An explanation about the use of MP3 isochronic tones in meditation and their effects in your mind

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What Are Isochronic Tones And Are They Effective?

MP3 Meditation uses a concept which is not new. Nowadays many people have discovered the positive effects of isochronic tones and melodic beats. These sounds alter the user’s mood or mindstate.  

Isochronic tones pulse on and off quickly, training your brain to reproduce a specific brainwave frequency of 10Hz. By bringing you into a hypnotic resonance, which is similar to a buzz or vibration, these tones quickly put you in a deep calming or “resetting” of overactive brainwaves.

 Giving An Overview About Isochronic Tones

The whole process works like this: isochronic tones have a power to activate a response in the brain which is coined “brainwave entrainment”. Although it sounds strange, this reaction truly happens. After reaching a consistent frequency level, the brain’s activity starts to operate in a peaceful state. For this reason, it is of paramount importance to mention that the brain can achieve different moods according to the specific frequency it tunes into.

This is not guessing, there is a proof behind that. Scientists have been analyzing these forms of brain entrainment through an electroencephalograph. And the results make it clear exactly how the brain works.

Meditating With Isochronic Tones Allows Synchronization

Isochronic tones are superpowerful, as they lead the brain to synchronization. What clearly explains that is the repetition of cycle of tones at the same frequency. Tuning forks are the most obvious example of soundwave synchronization. A tuning fork is hit and moved next to another fork, which quickly picks up the vibration of the nearby frequency. Clocks that operate via pendulum, like a Grandfather Clock, will also exhibit this behavior.

Hence, this form of brainwave synchronization is nothing more than the result of periodic stimulus. This is due to tones that influence and prompt reaction. The aim is to have an effect on other regions of the brain through certain frequencies.

MP3 Meditation Utilizes Isochronic Tones to Your Wellness

The purpose of brainwave entrainment is exactly to help you focus and enter a state of deep relaxation. Once you get to this stage, it can give you benefits such as breaking free from worries and any other trick from your mind. Besides that, isochronic tones have been useful in many other ways.

Get Rid Of Anxiety and Stress

People can resort to isochronic tones to deal with anxiety and stressful life events. These sounds reduce beta activity, which negatively contributes to these strong feelings. This way, these tones control the feeling of nervousness by embracing the background noise that causes us to feel angry, giving an immediate feeling of comfort.

Be Your Own Doctor For Your Own Good

Brainwave entrainment also has its application as therapy. According to researchers, these beats have a similar response to the feel-good effect produced by illicit drugs. Because of that these tones can be used to overcome addiction and heal.

MP3 Meditation Motto: Meditation Works Better With Concentration

Many people don’t feel comfortable to meditate. With a “monkey mind”, they have so many things crossing their minds all the time. The world has so much to offer. News all over the place and attractions that bring your attention just destroy your ability to think clearly. What is amazing about isochronic tones is that they guide you towards a single train of thought. By releasing the tension of the outer world, you can stimulate a better connection with the inner world. As a result, you improve the quality and the amount of time of your meditations.

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Sleep Better and Boost Your Memory

MP3 Meditation takes into account your brain condition as the basis for establishing a self-determined life. In this sense, the use of brainwave entrainment can activate dormant areas of the brain so as to improve your memory. The same way, it can  turn off areas of the brain that push you back from focusing or sleeping. As an example, alpha wave stimulation and beta wave reduction both enhance your brain’s ability to concentrate and control behavior.

Get Back Your Confidence and Have More Energy With MP3 Meditation

Only by regularly practicing the use of isochronic tones will you have more energy. Given that the brain depends on brainwave activity, your dedication is the driving force which will manifest self-control towards emotions and mental focus. It’s only possible through knowledge and skill acquired in your personal experiences.

You can ally yourself to your brain and make it work in your favor. Having it as an energy-generating tool can be advantageous for you. In spite of that, be aware that there are different tones for different types of activities.

MP3 Meditation Works With Frequency Following Response

A well-achieved session of brainwave entrainment is the portal through which you can control brain activity through influence. At this point, you become able to specifically target certain symptoms or mental states.

Performing this task can be incredibly beneficial for the root, sacral and solar plexus. These energy centres are about security, wellness and self-confidence respectively. In having control of them, you have no mental confusion, anxiety attacks, anger and stress. If you are a newbie, meditating may seem a stupid thing to do. At first, you may say that nothing has changed. However, the results reveal themselves after a constant pace.

Brainwave Entrainment Improves The Quality Of Your Meditation

Isochronic tones can really take you to another level. Regardless of how you feel, they will always boost your memory, stability and focus. Believe it or not, brainwave entrainment is key in diving you into a meditative state. In case of doubt, you can play a memory game just to check the results.

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