I write because I reproduce my inner voice

I write because…

I write because words manifest the hidden recesses of my subconscious. In expressing myself, the akashic records are pulled from the depths of my mind. Writing shows me etheric ideas which help me surf with more awareness in this dimension. Two worlds meet on a head-on collision, which results in no collapse. And a connection kicks off on my astral mind.

On Earth my ideas center around healing and growth and on the etheric realm my body temple interacts with the mysteries of the Earth. A connection that makes sense in this time and age. Would you call it insanity or sobriety? For what I know, the awakening is resurrection. It makes me electrical with lights in spiral movement. With the divine literature and the natural law, the final say is for me to give, not for someone else, because my truth allows me to.

I write in view of the fact that words make me freer and independent

What for me is real does not involve third party. If it hadn’t been for my yin and yang reunion, I would be shallow right now. I keep repeating to myself with capital letters in my mind that “I am energy”. Sun and moon, rain and drought, summer and winter, morning light and starry night: all of these nature manifestations leave me taciturn and talkative at the same time. Nature is flamboyant, evergreen and superb. Its intricacies are like magical pieces of a gigantc puzzle. It’s rich, exuberant and fertile and so am I, therefore I go for everything within the uncountable possibilities in my Universe.

I write because true connection establishes within me. I feel like I’m the son of Galaxy and the messenger of the Earth. Cosmic energy bathing excites the neurons in my brain. With a really tight hug, the serpent snares my soul and gives me back my kingdom. Majesty becomes part of who I am and, the crown is the credit I give to myself. It’s not about showing off but about self-validation that makes me greater. I’m the only one who sees it, because I’m the owner of my consciousness. Hatred, impulsiveness, pride: all of this madness wears off through healing crystals and energy transmutation. In the act of writing, I befriend words and they show me a world I had never seen before. It’s my pure nirvana that comes into existence.

What seems mystery has everything to do with mastery.

From individual to collective, daily practice makes perfect. Spirituality, philosophy and pragmatism provide me with a new concept of freedom. Ignorance and delusion would make me think that I was in the right path in this enormous jail. Generations live under the spell and don’t even know it. For me, the popular proverb “What the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve for” clearly shows that. However, there are many bad things and even good ones right before our eyes that make us grieve for anyway.

Just focus for a moment on the terrible stuff happening the world over. It will certainly make you lament and mourn. Now pause a little to contemplate the comforts and provisions we have. Some of them come with ill intentions behind and we can hardly notice. All of these things are products of a silent war against the state of mind. Not only do they deceive man but they also ruin the innate benefits of his existence in life.

You had better wake up and pay attention!

I began to doubt myself and exceeded my own standards!

Seeing the world through my own lenses have given me eagle-eye view, because the mainstream ones I had before were deliberately refracted. At the time, these easily accessible objects would poison my mind, as they radiated damaging frequencies that confused me. Blindfolded I was and innocence would infiltrate my world perspective.

I write because words favour a critical self-reflection. They have power to touch you, and then, after reaching destination, their effect reverberates on me. The message coming out of this text flies around like a hurricane. It digs into your consciousness as well as into mine and we all come together as one.

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