine and dedication. And once you get used to it, you feel the need to meditate every single day.

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