Crystals and chakras healing as alternative lifestyle

Crystals and Lifestyle

Crystals and lifestyle is a good partnership you should do with in your spiritual journey. So, understanding how these nature stones work is everything! It may help you consciously utilize them in your life for your own good. If there is any doubt about this subject, this article is the right one for you, so dive straight into it!

For your knowledge, crystals carry the power of nature inside. Besides beauty and harmony, they emanate frequencies that vibrate higher. All of this combination is due to the sacred geometry found in nature. In possessing them, the first thing you must bear in mind is that they are not like any other object you own. These gems urge you to be vibrating in the same frequency as them in order to establish a nice symmetry, which means that both of you walk in the same direction.

Crystals And Lifestyle Give You Better Experiences

In resonating with them you help reinforce your visualization process. What I have noticed is that the magic that inhabits them externalizes in your energy field. However, this happens on condition that your mind and feelings be aligned and clean. For this reason, the least you should do is work towards balancing your energy centers. Remember that this is also your responsibility, not only theirs. In this case, compatibility is necessary, otherwise the law of attraction will act like a repulsive force in your reality. Although, it’s hard to believe, the Universe has its own natural law. Inevitably, nature and and its creatures- including us human beings – are subject to it.

Crystals and lifestyle can be the dynamic duo on your daily program.

Before making use of them, remind yourself that you are not dealing with witchcraft. I would dare say, from my experience, that these rocks have to do with mindcraft. To put it another way, you can never disregard the need to rise your level of awareness. This relates to your inner state. Therefore, it’s not about having minerals just as decoration or accessories with symbolic power. Actually, it’s about embracing the power through discernment and good sense. In short, crystals are an extension of your connection with the prime source. So, you had better keep this link tight through consonance between your feelings, behavior and words. In other words, your conduct cannot run counter to the existing divine principle.

Crystals And Lifestyle Requires A Healthy Mindset

Unfortunately, most people hold onto paradigms which are self-defeating. In such case, they struggle to move to an evolved mindset state. In reality, this is the result of an ill-programmed mind predicated on survival in this runaway growth. Revolving around pretty basic concepts, this fatiguing and distressing way of living spreads the belief that we are not responsible for the world we create. In not so distant past, I would attach my life to this preposterous idea. In actuality, it represented nothing but a prescription for cycles of disruption into my reality. To my mind, crystals can help you a great deal if you use them with wisdom, discipline and respect.

I believe that ongoing and positive improvement in behavior makes way for the crystals energy to expand and merge with yours, this way acting synergetically in your field.

Concerning physical description and specific traits, there are many types of crystals varying in color and shape. Also, the chemical components of each one is their signature. All of this entire complex plays a central role in chromotherapy and chakra healing – which contributes for the integration of your psychological, emotional and spiritual faculties.  And I truly believe that once this threshold has been reached, the foundation is ready for the protection and synchronicity portal to open.

Crystals And Lifestyle: The Singularity Of Each Crystal

Crystals and lifestyle: Amethyst

This rock has a soothing effect on your mind, dispelling negative feelings. Not having disproportionate and burdensome efforts on your psyche allows the improvement of your mood, memory and attention. As it activates the sixth and the seventh chakras, this mineral gives you energetic balance. Such thing makes you open for downloads from the spiritual realm. As a result, you become more intuitive, wise and in harmony with your higher self.

Lapis Lazuli

This ultramarine gemstone represents the connection with the great source. As it resembles the Universe, this crystal is the bridge between the spiritual and the material worlds. With lazurite, calcite, sodalite and pyrite in its composition, this stone has everything to do with the truth. It’s not surprising that it stimulates self-awareness and a deeper perception of reality through clarity – typical characteristics of the third eye chakra. In a similar way, it acts straight on the throat chakra by promoting a genuine expression of thoughts and emotions. This explains why this gem is transcendental.

Crystals and lifestyle: Clear Quartz

If you need to strengthen your mental state, good stamina and immune system, this crystalline mineral is the right one. In addition, it will help you magnify your intentions while meditating and achieve vibration in all color frequencies – these qualities unquestionably attract people to use it. As it is related to the crown chakra, this crystal connects you to the spiritual realm. As a result, you receive spiritual guidance for your challenges and tasks on the physical realm. Therefore, in order to attract positivity, be clear with your intentions. Any trace of negativity will cause an opposite effect.

