Pain can be the path to gain wisdom and discernment

Pain is gain

Pain is gain. This is what life is. Strange things concerning man’s behavior may go against what our eyes would like to see, but, rest assure, sooner or later balance effortlessly appears on the scene. Following its own course and cycle, now it eventually heads over to human nature. Much like all other areas of life – such as economics, leisure, sports, culture – man’s perception of reality has charged him of the task to find a spot for his essence to readjust itself to the core of his character.

Starting with the basics, let’s talk about the arduous life of humans. Surrounded by a hostile atmosphere, men in uniform honestly exchange their time, intellect and energy for money. In subjecting themselves to jobs they don’t like just for what it brings, people end up developing an impersonal nature. In my view, this is the point where dishonesty begins. No doubt, a form of corruption that suits everyone. This line of reasoning leads us to conclude that those in position of power are on an equal footing with those in inferior positions. As it turns out, the pace of development and consumerism engenders a robotic lifestyle: work, deals, bills, survival. And only one word summarizes all of this: bondage.

On top of all that, the government sets its bad example on how to inflict pain on the masses by promoting discord and divergent ideologies that compete against each other for power and sovereignty. It is expected that leadership harmonizes human relations in their various strands, not that it splits people’s opinions. Fascism versus nazism, evil versus goodness, war versus peace. This divide is nothing more than a result of troubled minds that want to manipulate and deceive.

From Top To Bottom: Don’t Let The Energy Of Pain Gain Control Over Your Life!

In sum, a condensed flow of energy of confrontation shows itself at the forefront of people’s minds. Suit and tie individuals supposed to represent us collaborate even more for massive pain. Their intellects shouldn’t be to govern people’s minds at all. And you, reader, had better know yourself so as to reverse this process in your favor. All of these efforts in search of supremacy based on a self-serving agenda full of pride and rivalry can’t and shouldn’t be the basis of any government. With so much petulance and hypocrisy floating around, this energy stinks miles of distance away and influences society at large.

The act of leading has to inspire people to the point where it touches their hearts and minds. Once this happens, a positive set of values kicks in. And so, the energy achieves unification. Not having pendulums to hallucinate people’s ideas, chances are that gain is on the way instead of pain. What this means is that the energy flow becomes stable, which makes room for the common sense of all. 

Build Awareness Through The Pain In Order To Gain

This is not to say that your individual consciousness doesn’t matter. In reality, you should live your life through it. Family members, closest friends and acquaintances would be flabbergasted by your actions, posture and discourse. And with a flea in their ears about reality, they would also question the principles they use to govern their own lives.

In having more awareness, you would protect yourself more from mental fatigue. As for the news feed and all that hype about the government, it would have no implications on your life. We all know that what most infuriates people is politicians’ discourses, ideologies and scandals. They have a vampire-like effect specifically on those who believe that only representatives can manifest their goals. It’s clear that there is hope that government leaders fight for equal rights for all regarding economy, opportunities and development. In the midst of this “playing field” there are those whose eyes are only for dirty money to live up to their ambitions and fill their pockets. It is unfortunate that their thirst for power leads them to cross limits.

Their insecurity about the physical needs reflects a sorry state of affairs. All of this despairing material concept drowns them in a feeling of pain as an option to gain within this system. In turning their reality into addiction and submission, they don’t have a single moment of inner balance. All their minds do is nurture the idea of self-fulfillment through this endless loop.

You Are Not To Surrender To Actions That Bring You Pain

On the other side of the spectrum, people on lower positions behave in a similar way. Unable to get out of the same problematic bubble, their pace in this world clashes with the idea of unity and peace. And the gold rush brings them a lot of weight on their shoulders. Some of them go to work just to make money, which turns their lives into hell. Like their counterparts, lack of life quality is their major complaint.

At all levels of society, human relations have been really wacky. As well as that, money as an end has made people energetically weak. Thus, such thing automatically makes them sweep love under the carpet. The worst of all this is that they have no idea why they act the way they do.

When it comes to generosity and altruism, these things have become a business practice, not a life practice. This means that a smile, a pat on the back or even a hug is just when the results are right. If something goes off the rails, you see people rolling their eyes. Hatred, gossip, eyebrows raising, seriousness.

Painful Memories Explain Your Attitudes

This entire issue goes much further than we can imagine! Generations carry through their lives scars from childhood: sexual abuse, physical and psychological violence, rejection among others. These traumas tend to project themselves from the subconscious into the physical world revealing, this way, an individual and personal response from life experiences. On account of this, we see some specific kinds of behavior in one’s character when interacting with their fellow men. It is necessary to highlight that the degree of one’s bitter feeling causes them to misread a family member’s or workmate’ s behavior for instance. This misconception digs a big hole which threatens human relations.

Come Face to Face With Pain Without Holding Yourself In Captivity  

In general, what we see is individuals not being comfortable with their own lives even when they swear they are. Here is the proof: the great majority of people cannot find welfare with sanity, so they opt for insanity. One of the things they view as a best option to reach paradise in heaven is the use of mind-altering substances. I see them at restaurants and pubs on social drugs. In drinking alcohol and smoking, they can feel life gracefully, for this way they can flee away from the stress of the system. This is a “politically correct way” to socialize within this suffocating box. There are those who invest in more expensive narcotics such as crack, ecstasy pills, heroine and cocaine to entirely escape from the weight of the world.

In both previous cases, without pressure from society, they literally can be whatever they want to. Feeling high is the best remedy to fight the prison of their minds. All those threats of harm from society and of personal issues affecting their feelings are not dealt with sobriety. A refuge that liberates dopamine easily. Now lifestyle becomes shittier than ever. They do believe that life smiles better at them this way. In this false freedom they talk out loud, laugh and dance at least for a short period of time.

Gain Momentum Through Discernment To Neutralize Pain As A Way Out

At the same time, homeless people work hard on the streets and cry for help. Sweat, blood and tears are not enough to convert the collection of recyclable materials into a fair amount of money. Their honesty should really pay off, but working with remains in this competitive world places them in the worst position. Too much effort and humiliation just to barely survive and fill their stomachs is what they have.

” Civilization” in agony is the excrement of man’s poor relation with his own mind. His delusional decency weaves a web of creation that entangles him motionless inside. In this context, man’s rules to set his house in order disregards the collective consciousness. Not only does he promote the activation of a restricted mindset but also of a pervasive individualism. And like a virus, this mind-numbing poison easily establishes itself in one individual through the example of another.

Man’s mental dullness retards him from applying alchemy to transmute the pain that life throws at him.

And his existence ends up being a practice of torture that moves through generations. Not being brave enough to accept that life experiences are unique for every individual, people just see it in a negative way. Because of that, they cannot handle their situations with positivity let alone with verve to build a better life. Even those who don’t like to work and prefer to ask for alms, this means that they are immersed in a sea of darkness.

In all the cases mentioned, people have difficulty relating with their own selves since they were born. The discrepancy between the nature of their lifestyles and the nature of the truth they repudiate is huge. Thank God this abyss has impelled some people to search for their own glory and light. Little by little, truth seekers emerge, broaden their view of life, engage in a paradigm of self-healing and ascension and inspire other people.

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