My father strong personality means a lot to me. It indirectly introduced me into the research on the mystery of life.

What My Father Means To Me

What my father means to me words cannot express. Even though his physical presence is not here anymore, his energy is here to stay. His strong personality along with a go-getter behavior was a practical example of a man who could achieve anything in life through the power of his mind. He was of the materialistic belief that “If you can think of something, you can get it “. Before my awakening in 2017, he would keep on telling me that. At the time, I constantly struggled with my financial constraints and tried to find an opportunity in the job market. Things always went wrong despite all the effort I made, which bothered me a lot. So, I intend to put in words how this remarkable man directly and indirectly made a difference in my existence through his unique character.

My tears are falling right now and despite my devastation all I can do is convert them into gratitude for all that my father and I have been through together. To start with, I must point out that he was the real provider for my family. Not only financially, but also energetically.

When I say “energetically “, I mean that he was bold and intense.

Happiness with jokes and sense of humour, nervousness and stress, possessive love and tender care. All these feelings demonstrated that he loved his family and his life and he never ever could sugarcoat the way he felt. Behind all this there is no doubt that spontaneity, overprotectiveness and authenticity were his signature.

What I most admired in him was that he wouldn’t mince words even if people went against him. Come what may, he would never suppress his feelings. In some way, his traits called my attention and inspired me to become a better spiritual being.

Analyzing What My Father Means To Me Within The Matrix

He taught me values such as dignity, courage and determination to do anything in life. Another belief he had that will keep forever in my mind is “Don’t drop the guard.” Interpreting this sentence from a spiritual perspective, now I associate it with “the protection against energy vampires”. In addition, when I was pessimistic or complained about something, he would tell me that “it is even worse when you are in a war”. I believe that the war he referred to was a metaphor from the Universe telling me to fight the internal war that tried to beat me.

In spite of being totally immersed in the matrix with an instinct of survival, …

his role as my father (in this lifetime) made me question more about life. I used to talk to him about my goals, the obstacles I had and my interest in understanding the spiritual side of things. He would just say that things are the way they are and all I needed was clear thinking of my target and action to materialize it.

Hands down, a father figure in my life was like the other half of me which required activation. In other words, my interaction with him made me more thirsty for the mystery of life and for the true potential that was dormant in my soul. Deep down, I knew that something was wrong with my life and I needed to fix it.  Therefore, listening to his real view of things could help me extract something good somehow. For this reason, I regard him as the bridge between the material and the spiritual worlds I was looking for.

Material And Spiritual Completing Each Other

Although we were different, I loved to hear his stories and frank opinion about things. It made me laugh and reflect more on what I lack. After my awakening, I would share my learning on spirituality with him. As he contributed to my enlightenment, all I could do was reciprocate with the wisdom learned. Despite having another level of consciousness, I could no longer fight the urge to share my light with him in this role reversal.

When talking about life situations, I would stress the importance of understanding the laws and the language of the Universe. The same way, I would explain to him about meditation, vibrational frequency and the use of words that empower. In order to expand his mind I would also discuss the books on life coaching and spirituality I had read and the role of the subconscious mind in manifesting reality. He would listen attentively and sometimes make some funny jokes. And he did testify a change in my perception of life as well as in my reality.

My Father Was A Signal From The Universe

In a nutshell, what my father means to me has a transcendental sense in my life. Hence, I recognize that he was a rough diamond whose purpose was to turn other rough diamonds into precious stones. It’s an honour for me to be able to decipher this hidden message and act in time. In seeing me as a living proof of spiritual progress, such reference could make way for new energy into his life with vigor which will remain with him in another plane of existence. Now that he left me on May 2nd, 2021, I am sure that he fulfilled his mission.  

From now on my mission is to keep myself on an ongoing process of self-improvement. And I am certain that there is still so much to learn. That’s why I never give up. Learning energizes me, it makes me feel alive. Also, I feel a deep connection with mother Earth and all there is. It sets me free and makes me feel safe.

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