Gemstones And Lifestyle: Black Tourmaline

In keeping this protective stone with you, you protect your personal place and energy from invasive low frequencies. In order to avoid the syndrome of survival instinct – which affects the base chakra -, you can keep this crystal in your pocket all day long. Also, you can place it in different rooms of your house to ward off evil spirits. It will definitely empower you in your daily activities and challenges.


This bright stone has a strong connection with the element fire, the energy of the Sun. It is the crystal of joy, creativity and cheerfulness. Its results depends first on dealing with issues from the sacral and solar plexus chakras such as blocking energies and insecurity. In restoring back grounding and confidence in these energy centers, then you are ready to shine. This indicates that you can explore the power of creation through the awareness of your own role in life. Therefore, being in control opens space for energy to flow through the crown chakra. In your higher nature, you can replace the ego-thinking with infinite wisdom.


Aquamarine represents the energy of the sea. It’s little wonder that it helps you move like water. This suggests that you live your inner truth in order to be entirely free. The key principle of this gemstone is that you heal the traumas and barriers of your mind. In reaching this stage, you become independent and self-empowered to handle life problems. Seeing that this stone helps you open your throat and heart chakras, communication, courage, empathy and peace of mind start to flow freely in your behavior.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the crystal of self-love. In repelling negative vibrations, this gem contributes for the alignment between your heart and mind. As a result, this healing energy goes straight to your heart chakra – which leads to an improvement in your relationship with the world around you. This crystal is even recommended if you have unresolved issues with your partner, as it brings a feeling of wellness and contentment with life.

Tiger Eye

As its name suggests, the tiger eye stone is a means of achieving all-powerful connectedness with grounding, bravery and strength of character. Crystals and lifestyle puts this gem on a pedestal because once the solar plexus chakra is unblocked, you start to explore you evolutionary path as a sovereign being. It gives you extra energy in your physical activities as well as it helps you transmute feelings that push you back into positive ones. For this reason, tiger eye is the crystal of success and self-achievement.

Crystals And Way Of Living: Moonstone

For having a strong similarity and connection with the moon, this crystal embodies the divine feminine energy. This implies that life is about sixth sense, insight, love and wealth. All of this is possible through the lunar cycle – the energy of infinite abundance that never ends. Thus, the different phases of the moon symbolize the renewal, the urge to make fresh starts.

Green Calcite

For having a connection with nature, green calcite helps you move to your heart space. This crystal can bring an atmosphere of calmness and peace to your aura if your feelings run high. Then, all you have to do is hold it, take deep breaths and visualize your aura and vital organs absorbing the revitalization. In so doing, you will be able to restablish self-control and common sense in your decisions.


Crystals and lifestyle wouldn’t ever let opal out of this list. In few words, this crystal has its focus on healing wounds. So, its purpose is to bring your emotional state back to balance. So, the first thing it does is help you let go of negative emotions and traumas stored in the subconscious mind. Once you get rid of the root cause of your problems, your mind connects better with the heart chakra. As a consequence, you start to appreciate life in a more light-hearted way. With nothing pushing you back, your peace of mind opens the portal for spiritual protection and wisdom.

Crystals And Daily Life: Kyanite

Instead of absorbing negative vibration, kyanite just provides the environment with its stimulating energy. Its healing properties create obstacles against evil influences on the individual’s field of energy. For having a connection with the throat chakra, this gemstone allows self-acceptance and a sense of integrity – which, then, leads you to a better relationship with others. This faceted crystal reminds us of the sea water waves. With its relaxing vibration, it promotes the balance between your body, mind and soul.


Basically, this stone invokes protection, moving energy vampires out of the way. Equally, its brightness and beauty is related to self-confidence and encouragement. As it deals with the root and solar plexus chakras, this crystal emanates the power of strength and determination, key factors for self-growth and success in life.


Selenite, the crystal of “liquid light”, is a stone you can use to repel negative energy. Like the movement of water, it removes heavy energies, replacing them with a cheerful atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a troubled mind or the place you are in feels intimidating. Whatever the case may be, this gemstone emanates the energy of peace and balance. Endowed with feminine energy, this crystal showers you with presence of mind and insights. Its bond with the third eye and crown chakras does a wonderful job in removing barriers from the subconscious mind. In feeling free, your mind and heart communicate in a more effective way. Along with it, you feel competent to use your inner potential to the best of your ability.

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