Learning how to build vision through the everlasting memories of the past

Memories that last forever

Memories that last forever are the photo album inside our minds. Every now and then we leaf through its pages, bringing to the surface old family issues as well as funny and entertaining stories. What gives us joy is worth remembering, but our minds also bring to the present painful moments. Are we able to move through life facets? How are we supposed to cope with slaps on our faces that still remain alive? Are bad memories good or bad?
To start with, I just want to let you know that recollections are like words we naturally use in communication. They come and go, because they are there, inside our heads, ready to enliven the stories we tell. And in the same proportion, like a gust of wind, they disappear. However, whenever we need them, like a magic trick, they make themselves available for us. It coudn’t be different from what happens with memories.

People’s behavior, places, objects, songs and situations are memories that last forever

In one way or another, they will remind us of a specific moment in the past. They are the link between us and our experiences – which implies that we can have them as a cornerstone that will work as a reference point for the betterment of our actions and values. If along with your origin and upbringing the word disconsolate comes to mind, the feeling of unease just proves how relevant such flashbacks are in your life. A good way to minimize their disturbance is measure your degree of learning and development.

From my experience, I would say that this is pretty common and necessary. Human mind needs past connections to establish present ones, so you had better make peace with those things you disapprove of – otherwise they will create a large gap between you and the life you aspire for. You are not to be hiding behind alibis. Facts are facts, period. In not accepting them as part of you life, you just feed your senses with bitterness and grudge. With a mind so full of dark interpretations of facts, things get really tough. This influences negatively the expansive power of the subconscious, making it conditioned to a poor performance. Being in this non-relaxed state dims your freedom in every way possible. Consequently, you are more prone to underachievement.

If negative memories are eternal in your heart, that will trap you into senselessness

Have you ever noted that your past experiences are different from other people’s? Bad experiences happen everywhere, with workmates, friends, acquaintances, strangers and family. With cleverness and perspicacity you can use these chapters of your life to build your purpose. You came here to make the best out of everything. And if monsters of your past still insist on haunting you, say the words: “My life is beautiful and I am at peace because I am entirely free from bondage of the past. Now I’m experiencing joy, love and appreciation for the present moment I create.”
Remind yourself that these memories will always come once in a while, but they are not to last forever. To that end, it is the use of reason that must be on top, not of feelings. In that event, when you stumble on negative emotions associated to your past never overlook the fact that it’s because of them that many people kill, commit suicide, take drugs, fall into depression and lose passion for life. Hence, your voice of authority must always be in charge in this circumstance.

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