The trees always have their phases in life to bloom and so does the man

Life phases always change

Life phases always change for each and every one of us on this Earth. Oftentimes, we see ourselves stuck and unable to move or take a step forward. This is owing to the fact that we feel victimized by a specific circumstance. Such thing makes us believe that the present situation is something permanent. One thing most of us don’t realize is that our minds are so predictable and biased. These things lead us to hasty decisions and false impressions. Considering that, I will reflect upon how to circumvent problems that seem eternal and unsolvable in our journeys.
Just to start, I dare say that things we judge as problems are nothing but commonplace challenges of the human life. Since the evolution of man as a limitless being endowed with the power of creation, one thing is abundantly clear: the occurrence of undesirable events is part of human nature. According to my observations, I will give you three reasons why they happen. The first one has to do with our choices and how they proceed along the way. The second one is about our own reading and scanning of personal facts. And the third one refers to the Universe’s hands in allowing inexplicable things to happen – which may abruptly break up the chain of the control we think we have over everything. Thus, we have to embrace these facts as an opportunity to extract the best out of us.

Life phases always change, so never ever think that troubles are here to stay.

They exist because the law of rhythm in the Universe comes with the aim of demystifying obsolete conceptions in our minds. Once we understand that, all we gotta do is act upon it for the next phase ahead. Only by seeing this through a sensible approach will we be able to come to the conclusion that it is the immediacy state that leaves us in a bind. Moreover, when we remain mentally alert as an alternative to speed up the path towards solution we become mentally confused. This is due to the frozen attention on what is already done.

So what? We cannot rewind, delete and even create the same scene again to live up to our expectations. The material effect has showed itself and now let’s move the needle forward to the best of our abilities. In order to do that, let’s use reason to better run our lives. As for emotion, we can feel it, but not let it rise to the top. Reason over emotion is the right measure where we can find solace and comfort within.

Situations sometimes may throw us down, but in spite of that we must see the elastic effect they have on us.

The purpose of the impact is to instill a new course of action into us. This shows that ruminating over murmuring, sobbing and self-pity just triggers an inner conflict. If we look at the phase we are in as nothing more than a designation for an upgrade, we will set ourselves up for a major turning point in life.
Life phases always change, so moving with the tides fits better with the context in which we are. In doing that, we will be slowly adopting the change until the stormy times are over. For obvious reasons we will yet still have the feeling of discomfort in this process. This stems from the fact that the act of transitioning, be it voluntary or not, prompts us to leave our comfort zones. At first, our egoic minds will make a lot of fuss. Sad to say, but this typical behavior has great association with resistance and self-doubt.

On account of this, let’s be cognizant that life phases always change. Believe or not, it’s our duty to rearrange ourselves. This shift goes beyond simply watching the phase finish its course. Since the present moment is now, we can use it to experiment with something new, increment the storyline and make our lives more exciting.

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