How to take care of the world of nature on the palm of your hand so as to avoid that it cleanse itself

The World Is Cleansing Itself

The world is cleansing itself of all the existing impurities that prevent its development. In this process, human activity is seen as a potential threat. Man’s choices make it clear that his ideals disobey the principle of symmetry in Nature. Due to this fact, he acts like a curse, leaving his mark on the world. Be it through the exploitation of its resources or through the destruction of its landscape, Nature cries for help. In equal measure, man suffer the consequences of his actions. With eyes wide open towards reality, the real purpose of this article is understand the effects of Nature reaction on human race.

One thing for sure is that Nature has rebelled itself against man’s reckless disregard.

For this reason, natural phenomena have been escalating alarmingly. Temperature rising, forest fires, dry weather, death of hundreds of thousands of land and aquatic animals, earthquakes, seaquakes, landslides, floodings to name but a few. It seems like the Universe has allowed these tragic events as a wake-up call to man. Even the outbreak of diseases and pandemics. These tragedies show how poor it is man’s connection with himself and with Nature.

Without being aware that nature is a sacred space, man objectifies it. And instead of allowing co-existence, he makes room for ego existence. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior has alienated him since he noticed how powerful he is to create. Not feeling as part of nature, man disrespects other life forms on Earth. Thus, thirsty for possessions, development and profit, he embarks on a journey which only leads to a runaway growth. Also, in his plans to get riches at any cost, he doesn’t include sustainability as a priority. Like a snowball effect is his unsystematic ambition. Not only does it ravage the fauna and flora, but it also moves him away from a spiritual oneness with mother Nature.

Green products benefits are suitable for the world at large

Green products benefits for nature are much better if compared to other products. If you take into account the big picture, the production and the use of products must be environmentally friendly. This makes a huge difference in the economy as well as in the whole society. So, with this information right before our eyes, it’s time to take action!

The fact of the entire ecosystem being at risk is not unknown to us. Then, with eyes on the future, we must be agents responsible for a positive change. This clearly indicates that a shift in consciousness will help us improve our behavior towards the environment.

Whether you like it or not, the pollution and contamination of the environment will always have a negative effect on us.

As the world is cleansing itself for the better, these results increase the greenhouse effect. As a domino effect, the Earth suffers from high temperature and imbalanced weather conditions. Other results may also involve the quality of air, water and soil. And finally fauna and flora living resources are put in danger too. What for us is disastrous, for mother Earth is purification.

Paying due attention to this issue is the only way out. Therefore, your example will speak for itself and people will feel inspired by you. In addition, your attitude will save you money and provide you with a healthier lifestyle.

Instead of debating about this topic, go for a viable solution in life! Be sustainable as much as you can by using alternative ways to preserve natural resources. Cases which deserve due attention are instructions on how to use wind and solar power to generate electricity. Likewise, you learn the secret to run your car on water. These are just some examples of green products benefits, but there are many more!

The World Is Cleansing Itself From Man’s Ego Trip

With heart and mind in disconnection, his social construct focus only on the material side. Such pendulum gains power as society has been used to support it in every way. Consumerism, planned obsolescence, incorrect disposal. Also, the concept of constant innovation and renewal disregards the reuse and reclaiming of waste. Hence, the preservation of nature is always left on the back burner.

As we know, worldwide environmental protection agreement exists, but the rules don’t work in practice. This is due to materialism, the external world which manipulates man. Blindfolded by what nature has to offer him, he doesn’t feel comfortable to comply with the regulations. What is really crucial for him is demand and supply. Such idea disrespects mother Earth as a gigantic living being. As a result, the cycle of nature changes, affecting directly its relationship with the species, including us, the human race. With soil, air, water and biodiversity in metabolic derangement, Earth becomes ill. At this point, a disaster can strike at any moment in many different ways as already mentioned.

After A Thunderstorm Comes A Rainbow: The World Is Cleansing Itself

While catastrophes may devastate many people’s lives, this karma from nature is an act of defiance which incites man to connect to his higher self. It is only through the awakening that he will start looking at other living beings from a heart space perspective. The Universe allows nature to give man this shake so that he can see that unity avoids calamity for all. Keeping that in mind, it’s worth stating the phrase “United we stand, divided we fall.” It reveals clearly that human beings and all other life forms on Earth have right to prosper and multiply. Truth be told, the work of nature is fair and divine.

Chaos reigns as an alternative way to allow man to set his house in order.

Although it’s painful, this great confusion represents a portal which shows the linking between the spiritual and the material worlds. Strange as it seems, sad feelings are more revealing than anyone can imagine. They immerse him in another level, which inserts him into a deeper meaning of life. A rude awakening with self-destruction right on the corner leads him to reflect on the things he did against mother Nature. This blessing in disguise is an opportunity for him to reevaluate his role in this entire ecosystem. In this case, there is no denying the fact that the government and the politicians may create more effective laws and intense monitoring. Definitely, this will keep everything under control.

Despite that, the situation goes much further. Each and every one of us are also responsible for the change we dream of. Unquestionably, we must spread environmental awareness through sensible actions. In this process, we can bind with them and share our experiences. It may help them in their decisions and even touch their hearts. More than that, it may encourage them to invest more in the protection of Nature. All of us are on the same boat and actions along with energy are contagious. From the individual to the collective, this is the true power that transforms. Therefore, if we want to see peace in nature, the first thing we have to do is interact with nature in the most peaceful way as possible.

While The World Is Cleansing Itself, Improve Your Connection With It

Simple attitudes generate great changes. It’s not about complaining and gossiping about what’s wrong. It’s about taking positive action which reverberates. For instance, you don’t like the idea of environmental pollution, but you don’t worry about selective waste collection. This is not a sensible solution to the problem. Nature and man need to come together as one. However, it will come to fruition through man’s sincere desire and goodwill to contribute. In order to do so, a realistic approach must be adopted.

Rather than keeping quiet while the world is cleansing itself, the least thing you should do is separate different kinds of material for recycling. Also, you could use the organic waste to provide gardens and plants with nutrients. Just out of curiosity, have you ever heard of permaculture? It is a self-sustaining system which can be applied to a garden, agriculture or farm in order to allow the integration of landscape and man. The philosophy behind it is one of working with nature, respecting the natural ecosystems and the diversity.

Besides all that, have you ever thought of using water with respect? It’s the basis of the existence, this element is divine. These are just some examples, but there are many more. Once you start taking them seriously, you will feel the need to keep in line. And Nature will thank you for your dedication with blessings in your health and state of mind. This is no joke or merely a stupid theory. Being in balance with yourself and with planet Earth is everything. It gives you a sense of grounding and self-fulfillment.

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